Big Beef


By David Casti

A while ago, I asked for some collaboration on a story. Bikertoy stepped up to the plate and wrote an EXCELLENT part 1, which you'll find below. I held on to this because I'm still writing part 2, but that is taking too long... I don't want to deprive you all of his great work any longer:

It was Friday night, in the early summer, warm weather, clear skies, just perfect for hopping on the hog and taking off to the new local leather bar, and go shopping for meat thought Doug.

The place had only opened last month and already was getting a reputation for being a gathering place for some of the hottest guys this side of heaven, but nobody would say anything else. Just "go there and find out for yourself!"

This sounded like a good plan, but he hated going to a new place alone. He thought about it for a bit, and then decided to call his regular fuck-buddy, Dan. Dan was an architect by trade, and one of the smartest guys Doug knew. That added to his already high score on the fuckability scale. But the body that carried the brain was something to write home about. He was 36, 5' 11, and a decent 190 lb. Not a muscle-god or anything, but solid. He also had a nice brown furry pelt that covered his chest, and stomach, and in recent years it had spread around to his back. In the last few months he'd started to keep his hair in a flattop. It looked really good with his goatee. It had earned him a lot of "WOOFs" and probably a lot more sex he talked about. Not that Dan ever had trouble catching men.

"Hey Dan, its Doug. Watcha doin' tonight, fucker?" he asked.

"Well, I have some work I have to finish. I wanted to get it done tonight and have the rest of the weekend free. I'm putting the finishing touches on my designs for the new shopping complex. It shouldn't take too long. Probably two or three hours, max.". He thought a bit and asked "What exactly did you have in mind? ".

"Have you heard about the new leather bar on the lakefront?" Doug asked in a mischievous tone.

"Oh you mean the one in the old shipping warehouse? I've driven past it a couple of times on the way to work. It's HUGE. It's also in the middle of noplace. I'd like to see the inside, just to see what the hell they're doing with all that space. It's gotta have some immense dance floor or something. I can't see how they can pay the rent. Especially being so far off the beaten path. Unless they have a huge cover charge, or sell beer by the keg. My interest is ah, purely architectural, you understand. Heheheh."

Doug had to laugh at that, "Yeah, you want to see how the men are built, you depraved fuck." Dan brushed his thick 'stache absentmindedly, and looked at the clock. "It's just after 8pm now, so I'll see you between 10 and 11 then?"

Dan thought about it and said "Yeah that sounds about right. Are you going now, or do you want me to pick you up in my truck?"

Doug was getting excited by the thought of all that meat, and said "Naw, I'm going to ride over on the motorcycle. If they are selling beer by the keg, I might need you to haul the bike back in your truck though…. ". They both laughed at that, since neither one was a heavy drinker. "So I'll see you there. Later bud!'.

With that he hung up the phone and went into the bedroom, and started to get geared up for the night. As Doug got out of his work clothes he looked at himself in the mirror. He was just about to turn 39 in a few weeks. He was 6 ft. tall, 205 lb., and in fairly good shape for a tech-geek He had a nice barrel chest that he was rather proud of. He practiced Tai Chi frequently, even on breaks at the office, which kept him nimble, and gave him a pretty good endurance level. His face was ruggedly handsome, with a nice strong jaw-line. The thick mustache and short-cropped dark blonde hair made him look like a cop. He turned into quite the daddy type over the last 2 years. He liked that.

He went to his dresser and pulled out a jockstrap, and put it on, then picked out his pair of Levi's that showed his basket nicely, and put them on. Next he slipped his leather chaps on, and his harness boots. Then he slipped on his leather harness. Since it was warm he decided to just put on his leather vest with no shirt. His chest was just averagely hairy, but the hair went evenly down his stomach. To complete the effect he threw his leather jacket on, and took a black leather baseball cap. On the way out of the house he grabbed his gauntlets and locked up. Satisfied with himself he hopped on the Harley and took off.

Upon arrival Doug was impressed. Dan was right. The place was HUGE! They must have divided it into multiple levels. Why else have all that head room? He drove around to the parking lot. It had a lot of opened parking spaces, so he picked one near a bunch of other motorcycles. Thats a good sign. Lots of biker meat inside. The sign on the building said "Big Beef" in neon, although he could see that the word "Warehouse" used to be the last word of the name, but it had been removed. "Cute" he thought. "Well here's hoping."

Doug got off the bike and walked up to the door while admiring the other bikes. He opened the door and walked right into some guy's belly button!??!

"OOF! Hey sorry little guy. I shouldn't have been blocking the door like that." The guy had to be 12 feet tall! And a solid wall of fur and muscle!

"Um, no problem.." Doug stammered. He couldn't take his eyes off this huge biker in front of him as he passed the guy and went around a corner into the main area of the bar.

