By Also_KnownAs

"What do you think's happening?"

David's massive shoulders shrugged as he looked up at Steve's hirsute form, the other man's taller frame darkened with a deep forest of curls that accentuated his muscular bulges. "Dunno, but it sure is taking long."

The two men stood outside the main building in an open quad. The sun beat down on their naked flesh like a bath of hot water, warming but not able to burn. David scrubbed at the back his burred scalp, his head furred with a flat-topped sculpture of bright blonde hair, shorter in back and leaning forward like a wedge. He wore his hair very short recently, feeling that the usual wealth of full, silky locks that each member of The Team normally wore detracted from the overwhelming size and evident strength of his body.

His muscles were huge, even for a Team member, swelling with round hardness and webbed with thick veins everywhere. He had no hair anywhere on his massively powerful form, save for a perfect triangle of pubes spread like an arrow above his equally powerful looking prick. It looked like a muscle itself, a fleshy tube branched with veins like his body, as if he could pump this appendage as hard and full as the rest of his body. At the moment, he was relaxed, but even so he looked flexed and swollen with brawn.

Steven's dark eyes pinched as he considered what he knew about the young man inside that building. He was the tallest of the Team, just as he had always towered over most other men. David's mass of muscle seemed to answer a wish the other man had, his transformation turning him from an athletic runner into a behemoth of power. It was as if the transforming fluid responded to his desire to be bigger than anyone, as massively muscled as his form would allow. Just like the missing Sam had managed to funnel almost all his transformation toward the huge cock that swung between his legs.

Steven just became more Steven. A shy man before, he'd certainly gained self confidence in his change, but he remained a quiet giant, choosing his words with care and reserving comment when none was necessary. Chuck called him Silent Steve, or just Silence, and he kind of took it as a compliment, particularly since Chuck never seemed to shut up.

He scratched an itch between the hairy globes of his chest. His body hair was a silken mass, full and curling, covering him to varying degrees everywhere but growing most thickly in the crevasses between his muscular wedges, like weeds growing in cracks on the sidewalk. It made his muscles look larger, and gave him an extremely masculine appearance that turned the heads of more than a few of the other men at IGE. His long legs were covered with more black fur all the way down to his huge feet. The globes of his ass folded outward from a deep shadow of hair. Unlike David, he chose to keep his long mane of black hair rather than alter it, as he could. He kept it tied back, a long horse's tail of midnight that hung to his ass. "Do you think it worked?"

David shrugged again. It had been decided between them all that he would be transformed by the original three and Michael. The reason for Michael's inclusion was obvious. Todd, Chuck and Carlos were there because they'd been transformed more than anyone else, receiving dose after dose of whatever this formula did to a man, so that the likelihood that Blake would bring out some new capabilities - or at least manifest all those they shared between themselves to varying degrees - would be increased.

Neither David nor Steven, for example, had extra cocks hidden anywhere. They each could morph their forms if they wished, and even fly above the Earth, so the missing appendage wasn't too disappointing. Sam couldn't float in the air's arms, held aloft and swimming through warm breezes like a cloud. He just couldn't. He tried again and again.

Steven smiled and raised his arm to wave a welcome toward Jeremy and Jeff, the chocolate-skinned man and his Native American lover who never seemed to be too far apart. Jeremy's bald head shone like dark chrome, his hand in Jeff's as they walked to where David and Steven stood in the center of the quad, waiting for the building's doors to open to allow another fully Transformed man into the world.

"They're not still in there," Jeremy said incredulously, placing his free hand on David's massive shoulder, dark skin on light. "If they're in there fucking each other blind, I'm going to lodge a complaint with management." Jeff laughed and rubbed Jeremy's smooth ass. Then he slapped it. Hard. "Ow! Hey!"

Jeff kissed his partner. "You wanna be fucked blind? All you have to do is ask."

David also kissed Jeremy's lips, sliding his tongue into his mouth. "Haven't seen you in a couple of days, Jeremy. I've missed you."

The black man kissed him back, passionately. "You missed my dick, you mean." He reached over and grabbed a nipple, twisting it playfully.

David huffed out a laugh. "You ain't just a dick my man. I missed all of you, all over me."

He looked at Jeff, reaching his hand up to caress the man's dimpled cheek. "Been busy."

