Amazing Transformations

Spring break


By Network23

I was hoping that Neil would come over soon. My balls were so full and needed to be emptied. At about 7:30 that evening Neil showed up.

“Hey there” he said

“Hey there your self. So have you thought about it?”

“Yeah I have. It sounds a bit scary. How big would I get?”

“As big as I think your body can handle. But I’ll tell ya, I’m the biggest bear here”

“There are more?” he said almost breathlessly his dick starting to tent his overalls.

“Oh yes. There are a few more. Wanna come with me?”


We went down to the lab and I showed him the juice.

“How many pairs of those overalls do you own?” I asked

“I dunno nine at least.”

“Good. They look fairly snug. Do you get them that way on purpose?”

“Yeah I get them snug cuz I figured that guys like my body”

“Cool. Loose the boots and get on the table”

He did as requested and I fed him the juice. I tilted the table up so that he was almost upright and waited with the camera running. God it seemed like it was going to take forever and then the convulsions started. His whole body was twitching and straining against the straps. His chest started swelling bigger and bigger. His arms were growing straining the fabric of his overalls until they finally gave way. First the zipper busted across his chest and all the seams gave with a might RIP. His crotch was bulging and then finally burst from its tight confines fully erect. Afterwards he just laid there, we were both panting. God what a sight. I unstrapped him and took him upstairs. I steered into the bedroom. The sight that was waiting for us was unreal. I didn’t think it was possible for my dick to get any harder. Paul was deep throating Robs dick making him moan. Both Paul and Rob had massively swollen nuts so I knew were all in for a giant cum bath. I positioned Rob on his back and forced Paul into him. Then I shoved Neil’s swollen member into Paul while my own massive cock was about to pop Neil’s cherry. One massive earth shattering thrust into his ass made him yell out and the others gasp. I slammed all their asses for a good 30 minutes but I could hold back no longer. I howled as my cum flooded forth. That set off a chain reaction that made us all cum. Robs balls were so full that he literally hosed the room. We all cleaned up and then started again. I made Paul fuck me while Neil sucked me off and Rob’s face was forced to my pits and chest. We had sex for another 4 hours and then all passed out till tomorrow.

Spring break was coming up so we all had to decide where to go. I called another meeting.

“So” I said “Spring break is here… Where should we go?”

“Panama?” Paul suggested.

“How about Acapulco?” Jerry said

Ideas were coming thick and fast. We all agreed that we should all go to the same place, but no one could decide where to go until Neil said we should go to Panama City in Florida. All the hot boys would be there.

“Ok I’ll go book our flights for tomorrow. Everyone cough up for your air fair and I’ll do the hotel rooms.”

At 8am the following morning we were all cramming ourselves onto the same airplane for Florida. When the flight crew caught sight of us they looked stunned for a minute and then made us all move to different spots on the plane so it would be balanced properly. The flight sucked. I was stuck with two women that insisted that I had to sit in the middle and then spent the whole flight pawing and trying to get both my phone and hotel room number. I complained to the steward and he just winked at me and said it was my all my fault since I was so damned hot looking. This was one instance where my cuteness was definitely not an asset. Thankfully we arrived at the hotel with out much ado and we settled in.

After a massive orgy and a short nap we decided to go to the beach where everyone was and show off. The beach was awesome. People everywhere. We swam in the ocean for a bit, worked on our tans a bit. Got some food and then went to the hotel to change for the evening. We all doffed our best tank top and shorts and hit the bars that we thought would be the most “friendly”. We all vowed to get at least try to get four normal guys to bring home and fuck.

Paul and I went into the nearest bar and got a drink we sat for about an hour when I saw the one I wanted.

“Paul… Look at that one in the black shirt” I said. The kid was about 5’9” I’d guess 190lbs of muscle and not bad looking.

“Hell yeah man lets get him”

We worked our way around and I accidentally bumped into him spilling our drinks.

“Damn I’m so sorry” I sad picking him up. He just stared with his mouth open. So I closed it. “You ok man?”

