Egyptian, The

By iangecko

In my tent I carefully unrolled the papyrus that I had bought in the markets. The previous owner assured me it was exactly what I was looking for. And indeed it was. I had been on the trail of a little known pharaoh named Anas. The few references I had discovered hinted at a man of unusual size and muscularity who was revered among a sect of male priests. This papyrus was from their temple, yet undiscovered. As I continued to unroll the papyrus it became obvious why this man was worshiped. The drawings of Anas were not in the traditional style. Instead they were quite realistic. He was pictured with braod muscular shoulders, a deep chest supporting thick pecs, a tight muscular waist and legs like pillars of granite and thick muscular arms. And from his crotch, above two balls the size of oranges, stood a massive phallus that reached to his chest . I could feel my own cock rising as I gazed at this magnificent man. As more of the papyrus unrolled, the greater my excitement. The hieroglyphics described and showed in great detail many of the rituals that were performed in the temple by a group of priests whose body proportions rivaled that of their pharaoh.. The centre of worship was the pharaoh, himself, and the priests apparently could do anything, it seemed, to satisfy their every sexual fantasy. One ritual, however, attracted my attention more than the others. It showed an opening of the mouth ritual in which a peasant was brought to the temple and was forced swallow the gigantic shaft of the pharaoh and suck him dry. The successful participant was rewarded with a body transformation and became a priest in the temple, attending to the pharaoh's every need.

Just then, Hassan, my young assistant came into the tent. Hassan was a tall, athleticallly built young Egyptian who had also dedicated himself to the discovery of Anas's burial place. Nothing had ever happened between us but I had often fallen asleep at night fanasizing about sucking his long Egyptian cock which I had seen on several occasions when he was washing himself down after a hard day in the field and stroking the lithe muscles that rippled under his dark brown skin.

"Hassan, come an look at this. I think I've found what we're looking for."

He came and looked over my shoulder and translated the hieroglyphics and took in the images. I could hear him groan gently under his breath.

"What do you think, Hassan?"

He placed his hands on my shoulders and squeezed ever so gently, something he had never done before and replied, " I think you're right,"

He stood there for a moment and then realized what he was doing.

"Forgive me, master. I did not me...." he stammered.

"Don't worry about it, Hassan, It was nothing," I said, trying to reassure him.

He hurried out of the tent and I'm sure that, under his galebeha, his Egyptian manhood was standing as tall and erect as mine.

I examined the papyrus in detail well into the night until I was sure I had pinpointed the final resting place of Anas, the magnificent.

The next morning Hassan arrived and was very quiet not making eye contact with me. I walked up to him and cupped his chin in my hand and lifted his eyes to mine.

"Hassan, it's ok to touch another man." I said to him.

"But, master, you don't understand. I've wanted to do that since I first met you and I did not know how you would react. It is not the done thing in Egypt to feel that way about another man." he said.

" If it makes you feel any better, Hassan, I've felt the same about you, too." and I let my hand slide down over his chest, across his stomach and let it rest on his cock. He smiled as it jerked to life under my touch.

"But we've got work to do. Let's see what the day brings."

We headed off to the Temple of Anas and began to search for the hidden chamber that held his remains and the secret of his powers.

It was after hours of examining the tomb thoroughly that I discovered a small niche in the lower section of a wall at the rear of a small room. There was just enough room to slide in one finger. I felt a metal catch which I triggered with a flick of my finger. In an instant the floor on which I knelt tipped and I slid into a gaping shaft. I don't know how far I fell but I hit the bottom with a thud that knocked the wind out of me and then the blackness closed around me.

I woke with the sound of Hassan's voice ringing in my ears.

"Master, are you ok?" His voice echoed down to me from the top of the shaft, his body outlined against the light of a lantern.

I struggled to my feet and, apart from a few aches where bruises would appear later, I seemed to be fine.

"Yes, I think so."

I dusted myself down and began to feel around the walls.

" Hassan, lower that lantern for me. I think I've found another pasage."

When it finally swung down, there was indeed another passage leading off to the north.

"I'm going to explore, Hassan. while I'm gone, go and get help."

He disappeared and I ventured into the blackness. At first the walls were devoid of any decoration but gradually pictures and hieroglyphs began to appear. Soon the walls were covered with the same ones that I had seen on the papyrus and my excitement became obvious as I gazed on the magnificent body of Anas and his exploits. Finally the passage opened into a large chamber and, there in the centre, stood the stone sarcophagus of the king.

