By Diablo11d

I couldn’t believe it. There it was, right in front of me. I had gotten bored while waiting for my doctor so I started to study the room. I walked around, played with the tongue depressors, turned the water on, and then I looked through the cabinets. I opened one up and I spotted it instantly. But all the rumors I heard about, I thought it wasn’t supposed to exist. I thought I heard someone walk by so as a reflex I quickly took the box and shoved it in the deep pocket of my khaki shorts.

The doc walked in.

“Uh hey doc, could we make this quick, I have a job interview,” I lied.


He checked me out quickly and then I speed walked to the reception desk to pay the bill. I tried to make it fast but they are never fast at those offices. I practically ran outside and jumped in my car. I shoved the key in and turned on the car. I pulled out and sped to the highway and towards my house. Almost mid-way through I had to stop on the side of the road because my dick was so hard that I just had to jerk it off. I was pretty average down there, and my build was average also. I was pretty much just an average guy.

“Finally!” I pulled into my driveway and opened the garage and went into my house. My thoughts started to come to me. The rumors, I thought, they said it was impossible, they all said it was just a lie.

It was Trig-Grow.

It was supposedly a drug that when one says some words, they can change most features of their body. I spun the box around and read the directions.

Open box and push out a pill. (Duh I thought)

Swallow pill with water, NOTHING ELSE! (Strict I thought)

Wait 24 hours before going to step 4.

WHAT! I had to wait! Well this sucked. I took a pill out and drank it down with a glass of water. I had 24 hours to wait, so I just went out with some friends bowling. I was careful not to drink anything but water because I didn’t want to mess anything up. My friends asked me why I seemed so happy so I told them I was just having a good day.

I got home after bowling and dinner. “Damn I still got about 19 hours left… thank god I have tomorrow off from work. Well might as well go to sleep.”

I walked into my bedroom stripped off my clothes and started to get ready. I looked down at my body and started getting boned up on how I would look tomorrow. I couldn’t help it and I started jerking off. I climaxed and shot my load onto the bathroom mirror. I wiped it off brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning. I looked at the clock… still 8 hours left. I decided to go on the computer and download some porn. It took a while but I found some nice muscle growth stories to read in the mean time. I watched the scene where this huge black guy with a huge dick was fucking a scrawny little teen. I watched as this guy’s 10” cock rammed in and out if this teen’s ass as he moaned in pleasure. I was already horny and boned up, but when I started thinking about how big I would be soon I got so hard it hurt. My cock felt like it would burst out of its skin. I couldn’t help my self and started pounding myself. I came at almost the same time as both of the guys on the screen did. I finished my load and I sat watching the big black dude shoot his load all over the scrawny kid. His hips thrust every time he shot more cum. I stared in disbelief as this huge dude kept shooting the biggest load I had ever seen in my life. When he was done the whole teen’s torso was cover in his spunk. The teen looked as surprised as I did. The huge dude just looked down at him like he was king. Then he started to bone up again. I couldn’t believe it! This guy just covered a kid in his spunk, and he could do it again. He started to jerk off again. This time he came more quickly. Yet again he started dumped his cum all over the teen. The cum started to overflow off the teen and made a puddle around him. While the guy was cumming, the teen started to greedily drink the cum from his chest. Scooping as much as he could in his hands. I didn’t notice but I started to get rock hard again. I didn’t even touch my self and I started to cum again. My hips thrust up and I shot my load. I couldn’t help but notice that this time I seemed to shoot more, longer, and farther then I usually did. Maybe I was just extremely turned on today.

I wiped off my cum and also ate some of it. The sweet salty taste. I turned back to the video. The guy had stopped coming, and now he was on the floor next to the boy. The teen was still eating the guy’s cum. Every once in a while the teen and the guy would lock lips for a minute and would really get into it. Suddenly the guy stood up again, he was boned up again! This time his dick looked even bigger, almost looking about 11 and a half inches. He stepped up to the teen and placed the head of his dick on his lips. The teen looked surprised as almost to say, “ That has to be almost a foot long and 8 inches around! How am I supposed to get that in my mouth?” The guy started to push his huge cock into the boy’s mouth. There was almost a look of terror on his face. Suddenly the guy pushed in almost half his cock. The teen started to gag on it but then got used to it. The boy started to move up and down on the guys cock while jerking it off with one hand and jerking himself off with his other hand. The guy seemed more muscular and his cock looked even bigger again. The teen came pretty quickly and very little cum came out. After a little, the guy pulled out and started to jerk off again. He seemed like he was about to reach climax when he stopped jerking and said, “ You better be prepared little man.”

