Amazing Transformations

Trouble with the law


By Network23

Last time……

I almost literally dove into a set of clothes and rushed out the door with my phone. I called Liz back and started to grill her.

“Who is being arrested?”

“I’m not sure, but I know that he’s one of your house mates he’s huge…”

I arrived 2 minutes later. Joe was being cuffed and stuffed (literally) into a police cruiser. I marched up to one of the officers who almost fell over at the sight of me and grabbed for his gun.

“Whoa! I just wanna know what’s going on here. That man is a friend of mine.”

“Your ‘friend’ there is accused of raping that young girl there.”


I must have yelled a bit too loudly because everyone was suddenly looking at me.


“Last night at approximately 11:00 pm”

“That’s not possible. He was at home at 11.”

“How do you know that? Do you have proof?”

“Yes I have proof. AND witnesses.”

“Then sir would you please come with us and swear out an affidavit at the station?”

“I’d be thrilled. Lead on”

The trip to the station seemed to take forever. Joe sat in the back looking depressed, angry, hurt, and ready to cry all at once. At the station they started to book him, and it looked like none of them were taking any chances since they all had their hands on their pepper sprays. I however wasn’t treated much differently as I was shuffled into the detective’s office. Detectives Cho and Martin started asking me questions.

“So you say you have Proof that Joe Torriello couldn’t have done this.”


“Ok. Care to share the news?”

“Joe was at home last night from 8pm until 7:30am this morning.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Ok I’ll be blunt. From 8 until 12 my self and Joe and 4 other guys were having sex. There I said it. If you need 100% proof of this then you can take a DNA sample from his ass and I’ll provide a sample as well. Further more my room is at the top of the stairs. Very loud and creaky stairs. I would have heard anyone going down stairs. I’m a very light sleeper.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more shocked in my life. Mouths all open kind of looking like fish. After about 5 minutes they seemed to collect them selves.

“Well we will need to confirm this. The DNA sample will help.”

“Just show me where to go and I’ll give you more than you need right now”

They showed me to the small crime lab in the basement and the small room that I was to use. The lab assistant tried to give me a tiny plastic cup. I just looked at him and then grabbed the large gallon sized beaker from the table. Fifteen minutes later I had filled the beaker almost to the top and handed it to him.

“I trust that that will be enough?”

He just looked at me.

“uhhh.. Yeah that should be plenty”

I went back up to the detective’s office still trying to will my hard on down and practically begged to be present during the interrogation.

“Highly irregular. I’ll have to clear it with the lieutenant”

“Please do. I want to hear exactly what happened from his own mouth as soon as possible”

I looked visibly pissed and I think that scared them into it. After about 15 minutes of talking to the lieutenant I assured her that I wasn’t some dumb hot blooded idiot that would break everyone in site if I didn’t get my way, so she let me in. I was, however, required to watch from other side of the 2 way mirror.

“Mr. Torriello. Do you know why you’re here?”

“Don’t’ treat me like I’m stupid! Of course I know. Becky Stillwater told everyone that I raped her! Lord, what will my mom think?”

“And you didn’t?”

“No. I was at home.”

“So we have been told. Your big friend has told us that you were busy doing… ahem... other things”

I was so embarrassed. Joes shackled fists clenched on the table.

“What? He said that?”

“Yes. Not too many men like that will out them selves for their friends. We will, of course, require a DNA sample from your... uhh… rectum to confirm this. But right now I want you to tell us what happened”

Joe immediately launched into how he had stopped in for a coffee at Starbucks and ran into Becky. She had wanted to get into his pants again and he had once again turned her down. She didn’t know he was gay. She was mad so she cried rape. The ultimate weapon for a spurned woman. The whole interview was over in 30 minutes. He had consented to providing two DNA samples. One from his ass and the other... well you can guess.

I phones home and told the boys what had happened. I also told them to stay away. The last thing I needed was the beef squad showing up at the station. We managed to get Joe out on bail the next day and took him home. It was no surprise that he wasn’t in the mood to have sex after having his name dragged through the mud in the papers. All that happened on Thursday. Everyone moped around the house for a few days and then we got a call from the police. Becky’s parents had insisted that a ‘rape kit’ be performed and the examiner (having been informed about the size of Joe’s bull) had pronounced that she had never had any kind of sex with anyone matching Joe’s DNA nor was she stretched out from such a large penis. All the charges were dropped and I called a meeting. I was dressed in the usual house wear (really tight short sweat cut-offs.) and paced up and down the living room in front of the boys looking pissed.

“This is the deal. Joe was almost ‘had’ by a woman. This is unacceptable. He should be had by a man instead!!”

In one swift maneuver I grabbed my crotch and totally ripped off my clothes, and then shoved my rapidly stiffening cock all the way in Joe’s mouth. All the others followed suit. I fucked Joes face for about ten minutes almost making him gag. Then I grabbed Paul’s dick hard and yanked him to me.

