My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

Act Two, Scene Eight (In Elijah’s Room at Professor Higgins house) Freddie waited with patient anticipation, listening to the sound of Elijah finishing up in the washroom. The past couple of hours had been nothing short of astounding but now they were finally home and alone with each other. Elijah had insisted that he shower off the remnants of Zoltan’s cum-shower first before doing anything else. "You were absolutely wonderful out there tonight." Freddie called into the bathroom. When pandemonium took over at the event after the final announcement, Freddie whisked his bewildered lover away and into the waiting car that the Professor had made available to them. Elijah was draped only in a large blanket to cover his still hard, aroused body. Under the Professor’s direction, they sped away. Professor Higgins assured Freddie that he would wrap everything up and, with a knowing wink, that he would be home much later. "There is no doubt that you were the crowd favorite." Freddie continued. "And there is no doubt that you are my favorite." Elijah smiled as all the glory of his naked body consumed the opened bathroom doorway. "I still can’t believe the judges decision." Freddie added as he moved forward toward the lumbering tower of muscle. Elijah folded Freddie into his shielding of muscle. His massively pumped arms, leg-thick forearms and head-thick pecs swallowed the smaller image in a shroud of all-consuming muscle. Elijah’s lats and upper back swept out like an enveloping cape of warm flesh and blanketed the remaining exposed upper portions of Freddie under its protective sheathing. "It seemed right to me." Elijah assured Freddie warmly. "I have my trophy right here in my arms!" Freddie pushed himself slightly away from the pillowing pecs and looked up toward Elijah’s handsomely smiling face. The feel of the astonishingly thick, hotly showered muscle as his hands drifted into what depths it would permit was extraordinarily erotic. Freddie could see that Elijah was, indeed, happily content. "Besides, I am sure that Professor Higgins and Mr. Pickering will get everything settled." Elijah continued. "But to disqualify both you and Zoltan and giving the title to the American, Dick Anos, just because you posed naked still seems wrong." Freddie began to protest. "It’s not as if either of you had intended to loose your trunks. You couldn’t help it and, God knows, the two of you have the best bodies by far. I just think that …" "I just think that it is over, Freddie." Elijah finished the statement. "And it is now our time. you, we, have a promise to fulfill. Let’s leave all the rest to others. The only thing I want now, and forever, is you." Elijah pulls the yearning face of his love toward his and seals the promise with a passionate kiss. It is all Freddie needed to push away all the other thoughts as he falls under the loving spell of the embracing muscle God. Finally, Elijah reaches around and takes Freddie by one hand. The marvelously muscled creature leads the slight figure over to the side of his bed and, gently, leads Freddie into a sitting position on the bed. The smaller man finds himself head to head with Elijah’s enormously hard cock head. From this angle, Elijah’s upper torso swells out and up out in an endless array of perfected muscle. "Damn, your gorgeous!" Freddie proclaims. "I still can’t believe that a perfect creature like you could profess eternal love to the likes of someone like me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this but I pray the dream doesn’t end." "Feel this." Elijah bends toward the seated Freddie and offers him one brutally flexed upper arm. "This is real! I am real … and my love for you is real!" Freddie instinctively reaches up and places one hand over a small portion of the chiseled offering. Elijah’s flexed bicep is hot and feels like a carved boulder vacuum wrapped in a silky smooth package. The veining slips like thick ribbons under the outer sheathing and slides over the impossibly dense steely meat below. A series of crisp, deep lines arc across the balled length of the writhing mass dividing the bicep into several interlocked truncated spheres. "But why me?" Freddie dares the question once again. Elijah’s free arm moves its meaty splendor over onto Freddie’s shirt covered, trim left breast. His large hand covers the core of Freddie’s crisp, neat pec lining. "Because our best and greatest muscle is in here." Elijah offers. "And of all the great heart muscles I have ever encountered, heard of or read about, yours, Freddie, is the biggest and best I have ever known. Believe me, Freddie, I am the one who is always questioning why a person as good, caring and loving as you would choose a person like me." "If it is my body you seek, then it is yours … and always will be." Elijah continued. "I want your body, too. But I hope that you will always want my heart the way that I want yours and, I promise, I will do my best to earn your love every day in every way I can." As he speaks, Elijah takes one step back and raises up his massive torso and upper arms assuming an intoxicating