David nodded. "I know. Keeping Jeff all to yourself. I know you guys are in love, but you shouldn't forget to share. There's a lot of you to go around."

Steven kept a silent smile on his face as he watched the exchange. They all knew how deeply Jeff loved Jeremy and vice versa. They all knew, just as well, how much each man enjoyed the attentions of every other member of The Team. The transformation heightened everything about the male animal, including his sex drive. And a libido driven into overdrive surrounded by so much outrageous and readily available masculine beauty was insatiable. Even though they all enjoyed the newcomers, there was something more satisfying and enjoyable doing it with each other.

"What are you smiling about, you big ape?"

It was Steven's turn to shrug. "Stuff," he said.

David's arms reached around him and squeezed, his huge muscles like bulging iron bands around Steven's body. David turned out to be the most playful of the guys who originally came here, somehow managing to treat all the impossible occurrences that had happened as if they were the most natural things in the world. Flying? Fuck yeah, I fly. Don't you? His eyes twinkled with mischief and mirth and he was always ready with a smile. "Stuff, huh?" His voice was deep and full, coming deep from within his barrel chest and reverberating against Steven's rippled form. "Sexy stuff?" He rubbed his heavy prick against Stevens, his bulging hairless body comforted by Steven's masses of soft fur.

Steven laughed gently, raising an eyebrow. His arms wrapped around David's wide, round shoulders and he sighed happily. "With you around, what else would be on my mind?"

"Careful, studly. You'll give me a swelled..." he shoved his pelvis forward, allowing himself to bulge and grow obscenely, "...head."

"I'd love to give you head, David," he answered with a straight face, "but the doors appear to be opening."


"Later, David. Later."

Todd stepped out into the sunlight, looking exactly the same. He shaded his eyes and looked at the four of them, a smile on his face. From where they stood, with nothing and no one to compare him to, he looked relatively the same. Unchanged.


"Well, shit," said Jeff, summing it up for all of them.

"You're disappointed that all we get is this," said David, swelling his bicep to enormity in front of Jeff's face, "and this," he added, moving his hand down to his giant cock, waggling it lustily, "not to mention that, ahem, you guys have two of these beauties. And then there's the flying thing, let's not forget. Flying. Pretty cool," he concluded, wiggling his eyebrows.

Jeff had to smile. "I know. I know. It's just that, I mean, I kind of start expecting, well, more and I keep not getting it."

David's brow lowered. "Okay, again, we get the muscle, right?" He started flexing his frame to enormity, the veins growing thick, branching out along his muscles, feeding them to larger and larger size, planting his hands at his waist and flaring his lats like wings that unfolded so wide they cast a shadow that swallowed them all up. "And lots of it. Tons." His legs exploded. "Huge, bulging, massive, hard, flexing power, like, everywhere." Then he relaxed his muscles and looked relatively smaller. "The huge dick, er, dicks. The morphing thing." He made his already massively muscled chest swell even larger, adding a little spice to the display by making his nipples extend and dangle, the usual small nubs now huge and ready for sucking.

"That's cool," observed Steven.

"Thank you, Steven, I've been practicing." His chest 'shrunk' to normal as he continued. "The flying thing. And need I mention the walking, fucking sex farm where we live? Look left, oh damn, a gorgeous man with a gorgeous body ready, willing and more than amply able to please. Look right, bedamn damn, another gorgeous hunk, another gorgeous face, another gorgeous cock to suck. Look down, holy fuck, there's some gorgeous, and I mean capital G Gorgeous, man sucking my cock like a Hoover powervac, his tongue managing to do things only the angels can surpass for feeling oh my god fucking damn good." He sighed dramatically. "Man, this like just blows."

"Literally," added Steven. He had that smile on his face again. He liked David more and more.

By then Todd was next to them, and it was suddenly clear that he had changed. It was not in his appearance, but they could all feel something, a sense of something familiar. Something they recognized as what Michael possessed when he turned on the juice.

"Hello, boys," he said, thrusting as much sexual energy into his words as he could manage. The words struck the four at full force, causing Jeff and Jeremy to release their secondary cocks involuntarily, and David and Steven to gasp at the strength of the lust they experienced, feeling immediately horny and overwhelmed with desire for Todd.