Then he started to jerk himself off again. He let his head fall back and hips thrust when he started to cum, not to mention moan. He thrust his hips, every time cum shooting out like he had never cum before. Within half a minute the boy’s torso was covered in cum again, and there was n sign that he was slowing down. The guy kept shooting and the cum kept flying onto the boy. He started to cum more violently now, his cum shooting faster and farther. He kept shooting onto the boy’s head, which he had his mouth open to catch as much as he could. He took a few steps back when he could so his cum would hit the boy’s body. The boy finished taking most of the cum off his face saw he could finally see again. The guy was dripping in sweat, and all his muscles looked pumped and magnificent. My dick started getting hard again without me noticing. The guy kept shooting and soon the teen’s torso, legs, dick, pubes, hair; almost everything was covered in cum. The cum was flowing off the boy like a river, and soon a huge circle, atleast 5 feet in diameter was covered in cum. There were a few signs of him stopping, but he was still shooting excessive amounts. The guy obviously started to think that the boy had enough and sat down. He leaned over and put his dick in his mouth. He greedily swallowed his own cum, and he looked like he loved the taste because of the expression on his face. He finally started to stop, and within a minute he pulled his dick out of his mouth. He walked over to the boy who seemed half unconscious, and started to rub his dick to push the left over cum out. He had a short spasm of once again flying cum onto the boy. It landed in the giant puddle of cum, sweat, and boy. The guy leaned down and started to drink all of the cum off the boy and the floor. It took him a while but he got it all down. He stood up as the teen was becoming more conscious. He glistened in his sweat and he looked better then any pro bodybuilder now, with a 9-inch soft dick.

He picked up the boy again who was now conscious. He placed him on his nipple and the boy started sucking. The guy moaned yet again. Just hearing him moan set me off again. I shot my cum and it landed on my head. I never shot that far before! I noticed how so much more cum had shot out this time than anytime before. Maybe the drug was working? I look at the clock. Holy shit the time flied! It was already past the time that the drug would work!

I stepped into the kitchen and reached for the box. I heard from there the not so distant sounds of the guy cumming again. I reached for the box and got boned up again on the thought of being huge. I read direction number four.

Use the verbal trigger to start growth.

The Trigger is as follows:

[(Gain or lose) (#)(units) of (body part) now.]

Other words may be added to this trigger if needed. Growth will occur almost immediately.

It took me a while but I finally got it. So I standed back a couple feet from the counter and said, “Lose 5 pounds of fat now.” I felt a sharp pain in my midsection and it suddenly disappeared. I lifted up m shirt and saw that my fat was going away! I couldn’t believe it worked! Finally it stopped and I could see the small out line of a six-pack on my abs! I couldn’t wait, so I said it again. “Lose ten pounds of fat now.” The pain came again and it disappeared. This time I took off my shirt and saw a six-pack forming, and veins popping out everywhere. It stopped and I looked like a very fit person. Not huge, but not fat.

This time I couldn’t help myself, “ Gain one hundred pounds of muscle now!” This time the pain was incredible and I fell to the floor. After a minute it flowed away and it started to happen. My muscles started to cramp up and then grow. My arms started it first. They started to grow at tremendous speed, going from a small 13 inches to around 16! Then my delts grew to bowling ball sizes. My tris pushed out and became defined. Then my legs started to grow. My quads started shooting out and becoming tremendous, forming huge tear drop shapes. Then my calves formed into huge monsters that any Mr. Olympia would have begged for. My abs and obliques started to compact and define. Soon I had almost a mountain range difference from my hips to my obliques and abs. My abs started to make huge canyons between each other. They started to look like bricks and soon I had an eight pack. Then my pecs started to grow. They pushed out and overflowed onto my chest. They grew huge and I felt them up with my hands. They kept growing and they pushed my nips towards to ground. Both pecs leaving a crevice in between each other. Then finally my lats and my traps grew. My lats pushed my arms up to a 35-degree angle and my traps grew up my neck, making me look like I played football my whole life. I finished up my growth with a huge climax that sprayed cum over the floor.

I walked to a full-length mirror and looked at my now bodybuilder form. I was so hot. It seemed I also grew in height to accommodate my new muscle. I looked at my new body, 265 pounds of huge defined muscle. It wasn’t enough. “Gain 100 pounds of muscle now!” I screamed. The pain felt not as great as last time, maybe because I was so much more muscular. The pain went away and I started to grow again. Yet again my biceps grew and peaked to about 28 inches this time. Then my delts brew to sizes bigger then cannons balls! My tris pushed out even farther and became more defined then any one else’s. My quads grew even larger and I had to readjust my stance a few times because they kept pushing apart. My calves grew and pushed to a point that they looked like boulders attached to my legs. My obliques grew and the distance between the top of my obliques and my hips was huge making me look so defined it was creepy. My abs grew larger and more compact. They out grew the brick size and became a 12 pack. My pecs pushed out even more and my nips soon pointed straight towards the floor. I looked down at my pecs and I could see below them any more. My lats pushed my arms up to 45-degree angles and my traps grew ever higher up my neck.

