By johnd7102000

Damien was adopted. His parents, Stan and Judy, already had a three-year old boy, David, but the doctors said that his mother couldn't have any more children and they really wanted another son to play with David.. They found Damien through a 'private' adoption agency. Damien's father, Mario, was a young construction worker of Italian heritage. He had been a jock in high school who had girls crawling all over his buffed, young body wanting to be fucked by his thick nine inch cock. At 18, Mario was a knockout. Six feet two inches, 220 pounds of rippling, striated muscle. Black hair, brown eyes and beautiful dark, tan skin. An Italian stallion who could fuck any girl he wanted. One of those girls was Damien's mother, Heather, who was only 15 when she became one of Mario's many conquests. Damien's mother was also a jock. She was on the swimming and track teams. At 5'10", her muscles were strong and graceful. And she was beautiful - blond, blue eyed and tanned - her heritage was German. But she was not ready to be a parent - and Mario had absolutely no interest in being a father (other than biologically) so she went to the 'private' adoption agency to arrange for a discreet adoption. In these adoptions, the adoptive parents are expected to pay the mother's medical expenses, plus a sizable bonus just to smooth things along.

Stan and Judy were pretty much the opposite of Mario and Heather. Stan was 5' 7" and 130 pounds. He was an accountant who had never played any sports. He tried little league baseball when he was eight, but he was such a failure that he quit. Judy was a school librarian who was the female equivalent of Stan. Bookish and nerdy. Stan and Judy were elated to hear that they were going to be able to adopt a baby boy to play with David. They were given little information about Damien's biological parents. Mainly, they were delighted to hear that the baby was very healthy.

Damien was a beautiful baby. His skin was a golden tan. His eyes were hazel - not blue and not brown - sort of the best of both. His hair was light brown. Stan and Judy were thrilled to be this little boy's new parents.

As Damien grew, it became clear to Stan and Judy that he was different from David. He started to crawl and walk several months before David had done. He was much more active, seemingly testing his strength by pushing and pulling everything in his reach. His appetite was voracious. Unlike David, who spit out most of his food, Damien loved his food and often wanted more. The pure physicality of Damien was obvious to everyone. Even at three years old, his little body was showing muscles. All that pushing and pulling had developed shoulder, chest and arm muscles that were really noticeable. When he started going to preschool with other children, Damien was clearly the biggest, strongest and most active kid in the group. He was also the most aggressive, pushing other kids out of the way to get what he wanted. Once, when he was four, he got into a fight with another boy over a toy truck. The other boy didn't stand a chance - he threw a few weak punches at Damien that didn't faze Damien in the least. Then Damien punched him hard in the chest and gut several times and easily wrestled him to the ground with overpowering strength. After the fight, Damien put his foot on the vanquished boy and flexed his arms in triumph in front of the other kids. His biceps actually had little mounds of muscle and it was very obvious to the other kids that this guy was in charge. Damien loved feeling of power he got when his muscles forced the other boy into submission and he loved the respect that he got from the other kids as a result of his strength.

Damien's brother David, being three years older, was much bigger than Damien. But Damien was much more aggressive than David. The brothers fought constantly. David was always able to punch or wrestle Damien into submission, but as soon as David let go, Damien would challenge David again. "One day I'm going to kick your ass," said Damien after being beaten four times in a row. "Yeah, you and what army, you little snot!" yelled David in reply. David took after his parents, small for his age, bookish, not into sports at all. He constantly had to deal with the aggressiveness of his little brother, who always wanted to play physical games. Since David was bigger, he always won, but he just didn't have Damien's competitive spirit. Damien wanted to win at everything physical, and when he didn't win the firive year old. His clear, golden skin tanned easily in the sun. He loved to walk around without a shirt on, proudly displaying his tan muscles, which were clearly bigger and stronger than the little muscles on the other boys in his class. While other kids might watch TV for hours after school, Damien was constantly in motion. He loved to run and play ball and wrestle with other boys and climb trees. His body continued to respond to the physical exercise. Damien was the natural leader of all of the boys. Whatever Damien wanted to do, they wanted to do. If any boy challenged Damien, it took about 30 seconds for Damien to physically show who was the boss - and that other boy didn't forget the overpowering experience of Damien's young muscles completely controlling him. The girls loved Damien. They loved his feats on the athletic field, they loved the respect he had from all the other boys and they loved his gorgeous face and firm, tan body. They were too young to have a sexual attraction, but something primitive within them drew them to this beautiful, strong, athletic young boy.

