Magic Posing Strap, The


By MuscleMarveler

The Gym was emptied as i stepped through the slidding-glass door. My tight workout shorts and white tank hugged my new body, leaving little to the imagination. I headed to the locker room, placed my workout bag in the locker, and headed back for the floor.

Heading for the butterfly machine in the corner, i strode with pride, bunching up my hard pecs for their upcoming workout. I sat at the machine, flexed my chest, and pushed pin in the 100lb hole. The weight offer little resistance to my newly-expanded pectorals, but the invigorating display i looked down at was worth it. Each rep caused my chest to heave foreward, stretching the skin tight tank top. As I completed 30 solid reps, I noticed someone coming into the gym out of the corner of my eye.

As i glanced over for a closer look, i gasped at what I saw. A tower of muscle had entered, heading right around the corner to the free weights area. He didn't seem to notice me, and I dismounted the machine to creep after him.

Standing outside the opening into the room, i noticed the stud who had just entered piling 45lb. weights onto a bench press bar. His back flared wide, and was almost matched by the distance between his feet. He was huge all over, almost as big as the pro bodybuilders i admired on the internet sometimes. Guessing he was well over 225lbs, I continued to spy on the big man. He finished loading the bar and had 4 45lb plates on either side!

"WOW" I whispered. this guy was about to bench a full 400lbs, something i had always heard about but never witnessed first hand before. My eyes widened as he lay on the bench, and bunched his amazing pecs with each rep of the bar. Grunting and huffing away, I could tell he was straining, but he finished 8 perfect reps and dropped the heavy bar back into the rack with a mighty KLANG!

I had had enough. I was planing on testing out my newfound strenght with the body i had, but this guy was getting me fuckin' boned, and i wanted to dominate him with a bigger body. I ducked away from the doorway and crept into the locker room. This was gonna be much more fun than just working out!!!

I approached the full-body mirror along the far wall, and grinned at my glistening features. I still hadn't gotten over getting bigger, and was already about to grow more. Way more!

My 6'2 frame wasn't enough. that massive guy had to be at least that! I pressed my fists into my hips as i streched my body taller, using the power of my mind and the magic of the strap around my groin. I looked down at my pecs as I thought about my whole body growing all at once, and no sooner than I thought it, the change began to happen.

My chest stretched the tank top tighter and tighter as my back pulled in the other direction. My thickening neck caused the straps to stretch even futher, and the fabric tucked into my shorts began to slide out. My widening lats pulled the sides of the shirt outward, and watching the armholes sliding open and stretching around them was to die for. THe tightness of the shirt revealed every cut of my expanding abdominals, thickening by the second while the cuts between them got deeper.

The waist of my shorts was the only thing unchanged as i watched my legs explode with size. The bottoms of the shorts crept up my balooing thighs, the four individual muscles of my quads separating and growing into an exagerated tear drop shape. The taper at my knees was met by the bulge of my calves, their diamond heads widening in all directions. I took a step around, ripping my shorts up the middle, causing them to flutter to the ground, leaving me in the ready-to-burst tank top and shape-hugging posers. My tennis shoes felt tight around my expanding feet, also near breaking point. I saundered over to the scale in the corner, feeling the roll of my huge thighs around one another and rubbing against my mighty ball sac through the fabric of the posers.

The dial on the scale rounded to 232lbs. I stepped off, flexing my biceps and feeling their hardness. Then the idea came to me. I stepped back on the scale, and glared down once again at the dial pointing just passed the 230lb mark. My body expanded again as the dial slowly continued to turn, and i grinned as i watched my weight increase. 240, 250, 260 i passed, continuing to tingle and grow my might physique. Changing my stance to as wide as the scale could hold me, my thighs still had room to grow. 270, 280, 290 and finally maxing out the scale at 300lbs. The tank top now revealed one set of my brick-sized abs, and the sides of his pecs stuck out of the widely stretched arm holes. The shirt looked as though it wouldn't hold for long. My lats had completely emerged from the fabric, the arm hole now stretched around the cut between the and my waist.

