My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

Act One, Scene Eleven

(In the Dressing Room at the Nationals Competition.) "All you need is the dream, Freddie." Pearce assured as he stepped out of Freddie’s dream-like space and into the reality of the dressing room doorway. The stark stage of reality has drifted back into focus as Freddie shakes off the folly of his dream. The memory of the cum-shooting God-like naked bodybuilders hangs in Freddie’s mind. The vision of the hugely muscled Elijah of his dreams - hard, naked, pumped and wanting - more than Freddie can bring himself to hope for. "It’s so easy for someone whose as big and muscular as you." The Freddie responds to Pearce. "You, Elijah, and people like you are built like the dream which, for most of us, can never be a reality." The voice of the Emcee of the Nationals Bodybuilding announcing Elijah onto the stage drifts into the dressing room. Now it was Elijah’s turn to show the public the muscle that he had honed - naturally -over these past grueling months. His name echoes across the speaker system and the crowd grew into a renewed roar of excitement as his massive form pounded onto the stage. "God, Freddie, don’t you know that what’s inside is even more important than what is outside." Pearce protested. "Someday (pointing to his intensely muscled body) this will fade away. I can only hope that, when that day comes, I have half the goodness in me that you have." As he mounts into position of the stage, even in the darkness of the fore-stage, Elijah’s silhouette is a vision of promise to the audience of an immensity of muscle cut to fantastic proportions. "But what about you and Elijah?" Freddie repeated his earlier question as he reestablished himself in the real world. Another deep, hard laugh erupted from inside Pearce. He struggles to keep it under control so as not to disturb the posing preparations of his staged trainee. "Now I know you’re an idiot, Freddie!" Pearce shoots out in a loud whisper. "I have no interest in Elijah!" "What!" Freddie billowed in sheer shock as the whoops and cheers from the audience covered his outburst. Elijah is squatted in the darkness of the center stage with one leg pushed far out to the side. Light begins to form a circle around and over the hulking figure. His placement and focus on the platform casts the lighted figure of Elijah into a contrast of brilliant flesh and invisible shadow. The overall effect carved out is one of a sculptural image of impossibly dense musculature waiting to explode. "Shit, Freddie, sure Elijah has a great body - a body that’s meant to be enjoyed. But, in case you haven’t noticed, if I want to dwell in the pleasure of muscle, I have a pretty good body myself." Pearce noted matter-of-factly pushing 24" of marbled biceps in front of Freddie’s face. "Besides, I can only love one man at a time." "Huh?" Freddie retorted more confused than ever as he instinctively strokes the rock-hard meat filling his nostrils once again with the smell of Elijah’s recently applied semen. "I-I-I thought you wanted Elijah!" On the stage, Elijah’s lowered head and enormously cut arm mass buries his upper torso and abdominal area into the darkness of erotically inviting shadow. The swell of his globed pecs begin to fissure with startling density as his body prepares to launch into his well practiced routine. "I enjoy Elijah … and may continue to do so until you finally do something about it!" Pearce turns all his attention to his conversation with Freddie in the brief gap before Elijah begins to do his posing routine. "How long have I been here, Freddie?" "Gosh, you were here when I started working with the Professor three years ago." Freddie pondered. "And I think you had already been here for a while then." The first sounds of Elijah’s selection of tender medley of music from a variety of Broadway shows pushes a hush over the waiting audience. Elijah’s arms lift apart as the music began to swell louder and the light reaches its maximum level of breathless impact. "Seven years, Freddie, seven years." Pearce whispers again as he returns his gaze toward the enormous spreading muscular form of Elijah first and then toward the seated Professor Higgins. "Why do you think I have stayed with the Professor that long?" Pearce continued. "He’s a good man who treats us well for our loyalty and we believe in his methods." Freddie responded. One arm from the radiant body of Elijah on the stage extends itself to be parallel with the opposing outstretched leg. The triceps drip with coiled springs of drool-producing muscle. The forearm of the other arm bends up with the wrist and fingers seeming to point through his proudly raised head toward the extended arm as the bicep balled, split, severed, cut and rolled into its fully mounded 27" glory. "…and I’m in love with him. I always have been!" Pearce pronounces to the stunned fellow observer. "I just can’t seem to get him to love me back. Hell, I don’t even think he knows my first name! God knows I’ve tried everything that I think he may want for me to please him." Elijah’ legs and partially exposed ass explode with shifting voluminous muscle as they pull themselves together in a seamless flow of strength and push his massive body upright. He follows this with a series of graceful moves as splendid as any flowing combination by the greatest of ballet dancers and as intoxicating in their display of his intense musculature as those performed by any great professional bodybuilder. The audience is dead silent through the entire cock-hardening routine and erupts in a thunder of support when Elijah finishes with his own explosion of most-muscular muscle - his crisply tapered cut gut well on display. "Then stop trying and just let him like you for you." Freddie pronounced the obvious with a child-like honesty. "He likes you a lot. He is always telling me that he wishes the rest of us were more like you." The applause seems to last forever. Elijah bows deeply and, at the direction of the Emcee, steps off the stage to await the callout for the pose-off. His body drips with muscle-polishing sweat. As the rivers of sweat run over his heaving pecs, some of it rolls down into the dark canyon of cleavage between the burgeoning male breasts. A stream of moisture exits from the base of the dark, meaty cavern and flows around his navel through the lined channels of his abs and is swallowed up in the absorbing fabric of his posing trunks. "I am me!" Pearce insists. "In my heart I know he wants me. I know he wants this! (Once again, Freddie finds his face half immersed in a mountain of peaked biceps and undulating pecs.) All he has to do is to admit it." The torrent of sweat has glued Elijah’s trunks to his invitingly large package of cock and balls. The demands of the just finished posing display has re-excited Elijah and pushed his delicious organ to swelled softness. His heaving body quivers with it’s muscular massiveness. Finally, his name and that of his brother are called to be part of the five person pose-off. "Yes!" Pearce declares in the whispered shout of excitement. "Pearce, in the three years I have known you" Freddie observes, "this is the first time I have ever known you to be the quiet, nieve one! Didn’t someone just tell me that, if I want someone, I need to let him know?" The pose-off proves to be more brutal to watch than the individual routines. Alfred and Elijah take positions side by side. The sound of new music signals for the five marvelously muscled men on stage to begin their respective, simultaneous muscle assaults. "I can’t do that!" Pearce stammers. "My God, the man is a Professor! He has a Doctorate! He’s handsome, refined and intelligent!. Other than this body (flexing instinctively) what else do I have to offer him!" Both Elijah and Alfred pound out astoundingly muscled pose after astoundingly muscled pose. The image of the two writing muscle-twins virtually overshadows the endeavors of the other three intensely flexing men. The combination of extraordinary muscle