I placed the lantern on the floor and began to examine it. Once again images of the pharaoh and his muscular physique were everywhere. I just about blew my load as I ran my hands over the granite hard carvings. At each corner of the lid was a carving of a thick, flacid penis overhanging two massive balls. Each was rendered in fine detail with veins snaking their way across the surface. I slid my fingers around one and felt a surge of excitement course thru my body. In the centre of the narrow end of the sarcophagus was the open mouthed image of the pharaoh with two of his priests standing either side of him, cocks huge and erect. I ran my free hand over the image and felt the the smooth contours of the mouth and the gaping hole at its centre. My fingers probed the hole and felt only the smooth stone. Before I knew it I had freed my raging hard on and had inserted it in the hole and was now pushing it in and out while gripping onto each of the carved cocks at the corners. I could not believe how good I felt. My cock slid so easily into the smooth slot and seemed to grow thicker at every plunge, fitting more and more snugly. I now felt as though something was starting to suck the juices out of me. Each time I plunged in it was harder to extract my cock. I began to panic but I could do nothing to stop. I was being drawn on by an irresistible force. I could feel the excitement rising deep in my groin and I was powerless to stop it. Load after load hurled from my cock and was sucked into the hole as if by a hidden mouth.

I extracted my cock and, with my sexual desire still unsatisfied, I rushed to the other end of the sarcophagus. There, carved into the stone, was sensous curves of the royal arse flanked by two more erect phalluses. I knew what I was driven to do. Grasping the stone cocks I plunged my still erect cock into the smooth hole and began to fuck it with renewed vigor. Each thrust brought me closer to the inevitable crescendo. And came it did. With one final lunge I shot another massive load into the depths of the stone cavity. I staggered back and collapsed on the floor and watched as the lid ao the sarcophagus slid from its resting place and crashed to the floor with a thunderous noise. Clouds of dust billowed up and settled.

What did the sarcophagus contain? I got to my feet and edged over to the side and peered in. I gasped. Lying there as if he had only just been laid to rest was the body of the pharaoh. Not wrapped in bandages but as naked as the day he was born save for the mask that covered the face. And what a magnificent body it was. The tomb paintings did him no justice. He was huge!

I cast my eyes over the huge, flared pectorals, each sporting a large, round, dark brown nipple. The massive canonball shoulders ...the massive, thick arms and sinewy forearms...the incredible ridges of his tight narrow waist. And there my gaze froze. Between the gigantic thighs, stretching almost to his knees was his long, thick manhood. Covered in a maze of veins with the bulbous head protruding from a tight foreskin, it was as thick as my arm. I leaned forward and laid a tentative hand on this monster. But it was as hard and as cold as stone. I was shocked. What lay before me was only a stone statue cleverly carved and painted. I was disappointed to say the least. However I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by. I quickly stepped out of my clothes and climbed up onto the statue. Straddling the cold stone replica, my cock soon stood to attention as I ran my hands over the vast expanse of its chest, feeling the size of the huge pecs and the hardness of the nipples so carefully rendered in stone. It was then I noticed the hieroglyphs on the front edge of the death mask which covered his face. They read.....Your seed awoke me from sleep.

Take mine and rich rewards you'll keep.

Remove the mask, my face, to see

To achieve your final destiny.

Very carefully I leaned forward and lifted the golden mask from its resting place. As soon as it was removed, an amazing thing happened. Starting from his head the form of the pharaoh began to change from cold hard stone into warm living flesh. In a matter of moments I was sitting astride the living breathing pharaoh. His eyes opened and stared into mine and, in my mind, I heard him say, 'My servant, it is time to perform the Opening of the Mouth.' I needed no prompting. I swiveled around on his rock hard stomach and reached for his cock which was now limp and warm to the touch. As soon as it was in my grasp I began to stroke it and it responded. Oh, how it responded.

It lengthened and thickened until it stood hard and erect in my hand. Before my eyes it began to ooze precum. The clear liquid dribbled down the shaft and over my hand , making stroking a more sensuous experience. Suddenly I felt my buns being grasped from behind. A quick glance revealed that the pharaoh had indeed come to life and he had parted my buns and his long muscular tongue was probing my arse.. I gripped his cock in fear but soothing thoughts projected into my brain reassured me that I would come to no harm. I lifted my arse back and lowered it on his face and then did what I had been longing to do since I had set eyes on this monster in my grasp. I opened my mouth, pulled back the stretched foreskin to reveal the swollen head and tried to slide it in. It was so big that my lips barely get over the vermillion head. But, at that same moment. I felt my arse tingle as the pharaoh's tongue began to force an entry. A bolt of energy surged through me. I groaned in extacy as it coursed through my body. From that moment that fabulous member slid into my mouth with ease. In fact with each successive downward push more and more of this monster slid down my throat. I was in extacy. I couldn't get enough of this giant royal serpent. When it wasn't down my throat, I had both hands on it stroking up and down its incredible length lubricating it with the copious flow of that oozed out of the slit.

