My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

Act Two, Scene Seven (On the stage at the Mr. Galaxy Contest.) Now it was finally time for Elijahís moment of truth. Freddie offered him one last reassuring hand clasp before Elijah took the stage for his posing routine. "Show them the muscle God you are!" Freddie whispered. It had been unfortunate for the Germany contestant to have had to follow the reigning champion. The artistically gifted performance by the American that followed had made it a contest once again. Having been second so many times, Dick Anos, the American competitor had come here to prove his right to claim the crown and, for Elijah, had bought time between his routine and the monumental display that had been offered by Zoltan. "You should be proud of what you have accomplished with your Mr. Dolittle." Pickering leaned into Higgins ear as they sat waiting to view the final result together in the front row. Elijah stepped onto the darkened platform and awaited the beginning of his music and rise of his lighting. It seemed forever before the glow and sound arrived along with an unexpectedly resounding response from the crowd as Elijahís body drifted into marvelously highlighted view. To many he represented their own hopes that any pervious unknown could have the chance to become the greatest recognition of muscle accomplishment. "I am, Hugh." Professor Higgins nodded. "Heís a good man and has done a great job in just getting here Ö but I still expect him to beat the posers (what there were of them) off of you man, Zoltan." Following the often repeated direction of the Professor, the rising lights found a 345# mountain of muscle already primed and posed signature creating side pec position. "Thatís right" Professor Higgins muttered to himself. "To show your best, you start off with your chest. It was the perfect choice for a specimen like Elijah. Gasps arose at the first impression site of a hugely tapered creature. The awed audience stared in disbelief as 70" of distended upper torso twisted down to a virtually invisible trimness in the side view of a 30" vacuumed waist. Elijahís perfectly rounded, lined ass rebuilt the sense of immense scale as it lead the eye down into the ever-widening structure created by the swell of the leading rear leg bicep and sweep of the striated quadriceps. "Damn, Henry!" Pickering groaned lustfully at the astounding display. "Thatís one fine piece of human anatomy!" Elijah locked the near arm against the hidden, battling meat of his demanding upper latissimus sending ripples of coiling round triceps muscle arcing several inches out behind his meloned shoulder cap. Lifting his wrist and forearm slightly singled the bicep on the visible arm to curve forward in toward the massiveness of his swelled pec as the audience came to understand what 30" of upper arm mass could become when it wanted to. "Yes, one fine piece of perfect, natural male anatomy!" Higgins accented. The healthy glow of Elijahís expertly polished skin radiated his inner strength and vitality to the swoon-silenced audience. The lifting action of his forearm and resultant swell of bicep muscle lifted the arc of his leading and thrust the outer edge out an unbelievable 7" from the vertical line of his handsome upper rib cage. A slight turn of his rear shoulder toward the crowd pushed its adjacent multi-lined pec out past that monumental cantilevered dimension. "Shit, Iíve never seen anything so beautiful" Came an invisible voice from behind the supplement mogul and the teacher. Elijah reached across the hollow he had carved in his shadowed abdomen with his rear hand and clasped it with his front hand. Applying compressive pressure between the two grasping appendages forced a network of lined strata to shoot through both globed pectorals and cut their vertical connection into a darkened line of wrist-deep cleavage. Every fiber within the core of his leading bicep and triceps split from within and cut the view of these two swelled masses into one of fortified stone. Veining danced along the writhing forearms and flowed liquidly up and around the several bundles of bi, tri and delt meat. "Thatís it!" Freddie encouraged from the sidelines. "Now finish it with the total package!" There was a brief pause as Elijah mentally prepared himself for what was t come next. He knew that, after Zoltanís performance, he had no choice but to sway them with everything he had to offer. Taking his rear legs, Elijah forced inner thigh against inner thigh as he lifted that leg up onto its toes, pushing the sweep of his enormous quads forward and into partial focus. "Holy crap!" Was all that the Professor heard from the voice behind him before the entire audience went crazy. With the eruption of the rear quad, it carried the basket of semi-hard cock and fruited balls that had been forced forward with it. The same material gap that had brought down the audience during Zoltanís routine was represented, and them some, by Elijah. The embattled fabric of pale green posing trunks appeared as if it had been spray painted onto the parts of his arcing cock that it still covered. The heaviness of Elijahís un-milked balls lifted them out from their overwrought container. His cock head pushed out past the furthest swell of his leg mass as his stimulated excitement grew with the noise from the crowd. "Off! Off! Off!" The crowd began to chant in growing unison. Instead, Elijah did them one better. Turning his back to the audience and placing his feet almost a yard apart, his upper mass began to descend away from them as his hands reached down for his ankles. Elijahís glutes spread like hotly flowing lava and the sliver of green elastic disappeared into the delicious vertical line between their monumental formation. As his hands reached their moon-pose