The stretching had caused the fabric looping over my traps muscles to become only about 1/4" in width. LOOKing down into the tank, The crevace between my pecs had to be at least 3 inches deep. I flexed my body all over, the feeling of all this size was incredible. I glanced back down to the scale sitting at 300lbs, and had to lean foreward to look down at my package, still being held securely by the magic strap.

Not haveing added any size to my member, it looked small compared to the rest of my body. I glanced down at the scale, noticing the dial turn passed zero again while my growing cock added more weight to my body. Stopping at 305, my meaty cock now stretched the fabric down and out around heaving balls, also looking ready to burst. I struted back over to the mirror, and couldn't believe the sight i saw. I was beyond huge all over, not only outsizing the pip-squeak in the weight room but any other bodybuilder I knew of. I pulled the posing strap down around my veiny, bulging cock, and jerked it with a sharp flex. My orange-sized balls swung low below my groin, then pulling up into it as their cum-filled massed begged to be emptied.

Snaping the posers back around my meat, they left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The fabric stretched nearly skin tight, and even the thick veins snaking down it's length were recognizeable. Giving it another flex, the magic fabric strethed further to encapsulate it's size.

Exiting the locker room, my wide shoulders barely fit through the brick opening. The outer skin around my Triceps grazed the painted surface, causing even more feelings of dominance. I pounded the tile floor as I bulged my way through the machine room, and rounded the entrance to the free weights.

The mighty man had switched over to the dumbell rack, hefting 100lb weights out to the sides for an impressive deltoid workout. Admiring his own progress in another full-length mirror, He dropped the weights with a clang as he noticed my reflection enter the room. Turning his wide body around, his jaw dropped as he realized what he saw was real.

"Hey there little man!" I boomed. My voice was deep and menacing, not to mention extremely sexy!

"H..Hi! I've never s...seen you in here before." His stuttering lips managed to speak to me, though he was clearly intoxicated by my massive bulk marching towards him. I smiled as i approached, glad that my guess was more than right. He appeared to only be about 6' tall. I looked down from my own 6' 6" height at his quivering, much smaller body.

I knew he was all mine by the look on his face, and let out a chuckle as i bunched up my pecs. Their billowing forms pushed foreward, causing the smaller man to flinch as they punched towards his face.

"Your fuckin' huge, man!!!" another sentence from the man's lips told me once again that i could have my way with him.

"Thanks!" i boomed proudly, pulling up my right arm, ready give the guy a REAL muscle show. "Feel that!" I commanded, my admirer snaping his hand around my arm, not at all ready to disobey any command i'd give him.

"Your rock solid, too? You must train hard!! How come i've never seen you here before?"

"Come spot me on a bicep curl!" I growled, stoping him short of asking anything else. It felt good to be in control, and i was gonna exercise my power to the fullest. Ignoring his shock and questioning was also helping to establish my dominance over the big man. I turned and headed for the weight racks, ready to REALLY test the limits of my god-like body.

I picked up 3 45lb with ease, and nodded him to do the same. He only grabbed two of of the neighboring rack, rushing for the third to avoid testing my patience.

I stood sternly over the bar and fully gripped it with my ham-hock fists. The bar lifted of the rack with ease. I finished 10 perfect reps. My melon-sized biceps buched even larger, and the cut between the 2 large muscles deepening. I decide i would freak out the little man, and added 10 more pounds of solid muscle to my giant frame. He stepped back in shock as he watched me grow, my bulging form pulsating in every direction. The weight became even less of a challenge as i pumped out 10 more solid curls, and clanged the bar down in the rack.

The taut straps of my chest seemed near breaking point, and a slow flex of my left pec revealed a slight ripping sound. With a broad smirk I popped the muscle out fully, and with a loud SNAP the strap separated, now hanging down over my rock-hard abdomen. Another SNAP on the other side with a quick flex revealed my bare chest to the fullest, the veins pumping with each heartbeat, my chest so packed that my nipples were pointing fully hard back towards my stomach. A flex of my abs caused a tear through the rest of my shirt, and a final grip from my mighty hand tore it away from my torso. The big dude gasped yet again as he was petrified before me.