Doug's eyes nearly popped out of his head. There were all kinds of huge guys in front of him, various shapes and sizes. He felt like was 5 years old again, and just walked into a roomful of adults. He realized that the sound of the laughter and conversations was a low base rumble, and very loud!

After a few minutes of shocked staring, Doug thought he should order a drink. He could barely see through the crowd of leather-clad giants to the far end of the building. There were two bars serving drinks it looked like. One bar was proportioned regularly, for the normal sized patrons and those who were close enough to regular size. Although a number of them still had to lean over or crouch a bit to order.

On the opposite wall, there was another bar who's surface had to be 8 feet off the ground! Around that bar there were a bunch of huge guys, the smallest of whom seemed to be about 9 ft tall! That guy seemed ridiculously out of proportion to the bar. He looked like a little kid ordering a milkshake at a diner. The bartender was easily 20ft tall, if not taller. It looked to Doug that he was a bouncer too, shaved head, with an earring, and a very big black Fu Manchu mustache with a good start of a beard showing. He was a wall of furry solid muscles. Doug was petrified but fascinated at the same time. How the hell did all these guys get here? You would think someone would notice a crowd of giant bikers riding around the city.

The 9 ft patron moved away from the bar and Doug noticed a painting on the side of the bar where he was. It was a painting of a basic Tom of Finland leatherman with his arm stretched out to the side at his shoulder and the caption read "You must be this tall to ride this ride." Then down at eye-level for Doug there was another sign saying "Nobody under 9 ft tall served at this bar for safety reasons". Very funny thought Doug.

He made his way over to the normal size bar with some difficulty. The huge guys had a hard time noticing him squeezing his way through. He had to pull on their pant-legs or chaps to get their attention. It was both humiliating and sexually exciting at the same time.

When Doug got to the bar, he stopped and admired the bartender. He was a shorter guy (compared to the average sizes of guys here). He must have been 7'2. His name tag said "Bart". So Doug said "Hi Bart, what's on tap?"

Bart smiled disarmingly through his thick blonde beard and said "You're new here ain't you shorty?" Doug smiled back, "Yeah I guess it shows?"

Bart laughed a hardy belly laugh and said "Yup. I can follow a trail of drool from the door to here. Well, it's our custom, the first drink for a new guy is on the house. Here ya go!". With that he handed Doug a mug of draft, and moved off to serve the next guy along before Doug could thank him.

Doug took a sip of the brew. It was heady stuff. But very good. He sipped it again, and turned around. There was a guy about 18 ft tall, all dresses in leather. He was wearing a harness. Attached to the center ring of the harness was a normal sized guy hanging in a lineman's harness. The giant was talking to another giant, about 15 ft tall, and absentmindedly stroking the dick of the little guy in the lineman's harness, and puffing on a huge cigar. It had to be 18 inches long, and he kept pulling the small guy up to his face every now and again and blowing smoke into his face. Doug was very horny at this point. He watched the goings on around him as he finished off his beer.

He realized he needed to get to the bathroom to take a piss, but also to re-arrange his balls, because they were rather uncomfortable. He thought his dick was pointing straight down his leg.

He sauntered over to the washroom, and went to a urinal of the appropriate height. He unzipped his fly and when he pulled his dick free he noticed it was definitely bigger. It was about a full inch bigger than when he entered the building! This was amazing! He was so horny he had no choice but to obey the urge to masturbate. He was just too hot and bothered to ignore it.

Just then a big 11 foot tall brute of a guy entered the can and saw Doug doing the deed. "Hey small-fry, let me do that for you. The first time can be overwhelming. This time you need a spotter for whacking off."

Doug was too horny to argue. And the guy was so big, muscular hairy and hot! Doug leaned back on the sink and let him do it. The guys hands were really huge! He grabbed Doug's cock and enclosed the whole thing in his hand, balls and all. He began to pull in a slow rhythmic pattern, building in intensity. Doug lost all control and sprayed cum all over the guys hand. Then Doug realized he was entirely being supported by the other man.

Doug was spent. "Thanks bud! I needed that! That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I see why I needed a spotter"

"No problem dude, my first time was like that too. The name is Richard."

Doug then noticed that the guy didn't seem quite as tall as before. Actually the whole room seemed a bit smaller. Now he was concerned. He looked into the mirror and he was actually taller! About a foot taller! And he had a days growth of beard. Looking down at his chest he saw more hair than he had this morning too. And it was bigger. It was more muscular! So were his arms and legs! He did feel uncomfortable in his clothes though. Apparently even though his clothing grew with him, it was still not the right fit for his new physique though.

"Nice to meet you, I'm sure! I'm Doug." he replied. His voice got deeper too he noted. "What's with all the huge guys here? And the changes I just went through?"