As I leaned forward to take the serpent again, my hips were lifted and pulled closer to the pharaoh's head. I glanced between my legs and watched my cock disappear into his mouth. I groaned again as he began to suck with such force that I thought I would explode then and there. I didn't and I plunged my mouth down, down, down until my nose nestled in the sparse pubic hair that surrounded his shaft. I gulped for air to breathe, for air to moan in pleasure, and for air to help seal the vacuum around the Master's head! Droplets of cream mingled with my saliva, I knew it was nearing, that point that every man of age knows. That point when you can

feel the cum building in the base of your cock, deep in the pit of your pendulous balls. You can feel it rise like the tides of the sea, inching closer and closer to the base of the shaft. Then the feeling of it rising!

Rising as the heat rises, like mercury in a thermometer, it rises and rises and then SURGE after glorious orgasmic SURGE!!! Out rushes the gummy milk of passion. The nectar of the Gods! I could not resist the

prolonging of his orgasm any longer.

It was then that I felt the shaft jerk and a quiet voice in my head warned me of what was to come. Whatever happened I was not to release my mouth until it was over. I felt one last suck on my own cock and released my load and felt the first surge of juice force its way up the his swelling shaft. It erupted and just about knocked my head back. I was now sucking and swallowing the sweet juices as fast as I could. I felt as if I would burst as it continued to surge and erupt in quick succession. I could feel my stomach bloating with the immense quantity I was ingesting.

Just then the voice in my head sighed long and deep and said "It is done."

I let the thick, reddened monster slide from my throat and let it flop onto his belly as my cock, too, was released from his mouth. I began to slide from the sarcophagus when everything went black and I tumbled to the ground.

When I woke my head was nestled in Hassan's lap as he mopped my face with a damp cloth.

"Oh, master, you are awake. Thank Allah." he gasped. His eyes were wide with fear and uncertainty.

"Master, what has happened here?"

I raised my head. "O nothi...." I didn't finish. I looked down at myself. I was still naked but the body in front of me was not the one I came into the tomb with. My chest, shoulders and arms were huge , thick and covered with veins that snaked their way under paper thin skin. I sat up and ran my hands over the massive muscles that erupted from my body as I moved. A surge of excitement rushed through me that exploded from my groin. I looked down at the huge organ that nestled between my huge thighs. It lay there as thick as a salami supported by two orange sized balls. I drew in a deep breath as it started to expand. It began to swell and slide down my thigh. Hassan by this time had dropped to his knees and, with his mouth agape, watched the monster rise to full mast with keen interest. As it lifted into the air he stretched a tentative hand forward and grasped it in his curled fingers. He held it and began to stroke it as it grew thicker and longer. In less than thirty seconds it was so big his fingers could not touch around its girth.

All this time Hassan's eyes never met mine. He was so intent on my cock which now stood hard and erect. Thick veins snaked all over it and its swollen head shone as precum began to ooze in copious amounts from the pulsing eye. Hassan bent forward and began to lick the sticky fluid from the head and from where it dripped down the shaft. I let out a groan. He stopped and turned to look at me. He smiled sheepishly, "Master, I ...."

He never finished. I gently pushed his face down on to my cock and he never looked up again. He licked and sucked every turgid inch of that monster until I thought I'd blow my load a hundred times but Hassan turned out to be skilful in the ways of pleasuring me. Finally he took the swollen head in his mouth and began to take it in. When it hit the back of his throat, he paused and then continued. His neck swelled visibly as it slid further in. With a final push his face buried in the forest of pubic hair surrounding my shaft. Then Hassan began to do an incredible thing. As I watched he began to flex the muscles in his neck which sent waves pleasure up and down the captive shaft. I arched my back and screamed as my cock began to pulse in time with his contractions. I felt the surge of juice begin at my churning balls, thunder along the shaft and finally explode into the waiting gullet of my tormentor. With each surge I responded with deep gutteral groans of pleasure and deep thrusts of my cock. When I finally shot my last load, Hassan slowly released my shaft and, still holding onto it, he licked the last drops that oozed from the gaping slit and trickled down the veined, swollen monster. He leaned back on his haunches and slipped his gallebeha over his head. His body glistened with sweat and his own shaft stood erect, its head straining to be released from the stretched foreskin.