"Holy shit!" Jeremy was the only one who managed to speak. "Issue a warning before you do that, Todd. I nearly creamed all over you!"

The blonde god smiled. "I just wanted to get your attention. You might want to tuck those babies up before someone sees them," he said, running his hands the length of each added dick dangling with sudden anxious hunger from the two men gifted with them. He held back from transforming them then and there, though he knew he could have done so in a moment with that simple gesture.

David had managed to calm himself, but his deep voice sounded excited. "It worked?"

"I thought you were satisfied with 'the muscles and the dicks and flying,' David," mimicked Jeff, testily.

"Oh, fuck that. I want it all."

"Then I suggest," said Todd, setting his hand against David's skin and sending a pulse of the Touch into him, showering his body with sensual bliss, "you follow me."

Blake stood at the center of the room. As the four Team members entered the room, he stood ten feet high, or two feet shorter than his actual transformed height. He told Michael he just felt more comfortable at this height, even though it was hugely out of proportion with anyone he ever heard of in his old life. It was weird for him to think he considered 10 feet okay, but twelve feet was just too big.

He never thought anything would be too big. And the feeling of growing that huge was almost better than sex. Well, fuck that, it was sex. But once he was hauling his one-ton frame of perfected power around, he started feeling weird. After all, just a week ago he was a fairly well built, but still only 6-foot high 19-year-old on his way to college. Not an hour ago, he was taller than seven feet, had been steadily fucking and being fucked by a wide assortment of the most beautiful men on the planet for a week or more and was just getting used to that when all this happened.

All this being just so far out there on the edge of reality that being twelve feet tall was just one step over that edge, and it was a step he could control.

And that thought gave him a rush. He could control that. He could control everything.

"Hey, Blake!" David seemed genuinely excited. His face glowed when he smiled and he approached the young man without preamble or pause, as if they'd been the best of friends all their lives. Blake remembered that David had acted that way when they first met. He was just, for no apparent reason, a really nice guy. David surrounded Blake's huge new body in an all-encompassing bear hug, squeezing his own mammoth muscular body against Blake's newly enhanced model. Blake found himself feeling really great in the man's genuine affection and hugged him back as David said, "Welcome to the Team!"

"Thanks, David. It feels... weird."

David laughed. "I'd love to tell you it gets less weird, but so far it only seems to get weirder. You've met Steven? And Jeff and Jeremy?"

"We fucked you under the oleander." Blake couldn't tell if Jeff was joking until Jeremy slapped him playfully on the back of the head. "Oh! Oh, yeah, and out by the lake, on the path by the docks, behind this building... twice."

"Shut up, you oaf. I apologize for my other half, Blake. He only gets worse as you get to know him."

"You forgot about the four-way by the pool with Chucker," advised Blake.

"The Fucker! Ah, now he truly is in the Team." Jeremy and Jeff also embraced Blake with equally warm hugs. Jeff kissed his face gently as he rubbed his ass, making him rise on tiptoe from the unexpectedness of the action. "Whoops! Sorry, couldn't resist."

Steven stood back, that grin on his face, and Blake understood that this was as warm as Steven got - until he got good and warmed up, that is. 'It's always the quiet ones,' he thought, returning the big, hairy brute's smile.

"Where's Sam?" asked Michael.

"I imagine the Cock Toy is out getting his dick sucked," answered Chuck. He was leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his broad chest, a sly and knowing grin on his face. "Lord knows I would be." He scratched himself, sending his twin monsters bobbing. Jeremy sighed with contentment as he allowed his own twin dick free, followed shortly by the appearance of Jeff's extra appendage. "I forget how good it feels to let them both out."

"You ain't felt nothing yet," advised Chuck.

David turned, his excitement palpable. "It happened?" He looked at Blake, "You did it?"

Blake shrugged. "Something happened. I think we all did it, from what I understand." His brow furrowed. "Do you mind if I ask a question, before we get down to the nitty gritty, so to speak."

Todd walked over and laid his arm across Blake's shoulders. "No secrets anymore. What's on your mind?"

"Everyone, every man I've seen here, well, they all look the same age as me. I think Leo was about 45, and now he looks not a day past 21. And I was wondering if..."

