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The transformation had become something beyond sexual pleasure in its transference from fluid to sensual. Michael was finding this out as he and Blake completed the transformation. His senses were so overpowered by the action that he was oblivious to the conversation going on behind him. He was oblivious to everything except the man in his arms, within whose arms he was moving toward the next step in his evolution.

Their exchange couldn't be called sex in the usual sense, but at the same time is was greater than sex, more full and intense and satisfying. It was not a build up to orgasm, or even the thrumming bliss he could feel previously that was like cumming without cumming. What Blake was sharing with him, and what he shared back in equal measure, was a pleasure so deep and profound that cumming almost seemed like common giddiness.

He could feel this everywhere, inside and out. It was almost unbearable at first, but as he was transformed to Blake's level of masculine power, the quicksilver rush of ultimate perfect bliss filled him up rather than overpowered him.

And it felt better than sex.

And if this simple caressing and touching and kissing, his super sensitized skin pressing against Blake's, both men giving and receiving equal amounts of the aggressive sensuality that coated their flesh, what would sex feel like?

He could feel himself growing ever stronger in this man's arms. It was a slow, luxurious process that came at him in waves. He felt as if he was swallowing the power, that his muscles were being pumped full with it, full beyond capacity, so invigorated and powerful that he would explode in an incandescent ball of light.

When Blake released him and they looked into each other's eyes, of equal height now and of equal muscular power, he could see his sense of fulfillment mirrored in the young man's beautiful smile. "Thank you," he said simply.

Blake nodded once and said, "My pleasure."

Michael kissed Carlos with a gentle passion, cupping his partner's chin in his hands tenderly and brushing his lips against the other man's, leaving very soft kisses on his lips that gradually became more earnest, more wanting, more passionate. Carlos could feel himself being filled up with new power, his muscles recharged, renewed, growing thick with swelling brawn and capability.

Blake's hand moved down to grab Chuck's ass hard, sending a shock of masculine power into the other man like an electrical current. It was a hard, fast, sudden thrust of his power directly at Chuck's groin, Blake's fingers digging into the dark man's sweet, tight ass to deliver the charge where it would be felt most dramatically.

To Todd, he turned his face to the man and kissed his neck, licked his ear, brought their mouths together in a sudden, lustful kiss of tongues and lips, wet and hot and unrestrained. His hand rested against Todd's massive chest, feeding it even more size and strength. Blake could feel the other man expanding under his touch, and felt himself getting hard from the feeling.

Carlos wrapped his arms around Michael, feeling himself growing into the other man's larger embrace in moments. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, muscle to muscle, skin to skin, reflecting each other's love in as direct a method as possible, sharing everything and growing stronger physically in the process, expanding with force and capability together.

Chuck gasped, his eyes wide. He inflated with brawn, his muscles exploding with huge new growth as his legs lengthened, his chest broadened, his ass rising and rounding. Blake shoved everything at the man in that single, sudden touch and then Chuck was absorbing the surge of it, feeling himself growing everywhere, his dicks hard and huge and hungry.

Todd's progress continued, Blake trying a different method of delivery on the golden god. He passed his hands over Todd's body, infusing his muscles as he did so, allowing them to grow and swell under his hand. Todd moaned in ecstatic bliss, his body experiencing a mounting orgasm of growth delivered in almost torturous slowness, as if he were being stroked to exploding but not allowed to come. He could feel Blake's touch like a tongue or a kiss, a caress of adoring attention all over his body.

"Damn," growled Chuck, moving his hands across his improved expanse. He brushed his index finger across one nipple, his heightened senses delivering an intense tremor of sexual delight that shocked through his system like an orgasm. He lifted his arm, his latissimus flaring wide and huge, and sniffed at the sweat dripping there, his head filled with a sudden masculine tang of sex. He ran his hands down his body, across the new, augmented contours, the smooth hard muscle, the slick, beautiful skin, digging through his shining masses of fur.

His body was covered with a fine, soft forest of dark hair, each follicle reacting to his touch like an extension of his hyper-sensitive cocks, tingling with silver clean currents of blissful sexual tension. Some of the hairs were so fine that they could not even be seen, but the sense of pleasure they delivered was as full and deep and pure as the stiffer, thicker midnight forest of curls that covered his immense chest, or the trails of dark pleasure growing from the deep valleys between each cobbled abdominal, or the black line of fur running straight and true from his navel to his groin where it spread and thickened to a shining mass, catching the light with blue-silver gleams like cut glass, its density broken only by the heavy, thick roots of the twin dangling burdens that hung luscious and wanted between his gigantic, muscled thighs.

He reached down to his twin pricks and moved his touch along them, one hand along each meaty shaft, his breath coming in short, shallow bursts from the sudden and overwhelming intensity of pleasure they delivered. It was a profoundly satisfying feeling, delivered as full and heavy as his pair of monsters felt in his hands.