In fourth grade, at age nine, Damien started to play football. It seemed like the sport was just made for him. As the tallest, fastest and strongest boy on his team, he became a running back on offense and a linebacker on defense. For once, he could be as aggressive as he wanted against the other boys without having his parents or teachers telling him to 'be nice'. He could go out there and just pulverize the opposing players and his coach would love him for it. In football, the more aggressive the better, and Damien was as aggressive as they come. As a running back, he outweighed the defensive players by at least 10 or 15 pounds and it was all muscle. His muscular young legs pushed forward like powerful pistons. The nine year olds on defense would try to tackle him, but their child-like arms just couldn't contain the force of his muscular, driving legs. If they tried to tackle him above the waist, his powerful shoulders and arms easily pushed them away, as if to say "get out of my way, wimp." Damien loved to play defense the most. As a linebacker, his job was to power though the offensive linemen and annihilate the player who had the ball - either the hapless quarterback or the other team's running backs, who were no match for Damien's lightening speed and brute force. Damien easily pushed the offensive line away like insects and powered his way to his prey, hitting the poor opposing players with his shoulderpads and arms with such force that many times they couldn't get up after the hit. After every hit, Damien felt a rush of power surge through his body. He loved the feeling of crushing the opposing players with his muscles, of letting his natural aggression run wild, wild like a powerful, muscular animal taking his prey at his will. The coach loved Damien. Some of the parents of players on the opposing teams demanded to see Damien's birth certificate - they thought he was at least eleven or twelve - and they were astounded to find that this muscular young boy was indeed only nine. As part of their training, the young football team did pushups, pullups and situps. Even as a nine year old, Damien could do over 100 pushups, 35 pullups and hundreds of situps, by far the most on the team. Even the most athletic of the other players could only do about 25 pushups and 10 pullups. Damien was by far the strongest and most fit football player. When he did pushups, the muscles on his arms and shoulders stood out in bold relief, quite exceptional for a nine year old. As he did pullup after pullup, his lats flared out with slabs of muscle and the fibers of his young biceps bulged like cords. His legs were big, strong and could run forever, from years of running and playing hard sports. His abs were hard and corrugated like a washboard. A nine year old washboard of muscle. And he hadn't even entered puberty yet.

Damien's parents really didn't know how to handle their athletic, aggressive, jock son. Basically, Damien was so active and physical that he just naturally expected to play in all the sports that he wanted, and he was always the star. While most fathers would help their sons learn to play certain sports by tossing the ball, Damien was so coordinated and athletic that even at nine years old he was a far superior athlete to his father, who gasped in awe as Damien constantly overpowered other boys in athletic competition. He could blow his father away in running, jumping, throwing and tackling. He didn't need his father's help in being a jock. He was a natural born jock. The parents of the other football players all looked and acted like they had been athletes in high school and it was just natural for their sons to take after them. Stan and Judy stood out like a sore thumb at gatherings of the football parents. How ironic that Stan and Judy's son was the biggest, strongest, fastest and most aggressive player on the team when they looked like nerds from the chess club. They had never been in this crowd in high school and they enjoyed basking in the glory that Damien attracted from all the other kids and parents. They loved their beautiful, strong, athletic son dearly, but they began to become apprehensive about how they, the nerds that they were, would be able to control this young stud as he got bigger and stronger, which they knew he would just from looking at him now.

From kindergarten to fourth grade, David had watched Damien's growth, not really comprehending his little brother's genetic superiority that was soon to overtake him. At first, David didn't pay much attention to Damien's body, other than to crush him every time the little boy started a fight. David was the big brother and Damien was the little brother and by the natural order of things, David was in charge. When Damien got into sports, David's parents tried to get him into sports as well. And David really tried. He tried soccer, baseball and even karate, but his puny unathletic body just embarrassed him in everything he tried. He really wanted to be athletic and strong like some of his friends, but (of course he didn't comprehend this at the time) the genetics just weren't there. As he became more frustrated, he began to take out his frustrations by pounding and wrestling his little brother, who kept wanting to fight even though he would lose. David began to look forward to these fights so that he could at least beat up somebody.

Then something started to happen. David, being three years older than Damien, had always been taller, heavier and stronger. When David was 10 and Damien was seven, David began to notice that it wasn't as easy to pin his little brother as it had been. While David was stagnating physically, Damien was growing like a weed. Every month, he was getting taller and heavier, and all the additional weight was solid muscle. For his sports training, Damien started doing pushups, pullups and situps and it wasn't long before he could do several sets of 25 pushups, 10 pullups and 50 situps while David could barely muster three pushups and one pullup in total. Damien loved the way his muscles looked and felt after he had done sets of these exercises. Damien was into so many sports that were challenging and conditioning his body, along with his pushups, pullups and situps, that his muscles were constantly growing bigger, stronger and fitter.. He was also eating lots of good, nutritious food that his mother cooked. He had always been a big eater, and now he was eating more food at every meal than his 10 year old brother. David was astounded at how the muscles on his little brother were growing. He, David, couldn't put any muscle on his body and now this seven year old brat was building little bulges on his arms, chest, shoulders and lats. His legs were solid and his butt was round and firm. The wrestling matches became harder and harder for David to win.