Richard grinned at him, and explained "You drank the free beer right?" Doug nodded.

"The bartender owns this place. He's a Wiccan priest of some type. He made the beer. It's a special recipe of his. He calls it 'Satyr Ale'. The more you drink the bigger you get. Your dick grows first, then you get so horny you can't control yourself, you have to whack off or screw the hell out of someone. Once the pressure is released, your body grows bigger. You get more muscular, and hairier. It's some sort of wild testosterone thing."

Doug looked a bit worried. "You mean I'm going to be 7 feet tall from now on? Or more if I drink that beer?"

Richard put a meaty hand on Doug's shoulder and explained "No, the effects are temporary. It'll wear off over night generally if you can cum enough times without drinking the beer. Can you imagine how freaked out the authorities would be if you let hundreds of giant sized gay bikers out on the street? Bart has a house rule, no Satyr Ale for anyone over 20 ft tall. It would be too crowded in here if everyone shot up to 60 ft tall. Not to mention dangerous for normals. But Bart has promised a no-limits camping trip in a few weeks. He owns a huge plot of land in the north, nothing but trees for miles."

The staff is the only exception to the size rule. The bouncers have to be able to handle any trouble. If you misbehave Bart removes the spell and you return to normal right away. If you repeatedly cause trouble, he will reverse the spell, and shrink you down to a few inches tall. Then he will keep you locked up at his house for a few days, in a fish tank or something. There's only been one guy that was shrunk. He was pretty sorry. Nobody wants to lose the bar privileges, and you can see why."

Doug looked at Richard and said "Yeah pretty obvious I guess. I think it's time for another brew, can I buy you one?"

Richard grinned back "Sure, but I think you need to return the other favor first.." and guzzled the last half of his oversized mug of beer.

"Gladly!" Doug reached over and opened Richard's fly and pulled out the biggest juiciest cock he ever laid eyes on. It was a tasty 14 inches long. Doug guessed at Richard's normal size it had to be 7 inches. He couldn't miss the opportunity to suck it. He started to lick the head gently, and work up a bit of rhythm. There was pre-cum leaking out already! Then it was too late. Richard blasted cum all over Doug's face. His cock was throbbing and spraying Doug with all its might. Just then Richard shot up another foot in height, and his cock went limp. Doug just stood there wiping cum off his face and 'stache, licking up what he could. It was sweet, like honey or something. Richard was admiring the extra muscle that appeared all over him. And fur! He was hairy as hell.

After the cleanup Richard crouched down and gave Doug a passionate deep tongue kiss, and a bearhug that would crush a car. His leathers were straining at the new muscle. Doug loved the way the leather creaked, and stretched skin tight on Richard's hunky body. He could smell the leather all around him. It was like camping in a leather tent. Richard's jacket was opened and Doug was inside with his face pressed against a massive hairy pec muscle. He pushed his head along a bit and chewed on Richard's huge pierced nipple. He played with the tit-ring that was like an O ring for a long while, enjoying the musky sweaty smell Richard was producing. He felt nice and safe in there, and didn't want to let it end.

Richard let Doug go and said "Let's go get that beer you promised me, buddy."

The night wore on, and by now Doug had reached 12 feet tall. Richard was approaching his limit size-wise at 18 feet tall. And for all the beer he drank Doug didn't feel drunk. Just pleasantly happy. He should have been bombed, but it seemed the beer had none of the usual unpleasant side effects that regular beer had.

Doug remembered Dan was supposed to show up and he was kind of late. He guzzled the last of his beer, and felt the now familiar scrunched cock feeling. He went to jerk off again. He got his hand on his zipper, but the urge to cum was too intense. It was uncontrollable. He had a wet stain spreading out over the crotch of his jeans. Richard smirked at him as Doug shot up another foot taller. His leathers were now skin tight trying to conform to the new muscles that were growing out again. It made more erotic creaking and groaning sounds as it adjusted.

Doug was being served from the 8 ft bar now, with no problems. It seemed odd the first time he went to it at 9 ft tall. His head was just over the bar top. He felt like a 9 foot tall kid at an adult sized restaurant. The bartender, named Sam had to reach over and hand him the oversized mug of beer. Doug had to grasp it with both hands that time. But now it was feeling about normal, if there was such a feeling in this place.

Doug went back to Richard and said "Hey my bud is about to show up, let's go grab him when he walks into the bar. He won't be expecting this, like I didn't. My first intro was to some guy's stomach. I want his to be even more memorable."

Richard roared with laughter, and replied "I think being scooped up into an 12 ft bearhug will be that." They both wandered towards the door to await Dan. They stood on either side of the door watching and chatting.

