High School Development


By Aardvark2

Wes awoke at four in the morning to the sound of his brother’s door banging shut. He’d only been asleep for an hour, but was wide awake after his nightly workout. Allison was completely out, and pulled the sheets tighter to herself to keep warm. Wes rolled out of bed and pulled on some track pants, his huge bulge poorly concealed and his wide, developed chest visible for all to see.

“Jamie? Why the fuck are you up so late?” He knocked on his little sibling’s door and heard movement in response, but no answer. “Jamie, open the fucking door.”

The door opened and Wes saw Jamie, white as a sheet and quivering. His face was caked with dirt and sweat, and his big green eyes were clouded. But the most visible change was his body – he had clearly grown two or three inches since Wes had seen him that afternoon.

“Jamie? What the fuck happened?”

Jamie grabbed Wes by the shoulders and yanked him inside the room. “I-I need help…I can’t go to Mom or Dad, and I hurt, I hurt really really bad…”

For the first time, Wes felt a connection with his little brother. He put his strong arms around Jamie and pulled him in closer. “Jamie, where were you?” His tone was caring but firm.

“I told you…some old house on the edge of town.” “No, I need to know which one.” “The one that’s haunted, I guess…it’s on Patton Street, I think.”

The old Wes, not the ripped senior tight end but the young, puny freshman, was in full force. “Oh, shit, Jamie. You snorted it, didn’t you?”

“That’s why I can’t go to Mom and Dad, cause they’ll get mad at me. But I was curious, I was really really curious.” “So was I.”

Jamie’s eyes, which had been distant, looked right into Wes’. Everything that had been so unclear was now crystal. His eyes clamped shut and he fainted into Wes’ arms.

The elder Taylor was strong enough to support Jamie, picking him up and carrying him to bed. He tucked him in, then lightly touched his cheek. A tear rolled down the jock’s face, but he quickly brushed it away.

“Bye, Jamie.”


Jamie woke up at noon, and his room was hotter than an oven. His face and body was wet with sweat, and his sheets had long since been pushed onto the floor.

And man, was he sore. It felt like he had no control over his body, like all his nerves were dead. It felt as if he’d been working out for five hours.

He looked down at his glistening naked body, stretched across the bed. The most noticeable change was his skin, darkened from pale wintery white to a California bronze tan. His stick-thin frame had had a few pounds added to it, and his muscles had gained some volume. The changes, for the most part, weren’t terribly noticeable – and he knew no one would notice.

It was when he hopped onto his feet, though, that his perspective changed. Everything in the room was much lower than it had been before, and his feet seemed terribly far away. A tape measure he’d been using for shop class quickly proved that he was now 5’9”, having grown five inches in twelve hours.

The good news was that every memory was intact, and he didn’t have different mannerisms…and he knew he was changing, which was something he knew Wes hadn’t been aware of. The whole dual memory-sub-conscience thing was so trippy that Jamie didn’t even bother to delve into it.

He looked through his dresser drawers, now full of jock straps and muscle shirts, as he’d expected. He didn’t want to change, but as long as he had control over his mind, he could cling to his sanity.

He found the most normal thing he could – faded jeans that happened to be super tight, and a red polo, supposed to be tight but wound up being just baggy on his newly tall, slim frame.

He used the bathroom and, just like Logan, Owen, and Wes before him, checked himself out in the mirror. He had to admit he looked pretty good – his hair had been brown and stringy, but now possessed a glistening sheen and a shorter length than the previous day. His body had, as mentioned before, filled out a little bit, and it gave him a healthier figure.

His mother had made Wes and Jamie – or her “two studs”, as she called them, which creeped him out – bacon, eggs, and sausage for breakfast. Jamie wasn’t usually a big eater but he snarfed down his whole portion, just as Wes did. The most unusual thing for the day was that one of Wes’s sexy conquests was nowhere to be found. She must have sneaked out early, Jamie reasoned. Wes and Jamie were both aware that their parents weren’t thrilled with Wes’ inordinately active sex life, but they did nothing to prevent it.

Wes was looking especially like a model today, wearing a crisp shirt and tie for what he called a “football meeting.” He jangled his keys. “C’mon, Jamie, we’re gonna be late.”

Jamie was confused. “Huh?” “For school…” Wes raised his eyebrows and waved his hands in front of his brother’s face. “Wake up, Big J.” Jamie’s mind was reeling…he’d gone to junior high before while Wes went to the high school, but now they went to the same school. Which meant, at the very least, Jamie was now in 9th grade. Two years older.

Wes leaned down to receive his mother’s peck on the cheek, then asked her to buy Jamie a car so they could stop having to carpool. “It’s embarrassing, Mom!” Mrs. Taylor just laughed and rolled her eyes, and Wes was clearly not pleased.

Jamie, to his own surprise, had to lean down to receive a kiss, too. •

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