Sometime around when Damien turned eight years old the pecking order between David and Damien was changed forever. Damien had just gotten home from basketball practice. He was the star power forward on his school's third grade team. At this practice, his team had played the fourth graders in a heated inter-squad game. Damien was bigger, faster and stronger than any of the fourth graders. When he powered his way to the basket, he easily muscled the older defensive players out of his way with his strong legs, back and shoulders. On defense, he completely overpowered his man, gracefully maneuvering his muscular, agile body right in front and jumping high with his powerful legs to block any shots. After his team had won the game (the fourth graders were humiliated) the other players and his coach congratulated Damien for single-handedly winning the game. Damien was a stud and he knew it. When Damien got home he found David lounging in front of the TV. Damien was pumped and his aggression from the game was still raging in him. He walked over to David, ripped off his tee shirt and yelled, "OK, shitface, now I'm going to kick your ass once and for all!" David had dreaded this day, as he had watched Damien's young body growing bigger and stronger by the month. But David had convinced himself that an 11 year old could always beat an eight year old, so not to worry. However, when David saw Damien's angry, sweaty, ripped body standing over him, he wasn't so sure. In fact, he was downright scared. Since he was three years younger, Damien was still several inches shorter and about 10 pounds lighter than David. But Damien was all muscle. David was mainly flab. The adopted son with the great genetics was about to take his natural place as the master of this household.

Damien grabbed David by his arms and lifted him to his feet. He then pulled David's tee shirt off and stood next to his older brother. For a moment, the two boys stood side by side by the large mirror in the TV room in their shorts. The difference was striking. David was thin and pale, and although taller and heavier than Damien he was weak and out of shape. David's nose was too big for his face. He was not exactly ugly, but very homely. Damien, on the other hand, was the picture of a radiantly beautiful, healthy, strong youth. His face was drop dead gorgeous. His bright hazel eyes (sort of blue, sort of brown) were dazzling. He had strong cheekbones and a powerful jaw, with beautiful light brown hair, cut short, and sparkling bright perfectly spaced teeth. His skin was dark tan, showing the muscles in his body in bold relief. At eight years old, he was still a boy and did not yet have the massive, dense, ripped muscle that his genetics insured he would have after he reached puberty. Nevertheless, he showed the look of things to come. Looking in the mirror, David could see that Damien's shoulders were capped with strong, round muscle while David's shoulders ended in bone. Damien placed his hands on his hips and flared his lats, which jutted out from his body like muscular wings. The V-shape was striking. David tried to do the same thing, but he didn't have any lats and his waist actually seemed wider than his bony shoulders. Damien relaxed and casually moved his arms up and down in a curling motion, tensing the muscles with each rep. His biceps and triceps rippled from the pushups and pullups that he was now doing as part of his rigorous sports training. He flexed his eight year old pecs and they bulged out from his chest, the striations of muscle showing clearly. His abs were hard and defined, the flat ribs of muscle developed from thousands of situps and hundreds of hours of hard sports. His butt was round and firm, packed with muscle from vigorous exercise. Damien's legs were big and obviously very powerful for a third grader. In short, he was an eight year old muscle stud. Damien compared his body to his older brother's and exclaimed, "Hey, dude, your little brother's not so little any more is he. Look at my fucking muscles compared to your bag of bones!'

The contrast between these non-biological brothers was incredibly striking. David looked like a pale, nerdy ten year old (he was 11 but he looked younger). Damien's young body was glowing with strength, power and beauty. He looked older than his eight years. And he was aggressive. Very aggressive. Aggressive like a hungry young lion ready to pounce on a bigger, slower, weaker antelope. As he looked his older brother in the eye, his beautiful face took on a ferocious look and his muscles rippled under his dark tan skin. He was pumped up and ready to show his flabby older brother, who had been beating him up ever since Damien could remember, who was the stud. Damien had absolutely no fear and had supreme confidence in his physical superiority.