objective, Elijah leaned slightly forward. Light moved in on the newly opened space and highlighted the brilliant roundness of his re-offered testicles. His massively distended male mammary muscles reappeared as rounded chandeliers lighted from above and through the lined openings of his over-stretched trunks. "Oh, God, Iím gonna cum!" resounded through the auditorium as the noise of hands engaged on cocks began to overtake the relentless screams for more. Sinning as he rose, Elijah ended up facing the crowd with lats fully splayed at over three times the width of his waist and arms locked into hugely mounded double biceps position. Once again, he vacuumed his minuscule waist into the darkness of shadow. Elijahís 30" arms fissured from mere rock to multi-faceted diamond brilliance. His forced his pecs to dance in alternating gyrations as his nipples waved in and out of view from the sheltering mass of meat above them. "OK, love," Freddie pleaded "big finish now. Elijah read Freddieís thoughts and swung his towering upper arms down against the smallness of his brutally compact obliques and thrust his shoulders forward. The dance of pectoral muscle turned into a symphony of thickened splendor. Line by breathtaking line of fanning meat pulsed ever outward and around. His lats remained distended and shredded into similarly lined striations. His nipples stood bold and proud on their marble bowls of pec meat. By now, his cock wanted to be released to show its full potential and stood as the leading point on an utterly perfect 345# body of muscle. The stage went dark. The audience went crazy. Elijah raced off through the darkness into Freddieís waiting arms. Their embrace lasted almost as long as the extended period of time it took for the emcee to get the envelop with the results from the head judge. Breathless silence consumed the room. "For the first time ever" He began "we have a tie." The audience went insane. It took several minutes before the emcee had regained enough control over them to finish his announcement. "There will be an immediate Ďpose-offí between Number 7, Zoltan Kuminski and Number 13, Elijah Dolittle. Gentlemen, can you please dome forward." The still sweating Elijah entered from one side as a freshly polished and proud Zoltan paraded in from the other side. "There will be a two-minute pose-off." The announcer informed everyone. "Man against man. The stage is all yours, gentlemen. Please wait for the music to begin Ö and Ďgood luckí to both of you." As the emcee stepped back, Zoltan moved immediately up to face Elijah. He quickly muttered something about no-one taking his title and turned to begin posing even before the first beat of music started. All 33" of upper arms crystallized into view as Zoltanís boiling hot front double biceps pose flashed out between Elijah and the audience. The Alpine high meat eradicated the astonished face of Elijah from the publics view. Zoltan twisted to one side to show how perfectly thick his multi-balled biceps were and virtually shoved the dangerously charged muscle right into Elijahís face. "This title and this crowd belongs to me!" Zoltan hissed. Elijah responded almost immediately. Freezing his pecs with all the monstrous mounding of meat he could, they shot forward several inches and impacted loudly against the bell of triceps coiled on Zoltan before them. Squeezing the impenetrable flesh into a series of course lines of ridges and valleys forced Zoltanís unprepared arm to swing away as Elijahís pecs fought into full view like two knobbed battering rams destroying an impregnable gate. "Your subjects seem to want a new king!" Elijah jeered. Cheers soon drowned out the music that was trying to offer a rhythm for the flexing behemoths. As the two Gods of supreme muscle shoved and flaunted muscle after impossible muscle, the cheers turned into divided camps chanting the name of their favored posing gladiator. "They donít want a puny king like you when they can have a muscle God like me!" Zoltan flexed back. A set of 30" chiseled upper arms on Elijah slammed with unbreakable muscle opposing Zoltanís 40" thigh display. Zoltanís 72" flayed upper back winged in boldly lined thickness confronted Elijahís writhing, exposed gluteal wonders set beneath his astounding 30" waistband. The 26" ribbed inflated calf muscles ballooning around Elijahís lower extremities danced in front of the pec grinding crab shot of the furious Rumanian. "Itís real, honest muscle like mine that they want over your chemically produced balloons!" Elijah taunted. By now, all their muscles were full and cut like great attacking beasts. As the two inhuman muscle specimens eyed their own spectacular muscle creation, they also had the best view in the house of the other flexing marvel. This consummate vision of blasphemous multitudes of muscle in unrelenting action pushed every sensual emotion within their beings to overdrive. The previously challenged posers began to be pushed to limits for which they were not designed as the two overstuffed cocks responded to the undulating visual feast. The audience rose in an uproar of cock hardening sexual response as first one set of posers and then the other met its limited and flung its failed fabric from the fully hardened bodies and waving cocks. Elijahís 11" member, as always, amplified his beauty with its own arcing glory. For the first time, Elijah got to see what he had dreamed of so often in his past as the 3" wide and 10" long vein-reinforced pillar of a cock pistoned out straight and miraculously hard from Zoltanís groin. Now they turned all their attention to the screaming audience. As they entered the final minute of the pose-off with fully aroused muscular and sexual regalia, they began to make their individual pitches aimed at the crowd and the judges.