It was just past midnight and Doug finished off his beer. His pants were tight again, and his basket was full. He just got his zipper opened and then Dan came through the door and tripped over Doug's 2.5 ft long harness boot. He nearly went face down, but just then Doug grabbed Dan, and steadied him. While Dan's eyes and mouth went wide opened, Doug managed to get his now enormous dick out of the jock and into Dan's mouth. He couldn't hold on any longer. He let loose and roared as he sprayed wave after wave of cum into Dan's mouth while his nearly shovel sized hand held Dan's head in place. Dan sputtered and gagged as cum ran out of his mouth into his goatee.

When the last few drops squirted out, Doug picked up Dan in his massively muscled arms, and hugged him tightly but gently. Then the growth spurt started. His arms closed tighter around Dan as they gained more length and mass. Dan's face was pushed into Doug's massive hairy chest. Suddenly Dan found himself fighting for breath again as the fur grew deeper, and the pecs grew more massive.

Dan just stared up unto Doug's very large face, and came in his pants right there.

Doug laughed and turned Dan to face Richard. "Dan, I'd like you to meet Richard, Richard this is my buddy Dan." Doug handed Dan up to Richard who gave him another bearhug and forced his huge tongue down Dan's throat in a passionate kiss. Dan found himself smothered in beard fur this time. Dan came again, which was a personal best for Dan.

Richard let up and said "Hot little fuck, isn't he? Too bad he wasted 2 cum shots already.", and handed Dan back to Doug.

Dan was feeling all sorts of things that moment. Horny was first on the list, then confused, and followed by terror. What the hell was happening here? Dan just looked at the two huge guys for a few moments. "Uh, Doug, have you noticed you are fucking immense?"

Doug grinned and said "Really? I thought I was putting on weight. I wasn't sure until you said so."

Dan just looked strangely at him. "You know what I mean, what the hell happened?"

Doug and Richard explained the nature of the bar and took Dan around the corner to see the rest of the meat that was on the hoof. Dan was in awe of the mountains of biker-flesh wandering around.

Doug suggested "Lets take him over to the kiddie bar, for his freebie."

Dan then realized that Doug wasn't going to be able to ride his Harley home. "Doug I think I might just have one. How are we getting home? We didn't plan for this. I could still drive at 7 ft tall, somewhat uncomfortably. I'll have to take you and your bike in the back of my pickup. You must weigh over 2000 pounds now. It might support your weight combined with your bike. It's got extra heavy shocks and suspension because I have to drag stuff to construction sites sometimes. But I've never loaded it this badly. And what about Richard? How are you getting home?"

Richard just smiled and said "Not to worry. The bar runs a bus service of a type. They have a few 18 wheelers in service to take you where you need to be. Generally they take you to another warehouse they own in the boonies. You can sleep it off there without being seen, and terrorizing the little folk. It's basically a VERY big bed and breakfast. With all the sex you can handle all night while you shrink down in size. And you need to have sex quite a few times to get this stuff out of your system. Every time you cum without having a beer first, you loose height."

That satisfied Dan. He went over to Bart and got his free drink, and chugged it. He got an uncomfortable feeling in this crotch, like his dick was folded over or something. Then he got very, very horny. Richard picked him up and opened his pants with his huge fingers. He started to give Dan the most amazing blow-job of his life, his big beard and mustache was tickling Dan into ecstasy. Doug meanwhile was fondling Dan's ass, trying to see if he could take one or more fingers. He didn't get very far when Dan sprayed a load into Richard's mouth. Richard was so turned on by all this he had to cum too.

Dan grew a foot and got the first dose of muscle. His biker jacket and chaps creaked and groaned into shape. His chest hair got amazingly thick, and his goatee got bushier while a days growth of beard sprouted up all over the rest of his face.

Richard on the other hand shrank 2 feet, but didn't lose any muscle or fur. His clothing shrank down with him. His groans of pleasure were no less loud as he shrank. Cum ran down his pants and into his boot. The floor in the bar was sticky and slippery with cum from all the other patrons who were doing similar things.

When they finished, they headed out into the parking lot. Richard lifted Doug's bike into the back of the pickup truck. Doug crawled onto the truck and spread his legs out over the tailgate. Richard said "Just follow my 'bus' and we'll go to the bed and breakfast to get normal." Then he went over to one of the 18-wheeler buses, paid the driver and crawled inside. Doug squirmed around and finally decided to hold his bike on his chest to keep it from falling out or getting squished accidentally.

Dan on the other hand was re-adjusting the driver's seat out to its full leg length, but it still wasn't very comfortable. He looked at Doug’s immense form in the rear-view mirror as he heard the shocks squeek under the load. It was a little disappointing to leave the bar so small compared to everyone else, and so soon after arriving. Next time he’d arrive a lot earlier. •

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