David began to tremble in fear, but he also felt a sense of great awe and admiration for his little brother's buffed muscles. His cock twitched as he compared the athletic power of his 'baby' brother with his own weakness. As David was contemplating the irony of his little brother actually being stronger that he was, something that he still couldn't fathom, Damien flexed his arms in the mirror. His bicep contracted into a hard ball of muscle. "Hey, flex big bro. Lets see how you stack up to your puny little brother." David flexed his arms, which were white and flaccid. You could hardly see any lump made by his biceps. There was no comparison. Damien's eight year old arms were clearly bigger and harder. "Feelmy ams, David. Feel the power that I've now got." David was trembling. He hadn't realized that his little brother's muscles had gotten so big and hard. He reached over and squeezed the bicep of his little brother, the brother that he had so easily dominated in years past. Damien's bicep was as hard as a rock. Damien flexed and unflexed his bicep several times to let David completely absorb the power and hardness of his eight year old arms. David squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn't make a dent in his brother's hard bicep. Then Damien put his hands around David's bicep and ordered David to flex as hard as he could. David obeyed, but his squishy bicep was no match for Damien's strong fingers and forearm muscles, which easily crushed David's flabby little bicep. Damien's young muscles had gotten so strong in the past few months that his eight year old forearms were stronger than his 11 year old brother's biceps. Damien felt great. David felt weak and inferior.

Then Damien said, "OK David, let's see who's the boss now." And with that, he picked up his older brother and threw him to the floor. Damien jumped on David and pinned his arms to the ground. David immediately sensed that something was wrong when every move he made to get out of Damien's hold was met with more force than David could overcome. David could smell the sweat coming off Damien's muscular, pumped body. Finally, Damien let David get loose and David tried to pin Damien. Every time David tried to pin him, Damien strained his new young muscles and slowly pushed David away. Damien laughed, "What's the matter big bro. Are my muscles too strong for you now? I know by the way they're growing that I'm going to get so big and strong that I'll be able to crush you like a bug. I am going to be a fucking muscle stud!" With that, Damien took a deep breath, and forced his arms away from his chest, holding onto David the whole time, literally bench pressing David right off his body, and then throwing him off to the side. Then Damien pounced on the exhausted David, pinned his arms and shoulders to the ground and said "Do you give up?" When David shook his head, Damien spun him over on his stomach and grabbed his arms, pushing them forcefully up David's back in a painful full nelson. David's flabby arms were no match for Damien's trained, hard muscles, which rippled with power as they pushed David's arms farther and farther up his spine. Finally, David couldn't take it any longer and said, "I give." Damien let go, stood up, put one foot on David's back and flexed his biceps in triumph, just like he had done to the boy who dared fight with him in pre-school. His beautiful, athletic body radiated with power, as his eight year old muscles popped out under his smooth sweaty dark tan skin. Then Damien flipped David over onto his back and sat down on his stomach. "Feel those muscles, big bro", said Damien. "They're going to rule you from now on." David lifted up his hands and ran his fingers over Damien's ripped abs, his bulging pecs, his striated delts and his V-shaped lats. Never in his wildest dreams did David believe that his baby brother would ever look and feel like this. Finally, Damien flexed his arms and David again felt the strength and hardness of Damien's biceps. David trembled in awe. He realized for the first time that his adopted brother was something that he could never be - incredibly strong, muscular and beautiful. Although David was not familiar with genetics, he knew a superior boy when he saw one and he now realized that Damien was as superior as they come. And he knew that if Damien was this strong as an eight year old, he was going to be incredibly strong as a teenager. David knew that he no longer had any chance. "Damien, you are one fucking strong stud," said David. Damien smiled triumphantly, his bright eyes sparkling and his beautiful white teeth contrasting with his dark tan skin. "You're fucking right, big brother, I'm now stronger than you are and you're going to have to start dealing with it. Your kid brother is going to rule you." At that, Damien grabbed David's arms, pinned them down to the floor over his head and dropped his muscular young chest hard on David's weak ribcage, almost knocking the wind out of him. Damien held David to the floor in total control with the force of his muscles for a few moments and then got up and strutted out of the room, leaving his older brother to contemplate what had just happened and what was to come. Just before he left, Damien turned around and hit a most muscular pose for David, like a victorious male lion who had just conquered his rival in the battle to be the dominant male. Damien was fucking buffed and pumped. He knew he was the dominant male.