“Y… Yeah. I’m ok” He said looking at my crotch.

“Good. Let me get you another drink” and I steered him to the bar. “It’s the least I can do since I spilled yours”

“Thanks man. My god you’re huge.”

“Yep” his pants were tenting. I leaned in close to his ear and growled “Wanna find out exactly how big I am?”

He finally squeaked out a yes and then followed me out of the bar with Paul in tow. I called the others and told them that Paul and I had found our quarry. The others said that they weren’t going to be far behind. When we got to the hotel room I laid out the rules while Paul went into the bathroom to quietly strip.

“You do what I tell you and you will have the best night you will ever have with a man”


“You will address me as SIR when you speak!”

“Yes sir”

“Good. Now strip.”

He did as commanded while I undressed. When I took off my shorts his mouth fell open, so I filled it with inch after inch of dick. He gagged and I just forced in more. I was half way in when his mouth could take no more.

“SUCK IT” I commanded and he did. Paul licked my pits and nips and we kissed. I whispered to him “I’m gonna split him open now. Hold him” Paul nodded and produced the most evil, happy grin. I yanked out of the kid’s mouth and Paul grabbed him and wrestled him to the bed. He saw me start to lube my dick and balked.

“NO. NO! I can’t take that you’ll kill me”

“I take it every day.” Paul said with almost eerie calm voice”

“No. Please don’t.”

“Relax kid. I’m not gonna hurt you…. Much”

I pressed against his hole and he clinched up.

“open up kid or this is gonna hurt like hell” I said grabbing his balls.

He relaxed some and I pushed. GOD he was tight! He started to buck. I pressed harder and then with a POP I was in. He screamed. I just stayed there not moving with my arms folded waiting. Once he calmed down I pushed. His eyes bugged and started to moan as I forced every inch of my 13” dick into his ass. I stayed there for a moment and made Paul move so it would be me and the boy. He whimpered.

“It’s too big” He said.

“Shhhh. You have the whole thing now” I said

“Oh my god I do?”

His eyes rolled back into his head and he gasped when I flexed my dick deep in his ass.

“Fuck me please sir!”

I needed no further prompting. I slowly pulled out and then I slammed him over and over until he started begging me to go faster. I picked up the pace. He came. I fucked faster. Paul moved around and shoved his dick into the kid’s mouth. The others started to filter in and begin their own orgy with their finds. I didn’t care I was totally focused on the piece of ass wrapped around my dick. Three more times he came. I was getting close. I fucked harder and harder and then…


I filled his ass to overflowing. The poor kid looked spent but he begged me to take it out. I stood and flexed my dick hard causing his whole body to lift off the bed and smack against my chest. I had an idea and I whispered it to him.

“I’m gonna flood your hole all night boy. Would you like that?” ”Oh god.”

“Paul. Come fuck your bear’s ass and make me cum”

And that was all it took. He slammed into my ass and reamed me good until we both howled and shot a load. The kid was still speared onto my ass he had shot twice more since we started round two and I was wondering how long it would take for him to dry up. I made all the boys that were available fuck me when they had creamed their prey. I had seven loads up my ass and the boy had eight in his... his gut visibly distended and a content look on everyones face. The kid started moving and I got close again. Five minutes later I shot again. Nine loads. I started the boys fucking me again but instead of cumin in my ass I made them cum on us. Everyone helped even the regular guys. By the time 2am rolled around we had all cum another 10 times. The boy on my cock was so distended that he couldn’t move. He was happy but immobile. I was surprised that he didn’t leak either I guess he was just that tight. We moved into the bathroom and I lifted him off and into the tub. All the nights cum gushed from his ass like a river and over flowed the tub a bit. I redressed him and sent him on his way after we traded numbers.

It was like that all week. Day time fun. Night time sex. I let Paul flood a few asses with all our help. As the last day rolled around we busied our selves with packing up our things. I was looking forward to going home. •

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