"We call Carlos Grandpa, sometimes," smiled Todd. "Though not very often. He's the oldest of the Team at 55 years old. I'm 24, Chuck's 26." He looked at Jeff and Jeremy, who said, "27" and "25," then David said, "I'm 20, and Steve's 25."

Michael spoke last. "I'll be 23 next month. And I think Sam is 18? Right, David?" He nodded. "So you can see that, given the observable physical changes to Carlos, we believe that how we look now is how we'll probably remain for at least a couple of decades. I mean, look at him and tell me he's nearly three times your age."

"How old are you, Blake?" It was Steven who asked.

"19. Just. Last week, actually." He laughed slightly to himself. "When I got the box from you guys, I thought it was cookies from my Aunt in Florida." He looked down at his muscular form, the huge hemispheres of his chest, the round solid beauty of his arms. "I think I'm enjoying this a great deal more."

David was so anxious he looked like he was about to burst. Of course, with his overwhelmingly muscled body, he looked a lot like that anyway. "So? So? What's the big surprise? You guys were fucking around in here for about an hour!"

"You were watching?" Todd raised an eyebrow.

"I could guess. I mean, look at Blake! Shit, he was one hot little fuckass before, but now he almost makes Michael look ugly."


"I said almost."

Blake had to laugh. It was the first time he'd seen any sort of reaction from Michael close to honestly human he'd seen. He expected the guy to speak in some elegant accent and stand there frozen, looking like a statue to male perfection made flesh. He just didn't expect that the guy was only a couple years older than him. Chuck seemed to recognize that reaction, because he said, "Weird ain't it, when he acts almost human."

"I can't help it if I'm stoic."

"Mount Rushmore is stoic, Mike. You're frozen solid."

"I beg to differ," defended Carlos.

Chuck rolled his eyes and jerked a thumb at Carlos, saying, "This from the walking Popsicle."

"We can't all be the epitome of beer fashion and fart humor, Chucker. Some of us have to have style, instead."

"Fuck me."

"Now? Or later?"

"Hello? Gentlemen? If I may?" David walked over to Blake and pointed at his twin cocks. "All I wanna know is, when do I get two of these?"

Blake grinned. "You can borrow mine anytime you want to, beautiful."

"I'm serious." "I'm not?" Blake directed one of his dicks to reach up and rub against David's hand.

"Shee it! What the hell?" David had drawn his hand away as if Blake's dick were on fire. Then he looked more closely, looked up at Blake's smiling face, then back down to one of the man's dicks poised in midair before its brother raised itself, wound around it like a snake and started jerking Blake's other cock off. "Now, that... I've gotta have." He was grinning madly. "And does it...?"

Blake was already smiling. "Yes, it feels fucking great." He looked over. "Don't it Chuck?"

The bronze-skinned man gestured down to his own double dicks also performing the self-jacking trick. "My idea," he said proudly.

"I never would have guessed," Steven said, dryly. But he, too, was smiling.

"Okaaaay, and what else has my new best buddy brought to the party?" David was watching Blake's dicks intently, biting his bottom lip.

"Mainly," began Carlos, "it's what he's taken away."

Jeff leaned his dark brown bod back against Jeremy's, using his lover as a wall that he seemed well equipped to mimic. "Explain, please?" He was also watching Blake's cock tricks.

"As our young friend has so ably demonstrated, the most obvious new talent is that we seem to have, for lack of a better term, prehensile penises."

Todd laughed gently. "Chuck and I prefer the term Magic Cocks, frankly."

"Prehensile, meaning..."

"Prehensile meaning, literally, adapted for gripping or seizing, primarily by wrapping around."

"But it's so much more than that," added Todd, walking toward David. "Your dicks become an extension of you. You can control them. Do anything with them. They've become muscular, powerful, amazing." He demonstrated by standing next to David, his hands at his sides, and as one of his dicks wrapped itself around the huge man's formidable single prick, sliding its slick, slippery skin along his length, the other crawled over David's hip and nestled its way between his ass cheeks, firming itself, swelling and lengthening, reaching around and between and down until the tip kissed David's rosy hole, swirling and twisting against the entry to pleasure like a thick, fleshy drill bit. "Good, huh?"