Damien loved his new role as the dominant brother. He loved to come home from one of his sports practices, find David either studying or watching TV, and wrestle with the older boy, just like he had done when he was younger. But now he could easily overpower David and Damien loved the rush of adrenaline he felt as his strong pumped muscles forced his brother into submission time after time. Every month, it got easier and easier for Damien to beat up David, as Damien continued to grow bigger and stronger and David stayed basically the same. The fights were actually additional workouts for Damien, his young muscles pushing and pulling the limbs of his brother, growing stronger all the time. After each of these thrashings, Damien stood over David like a god, his sweaty muscles pumped and ripped. Damien was totally into his strong and muscular body and loved to flex his muscles for David to admire after he had used them to crush David. One day when Damien was flexing, David started running his hands over Damien's hard muscles. David felt a twinge of sexual excitement as he took in the absolute beauty and power of his brother's young, buffed body. David felt Damien's ripped, corrugated abs, his hard round pecs, his lats that were amazingly developed for an eight year old, his powerful shoulders, his strong legs and his firm, round ass. He felt the power of Damien's arms as Damien flexed them over and over in front of David's face, demonstrating his muscular superiority. Damien smiled confidently, as if to say "Worship these fucking muscles, big bro. Worship their hardness and power. I am your fucking master and you'd better get used to it." David realized that there was absolutely nothing his scrawny body could do resist Damien's growing strength. He was going to be ruled by this superior being - a boy so beautiful, so muscular, so strong, so athletic, and so aggressive that he was naturally destined to dominate most other people in his life, especially David. Damien flexed his arms in front of David's face and David kissed them in total subservience. Then David devoured Damien's hard muscles with his tongue and hands, feeling every part of Damien's hot body. He worshipped his young master.

Stan and Judy were used to the boys fighting a lot, but it was a shock to them to realize one day that Damien was always winning. They could also see that Damien was now ordering David around, even forcing David to do some of Damien's household chores. They could see that their natural son was now completely under the control of his younger, muscular, aggressive, handsome adopted brother. Strangely, David no longer seemed to resist Damien's domination. They didn't know whether this was because David was now simply incapable of physical resistance against Damien's superior aggressive strength (which was true) or whether David was actually enjoying being dominated by his muscular little brother (which was also true).

After Damien's final football game in fourth grade, when he was nine and David was 12, the family posed for a picture together. Damien was hot and sweaty from the game (of course he was the star again) and took off his shirt. Damien and David stood next to each other for the picture with their parents on either side. Damien was now the same height as David, but much heavier and vastly more muscular. Damien's shoulders looked to be several inches wider than his brother's, and they were packed with muscle. The muscles of his pecs proudly pushed out against his tan skin, while David's chest was flat and sunken. Damien's arms were sinewy and pumped and his lats flared out in a beautiful V from his narrow hips, which looked great in his tight football pants. His corrugated abs were flat and hard. His ass was firm and round, his strong glute muscles and legs having just powered his body through many failed tackles of the opposing players. His legs were big and solid, compared to David's twigs.. Damien's fac e was gorgeous and his skin darkly tanned. He looked like a beautiful, athletic, young Greek god. The contrast with his homely, pale, skinny brother was striking. Stan and Judy loved the picture and sent it along with all their Christmas cards. They were really proud of their handsome, muscular son - more handsome and muscular than they could have ever imagined - and they wanted to show him off to their friends. They were sharing vicariously in Damien's glowing youthful, muscular body even as it dwarfed the pathetic geekiness of their natural son, who looked just like them.

After football season, Damien convinced his parents to let him take boxing lessons. His fights with David were now so easy for him to win that he needed much more of a challenge for his growing muscles and his aggression. Like football, boxing was a perfect sport for a strong, aggressive, fearless boy, since the whole point of the sport was to knock the other guy senseless while not getting hurt yourself. When Damien arrived at his first lesson, the coach took one look at him and said that he had come to the wrong class. The class for twelve and thirteen year olds was tomorrow. Damien said "I'm in the right class, coach. I'm ten years old."' The coach gasped in disbelief, as he had never seen such a big, muscular ten year old in his life. "Well," said the coach, "I believe you. But if I let you fight these kids I won't have any boxers after one week. You'll have to come back tomorrow and fight the bigger kids. I think that you're bigger than some of them already." Damien was disappointed that he was going to have to wait a day to box, but he really was looking forward to fighting big kids, the bigger the better. He knew that his muscles were big and strong and he was completely unafraid of fighting kids three years older than himself. He knew he was a stud. The next day Damien took his first lesson. He was a natural boxer. Besides being very aggressive, something he had been since he was two years old, he was very strong, very coordinated and very fast. At end of the first day, the coach put him up against a 13 year old boy who had been on the boxing team for two years. The coach thought this would be a good way to put this cocky young stud in his place. The boy was several inches taller than Damien and probably outweighed him by at least 10 pounds. But Damien's body was much more ripped and muscular. After the boxing lesson, Damien was sweaty, and his pumped muscles rippled under smooth tan skin. When the bell rang, the 13 year old came charging out and punched Damien several times in the chest and abs. The kid obviously thought that this would show the newcomer who the real boxer was on this team. Damien smiled at the boy, his teeth sparkling bright white against his tan face, as if to say "is that all you've got?" The punches, which were pretty powerful and would have knocked a lot of boys down, just bounced harmlessly off Damien's hard muscles. The boy looked at Damien in disbelief and tried to throw another punch at Damien's head, but Damien moved his hand quickly up to block it. Then Damien started punching the boy with his muscular arms, relentlessly landing blow after blow to the boy's chest and gut. The muscles on Damien's shoulders, chest and arms pulsated with power, the striations of each muscle fiber bursting out under his smooth, tan skin. His muscular shoulders rammed blow after blow into the flesh of the stunned boy. The power of Damien's punches pushed the boy backwards. The more he pushed the boy back, the more aggressive Damien became in driving his punches harder and harder at the boy's reddened chest and stomach. He did not show the boy any mercy. Mercy was not in Damien's nature. Finally, as the boy staggered to gain his balance, Damien landed a powerful right to his upper gut and the boy crashed to the mat. If Damien hadlan ded that punch to the boy's head, which he could have done, the boy would have been knocked out and possibly injured. As it was, the boy collapsed in a heap, his breath completely knocked out of him by Damien's right arm. Damien put his foot on the boy's limp body and flexed his arms in triumph. His biceps bulged with power, as the coach and the other boxers stared in amazement. Damien loved boxing.

