Interview with a Muscle Stud


After our first interview, I had been wondering how soon he'd return with more tales of his muscle and strength. His need to be worshipped by strangers seemed unquenchable. Weeks passed, and I thought of him often. After a time, I began to think he wouldn't return, though we'd parted company amiably following our first session. Weeks turned into months and I'd all but given up, when one day, sure enough, he phoned for an appointment. He requested the interview on the same condition as before - that only he do the talking.

On his arrival, I was astonished to see an even more massive version of the incredible man I'd interviewed previously. At 5'10" he must have grown to nearly 400 pounds, incredibly developed! He still had the same beautifully handsome, exotic looks - the bright blue eyes, the brown curly hair, thick bushy mustache and the deep, dark tan. But, my god! What he hadn't done to make his body grow even more devastatingly huge than before! A totally muscle-bound behemoth! He strutted into the office, black slacks stretched tight over gargantuan thighs and butt, with a muscleman's swagger that no doubt caused slack-jawed stares everywhere he went. His billowing shirt, as before, was unbuttoned down to just below his pecs, showing the deeply-defined crevice between each of his thick pecs, all of it covered with dark brown fur. His shoulders were incredibly thick and wide, and his arms even covered by the shirt rippled with mass as he walked. He settled into the sofa, spreading his legs wide, thick cock to one side, and started talking.

'After that last party at Chuck's place, man, I felt totally unstoppable! There isn't anybody who doesn't want me. Every muscle freak around wants to get off on this body. I spent all the next week pumping iron at the gym like a wild man, and I felt stronger than ever. Hell, all the guys and chicks at the gym can't believe my poundages and my endurance. One night, after working out all day - I felt great and beat almost every one of my personal best lifts - I walked past these two couples having dinner at a sidewalk cafe. I was wearing a t-shirt, so I flexed one arm for them and showed some big hot dick through my sweats. 'Want to see this huge muscle in action?" I said, and they asked me over to their place right away. If anything the guys were more into it than the chicks, but the chicks got red hot as I took my time, flexing each muscle for them one by one - massive delts, thick and defined, huge hard striated pecs, and my unusually thick chiseled abs really made them wet and anxious for my meat. The chicks started to lick and stroke me all over, and couldn't get enough. The guys started getting into it when I flexed my arms and showed them what real 32" guns look like. 'Check out this muscle man's arm! Dig that biceps, buddy! Feel those huge fuckers!" The dudes couldn't help themselves and started to cum. For the final treat, I slipped off my sweats and let 'em see my muscle muledick - now pumped to nearly 15" and thick as most guys arms. Their devoted attention to my body really got me hard! Once I showed 'em my meat there was no stopping any of them. I flexed and posed while the chicks took turns getting fucked, sliding their hot tight pussies up and down my thick manpole 'til they couldn't take any more. Then it was the guys turn - they'd been licking up my sweat, rimming my muscle ass like there was no tomorrow, and waiting for their chance to take a real horse-dicked muscle star up their butts. "Open your asshole, man!" I slammed it into the first dude, and he came right away. No sooner than he'd shot his load than I pulled all 15" of my monster dick out of his ass and slid it right into the next guy, who groaned with ecstasy as both chicks kept fingering their gushing cunts and licking me all over. I flexed my arms to keep them busy while I rammed the second guy's ass. This dude could really take a fucking, and I power-slammed his tight hole for about an hour before he couldn't take any more. 'Feel that muscle cock up your butt, boy! Take my pole all the way!" I shot my load over the four of them and promised I'd do them again sometime."

'That's not why I came in today, though. I wanted to tell you what really surprised me. My buddy Chuck, the one who lost the bicep-curl contest? He really took to that orgy we had over at his place, and he wanted to see what kind of musclesex challenge would wear me out. He made arrangements for another muscle and fuck get together, this time inviting about 100 of his friends over to watch my muscle power, and get themselves screwed like they'd never been screwed before. I knew I'd have no problem satisfying the whole crowd. I'm a musclefuck machine, and I knew my mind-blowing freaky power and eye-boggling mass would blow away even the most jaded muscle freak Chuck could find. Everybody met that night over at his place about 10 p.m. He'd hauled in some equipment that would let me show my muscle power before the fucking got started, and I wanted to work my body to get it really freaky and pumped for the crowd. "All right everybody," I yelled out, "Are you ready to watch a total body builder stud in action?" Chuck's friends seemed restless with anticipation. I kept myself fully covered with XXXX large sweats, and still looked fucking huge! The crowd got really quiet when they saw the set-up, and started guessing what kind of show I'd put on for them. On the upper part of his split-level living room, Chuck had brought in a weight bench with a huge bar, loaded with ten 100-pound plates on each side. Right next to that was a pair of the biggest looking dumbbells I'd ever seen - they must have been 350 pounds a piece! Well, I was really getting hot thinking about the strength and power I could show off! I positioned myself under the bar - over 2,000 pounds! I roared as I lifted, and the bar sagged under the weight of the plates. I heard the crowd shout its approval! I pumped out reps for 20 minutes while the crowd panted and yelled with muscle lust. They knew they were in the presence of a most totally powerful freak! ?'WORSHIP MY MUSCLE POWER!" I yelled as I grabbed the dumbbells and pumped out dozens of shoulder presses, squeezing really hard at the top of each one to make sure my beach-ball sized delts would be fully pumped and freaky, guaranteed to make eyes pop! Finally, I put the dumbbells down and slid out of my sweatshirt, starting my show off with Sergio Oliva's victory pose. My body was drenched in sweat, and shined under the lights. "CHECK OUT MY MUSCLE!" I yelled, and the crowd went nuts. I could see they'd never imagined anything like the thick, defined slabs of beef they were seeing. Women were fingering their pussies, men with uncontrollable raging hard-ons all crazy to get a piece of my massive body. Still, I kept my sweatpants on, wanting to build more suspense. "GOT TO GET TOTALLY FREAKY FOR YOU TONIGHT," I yelled out as I picked up the dumbbells and started biceps curls. The crowd roared their approval, and their worship was getting totally intense."