I stared at my 365 pound, bigger-than-any-pro-bodybuilder body and moaned as I came again. I stared at my cock in the mirror and figured it wouldn’t do. “Gain 15 inches on my penis now.” There was no sharp pain, but there was a sudden cum that I wasn’t expecting that hit the mirror. Suddenly I started to see the head of my cock from past my pecs. It kept growing and I kept seeing more of it as it got longer and thicker. Soon it was up past my abs and up to my pecs. And finally it stopped at just mouth range. It must have been 23x12! I couldn’t help it and I stuck my dick in between my pecs. I started to bounce them and jerk myself off with them. Suddenly I felt like I was going to cum. It felt like it but I didn’t. I the pressure built up from the bottom of my dick to the top and I couldn’t help but moan. Finally cum spurted out of my dick and hit me in the jaw. It was dripping off my chin and I felt great from the orgasm. I guess that it took so long for the cum to reach the top that I kept feeling like I was cumming until it hit the top. I wiped it off my chin and noticed that it was so little cum.

“Gain 7 inches in diameter on my testicles now.” Soon my balls felt heavier and heavier. I looked in the mirror as my balls hung lower and lower from their huge weight. Soon my balls hung snuggly on my quads. They were both the size of bowling balls and had to weigh about 10 pounds each. My cock had gone soft while they were growing and it had to be atleast 15 inches soft; that wasn’t good enough. “Gain 5 inches on my penis.” Soon enough my dick grew its extra five inches and it laid its head onto the floor. My dick was 20 inches soft, now lets see how big it is hard. I started flexing all my muscles and did most muscular poses. Soon it was pointing straight up and it reached past my mouth to my eyes. Well I couldn’t have that. “Gain 2 inches in height now.” I soon grew and my mouth was just above my dicks head.

It had to be the biggest in the world. I looked at it and pre cum was flowing down the side of it, falling to the floor and making a puddle at my feet. I licked the head and pulled it into my mouth. I guess my jaw had reconfigured to let the whole 17 inches of my cocks circumference. I sucked down to about half way but couldn’t get any further so I sucked and jerked my self off. Both of my hands couldn’t ever make it half way around it. I went up and down, jerked and sucks and soon I felt it coming. I felt my cum starting at the base at my cock and flowing up and I could help but moan. Soon it reached to the top and started to shoot out like a river. I kept cumming and cumming like there was no tomorrow. I came and came and came and came. I couldn’t believe how much I was cumming and I couldn’t believe the ecstasy I was in. I finally stopped. I must have cum about 3 gallons! This time I simply jerked my self off and let myself cum all over myself. I came and flooded myself in my man juice. My whole body was covered in it. Then I thought of that black dude, maybe he had taken it also. Just thinking about growing again set me off. I shot harder and longer this time. Hitting the ceiling, the lamps, the floor, and myself. The whole room was covered. I got horny again seeing all of that cum and knowing it was all mine. I boned up and shot without even touching my self. I shot all over the room again and finally into my mouth.

I stopped and I was finally spent. I got to work in eating all of my cum. After about an hour or two I licked the room clean. Damn I was awesome. I walked back to the box, which still had some cum on it. I had to move in an awkward way because of my huge quads. I then read the directions that I hadn’t read yet.

To go back to normal, simply say, “Revert to normal.”

“Good I can still live a normal life I guess.” Then I read step 6

One pill lasts FOREVER! Taking another pill will do nothing.

That made my day and also my life.

Every time you jerk off or eat you own cum, you will gain more of what you gained before.

WHAT! That’s amazing! That means I’m even more muscular, taller, and had bigger balls and a bigger cock! I ran to the bathroom, and walked in sideways because I was so huge. I stepped on the scale an it whirled around, past 300, and then landed on 274! That means I weigh 574 pounds! I ran out to the kitchen and got a tape measure. I flexed my biceps and measured them. 47 inches! Holy shit! My chest- 112! Quads 65 each! And my waist was 40! I tired measure my calves, but I couldn’t reach down that far anymore. Then I took my soft cock in my hand and measured it. It was 30 inches by 13 inches just soft! I played with it and got it boned up. I measured it 39 1/2x 20 inches hard! I pulled up my balls. They felt light, but by the size of them they must have been at least 30 pounds each! I put the tape measure around it, 60 inches! That means its about 20 inches in diameter. That got me so horny I started to shoot again. Before the cum started shooting I stuffed my dick head in my mouth and took all my cum down. I came for about 10 minutes.

This was amazing. I wasn’t going to work tomorrow, I think I deserve a vacation. Because tomorrow I am finding some groupies. •

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