double biceps pose. His 30" biceps swell with intense power. Elijah’s delts round out like the upper half of carved melons of meat mountaining from half-hidden traps to Alpine-peaked biceps. "You have my love. And I, too, promise, to earn yours in every way I can." Freddie assures as he stands to face the 340# flexing muscle statue. As he rises, Freddie reaches down and unbelts his loose fitting pants. They slip to the floor as he pushes the band of his undershorts down past his thighs to join with the other discarded apparel. Then he unbuttons his shirt and slips it off exposing his hairless chest and flat, defined abs. Freddie’s crisp 175# body, half the size of his lover, forces itself erect. Freddie’s cock rises with him bringing a gasp from Elijah. "Where the hell have you kept that thing?" Elijah blurts in raw surprise as his body quivers with a muscled spasm of the surprising discovery. The unleashed organ swooped out from Freddie’s small tightly girdled waist. Though lacking in the massiveness of muscle possessed by Elijah, Freddie’s slight figure was clean and lean. His taunt, smooth skin caressed his supple, aesthetic body. Years of running kept his fat-free figure gracefully defined and flowingly proportioned. "It comes with the package." Freddie laughs. "I guess each of us has something physically special to offer. I hope you don’t mind!" Freddie turns slowly in one complete circle so that Elijah can become familiar with the entire "package". His square shoulders extend down to his long, lean upper arms with each elongated muscle clearly outlined. Freddie’s back tapers nicely to where his visible spinal erectors point the way to the sharp line between two lean, full ass muscles leading to his inviting inner sanctum. "Mind, god no!" Elijah responds gleefully. "You are as beautiful to me outside as I know you to be inside. You cock, your amazing cock, is a wonderful bonus on top of everything else." As the spin finishes, Elijah’s stare grows more intense as Freddie’s prodigious projectile continues its rise to full inflation. The growing implement has expanded to the scale of Elijah’s ample proportions with the promise of still more to come. "And to know that your love comes with your body" Freddie returns "is my special bonus from you." The excitement of the moment continues to drive Freddie’s cock. Soon, Elijah finds himself cock to cock with Freddie’s 13" x 3" vein-reinforced maleness. The trimness of Freddie’s body seems to magnify the scale of his rigid tool. In a playful mocking of the abilities of Elijah’s muscle-strewn body, Freddie constricts his groin muscles causing his cock to ‘flex’ up and down in a repetitious wave of stiff meat. "Promise me you will be gentle." Elijah pleads as he steps in for his first physical introduction to the amazing weapon that has mounted itself from his lover. "I promise." Freddie assures. "Now get that butt over here and let’s see just how much all that magnificent muscle can handle." Freddie casts himself back down upon the bed. Laying flat, his cock raises itself like one of the great pylons of ancient Egypt rising from his loins with its immense length rocking into the heavens. Elijah climbs onto the bed, straddling Freddie’s legs as his own ultra-massive thighs rip into their phenomenal displays of brilliantly crafted individual muscles. Elijah’s hungry cock juts out and comes in contact with the waving crown of Freddie’s stupendous organ offering. "Come to me. Cum with me! Cum on me!" Freddie begs as the mountain of muscle shuffles ever closer, looming like a giant living carving to the perfection of manliness. A pair of hugely muscled arms, each over 2 ½ feet around the upper sections, reaches down and lovingly wraps their two sweating hands around the monumental cock. Elijah’s fingers barely encircle the hot hard meat just above the tantalizing base. Slowly Elijah’s hands explore the vein-ridged length of the cannoned organ. Freddie sends contractions of reinforcement through the shaft titillating Elijah’s groping fingers and triggering a frenzy of muscular contractions in response. "Feel the muscles you have helped to build." Elijah requests. "Feel their strength and sense their love." Freddie places one hand on a several inch thick slab of pec muscle and the other seeks the invisible, but desirous marvelously meaty glutes. Elijah treats Freddie’s exploring hands to their own sensation inducing rewards by sending an undulation of flexing coursing through the two stupendous accomplishments of muscle being fondled. Freddie discovers one of the aroused nipples projecting from the mammoth breast meat and the sensitivity it possesses as Elijah responds to the touch with moans of delight. "You are, indeed, a spectacle of sensational muscular magnitude." Freddie acknowledges lovingly. "Now let me enter your temple of muscle. Let me leave my offering inside the alter of your body." Elijah responded to the invitation without hesitation. Pushing his enormous body into a raised squat over Freddie’s towering cock, Elijah waits, fully flexed in preparation for the pending invasion as Freddie assists in directing Elijah’s sphincter