"A Man So Fine"

(To the tune: "Get Me To The Church On Time")

(Zoltan - shifting into a front lat spread with his enormous pecs flung forward) Look at the muscles that adorn me. This bodyís a temple to enshrine. Lats wide as barn doors. Dense through to their cores. Thereís never been a man so fine. Pecs hard as rock and huge as melons. Striated wonders, line by line. Watch as they ripple. Right through the nipples. Thereís never been a man so fine. (Elijah - stepping in front of Zoltan with an overpowering double biceps display) My biceps flex up, Peaked to the sky You canít defeat them, No matter how you try. (Zoltan - crashing into an ultra-ripped side obliques pose as he sidesteps Elijah) Look at the muscles, want to taste them? A cock thatís dessert after you dine. Abs plated for you. Rocked glutes to taunt you. Thereís never been a man so fine. (Elijah - moving into an astounding, torso-tapering side triceps position opposite Zoltan) Muscle like marble, shredded on me. No fat or water weight to find. Thighs that could crush you. Triís cut like horseshoes. Thereís never been a man so fine. My triceps coil Like cabled steel. Polished with oil, Granite to the feel. (Both - crunching into unbelievable face to face and cock to cock crab poses) Look at the muscles that adorn me. This bodyís a temple to enshrine. Itís muscle I live forÖ With more built upon more. Thereís never been a man so fine. Ne-ver, oh, ne-ver Ö been Ö Öa Ö man ÖÖ. so ÖÖ. fine. In the heat of the muscle battle the two stupendous muscle creations swiveled toward each other and, while maintaining their joint, muscle-exploding crunches. Before either of them was even consciously aware of it, they found themselves forehead to forehead and cock head to cock head. "Now thereís no doubt whoís got the best muscle." They chanted in unison at one another. Neither burgeoning cock would give ground to the painfully assaulting prodigious opposing male member. Zoltanís stiff pointing cock head rammed itself at the end of its 10" mast against the underside of the flared head of Elijahís equally strong fighting cock arc of steeled meat. Their growling faces tilted back as they came nose to nose. The slight shift in position permitted their massively constricted pecs to enter into the erotic battle of muscle contact. The conjoined breast meat had been concentrated into such a level of hardness by each writhing muscle giant that neither would permit the intrusion of the other to within the vastness of its meaty depths. "You canít beat me!" Growled Zoltan, thrusting his lower abdomen forward in an effort to force the rigid shaft of his opponent to surrender to the power of his cock. "And you canít stop me!" Elijah breathed back freezing his pecs to ice-glazed granite against the imposition of the opposing male breast. The audience sat in awe inspired silence as the last seconds of the cum-inducing pose-off ticked down. They watched as each and every line of piled, chiseled muscle on the ass of each glorious warrior cut its way into view as those amazing moundings of rocky meat applied additional steely reinforcement into the pec/cock campaign. Over 5 feet of combined coiled arm muscle on each man; over 6 feet of knife-sharp distended thigh mass; and a conjoined 12 feet of upper torsos pistoned themselves into the leverage of 21" of steel reinforced cocks. The deep, muscle-enhancing tans burned red as every muscle on both unforgiving sharpened to impenetrable hardness. Veining cabled each overcharged muscle and fed their unquenchable thirst for strength from the vacuumed surface between diamond-hard flesh and onion-thin skin. The sound of the buzzer signaling the completion of the run-off competition was all that the massively aroused Zoltan needed to hear. The sensation of surging orgasm translated into one final overall body contraction of muscle defining brilliance. His deadly hard organ fired its first round of liquid artillery as his cum exploded against the bottom of Elijahís immovable shaft. The speeding cream splattered its thick spray of cum like a hose nozzle turned full and hard against a brick wall. As spatterings of cum arched past his straining abs, the heat of the flying fluid struck warm and hard against the underside of the cantilevered rocks of his pecs. The smell of Zoltanís manhood wafted up to his distended nostrils and filled his brain with signals for a similar sexual response. Elijah worked hard to maintain his concentration on the flexing struggle in which he was engaged. Splatters of cum wetted Zoltanís preposterous cock head with its slippery male sauce and pushed it away from Elijahís columned organ. Repeated jets of steaming hot white lava erupting from Zoltanís insanely hard rod and slapped loudly against the hilly carvings of Elijahís abs and the bottom of both sets of enormous twitching pecs. Elijah locked his thoughts and body into a rigid mindset as he struggled ever harder to refrain from permitting himself to experience a similar cum-soaking orgasmic response. When all else had failed, only his earlier promise to join Freddie in their long-awaited consummation kept Elijahís painfully begging cock in check. As Zoltanís steaming fluid ran back under the twitching pectoral masses, it dripped in large clumps from the pairs of downward projecting, hardened nipples. The power of the orgasmic release sent joy filled shivers through both entangled muscle bodies. Each succeeding spasm of Zoltanís ejaculated cream pushed the quaking bodies further and further along in their astounding display of sexually inspired constriction. After several equally powerful eruptions from Zoltanís imposing organ, the contest of the two spent bodies, concluded. As Zoltanís body surrendered to its sexually spent feelings, the naked forms finally separated and each drifted with exhausted confidence toward his exit side of the stage. Zoltanís arcing tool still dripped with the last vestiges of his golden cream. Elijahís cum stained body glowed in wetted pride as he, and his miraculously unlaunched male weapon, marched toward the arms of his waiting love. •

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