and pronounced, barely contained genitals on the bodies of the two heaving twins bring fill the auditorium with shouts of excitement and adoration from the reactive crowd. "He’s a man, Pearce. In spite of his long list of ‘credentials’, he’s just a man." Freddie responds. "You’re a good man, Pearce. You’re a trustworthy and loyal man. You have you to offer and, from what I know, that’s a pretty good offer." Elijah does his best to show the evidence of his extra poundage of expertly carved muscles along with the natural flow of his amazing proportions. Alfred’s face seems drawn and weathered by the combination of extended flexing and drug limited moisture retention yet his body explodes with lined density. While Elijah invites the audience to enjoy his trimly muscled midsection, Alfred uses his stiffly veined arms and rock-chiseled pecs to maintain their attention. "I don’t know, Freddie. I just don’t know." Pearce admits with unusual candor. Every muscle on both inordinately developed specimen is extended to its maximum visual splendor. "If you can’t do it, then how can you expect to advise me to?" Freddie offers. Before Pearce can respond, the music ends signaling the completion of the last part of the competition. Both Pearce and Freddie put aside their debate as their focus shifts back to Elijah and the moment of truth for all the effort of the past eight months. Pearce dares a glance toward Professor Higgins. He senses and shares the Professor’s anxiety. As the five men on stage assume a semi-relaxed stance, Elijah notices how Alfred’s body of muscle continued to quiver with spastic muscle constrictions. For a fleeting moment, Elijah found himself drawn to the image of the contorting muscle of his brother. He had often enjoyed the vision of himself in the mirror and had, indeed, pleasured himself over the feel and image of his own gigantically flexing body. Now Elijah stood side by side with his other self in equally honed muscle. "We should have the final results in just a moment or two." The voice of the announcer boomed. Elijah smiled guiltily at the mental image of their two magnificent bodies nakedly intertwined in brutally flexing mutual satisfaction. Their two muscle-hardened 11" cocks rubbing against the mirrored muscles of their flexing bodies pushing each other toward the ultimate release of creamed cum knowing exactly how the other body would react to the applied sensations and stimulation. The envelop was passed up to the stage. One of the three others was named as the ‘fourth runner-up’. As nervousness sought to gain a grasp on the mind of Elijah, he let the sinfully erotic side of his thoughts continue in an effort to avoid the seriousness of the moment. The vision of he and Alfred exploring every intensely sized muscle on their genetically identical bodies was a disturbingly worthy distraction. Over 50" of steely arm muscles pushed their strong, searching hands from muscled peak to meat-cliffed crevasse. He imagined the idea of tasting the sweetness of his own twinned pecs, nipples, balls and invitingly offered ass hole. The other two of the five competitors were eliminated in painstaking slowness. Elijah pushed his erotic dream over to the image of their hotly towering cocks. Their stiff, 11" over-stuffed organs taking turns being trapped between each others flexing pecs as they alternate at forcing their hardened members toward each others chins through the friction charged pec masses. Elijah imagines that he can almost taste the musky sweat as he likes it off his brothers massive flexing pecs as Alfred’s brilliant cock head pushes in and out from between his own undulating breast meat. Their hands engaged in the mutual sensual adoration of their writhing ass muscles and enticing sphincters. Fingers slip delicately, one by one, inside the moist, soft tunnels until their entire hands are inserted up to, and past, the knuckles. The impregnable gluteal formations crash in constrictions of muscle around their delightfully pained digits. Only the two twins remained at center stage as the Emcee did his best to string the final announcement out as long as possible. Alfred continued to stare straight ahead, his muscles still twitching spastically, and seemingly unaware of the presence of his twin brother beside him. Elijah imagined the joy of the simultaneous eruption of matched, thick cum from both of their enflamed cocks and the feel of the hot juice washing their torsos and upper pecs in a white, slippery shower. In his vision, he pictures them continuing to pec-fuck until the last drop of cum had been spilled onto each others quivering muscles. The chant of an impatient audience for the announcement of the victor snapped Elijah back into the moment. Elijah, Freddie, Pearce, Alfred, Zoltan, Pickering and Higgins all remained unmoving during what seemed like an eternity until the Emcee called out the decision of the judges and finally pronounced Elijah as the winner of this years Nationals Championship. Almost immediately upon the announcement, Elijah takes a polite bow of victory with a broadly mounted smile and turns toward his brother in an act of competitive friendliness. Alfred stiffens with a sharply muscle contortion and slips onto the stage floor. The audience assumes that this is a natural reaction to the disappointment that the hugely muscled figure must be facing. Elijah knees down to assist Alfred. "I’m sorry, Alfred. You did great and you looked great." Elijah offers. Alfred says nothing. Elijah reaches out and, taking his brother by one arm to assist him in standing, notes a discernible coldness in his feel and a glassy look in his eyes. Elijah can feel the instability in the strongly muscled body of twin brother and, because of their intense commonality, can sense a physical insecurity within him. "Are you OK?" Elijah whispers. Alfred shakes his head at the noise. His eyes seem to drift back into focus. Looking up, he sees the face of his brother. Suddenly he pushes Elijah away and rights himself. "I’m fine!" Alfred spits back. "Congratulations, brother!" Before there is an opportunity for any other exchange between the two men, the media swamps the new champion and his brother. Unable to get back with his brother, Elijah finally takes advantage of the confused rush and slips away toward his dressing room. The lone figure of a well built but slight man not much younger than Elijah approaches him from behind a curtain. "I am sorry to interrupt you, sir, but I have been an admirer of all you great bodybuilders for a while now and, frankly, I have never done this before, but, would it be too much to ask for your autograph?" The young man asks quietly. "I’m not some sort of weirdo or anything. I work out, too, see. (Holds up a flexed biceps that reminds Elijah of his own just eight months before.) I’m just not as lucky as people like yourself. A surprised Elijah smiles at the handsome, sincere face, temporarily forgetting Alfred and everyone else. "It would be a pleasure. What’s your name?" "Will." The young man answers. "Will Swallow." Elijah signs the paper Will hands him and, nodding his head supportively as he feels Will’s offered bicep, encourages Will to keep up with his training. Will smiles broadly, thanks Elijah, and ducks back into the curtains. Rather than leaving, the dazzled young man meanders over to a darker corner of the theater and sits several rows behind the judges table staring glassy-eyes between the stage and the autograph. Almost an hour later, Elijah has finished showering and is finally enjoying the sensation of his victory and is wiping down his still pumped body in front the bathroom mirror while Freddie packs up the last of their things in the dressing room. Professor Higgins stands behind the empty judges table reliving the moment of triumph in his mind. Pearce had gone to collect the Professor but has stopped behind one of the stage side curtains to let the gleaming Professor enjoy the moment. Alfred is no longer around. Will is still sitting in the empty audience.