inner-sanctum entrance to be positioned directly above the pre-cum soaked cock column cap. His gargantuan muscles twitch in cautious anticipation across the enormity of his sculpted figure. "Your body is the fulfillment of my every dream and desire." Freddie continues as the tip of his cock locks into place and is surrounded by sensation of Elijah’s impossibly strong lower gluteal muscles guiding it toward the steamy chamber entrance. Elijah’s 11" steely member cantilevers out from his rigid groin. The shining head of his glistening male weapon stands precipitously readied over Freddie’s face. Beyond the vein encrusted rock-like shaft, Freddie is witness to the bulbous projections of two enormously thick, vibrant undulating male breasts. They dance with head-thick muscle over a hilled set of astounding abs as Elijah braces to receive Freddie’s penetration. "Feel me! Sense the power of my muscles with your hands." Elijah commands. "My body and all its vast muscle is yours to know and to share. Let my strength and hardness fill you with the same desires to possess it that I can feel deep within each and every muscle." Freddie does as he is ordered. Flexing triceps, hugely balled and veined biceps, mammoth undulating pecs, thickly lined thighs, and endless stretches of lats slide like heated rock under Freddie’s feel. His hands send signals of muscular size and density that, if he was not witnessing it with his own eyes, would be beyond belief. In its excitement, Freddie’s cock pounds ever harder filling the pulsing crown to reflective hardness.. The heat of Freddie’s dick radiates from the crown like the glow of a brilliant searchlight at the top of great lighthouse. "Take my cock, too." Elijah pleads. "It has had to wait far too long for the pleasure of release. Feel how hard with waiting cum my balls are! Feel the pounding of the blood in the veins feeding my frenzied cock." It is, indeed, a wonderful and astounding instrument to Freddie’s responding stroking. Elijah’s cock is so stiff with excitement that it refuses to move from its meaty, reinforced horizontal anchorage. Freddie hesitates to squeeze Elijah’s fruit-sized testicles for fear that they may rupture in a shower of cum from the contained pressure within.

"Gay’s OK"

(Reprise: To the tune: "With A Little Bit of Luck") (Elijah - beginning a controlled descent onto Freddie’s colossal erection.)

Pray on my muscle as I consume your spire. Fill me to breaking, drill me with your bore. I want to feel you cum in liquid fire. ‘Cause, today’s our day for sure! I am yours forever more! Our love is true … and will endure. (Freddie - pushing his pumping cock head into Elijah’s ring of drawing sphincter muscle while his hands lustfully wander the endless expanse of the brutally carved muscle offerings descending onto him from above.) Your flexing muscle’s a vision of perfection.. With all that muscle, who could want for more. Flex each part hard as I make my selection. Take my cock into your core! Flex your muscles, make them roar! Suck me dry until my cock is sore. Soon every muscle on Elijah’s fully pumped body is clenched into god-like, defined perfection. Freddie’s flaring cock head is completely internalized and delivers sensations of painful joy within Elijah’s rectum. More and more of Freddie’s powerful shaft of meat is absorbed within the muscle giant. (Both - Elijah slides up and down on Freddie’s cock. Soon the full length is being absorbed in an increasing rhythm.) We make love our way! Being gay’s our way! It’s our way of life, our love is good and pure. Being gay’s our way! Love is love, we say. So let’s make love and give me more! "Oh, God, Freddie!" Elijah cries. "You feel so wonderful in me." Freddie continues to flex his enraged cock inside Elijah. The feel of his pumping cock pushing against the soft enveloping lining is expressed outwardly on Elijah’s writhing muscular body as a rhythmic dance of fantastically contorting muscle. Freddie senses the reaction by the way Elijah’s cock pounds itself from rock hard to diamond cut. Elijah’s balls thunder with their churning cum that has waited so long for this precious moment. "Now, Elijah, now!" Freddie chants as his eyes lay witness to a demonstration of muscle contracting beauty beyond words. Elijah flexes his ass and internal muscles in deep massaging rhythms drawing Freddie’s embedded meat ever closer to the breaking point. The pace increases as Elijah’s fondled cock takes control of his mind and his body. "God! Yes!" Freddie shouts as the first explosion of his hot, burning cum bursts out to fill the packed channel within Elijah. As the flailing muscleman shifts up and down on the spewing weapon, both men can feel the warm cream surging within the tubing and washing the sliding shaft with slippery whiteness. The heat of the internal exchange sets off the expected response from Elijah’s waving rod as a volcano of cum erupts over Freddie. The power of the first ejaculation is so strong that the streaming liquid overshoots Freddie completely and splashes loudly against the headboard of the bed. Freddie reaches out with a waiting hand and helps to deflect