Deal's A Deal, A


By Ender

“Donald Duckworth? What were his parents thinking about or was it ‘smoking’ when they saddled Donnie with that name?” thought Tony as he watched little Donnie trying to play basketball with the other boys. It wasn’t that Donnie was a bad player. His skill at the game was well beyond that of most of the players on the varsity team. But being several inches less than 5 foot and weighing in at less than 100lb Donnie was at a distinct disadvantage. The catcalls about Donald Duck didn’t faze Donnie. Nor did the battering he took when the other boys decided to take the ball from him. When he did have the ball Donnie would run rings around the bigger boys and he could drive to the basket consistently but it was easy to block his shots and with even the smaller of the other kids out weighing him by twenty or thirty pounds he would lose if the other boy got physical with him. Tony grinned to himself and started to phrase want he wanted for Donnie in his mind but stopped. He had already attracted too much attention to himself with the enhancements he had made to Brian, Shane, and Andy. “I need to keep this from pointing back to me but the double memories from Mike, no it’s Mick now, are too confusing…” Tony thought to himself. “Maybe I could spread the change over a few weeks so Donnie and everyone else think he just had a major growth spurt,” Tony grinned to himself and he rephrased his concept for the new Donnie. “You’re going to have a lot of surprises over the next few weeks Donnie,” Tony chuckled to himself.

Donnie rolled out of bed and padded off to the bathroom. Donnie was still half asleep when he pulled his dick out of his shorts for his first piss of the day. As his mind cleared he realized that something was different. Donnie had been late starting puberty but the idea of waking to slight changes in his body had become fairly common. But he would swear that the dick he was holding was twice the size it was last night. Donnie grinned as he finished relieving himself, then he stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower. He quickly lathered up and rinsed but not without checking out his new endowment. As he stepped out of the shower he was startled by what he saw in the mirror instead of the smooth childlike body with a thin layer of baby fat that had always greeted him, He saw the ripple of muscle. Not a lot but it was there the faint trace of a six-pack, a bit of definition in his quads and biceps, and chest. In delight, Donnie started to flex for himself in the mirror grinning and giggling all the while, until he heard his mom calling to him that if he didn’t get out of the bathroom now he would be late for school. Still grinning Donnie dashed back to his bedroom and pulled on his baggy jeans and oversized tee shirt. He did notice that his sneakers felt a bit snug, but he just shrugged it off. Donnie grabbed a pack of pop-tarts and kissed his mom as he ran out the door with his backpack slung over one shoulder.

Tony had lingered around the school entrance to get a look at his most recent handy work. The grin on Donnie face told Tony that his gift to Donnie had been well received.

Saint smiled as he watch the events unfold on the “Looking Glass” and nodded. •

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