“Cub… Fuck your bears ass HARD”

It was like pure heaven. Paul slammed my ass with all he was worth. I fucked Joe’s mouth and Jerry was in Joe’s ass faster than you can say ouch. I hadn’t cum in days and my balls were literally three times their usual size (puffed up like grapefruits). Marc and Glen came over and started licking my ripe pits and pulling on my nips. I wasn’t going to last long. Paul howled and started to cum. That set me off. I shoved my dick all the way in Joe’s mouth and started to unload day’s worth of cum right into his gut. My balls were visibly shrinking back down to their usual massive size and Joe pulled off massaging his gut. Larry shot at least two gallons worth into Joe’s ass. Paul was still cumming. I couldn’t’ believe it. I watched my gut distend from the massive load that was being forced into my hole... I came again with a roar. Twenty minutes later we all finished. I told Paul to stay in my ass and had glen get a tarp. We laid Glen and Marc down on the tarp and then Paul pulled out. At the same time Jerry pulled out of Joe’s ass and together we forced out a river of cum onto our two cum pigs. Glen and Marc both moaned and shot their own massive loads adding to the mess then we all collapsed into the lake of cum making out.

After a brief sticky nap we took the tarp-o-cum outback and dumped it in the yard then hit the showers. I was happy, everything was back to normal.

The next day we all set out for our classes and the usual routine. Joe got a few strange looks from some people but it wasn’t too bad. In all the weeks confusion I had forgotten to extend the clan invitation to Rob from the art department. He was a big fella. Not too strong but big bones and plenty of padding. I slipped a note under his door telling him to come to this address if he was interested in ‘getting big’. Jerry had also spotted another guy buy the name of Neil so we both went to scope him out. I wasn’t too sure of this when Jerry told me he saw him in a garage off campus.

“Jerr I thought we were going to recruit students” I said walking to the customs/repair shop.

“He is a student. I did a bit of digging before I called you. He’s a criminal justice major.”

“Ah… Good to know” I said grinning.

When I saw him I knew Jerry had picked a winner. He was already beefy. Nice thick arms and legs with a killer smile. He gaped as we walked up.

“You’re Neil, right?” I said

“Yeah... I am. What can I do for ya?” he said looking both of us up and down.

“Well I have a proposition for you. Interested?”

“That depends on what it is.”

I got close enough to not be overheard by anyone else.

“You’re hot. How would you like to get big like us?”

“What? What do you mean big?”

“Just what I said. Big like me. You interested? I know you’re interested in my crotch”

He turned beat red. Caught in the act of checking another man out.

“I don’t know. Can we talk later? I don’t’ really have time now.”

“Sure… Here is my address. Come by after you get off work and I can show you everything you want to see.” And with that he nonchalantly tweaked his nip. A short gasp escaped his lips and I knew I had him.

“Hurry on over.” I said and then we left.

“So how did I do?” I said

“Damn boy. You made him hard in about two seconds.”

“Yeah… He’ll be over later.”

We walked back to the house and rounded everyone up.

“Were going to have a new guy over this evening, so I want everyone out of sight until he’s been ‘through the change.’ I don’t want him distracted.” They agreed and then we went about our business of cleaning and a bit of horse play.

At six that evening the doorbell rang and it was Rob. Everyone else hid and I showed him in.

“I see you got my note”

“Yeah I’ve seen you around campus. Your huge man and I wanna get big too.”

“You sure? Once you start you can’t turn back.”

“I’m sure. Hell I’m hard just lookin at you.”

“Good” I said with my most evil grin “Follow me”

I took him to the basement and showed him the table.

“Do you care about that shirt?”

“Umm… It’s just a shirt”

“Good. Take off your shoes and pants and get on the table”

Once he was strapped it I fed him a fairly generous portion of the juice. This big round butter ball was gonna get big and be my personal cum dump I decided. He started to change. Swelling and bulging everywhere. His shirt tore from the neck right down his gut and across his arms falling to the floor. His boxer briefs split at the crotch exposing his rapidly growing dick. I ripped the rest of his drawers off and started to man handle his tool. After he finished growing he laid there panting, his stiff dick in my hand while my other hand was lubing up my cock. He yelled when I punched all the way in. I fucked him for about 20 minutes before I felt like I was going to cum. I wanted to save it for Neil. I slammed all the way in and jerked his cock hard. This sent him over the edge and he started spraying everywhere. I cleaned everything up and then escorted him to my room where I told him that he was going to be my bitch tonight and then told Paul that he was to tease him until I returned but neither of them was allowed to cum. My nuts (which are normally the size of large oranges) were really swollen and I was anxiously awaiting Neil to come over. •

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