the equally prolific second volley of cum down toward his desiring mouth. Elijah continues to issue repeated firings of cum as Freddie struggles to keep up with consuming the released offering. As the showering from both cocks winds down Elijah raises himself off of Freddie’s cum polished mast and lays down next to his lover. Together they clean the remaining white stains from Freddie’s face. Elijah rolls Freddie’s back into the pillowing of his massive breast and surrounds the slim torso with his gargantuanly muscled arms. (Both - laying together on the bed.) We have no reason to walk in fear or sorrow! We share our bodies in love that’s true and pure. We are together and proud to let the world know.. ‘Cause … gay’s OK for sure! Men with men is not impure! Our love is true … and will endure. Yes … Our love is true … and … will … endure. Act Two, Scene Nine (Backstage at the Mr. Galaxy Contest Auditorium) "For one last time!" Pickering shouted at the group of obviously frustrated judges. "You can’t tell me that this man doesn’t deserve to win." A still naked Zoltan pounded out his always astounding most muscular pose. The giant sweating cuts of meat covering every inch of his 360 pound body glistened in mind boggling precision. His biceps balled into dangerously hardened, multiply-split masses of meat as large as the heads of any one of the judges. Pain-promising veining marbled the meat into fearful vestiges of immense power. "There’s nothing like this one the planet!" Pickering continued pointing at the flexing muscle monolith. "This contest is supposed to be all about the muscle! Nude or not - this is muscle!" Zoltan turned his concentration on the overhanging cliffs of pec muscle that was so thick that the bottoms of the crunching breasts fought against the snakes of muscle and tendons crawling over one another beneath the translucent skin of his forearms. The overabundance of pectoral meat fissured into a series of cabled lines and channels. The pressure applied to the outer flanks of the stoned giants by biceps spheres pushed the line of the dividing pec cleavage to hand length depth. "And you can’t tell me that that" Pickering screamed pointing to Zoltan’s re-hardened cock "isn’t an amazing muscle in and of itself." Responding to the pointed direction, Zoltan squeezed his glutes into images of piled layers of stratified rock and thrust his muscle-girdled hips forward causing the poled cock to reveal its full 10" long and 2 ½" width of vein-strewn steely splendor. The slit hole at the end grimaced menacingly at the wearied judges. The rodded meat still shined with the polish of previously spent cum. Zoltan’s balls sat like ripe fruits forced forward by the space-filling masses of his inner thighs and the massive sweep of his chiseled quads. "Enough is enough, Pickering!" the head judge finally pronounced. "There are rules. Zoltan and Dolittle broke the rules. You want to change them, go ahead and do that! But, until then, the rule stands." The head judge slammed his score book shut, shoved his chair back, and, standing, turned and moved away. The other judges followed like a line of ducklings following their mother. "Too bad, Pickering." Professor Higgins laughed. "What’s so damned funny, Henry!" Pickering attacked as Zoltan’s body drifted back into a vision of immensely beautiful, half-hard muscle. "Your guy lost, too. And that means you loose your bet with me." "Not at all Hugh." Higgins continued laughing even harder. "Our bet was over which man could beat which man. All we know is that our men were both disqualified. We have no idea which one was judged better than the other. No bodybuilding winner - no bet winner" "If that’s how you want to be about it," Pickering stammered "then you can kiss the chances of getting your Chair back at the University goodbye!" "That’s OK with me, Hugh." The Professor responded calmly. "I already have other plans anyway." "Fine!" Pickering retorted. "I’ll show them next year! Say, Henry, how about double or nothing then?" "Your man against my man at the Galaxy again?" Higgins questioned. Pickering nodded. "OK, Hugh, you’re on." "Great!" Pickering smiled as the two men shook hands. "Let’s go Zoltan, we have a lot of work to do." "Sorry, Mr. Pickering, but I won’t be going with you." Zoltan interjected. "What the hell do you mean!" Pickering responded with sudden shock. "Well, I didn’t want to tell you this way" Zoltan started "but I have promised someone that I would give up the drug and steroid based training after this contest. In fact, I haven’t used the stuff in almost a month now. I’ve been following the Professor’s program - and I feel pretty good already." Zoltan instinctively moved both arms up into a double biceps pose. The immense monster biceps and triceps fleshed into rigid 33" spectacles of striated, fissured magnificence. He extended and contracted his massive forearms repeatedly, dragging the bundled upper arm meat back and forth as the triceps and biceps took turns in displaying their invincible prominence. "What!" both Pickering and Higgins interjected. "Yea, Alfred Dolittle and I have been together since the