Danny Gets Big



By MuscleMarveler

The 2 monsters followed their companion into the locker room. Jose's repeated glances over his shoulder at Danny and Mark just about sent him over the edge. Both of their massive bodies glistened in the sun, and swayed heavily back and forth as their muscles bunched and swelled with every step they took. "How does someone get that big? And there's TWO of them?" he thought. Before today, he was the biggest man by far at the beach, and he wondered why he'd never seen these 2 guys before.

The wet spot on Danny's speedo was getting bigger by the second as he followed Jose's hard, cut back and ass into the locker room. He was sure his cock was gonna burst through the front of the skin-tight fabric as his muscle power was being matched by his lust. He smirked as he looked over at his equally-sized friend, hinting with a nod towards Jose of his intentions. He took a glance down at his own massive pecs as they entered the locker room, flexing with anticipation.

As Jose and Mark rounded the corner, Danny stopped at the full-body mirror on the wall. he raised his arm for a bicep flex, and smiled again at his god-like power. He LOVED this body, and all the strength and power made him want even more!! He glanced around the corner to spot the 2 other studs at Jose's locker, and smiled bigger than he had all day.

Danny reached into the side of his speedo, and pulled out yet another packet, which had been securely held between the bunching waist of his speedo and his boulder-hard thigh. He ripped it open and emptied it on his tounge, and darted around the corner for the water fountain.

As he came into the site of Jose and Mark, he bent down to the water fountain. Mark was facing Danny's direction, and gasped at the torn half of one of the packets in Danny's right hand.

"Hey, man! Where'd that come from?"

"SURPRISE, SURPRISE! I thought you might find 'em, so i stashed one just in case."

As Danny finished speaking, his body stiffened as the effects of a third packet began to coarse through his body. He stepped his left foot even wider that it already had been, ready this time for the massive change he was about to go through.

Jose turned from his locker at the THUD Danny's foot made as it hit the ground, and the smaller man's eyes widened as watched Danny grow! His eyes shot nearly as wide as danny's pecs when he realized what he was witnessing!

Danny's already gargantuan chest muscles seemed ready to burst right through his skin as they inflated further out from his chest than thought humanly possible. His bullet-sized nipples were pushed out and forced to point down at the ground, while the thick veins pulsated across Danny's chest, infusing his body with more power and size.

His lats widened as his back grew, causing his arms to near 45 degree angles adding to his enormous upper arms balloning with pure muscle. Danny's whole torso grew upward and outward with each passing second, adding mass to his already huge abs. The thickening column of his torso elongated, making way for a fourth row below his chest, which in turn began to catch up to the other 3. His waist held it's tight form while his now 8 pack abs bulged and wrigled beneath his tight skin

A loud SNAP!!!! echoed off the walls as Danny's speedo finally gave way at the seam running down the his hip. His expanding quads neared the size of another whole human being as his calves stretched wider and thicker than ever thought possible. Another ripping sound accompanied the shredding of his shoes, making way for inhuman feet to spring free. Striations and Veins were aplenty as Danny's entire body grew upward and outward, filling his bone structure with all the muscle it could possibly hold, and then some.

Another gasp came from Jose and Mark as Danny's growing cock bounced free of it's prison. As the tattered remains of the swimsuit fell helplessly to the floor, his Gigantic cock pulsated with power only matched by his grapefruit-sized balls, which all appeared to be inflating along with the rest of his body.

After yet another slow, savory minute passed, the teenager had grown beyond anything imaginable. His hulking form was now dripping with hot sweat and glistened in the dim light of the locker room. Flexing was no longer the word as danny began to pump up ever overly-developed muscle in his body. His boulder-sized pecs bounced one at a time as he let out a deep, bellowing chuckle, watching the drool dripping from the lips of his puny onlookers. As he flexed, his thick cock began to fill with blood, while the smirk on his face grew with it.

Danny pounded the tile floor into submission as he saundered over to the scale, ready to see another near-100-pound gain. the dial groaned and turned around to 452 lbs, which Danny could barely see over his heaving chest.

"That's more muscle than i gained before, and even more than with the first packet. It must be from the lifting i did before." His back muscles shouted with power as he gave himself a double bicep pose, turning his head to watch his friends continue to salivate. Droping his arms back down, his hands surprisingly reaches all the way to his waist, and a hellacious Lat spread sent his companions into complete hypnosis. Now he REALLY wanted to know how much weight he could heft with the immense frame he now possesed.

Danny turned once again to see his comrades marching behind him. Their mixture of fear and lustful hunger caused them to remain in a trance as they took in the overly-endowed body standing before them. Danny made his chest bounce again, causing a shudder from both onlookers.

"GET OVER HERE AND WORSHIP ME!" is the only thing Danny could think to say, as he glanced down at his God-like body. His slaves followed his command, craning their necks as they approached. Danny's height had increased to accomodate the increased volume of his muscles, causing him to stand well over a head taller than Mark, while Jose's head only came up to the bottom of Danny's Mountain-sized pecs.

Jose's dazed look subsided slightly as he turned and darted back to his locker, only to return back to his former position with a rolled up tape measure in hand.

"I wanna see how big you are, d...d..dude!" He yammered, eagerly awaiting a reply.