"This really turned me on, and my dick started to get hard, stretching my sweats way out in front of me. I kept pumping out curls and my dick kept getting harder and longer. My pre-cum was soaking through the heavy fabric and the crowd could barely contain themselves. I ditched the dumbbells and decided to go for broke. I grabbed the bar off the weight bench and started bending it around my neck. 'FUCK, YEAH!" I was getting crazy. The bar was hardened steel, designed to carry maximum poundages for total heavy-duty powerlifting. I strained and grunted against the bar. Veins burst out everywhere, and I got totally, massively pumped. The bar started bending, slowly at first. I roared to the crowd, "CHECK THIS OUT! WORSHIP MY POWER! WORSHIP MY HUGE BODY!" The crowd couldn't stop themselves. The bar had bent until the opposite ends were touching, and I threw it down like a toothpick. I let the first chick measure my guns. 'Thirty-six inches!" she yelled as she began to orgasm uncontrollably. The crowd roared. "More! Show us your muscle cock!" Well, that really got me hot. My dick ripped through my sweats and surged with lust, bigger than it had ever been before! One guy grabbed the tape measure, and lay it along the top of my mammoth ramrod. "Sixteen and a half fucking inches!" he yelled out. That did it. The chicks held their cunts open while I rammed them one after another. "Slide that muscle dick in my cunt! Show me your thick fucking cock!" I flexed and posed while the chicks clamped my man-meat and slid up and down. The guys were really getting off on seeing so many chicks orgasm like they could never get them to. I knew it wouldn't be long before they'd be begging to get fucked, too. Sure enough, once I'd finished off the chicks they guys were lining up with their butt-cheeks spread and their holes wide open. "YEAH, MAN, OPEN THAT HOT FUCKING ASSHOLE" I yelled out as I rammed one hot, tight butthole after another. "TAKE MY HUGE MUSCLE MEAT, ALL THE WAY MAN!" I slammed their butts so hard my huge, heavy nuts were slapping their backsides like crazy."

"Finally, there were only about 20 guys left in the crowd who could take any more. For the finale, I thought I'd really put on a freak show - I grabbed a stack of the 100 pound plates and slid them onto my cock. "FUCK THAT MAKES ME HARD!" I shouted, and my cock surged harder and longer than it ever had before! There must have been over a foot of thick, hard meat sticking out past the huge 100 pound plates, and my dickhead had gotten so big I wasn't sure how I'd slide them off again! Gasps of amazement filled the room as they saw the power in my manmeat. I was so turned on my dick filled the holes in the plates to the max, and the plates acted like massive cockrings, making my cock hard as a thick iron bar. "LOOK AT MY MUSCLE POWER COCK!" I yelled, and I turned into a total fuck machine. "GET THOSE BUTTHOLES OPEN, BOYS!" I started by power-ramming the rest of the guys like they'd never been fucked before, slamming their butts with my mammoth jackhammer, rattling the six hundred pound plates stacked on my dick. Even though all the chicks in the room had been cumming uncontrollably for hours, and all the guys had shot off at least 3-4 times a piece, they all got fucked one last time. I couldn't believe how fucking hot this muscle worship crowd was! With all six plates still stacked on my iron-hard cock, I stood in front of these dedicated muscle freaks and started posing under the lights. I was goddamn huge! I love to pose and can never show off enough muscle. "I'M THE BIGGEST - MOST POWERFUL - HOTTEST MUSCLE MAN - THE BIGGEST HORSECOCK - THERE IS!" I yelled, maybe three or four times. By now I was pumped beyond belief, and as I posed the crowd roared approval. "MORE! SHOW US YOUR POWER! FLEX THAT MUSCLE! SHOW US YOUR HUGE FUCKIN' MANMEAT!" They were begging for more! After all this, my bull nuts were aching to cum - FULLY loaded to the max! My dick got so fucking hard the six hundred pound plates started bending under the force of my power cock, and I started to shoot my load. "HOT FUCKIN' MUSCLE CUM! WORSHIP MY MANJUICE!" Everyone in the place was drenched as I shot an ocean of hot cum! They lapped it up like crazy, and thanked me over and over for allowing them to be there."

He smiled and walked out of my office. After listening to this, I knew it wouldn't be his last visit... •

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