Nationals." Zoltan explained. "And after you let Pearce go, Professor, he started working at the same place where Alfred worked out - the same place Elijah used to which Elijah used to go. Pearce told Alfred of how concerned Elijah was and offered to help train him using your methods. Pearce is really proud of you and your work, Professor." "But, Zoltan," Pickering interjected "we had a contract." "Had a contract." Zoltan responded. "It expired with this contest. Perhaps you should have been paying a little less attention to trying to win you bet and more attention to your business arrangements. In any event, Alfred has gotten pretty good results from your program and, Professor Higgins, I was hoping you might take me … and Alfred … on to work with us." "Please do, Professor." Came a voice from out of the darkness. "It would mean a lot to us." A smaller version of Elijah stepped up next to Zoltan. The massive muscle giant relaxed one of his brutally muscled arms and wrapped it around the shoulders of an innocent looking Alfred Dolittle. "This is preposterous!" Pickering shouted. Professor Higgins laughed deep and hard. "It would be my pleasure guys." Turning to Pickering, Higgins added "Remember, Hugh, that’s double or nothing! One of my guys against one of your guys. I hope you can find a guy to put up against my man!" "This is preposterous!" Pickering snorted. "You think you have me beat! Well, just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!" With that, Hugh Pickering turned and swiftly leaves. "It’s nice to see you again, Alfred. You’re looking pretty good - and I am sure we will be able to make you look even better." Professor Higgins turned his attention to the two muscular lovers. "Elijah will be glad to know that your doing well." (Turning to Zoltan) "But won’t Pearce be upset with the two of you if you start training with me?" "Why don’t you ask him yourself." Zoltan smiled with a knowing wink. "If you’ll excuse us, Professor, (glancing down toward his towering cock) I think I need to get a little something taken care of before I try to go out into the world of my ‘adoring public’." Alfred reached down to the steely male weapon protruding from the groin of his hugely muscled lover. Grasping the massive cock with one strong hand, Alfred leads the writhing muscle image of Zoltan off toward a private dressing room. The nude figure flows with immense muscle as the overflowing back and undulating ass drift out of view. Professor Higgins stands alone for a moment and then wanders onto the harshly lighted stage. "Would you gather up Mr. Dolittle’s stuff from his dressing room so that we can get back home, Mr. Dumoor." The Professor announced. "It seems we have a great deal of work to do … together." There is silence in the auditorium. "It’s a rather simple request … Pearce." Professor Higgins adds. "You can follow a simple request, can’t you?" Pearce steps quietly onto the stage and shifts over next the Professor. "Yes, I can … Henry." Pearce says with bold pride. Professor Higgins reaches out and briefly takes the hand of the handsome Mr. Dumoor. "I’d be pleased if we would do this together … Pearce." Professor Higgins speaks quietly. Pearce nods and smiles. "I’ll get the stuff and meet you by the stage door, Henry." Pearce acknowledges with unspoken understanding. He squeezes back on the Professor’s hand and then heads off. Professor Higgins walks slowly to the stage door. Pearce catches up to him with a large gym bag in one hand. He reaches out and takes the Professor’s hand with his other one. Together they walk out through the stage door into the alley where a car awaits. "Professor, forgive the interruption." Comes a soft voice "I have been a fan of your techniques for some time and, in fact, had the chance to meet your pupil, Elijah Dolittle, at the Nationals." "Well, thanks." Higgins responds as a fairly muscular young man steps into the light. "I was wondering … if it isn’t too much to ask…" Will Swallow continues. "Do you ever take on other people to train. I really want to look like Mr. Dolittle. I promise I am a good student and a hard, dedicated worker." Pearce and Higgins laugh together. Will seems confused and begins to back away. "I’m sorry, sir." Will apologizes. "I was just hoping that …" "It’s OK, young man." Professor Higgins assures taking a card out of his pocket and handing it to Will. "Come by here tomorrow - and we will see what we can do for you." Professor Higgins and Pearce smile at Will and then move into their car and drive off. Will stands alone in the alley for a moment. His stare shifts between the disappearing car and the card he is holding. He smiles and turns down the alley.

"The Lust In Me"
(Reprise - To the tune "Wouldn’t It Be Loverly") (Will - Still staring at the card as he walks away) Give me muscles cut like huge thick stone. Pecs so hard that they can crush bone. Give me muscle that I call my own. Oh, it…will…be…so…lov-er-ly… lov-er-ly……lov-er-ly. Yes, … it brings out … the … lust … in …me …. (Will continues to whistle the tune as he exits the stage and the curtain drops.)

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