"I Only Know"

(To the tune: "I Could Have Danced All Night") (Elijah - toward the mirror) I could have flexed all night. My muscles huge and tight… Cut deep into their core. My lats flared out like wings, My pecs were cut to strings. Legs columned from the floor. (Freddie - toward the bathroom door) I never dreamed that he could want me. And even now, I’m still not sure. (Pearce - toward the Professor) I only know when he Calls my last name… that he… Is the one … that …I …adore. (Elijah - flexing at the mirror) I feel so huge and strong. No, Higgins wasn’t wrong To put his trust in me. (Freddie)

Elijah’s now is a God. I’m just a servant clod. He’ll never notice me. (Will)

This show was so ex-cit-ing And as they posed I nearly came! I need to find a way To be like them, someday. So I can flex….flex…flex…flex like they… (Professor Higgins - toward the stage) I knew I had it right. Elijah’s quite a sight. Now who could say I’m wrong. Mister Du-moor and I… Created quite a guy. I knew it all along! (Pearce - falling back into the curtain) Oh, God, the man just recognized me! I wish he knew how much I long… (All five)

I only know in me. I’ll try my best … he’ll (they’ll) see! I’ve…got…to…prove….that… I’m…not…wrong.. All five remain in their positions staring for another moment. (End of Act One)

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