"YEAH, THAT'S A GOOD IDEA!" roared Danny, his newly deepened voice shaking the brick walls of the Changing room.

Mark could no longer contain himself, and pulled down his own trunks and gripping his own awesome cock, which had been threatening to blow a load since he witnessed his friend's further transformation. Jose bent down and wrapped his tape around Danny's king-sized calf, and shouted out the result. "37 inches! NO FUCKIN' WAY, DUDE!!" he was now face to face with the biggest cock imaginable, and licked his lips while watching it fill with size. The gallon-sized sac beneath it heaved up and down with anticipation.

Controlling himself, Jose rattled off a second measurement as the tape circled Danny's immense thigh.

"49 inches!" Now he HAD to measure the thickening cock just inches from his face. Stretching the tape to the base, it surpassed 14 inches to the head, but pushed against the tape as it pulsated thicker and longer. stretching the tape around the thick shaft revealed a full 7 inches of girth.

"WAIT, BRO!! LET ME GET IT FULLY HARD!!" Danny bellowed as he gripped his ham-sized fist around his colossal member. He flexed some newfound internal muscles and caused it to spring to life. He knew he had total control of his loins, and flexed another muscle that would keep him from blowing a load. Pre-cum dripped down the shaft as it rose and rose, pointing towards the celing and pulsating with each stroke. Danny grunted as his manhood swelled to full size, pushing his giant fingers apart. "MEASURE IT, DUDE!!"

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Jose screamed. "19 FUCKIN' INCHES, MAN!!" The massive head was bigger than Jose's meaty fist, and dripping with fluid as danny got more and more turned on.

"NOW THAT'S A FUCKIN' COCK, MAN!" Danny licked his lips in anticipation of an orgazm.

"SUCK THAT BIG MAN-MEAT!!!" He was easily becoming comfortable with the power over his new friend, not to mention the rest of the galaxy. "MAKE ME CUM, BOY!!" he snarled, affirming that this older man was now an inferior creature.

The heavyweight bodybuilder kneeled before the wall of power before him, and wrapped his own large hand around the beast, to find his fingers could not go any more than 2/3 of the way around. He grabbed the tape again, and found that he was dealing with a 9 inch thick cock, dripping with fluid and nearing explosion. He dropped the tape and manage to fit the very tip of the dense head of this mammoth member between his lips.

Wrapping both hands around it, Jose stroked the beast while slidding the tip of his tongue into the long slit inside his mouth. Mark, who had already cum full force and nearly passed out, inched along the tile floor on his knees, mouth open and aiming for a mouthful of Dan's melon-sized balls! Danny continued to groan as he flexed his cock muscles, while also flexing his new-found inner control muscles, causing his massive sac to bounce up and down like a set of weights on a gym machine.

"CLIMB THIS MOUNTAIN, MARKY, AND MEASURE THE REST OF ME!!!" groaned danny, as his gargantuan body quivered and dripped with sweat. He flexed his new 8-pack abs, which now put the brick wall behind him to shame. Mark grabbed the tape and rose to his feet, now only glaring down slightly at his friends mack-truck pecks. He followed the pointing nipples down to a valley of bulging abodminals. He went into a trance as he followed the taper of the bottom pair, ending at the hairy stump of his tree-trunk cock. He had to turn his face upward to grin at friend's glowing face.

Danny flexed his waist while mark wrapped the tape around it. it measured a surprising 36", but looked smaller beneath his overstuffed torso. he slid the 6 foot tape up around Danny's lats, and found that it didn't even leave a foot at the end. "67 INCHES, MAN!" Danny's cock sputtered as he groaned with approval.


"FLEX THOSE FUCKIN' ROCKY PEAKS, BRO!!" yelled a near-orgasmic Mark, panting and drooling as he wrapped the tape around Danny's Bicep. "37 1/2 inches! UNBELIEVABLE!!"

"MEASURE IT AGAIN!!!" Danny screamed as he flexed his arm even harder. The tape stretched to almost 40 inches!

"YOUR A FUCKING GOD, DANNY!!" Mark gasped, as his body quivered. His own large cock shot a load all over Danny's pec.

Wrapping his own bulging legs around one of Danny's was indeed a challenge, but the now-medium-sized Mark managed. He gripped Danny's pec, finding that his own might could not even squeeze it. It was literally hard as a rock, and full of bumbs and veins from over-filling the skin. Mark settled for rubbing Dan's now super sensitive nipples. All this worship was getting the Muscle beast so turned on, his precum drip cranked to full blast, much to Jose's enjoyment.


Jose grinned as the cock between his hands began to pulsate faster, and got even warmer than it already was. Removing his lips just in time, Danny's balls rocketed into his groin as his cock twiched bigger than before!

"UUUUNNNNGGGGGGGHHH!!!!" Danny's massive lungs let out a quaking scream that literally shook the building they stood in. his cock shot load after load on the celing, causing the plaster to crumble from the force. Danny's servants licked their lips as he grabbed his cock and aimed for their faces. The impact of the less powerful blasts nearly knocked them over, and covered their entire faces with power-cum! Danny let out a godly chuckle as his friends became covered in his man juice. He couldn't believe the power his new body possesed, and he REALLY couldn't wait to get home to grab more sugar packets!!!! •

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