As I sat and watched he began to sweat even more profusely and his breathing became faster. Before my eyes he began to change as I did. His body began to grow steadily larger. Pectorals and shoulders thickened, arms swelled and his back erupted with swollen mounds that competed for room. His skin thinned until veins bulged and snaked their way over every inch of his body. And, his cock thickened and lengthened until it stood 18 inches from his groin and his balls hung like lemons in a sac.

I watched wide eyed until the transformation was complete. Wild sexual thoughts raced thru my mind. Images of us entwined in an orgy of sexual desire flashed through my mind. I stood up and walked over to my faithful assistant and helped him to his feet. Muscles bulged all over him. For a moment I looked into his dark eyes then, knowing instinctively that it was what we both wanted, I pulled him to me and smothered his lips with mine. Our bodies pressed together held apart only by two throbbing shafts of man meat. Our tongues delved deep into each others mouths raising our excitement to boiling point. I released him from my grasp and stepped back a little to view this demi god of creation. His muscular chest was heaving with desire. I ran my hands over his round shoulders and lingered on his massive pecs and tweaked each of his erect nipples which quickly became the focus of my flicking tongue and moist lips. Hassan pushed down on my shoulders forcing me slowly down until I was face to face with his twitching cock. I drank in the sight of this thick muscular rod of flesh, steel hard and covered with engorged veins. The swollen head was still partly enclosed with foreskin and was oozing drops of precum. I glanced up at him. He smiled and nodded his approval. In one slow movement I opened my mouth as wide as I could and enclosed the swollen head sliding my tongue under the skin and circled the tip slowly in the salty juices. He groaned deeply and pushed his eager shaft deeper into my mouth. But I resisted, wanting to savour every inch of this monster. The head was now released from its confines and I began to suck and tongue every part of it. Precum was now trickling out like a leaky tap, a delicious entree of what was to follow.

I now began to let Hassan take over, He had grasped my head and slowly forced his member deeper and deeper. I was surprised at how easily I took it. My throat expanded to take its length and girth until my nose was buried in the forest of pubic hair surrounding it and I could feel his two massive balls gently bumping my chin rhythmically as he thrust hips forward and back. I then began a slow withdrawal feeling every inch of it with my tongue before once again engulfing it. As I began to feel more comfortable with this monster inside me, I began to increase my speed and added to his pleasure by positionong my mouth at different angles as I drove in on top of it. All the while my hands were wandering over his thick muscular thighs and tight buns that flexed into hard mounds of flesh as his hips thrust forward. I took only a few moments for me to finally insert a wriggling finger.

Hassan thrust forward and groaned.

"More, master, more," he gasped. And I obliged, slipping a second and then a third as deep as they would go. My other hand had now found his balls, large and hanging loosely from beneath his cock. I hefted them, feeling their weight and, imagining the load that was building ready for release,

I rolled them gently with my fingers. But, before I could do anything more, Hassan threw his head back and thrust his hips forward pushing his shaft even deeper as he exploded in massive load after massive load. After the first few copious amounts began to erupt from my mouth, I allowed his cock to slide out and I was able to swallow. Before I could regain control, his cock had erupted again and splattered thick streams of cum over my face. All I could was to hold the convulsing monster steady and open my mouth to catch the rest. With each jerk of his cock I could feel it swell momentarily before spurting the load. I stroked his spasming shaft and caught as much of his juice in my eager mouth. Finally the flood slowed to a trickle and I was able to plunge it into my mouth again to suck the last of his cum. I let it slide out of my mouth and stroked its full length feeling its size and strength. I looked up at Hassan who smiled down at me.

It was then that I felt the same tingling sensation all over that I had felt in the tomb. I looked down at my chest and watched as the juice that had spilt there moments before was absorbed into my skin and my pecs were beginning to enlarge. I rubbed the swelling mounds of muscle and felt at the same time a mat of coarse hair beginning to grow all over them. In minutes a fuzz of short hair covered my pecs and trailed down to my navel.

My other hand was still clasping a cock that was slowly growing limp. I allowed it to slide out of my hand and rest on the huge swollen balls that began to slowly drop. I stood up and faced Hassan. My own cock had slackened too but as I gazed on that magnificent body it began to stir again.

I ran my hand over his chest and said, as I collected a drizzle of cum from the deep groove between his pecs, "How about we clean up with a shower?"

"I would enjoy that very much," he smiled.

"And so would I," I replied as I draped my arm around his shoulder and led him off to the bathroom. •

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