When Damien got home from the boxing match, he immediately went looking for David. He no longer had any interest in beating David up. That was too easy. He was on to much bigger challenges for his buffed body. He had just beat up a 13 year old boy boxer and he was pumped as hell and wanted to share his experience with his brother. When he found David, he ripped off his shirt and said "Guess what your little brother just did?" David stared in awe at his brother's buffed, pumped muscles, but didn't have an answer. "I fucking kicked the fucking shit out of the biggest fucking 13 year old boxer the coach could find on the whole fucking team. His punches felt like a girl's when they hit my fucking hard muscles and my punches fucking pulverized his pathetic flesh. After pounding him in the chest and gut, I let loose with a right to his fucking gut that went deep into his fucking body, driving all the air from his pathetic lungs. He was fucking pulverized! You are looking at one fucking stud!" Damien demonstrated his killer punch by winding up his powerful right arm and hurling it towards David, pulling up just before it would have pulverized David's gut too. David breathed a sigh of relief, and his cock started to harden. David, at age 13, was beginning to go through puberty. He had grown a little pubic hair in his crotch and his cock had grown some. He was turned on sexually by Damien's powerful, buffed muscles and he really looked forward to these encounters with Damien, who loved to show off his muscles just as much as David loved to worship them. Damien moved right next to his brother, pushed his big chest hard against David's scrawny ribcage and ripped off David's shirt. Damien then wrapped his hands around David and crushed him hard, not hard enough to be dangerous, but hard enough to show how strong he was. He then flexed his arms right in front of David's face, as he had done so many times before to show off his muscles. Damien loved to show off his muscles and he knew that his brother loved to worship them. David's cock got harder and he kissed Damien's big bicep over and over. He felt the power of Damien's big biceps and triceps as Damien flexed and unflexed them for his older brother. Then David started caressing Damien's entire pumped torso with his tongue and hands. Damien's shoulders seemed to be getting wider and wider in the last few months and his V shape was now incredible. The mounds of muscle on his shoulders were corded with muscle fibers. His armpits were hot and sweaty. David loved the smell of Damien's jock sweat, and he buried his face in Damien's sexy armpit, the center of his buffed lats, pecs and arms. His pecs were round and hard, the striations clearly showing through his clear, tan skin. His lats were like slabs, slabs of hard meat. As David moved his hands over Damien's lower back, the columns of muscle, built from thousands of hours of exercise and hard sports, felt like solid rock "Yeah, feel those big strong muscles, big bro. They just fucking crushed a boy twice as big as you! Think of the power of my muscles, big bro. Look how much fucking bigger they are than your pathetic excuse for a body!" Damien felt so strong and powerful and in control. His cock started to harden at the excitement of seeing his strong ripped muscles next to the skeleton body of his brother in the mirror. David moved his tongue over Damien's ripped and shredded abs, so hard and strong that they had easily deflected the big 13 year old's punches. At the same time, David's hands caressed Damien's firm round ass, the mark of a true athlete. Damien's ass was cream colored, in deep contrast to the dark tan on the rest of his body and his ass was incredibly hard and sexy. Damien moved his fingers in and out of Damien's tight crack, the big globes of muscle flexing and pinching David's fingers each time he slid them into Damien's hot ass. Damien's cock was now bulging under his shorts. He got off on showing off his muscles and he loved to have them worshipped by his brother. He had known for quite a while that his body drove his brother insane.