I licked my lips and began my seduction "What's your name, tiny?"


"I'm Jon. You ready for some fun?"

He was speachless, but I'd give him something to say. My already immense package inflated towards his own cut abdomen as i added more girth and length to both my cock and balls. The pulsating loincloth pushed against his torso without me even moving, causing him to gasp as he looked down at it!

"You like this big body, don't you Bill?" I growled. He nearly broke his own neck as he snapped back to attention. The immense basket between my thunderous legs began to throb and pulsate as it pushed further into his body, this time caused by another part of my brain.

He fell back a step, and glared down at my man-tool again, his eyes widening along with it. I glanced at his own thick hose filling with blood, answering my question his trembling lips could not.

I flexed my massive cock, speeding up the engorgement. The super-stretchy fabric of my posers no longer expanded to accomidate it, and the root crept out. The straps holding it around my waist grew thinner as they too stretched out, groaning all the while. My massive boner pushed the material further from my loin, and now my King Kong balls were becoming visable.

The extraodinary fabric held firm around the tip of my mighty wood, and i grinned at the smaller man still staring at it's immense form. I wrapped my big fingers around the base, pulling it up and free from the confines of the magic posers. Their elasicity caused them to jump back down around my ball sac with a deep, loud SNAP!

I stroked my mighty cock up and down its length, which had to be at least 16" long and thick as the little man's wrist, and continuing to fill with blood. I arched my back as pleasure coarsed from my super-sensitive member through the rest of my bulging body, flexing my quads, pecs and biceps with great might. The tip of my cock climbed up my lustful servant's torso, his own tight bulge becoming rigid in his ready-to-burst workout shorts. The head poked him in the just below his own bulging chest, and he greedily grabbed a hold of the fist-sized head in both hands, awaiting my next command.

pre-cum began to flow out of my inch-long slit as i continued my cartoonish jerking session. His tounge uncontrolably circled his lips as he looked up at me with eyes only found on a hungry puppy dog. I grinned and nodded in approval.

"Suck that big cock! Yeah, that's right!!!" his pursed lips grinned as he fell to his knees, stretching his neck to get his mouth up to my cockhead. My grip around the shaft lowered it to his mouth, and his own hands began to stroke the meaty, sinewy length. His tounge plunged into my piss slit, causing more pleasure to coarse through my overgrown build.

"Damn, boy! You're gonna make me blow.

Another idea entered my head. I imagined that every ounce of my cum would give whoever drank it 5 lbs of muscle. I continued to fuck the little man's face as i hoped it would work. "You ready to swallow a big wad, boy?

He nodded and smiled as he encircled the tip of my cock with his mouth, barely able to fit half of it in. I flexed my cock as my mighty orgasm aproached, and i began stroking faster and faster. I could feel the first thick gob of cum enter the base of my penis and slowly push it's way towards the head. causing a thick bulge to slide up the already fat mast. Once it reached the end, another soon followed up the shaft in the same manner, causing total ectacy to take over my mind. I looked down as his mouth caught every ounce, bucking and convulsing as his own meaty cock created a big wet spot on the front of his shorts. He moaned as he felt the magic cum go to work on his body. He quickly sucked down three or four shots total, and rose again to his feet in awe. We both watched as his packed, hard frame pulsated with size, and he gripped my cock as it shot it's final pint-sized load onto his chest. As my cock slowly deflated, Bill's body quickly headed in the other direction.

"FUCK YEAH, BABY!!!" The little man roared as he realized what was happening. His demeanor changed from sumissive quickly to that of the mighty alpha male he once thought himself to be. He smiled at me as his height and body size neared my own, slowing down just short of 6'2" and bulging with nearly as much veiny, thick masculinity. He smiled up at me one last time, and reached down to grip my cock....

The end! Thanks for reading. I am sure you can use your imagination from here!!! •

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