He allowed himself to get hard, feeling the newly born muscle inside each cock flex and bulge in perfect answer to his desires. His hands slid along their silken surfaces without the usual flood of clear honey, the skin itself now somehow slippery of itself without any slick fluid to lube the path. Experimenting, he found he could still produce the slick, sweet precum with as much abundance as he wished, sending a gushing flood out of his left cock while his right squirmed with unbounded bliss against his grip, the skin dry but welcoming his manipulations with ease and hunger.

"Damn," he growled again. He arched each dick and made the heads grow fat and glossy. He extended the tools farther and farther, each growing in harmony to the other. They were hard as steel to his touch, but pliable like hoses. He started to imagine the trouble he could cause with just one of these babies climbing its way up the fresh, unsuspecting ass of one of his daily conquests outside. If they thought their prostrate knew what pleasure was before, what would they think when he was tickling them with these?

"Damn." His soft utterance shook with potency. He looked over at the others.

Michael moved his mouth down Carlos's changing body. His hands kept delivering more and more strength and power, acting like conduits of what Blake had given to him.

To Carlos, it felt as though wherever Michael touched, he was achieving orgasm. His dick wasn't coming, but his arm was. His leg was. His belly, his shoulder, his chest, his ass. He could feel that same shining rush of bliss that his cocks delivered when he'd cum buckets, but he was feeling it everywhere all over, and it was meeting somewhere down deep inside him and building to something so intense that he was almost afraid of it.

Michael loved Carlos, and his caresses reflected his intense emotions, delivering to this man all that he had, sharing himself in the fullest sense possible, until he and Carlos were lifted into the air above the floor and began to explore each other's newly grown and enhanced bodies free of any chains or limitations.

They made love, deep and passionate, achieving their ultimate male perfection together, entwined in each other, floating free above the ground.

Todd was overcome. Overwhelmed. Delivered to someplace new and beautiful under Blake's careful ministrations. If his mind could function on any level other than pleasure, he'd marvel at the young man's talented hands and what they could do all by themselves.

But Blake was also currently sucking on one of Todd's mammoth cocks, feeling it change from the usual huge, stiff tool into one like Blakes, a prick with cruise control and power steering built in. The muscle that was already there changed somehow, became not just reactive to blood flow, but empowered with flex and stretch, able to bend and bulge and react to its owners demands. Todd began to feel the change in his head, feeling a dawning awareness that one dick was becoming subtly different from the other. He could feel the muscle down there as more than the usual firm heaviness pulsing along with his heart, getting fatter and hotter and harder. Now it was doing all that, but it was not merely some erection of tissue but an extension of his muscled power. It was like learning that the thing between his legs did more than empty his bladder when it was full. It was like discovering that it had new, incredibly gratifying uses as well. He could remember the first time he felt that tingling rush when he was climbing a pole during gym. He remembered waking up after a great dream and finding he'd wet himself, or something. He remembered touching his stiffening cock under the sheets one night, rubbing under its much larger helmet in the darkness, feeling its heat against his hand. He made a circle with his fingers and stroked his woody until he creamed all over his hand, his youthful muscles shoving the load onto his hairless belly. He remembered standing in the shower and repeating the action, watching in fascination as his small, flaccid dick swelled and rose. It pulsed dully with each heartbeat, the hot water splashing on his back as he bent watching himself change. Then he soaped it up and stroked it, and it got harder and harder. He closed his eyes against the pleasure of it, prying them open to watch himself cum, squirting out some weird white junk that was thick and sticky and hot. He tentatively brought his hand to his mouth, curiosity getting the better of him, and touched his tongue to what he made, tasting the chalky saltiness of himself.

Now he was feeling something new all over again. It was different from when he'd grown a second cock. It was huge, all right, and amazing. But it acted just like the first one, which he thought was quite all right. Great, even. Fabulous. Now he had two conduits of pleasure at his disposal, one for each hand, or one to stroke and one to suck.

But what was going on downstairs was like someone was turning on a light in his head. New perceptions opened up. He could move his cock. He could adjust it, flex it, make it bulge with strength and hardness. It was no longer a mere appendage at the whim of his pleasure, only either hard or soft.

It was more, much more than that. He started to stretch himself down Blake's throat, he could feel the young man's tongue against himself, he could curl himself, undulate, bend and swell. He had control, and it made his other dick feel positively lifeless in comparison.

And Blake could feel Todd's control manifest, and he swallowed his new friend fully, hungrily accepting the muscled snake that crawled into him. He reached toward Todd's other prick, hot against his cheek, and ran his tough along the shaft, sharing the power he held in his hand with the huge, pulsing monster until it, too, began to change under his care.

Todd's awareness expanded and he sighed a deep, contented sigh of pleasure and release. He had been changed.

Then Chuck's dicks were at his ass, begging admittance. •

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