David slowly pulled down Damien's shorts and underwear. Damien's cock sprang out. Damien's cock had really been growing and it was now much bigger and thicker than David's. David then noticed something that explained the dramatic growth in Damien's cock and the great widening of his shoulders that had been taking place. Damien was also growing pubic hair! Damien was starting to enter puberty when he was only ten years old! Damien and David were turning into men at the same time, even though Damien was three years younger. David got even more excited at this thought, and began to passionately devour Damien's hard body with his mouth and hands. Damien's cock was about twice the size of David's. Big and thick. Kind of golden tan like the rest of his hunky body. It was clear that Damien's superior genetics were going to overcome David in every category. David's small cock got rock hard. He became frenzied in his lust over his brother's beauty, his strong, buffed muscles and his big hard cock. David could smell the musky sweat emanating from Damien's hot crotch as he licked Damien's shredded abs. David began gently licking Damien's big balls, taking in the jock sweat smell that Damien's body produced. Damien's cock became as hard as steel, thrusting proudly outward and upward from his muscular torso. Suddenly, David pulled Damien's cock into his mouth and began to suck the big rod as hard as he could. Damien moaned in pleasure and started thrusting his hips in and out of David's willing mouth. Damien's thick cock pushed its way into David's throat. David didn't gag. He had been dreaming of this moment for a long time. He ran his hands up and down Damien's corrugated abs and around to his firm round butt and tight crack. He felt the athletic power of Damien's hard legs and calves. David was in total ecstasy as he worshipped the absolute superiority of his aggressive young jock brother. Damien writhed in pleasure as he thought about how his strong, rippling muscles were completely dominating h is worshipful brother. Damien's aggression intensified, as his cock twitched in ecstasy and his hips thrust back and forth harder and harder. Finally, Damien wanted to cum. And when Damien wanted to cum, there was nothing that could stop him. He pulled his young cock out of David's mouth, grabbed it with his right hand and shot huge spurts of man-boy cum all over David's chest. Damien grunted like a young stud animal. Loud animalistic grunts of the pleasure the dominant young male feels when he has conquered all that have challenged him and is fucking the finest female in the group. Just as Damien was halfway through his long ejaculation, David came as well, shooting spurt after spurt through the air, although David spurted only about hal s much cum as his stud brother's muscular body and cock had splattered on David's thin white chest. After both boys had savored this ecstasy for a few moments, David grabbed Damien and kissed him hard on the lips, driving his tongue into Damien's mouth. Damien pressed his hard round pecs up against David, wrapped his muscular arms around his big brother's little body and squeezed.

A few days later at school, Damien was playing touch football on the athletic field with some of his jock friends when he noticed two big seventh grade bullies hassling his brother on the other side of the field. It looked like they were trying to take something from David. One of boys started twisting David's arm behind his back. David was too weak to fight back or to put up any resistance at all. The boys started laughing at David's feeble attempts to resist. "Give us the money, you little wimp, or we'll pound the shit out of your pathetic body", one of them said. They were shaking down David for his lunch money and they obviously thought he was an easy mark. Damien stopped playing football and ran over to were his brother was. "Lay off my brother, you assholes," ordered Damien as he jerked the boy's arm off his brother and placed his pumped, sweaty body between David and the two thugs. As usual Damien wasn't wearing a shirt when he was playing football. "Hey, dude, that nerd is no more your bro ther than I am," said one of the boys, obviously comparing the physiques of David and Damien. "Go mind your own business, fuckhead," said the other thug. "This is my business, shitface. I'm adopted and he really is my brother. In fact, he's my older brother and us little brothers don't like motherfuckers like you picking on our older brothers," shouted Damien. Damien was the only person entitled to dominate his older brother. "Now this little brother's going to kick the shit out of your fucking fat asses." David was trembling, but Damien was completely fearless. His ripped muscles were sweaty and pumped from the football game. At 10 years old, he wasn't as big as either of the bullies, but he was much more muscular, much fitter and much more aggressive. He stared at the two boys like an animal ready to attack its prey. Suddenly, one of the thugs rushed Damien, only to be met by a powerful right to the gut that stopped him in his tracks. Then Damien unloaded with left and right punches with such power and quickness that at least 20 hard blows must have landed on the thug within a period of about five seconds. The boy's friend was paralyzed in disbelief. The thug tried to back away, but Damien wouldn't stop. His natural born aggression had taken over and he was relentless in his total domination of the boy. After blow after blow to the body, Damien landed a punch on the boy's jaw that was so hard the boy was out before he hit the ground. Without a moment's rest, Damien attacked the other thug, tackling him hard at his chest and forcing him to the ground with overwhelming power. Damien pinned the boy's arms and started twisting them, just like the bully had done to David, until the boy cried out in pain. The big seventh grader's strength was no match for Damien's hard, trained muscles. Then Damien released his iron grip turned the boy over on his back and pounded the boy in his head and chest with hard, powerful fists. Blood started to flow from the boy's nose and his eyes were filled with fear. Finally Damien stopped the beating. The other boy was starting to come to his feet and Damien grabbed both of them by their shirts and held them close to his powerful chest. Damien looked calmly at the terrified boys with his beautiful hazel eyes and said "If you ever so much as come within 20 feet of my brother again, you're both dead meat." And the bullies knew that Damien could back that up. Damien let them go and they ran away as fast as they could. David turned to his muscular younger brother and said, "Thanks, Damien. You're the man." Damien flexed his rippling arms, flashed his white teeth in a broad smile, and winked at David. Then he ran back to the field and resumed playing touch football as if nothing had happened. From that point forward, none of the other kids in school, no matter how old and no matter how big, wanted to get on Damien's wrong side.