Todd watched David reach a level of ecstasy. "He likes it." He leaned forward, brushing his lips against David's ear as he whispered, "And it feels even better from here."

"Oh, Jesus."

"The dick thing's good," admitted Jeremy, moving his arms around Jeff. "But I'm a little surprised he didn't get bigger."

"Bigger than what?"

Jeff nodded his head toward the tower of furry muscle that was Steven. "Our pal Steve had only us to help him along, and the guy's a tower."

"He started out that way, remember," mentioned David, as if to defend Blake. Then he noticed that Todd and Michael and Chuck were smiling a little broader than they had been. Even the taciturn Carlos was twisting his lips up. "What?" Todd laughed slightly. "What? What?" David turned to Blake, tilting his head and folding his hugely muscled arms over his bulging, striated chest. "What?"

Blake's perfect features lit into a smile as well. He shrugged, mugging slightly, and then dropped his arms to his side as they seemed to start swelling like muscled balloons. The wedges of power on his thighs began to lengthen, bulge, split and grow. His chest expanded out farther, wider, bigger. His shoulders were thickening, growing fatter with sudden brawn. The split between the squared, smooth muscles of his pecs deepened as he grew. His whole body was growing taller, wider, more powerful by the moment.

"Whoa," said David quietly, as he began to feel his heavy prick pulse with desire at the display of sudden, steady development. Blake's body was growing, his muscular power increasing by the second, already a foot taller than he'd been when David walked in to embrace him. His muscles were swelling with obvious and intense power, his bronze skin stretching thinner to hold his immense might in. All the while, Blake maintained the same small, secretive smile on his face, even as his features further refined themselves to a display of male beauty and power too incredible to believe, except that there he was, naked and powerful, swelling even larger before them all.

For Blake, moving back into his "natural" state was like slipping into a favorite pair of shoes or slipping his most comfortable T-shirt over his head. He had felt perfectly comfortable as he had been in his 10-foot frame, but now that his muscles were swelling to more accurately display their power, as his body lengthened and widened and grew thicker with power, he began to feel somehow more restful, more contented, as if everything was starting to fall into place. He could feel the growth as it was happening again, it felt so fucking incredible. The power in his body. The swelling, heavy growth everywhere. His dicks grew fat and huge, perfect and enormous representations of male power.

Jeff leaned toward Todd, whispering, "Jesus, how big does he get?" Todd simply winked back, then watched as Blake reached his ultimate height, his body so immense and saturated with masculinity that it was like a palpable presence in the room. Jeff watched as Blake finally moved without growing, sensing he'd reached his new body's customary size, and drew a breath as a realization struck him. Jeremy smiled, thinking his lover was reacting to the swell of Blake's huge bicep as the young man raised his arm to brush back his cascade of shining hair, but when Jeff said, "He was smaller!" Jeremy realized what that meant as well.

"The morphing's changed!"

Todd was nodding and said, "And it just keeps getting better."

Jeremy's eyes were locked on Blake's incredible form, it's huge bulging muscle and beautiful perfection and symmetry, the incredibly wide taper of his torso, the thickness of his lats, the tight rippled brawn of his 10-pack. Blake was showing off his form now, turning in profile to display the awesome overhang of his heavy pectorals, the incredible thickness of his shoulders, then all the way around and a gasp went up from David as he witnessed the overwhelming muscularity of Blake's back, while all Chuck could see was Blake's high, tight, round ass cheeks, so smooth and beautiful and ready to be kissed and split wide. Jeff asked, "So, what's with the secrecy? Why not just be yourself when we walked in."

Unbelievably, Blake's face colored and he shrugged. "Dunno," he said softly, but a ripple of intense sexuality wound around the word.

Todd said, "Our boy here is shy, if you can believe that."

Jeff said, "God damn, he's cute."

Jeremy spoke up. "But you said, 'what he's taken away'?" He walked over to the now taller specimen of male perfection and placed his hand on Blake's chest. A surging wave of sensuality pressed itself through his hand, down his arm, toward his dick. He sucked in a quick, shallow breath and said, "this doesn't seem like less to me."

Blake's small, secretive smile crept back across his face. He looked at Michael, who said, "Go ahead, Blake. Let him have it."

So he did. •

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