Fat Camp

The Interview


By mlp1983

After the phone call, I was almost embarrassed to go to the interview. What if I popped a boner? Well, I wanted to get out of the house, so that became my major goal as I headed to the Twin Pines.

I broke the news that I was interviewing to my best friend, David. We've known each other since we started school as 5-year-olds. David has seen me through some tough times and he was the only friend who really understood my health problems. Everyone else thought I was too "girly" because I couldn't play the games they did. But David understood, I guess mainly because he was overweight. He endured the taunts of the jocks at school with me, and together we managed to survive.

I didn't tell him about the cum-eating from the other night, but if I did, he probably would have asked me how it tasted rather than cause a stink that I ate it.

David wished me luck and I prepared to make the best impression. I wore a good shirt and tie and waited in the hotel lobby and waited for the big guys to come down.

Did I say "big?" Let's say "HUGE" guys. They went beyond big! The three men conducting interviews for the student positions must have passed the 275 mark. They each had huge, bulging shoulders that accentuated their V-shaped upper bodies. I swear their biceps were too big for me to get my hands around them, if I had tried! They wore loose-fitting pants, but they couldn't hide their tight, muscular butts. Oh, God, I was starting to bone!

I closed my eyes and thought other thoughts… blue skies, ocean waves… anything to keep me from getting hard. I quickly ran into the Men's room and splashed cold water on my face, letting that help me get my cock to shrink.

As I stood looking at the mess I was becoming, the door opened and one of the men entered.

"Hey!" he said, "Are you Mickey?"

My eyes opened wide and the words would not come out. So I nodded.

"Hi, I'm Don. We spoke the other day."

I nodded again. I was really beginning to feel warm and embarrassed.

"Are you OK?"

Again, I nodded. He smiled a wide smile as he realized what was happening, and he seemed sympathetic to my dilemma.

He leaned in and whispered, "It's OK. I was a teenager once too. Come out for the interview as soon as it goes away." With that, he patted my back with his hand (attached to that incredible arm!) and walked out of the rest room.

When I was finally flaccid enough to come out, I walked to the conference room that the camp had rented and found Don at one of the tables in the room. Each interviewer had his own table and was talking with one person at a time. Don stood and waved me over.

I could not believe how friendly he was. He must have been about thirty, had incredible blue eyes and brown hair that was not cut too short, but in a style that actually accentuated the chiseled features of his face. His smile was so large, you could almost count every white tooth.

He shook my hand and I flushed again, mainly because I felt like the smallest person in the room. Even the other guys interviewing for councilor positions were muscular teenage guys. Me? I was a wimp.

We went over my background, and Don said that there had been asthmatics who have worked with him before. My inhalers could bring me all the relief I needed.

"Do you know your way around a kitchen?" Don asked.

"Well, I know a carving knife from a butcher knife," I replied. Don laughed at the answer and wrote on my application. We seemed to hit it ofdf very well, and as the interview neared its conclusion, the subject matter turned to the camp itself.

"This is actually the third summer we've been operating," Don said. "We aren't the traditional type of weight loss camp. Instead of weight loss, we try to shift the metabolism of the campers from low to high, resulting in a high anabolic metabolism that may actually create weight gains. We use a special dietary and exercise regimen to cut fat and build muscle. We also work with a pharmaceutical company who provides the campers with supplements to decrease serum cholesterol and enhance their anabolic growth."

"So, you give them steroids?" I wasn't trying to be crass, I just wanted the truth.

Don's face brightened even more than usual. "No, not steroids. We give them an enzyme that promotes the formation of testosterone from cholesterol. It only works on boys who have high serum cholesterol to start. The pharmaceutical firm is still testing it, so we make the campers' parents sign releases in case any problems arise."

I was skeptical. "So are you sure that this drug really works?"

"It sure does!" Don went on, "I'm proof it works. I used to be a two-hundred pound blob. I'm 210 now and my body fat went from 34% to 7 % in one month. In fact, all the folks who head up the camp have been through this regimen, that's why we all come back every summer, because we know it works. See those guys applying for councilor positions? They were campers last year, and not one of them had gained any body fat in the past year."

I was impressed. I just wished that the drug could help me, but I knew I didn't have much body fat to start with. I think Don sensed it too, because he looked at me sympathetically.

"Don't be intimidated by them, Mickey. They were social outcasts in their schools a year ago. They remember that treatment all too well, so they won't bother you. In fact, they'll probably train with you to help you gain some muscle over the summer as well."


"Sure. And I'll help, too. I'll watch your diet and teach you the exercises. We could probably put 20 pounds on you in three months with the right training. But don't expect miracles"

"Does this mean I get the job?" I asked grinning from ear-to-ear. (Was I flirting?)

"Sure does. I'll talk with your parents tonight and get them to sign the papers for you to work with us. Then, I'll pick you up on Monday and we'll drive up to the camp together. You can bunk with me."


"Kewl!" Perhaps I was a little too overenthusiastic. Don and I stood up and we both had boners. We both laughed at it.

"Sorry kid, I guess I get excited when we talk about the camp. It's also a side effect of the drug. Priapism - chronic hardness! Look, I'll talk with your folks and everything will be cool, OK?"

"Great, Don," I replied, "I can hardly wait!"

"Neither can I Mickey, neither can I."

I went straight home and shot another huge load into my hand. I licked every drop off and realized that I love my cum. And what does another guy's cum taste like? •

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