Damien continued his boxing lessons with the 12 and 13 year old boys and quickly became the best boxer on the team. His raw physical strength was combined with incredible coordination, lightning speed and the kind of aggressiveness that is positively scary. Damien loved the feeling of being able to beat up every boy on the team, boys that were two and three years older, several inches taller and pounds heavier than he was. At ten years old, he became the leader of all the boys on the boxing team, just as he had been the unchallenged leader of all the boys in his grade at school since his was four years old. Damien just naturally became the leader of every group he was in. Although Damien loved to fight, he wasn't a bully - he never picked on smaller or weaker boys (except for his overpowering wrestling matches with David, which both them loved and which always led to sexual bliss for both brothers). But Damien was confident and aggressive and if any boy challenged him, either directly to a fight or in directly as the leader of the group, Damien wasted no time in using his superior strength and athletic ability to put the challenger in his rightful place - subservient to Damien. Occasionally Damien himself would pick a fight - always with a bigger, older boy. Damien was naturally aggressive and he liked to test his strong muscles and fighting ability and to show off in front of the other boys so that they had no doubt who was the dominant male in the school. Damien also liked the rush of adrenaline he felt surge through his body as his muscles beat up another boy. So far, Damien had won all these fights. He was truly a natural born stud.

The girls at school loved Damien. Both in class (when Damien had to wear a shirt) and after school (when Damien would display his tanned muscles for all to see) the girls loved to feel Damien's muscles. And Damien loved to show off his buffed body as the girls' tender hands felt each striation and fiber of muscle that rippled under his beautiful clear tan skin. He was completely uninhibited and wasn't shy at all around girls. Sometimes he would walk up to a girl who he knew dug his body and would flex his arm right in her face. Or maybe he would place her hand directly on his flat, ripped abs and rub it up and down over the hard, corrugated muscle. Or sometimes he would place the girl's hand on his hard, round pec and flex the muscle a few times, letting her fingers feel the cleavage between his two big pecs. Every time the girl would sigh in admiration and awe. When Damien entered puberty, the girls went wild, for they could see his body getting bigger and his muscles getting harder as he became a young man while the other boys his age remained boys. They could also see the growing bulge in his shorts as his cock got bigger and thicker. Damien was so much bigger, more muscular and aggressive than the other boys in his class that all the girls were irresistibly attracted to him. They all wanted to be near this beautiful, muscular, confident young boy-man. Several other boys in his class would watch Damien flex his muscles from a distance, wishing wistfully that they might have such a body and also wishing that they could feel Damien's ripped muscles like the girls could. They definitely wouldn't get their first wish. If they tried hard enough, they might get their second wish. Damien got turned on when the girls would ooh and ahh as they felt his buffed body. His cock started to grow as their hands caressed his hard biceps, his rippled abs, his full, round pecs and his big wide lats. A few of the more daring girls would move their hands under his shorts and feel his hard cock, wrapping their small white fingers around the big, thick, tan, steel-like shaft. As they looked Damien in his beautiful eyes, their expression would suggest "I want to be fucked by your muscular stud body and big cock some day, Damien." Damien would smile confidently, his tan, drop-dead handsome face glowing and his perfectly spaced white teeth sparkling. He would twitch his cock and flex his muscles as if to say "I know what you want and someday you're going to get it. I'm going to fuck you and every other hot girl in this whole school." He knew he was a stud and the girls knew that he knew it. This only got them hotter. •

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