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"That could be... useful," admitted Todd, smiling.

Carlos looked dubious. "That's certainly new." His face showed that the full implications of a prehensile prick started manifesting in his mind. Then he said, "By all appearances he seems to have achieved his ultimate state. I mean, well, just look at the guy."

Chuck licked his lips. "I know, and shit do I ever agree, but I think one of us would remember rubbing up against something that big - and more particularly two somethings that act like muscled fuck snakes - even during that sweaty fun fest."

Michael was nodding. "Judging by what we've seen in every case before, he should have also experienced that growth. And I would think that, since we're talking about Blake here, they'd be, well, impossible to ignore."

"Is someone going to explain what the hell you're talking about, or do I have to start sucking some dicks?" His own were again hanging in limp glory over his enlarged nutsack.

Chuck's own cocks had swollen to partial erection, as had Todd's. "Think you could tone down that vocal power, Blake? Your voice is making it very hard to concentrate."

"Sorry," he said shortly. "You'll learn to moderate it in time," advised Michael, speaking from experience. "It's like anything else about your new, improved body and its capabilities. It'll obey your commands when you learn all their extents. Which, by the looks of things, are certainly extensive extents." He smiled and cocked an eyebrow, glancing at Blake's new twins.

Blake smiled back. "Giant prick thing," he reminded them.

Carlos related, in detail, the mechanics normally involved with the final stages of the transformation that Blake had either not yet achieved or merely skipped over.

"Damn," he said. "That sounds like fun."

"It's all fun, Blake. The real question is, did you inherit our powers and did you bring anything new to the mix?"

"Besides the..." he started, as his dicks danced between his legs like charmed serpents.

Michael spoke up. "Not that having independently controllable dicks is anything to sneeze at. And I think we all can attest he has my skin sensitivity."

"Fuck yeah, he does," agreed Chuck. "Touching that boy is like licking an exposed 10,000 watt electrical cable filled with sex."

"Nicely put," joked Brad.

"I have my moments."

"And was the scent us, or him?"

Blake considered Todd's question and knew the answer, suddenly realizing what the guy meant about simply knowing your body's abilities. Without answering directly, he allowed a slim whisper of his man scent into the room. Its potency was immediately obvious when all four men and their combined 8 dicks were overcome with ecstatic lust.

"Holy mother fucking..." breathed Chuck.

Todd was gasping for air, breaking out in a sweat of passionate need. "I think that answers... oh, Jesus Mary and Joseph pull that stuff back in, Blake. Oh, holy fucking..."

The young man laughed softly and retracted the scent. His control was absolute. "You really need to be careful with that," advised Michael. "Considering that the four men in front of you have the greatest protection against its effects, releasing so much without testing it was..."

"That was hardly any at all, Michael," answered Blake, truthfully. "But it certainly was interesting."

"Hardly any?"

Blake nodded. "A drop in the ocean."

"Whoa," said Carlos, uncharacteristically.

Chuck was grinning madly. "Can you fly, Blake? Please say yes, you motherfucking little prick teaser, you."

"Flatterer," he answered. Tentatively, he closed his eyes and tried to imagine what it would feel like to be flying. He expected he would simply lift up, free of gravity's pull, and he listed himself on tiptoe expecting to float up like a balloon.

Todd realized the problem and began to explain that there really weren't any laws of nature to be broken, that the floating and flying was an illusion of sorts. What was really happening was that they...

"You can see the air," finished Blake. "You can use it to lift yourself, like a sort of reverse bench press."


So Blake did it, and it was incredible. He dangled awkwardly at first, but was soon floating like a feather, diving like a stone, swooping through the pockets of air like a pro - if such a thing as a professional naked flyer existed.

"Oh man, I am so hot right now."

"Steady, Chuck."

"This is certainly interesting," remarked Carlos. "He appears to have gained all our abilities without going through a final-stage transformation using his own emissions."

"Emissions?" asked Blake, returning reluctantly to the ground again. "The giant prick thing."


"So," summed up Todd, "he's got the smell, the touch, the flying, the muscle, the morph..."

"We seen the morph?" asked Chuck.

Blake morphed for him, but added a new twist to the game when he actually managed to morph smaller than his new 12-foot height as well, almost as an afterthought. "Like that?" He stood much shorter than the muscular giants, but would be a head taller than almost anyone he would be likely to meet in the real world, a 6-foot 6-inch model of male perfection, with a gymnast's body and a midnight mane of straight, silky hair reaching to his gorgeous ass. His green eyes had become almost as dark as his hair, and a smooth shadow of whiskers highlighted the sculpted structure of his face. He smiled with his full lips as he looked down to watch one giant dick seemingly disappear, so that although he was still incredibly well developed and equally physically beautiful, he could more or less wander around the neighborhood back home without causing traffic accidents - or at least not major ones.

"You aren't supposed to be able to do that," added Michael, a touch of pride in his voice.

Blake returned to 'normal,' swelling before them in a matter of moments to regain his overtly powerful form. Watching his muscles swell so quickly was almost like watching a cartoon. "Do what?"

"We can control our muscles and skin, hair, eye color. We can't control skeletal. We can't get smaller."

"Or taller," added Todd. "Taller?" he asked Blake.

Who became taller, stretching another foot closer to the ceiling and another couple of feet wider.

"Taller," smiled Chuck.

"So far, so good," smiled Chuck, rubbing his hands together. "How do I get me some of what you're selling, Blake?"

The young man smiled broadly, his face suddenly reflecting that underneath all that perfect power he was still just a teenager. "I'm ready when you are, Chucker." His dicks seemed to reach out toward the other man.

Michael reached out and grabbed them gently, then suddenly pulled his hand back as if he'd been bitten. "What the hell," he asked softly. He moved his hand out tentatively toward the surface of one of Blake's amazing cocks, placing his fingertips on the tight, huge shaft. It seemed to turn to look at him, extending itself toward his touch.

Blake was smiling again as his control over these twin terrors continued to manifest. Michael's gentle touch on him felt extremely great, even the lightest brushing of skin to skin sending spasms of pleasure through him. He asked, "What?" The combination of the surging sexual bliss delivered through Michael's touch and his own growing sense of strength combined to push a maximum dose of his erotic vocal strength into the single word.

Michael seemed to tense as if hit with something in the pit of his stomach. He involuntarily gripped Blake fully, grabbing the snake cock in his hand, making Blake firm himself up and swell. "He's..." began Michael.

"Isn't he, though," joked Chuck.

"Shut up. He's?" asked Todd.

"He's giving me..."

"What the hell is going on?"

Carlos went, "Whoa," again as he realized the implications.

Todd asked, "Whoa? Whoa, what?"

"I have a theory about Blake's lack of a... giant prick thing." Chuck laughed that Carlos, of all of them, called the final transformation that. The doctor continued, watching the exchange intently, "I believe the reason Blake never manifested the usual huge erection was that, simply put, he didn't need to."

"And why is that?"

Carlos nodded at the two men, who had both now closed their eyes and seemed to be in a trance of some sort. "Because the transformation is now direct."

"So... wait, you mean, so he's... they're...I'm... wait a second, how...?"

"It's so good to have the old Chucker back," said Todd, slapping his friend on the back.

"I think that what we're witnessing is the next logical step in the process."

Michael moved toward Blake, and the young man approached the other and their arms wound around each other. The men began to kiss and caress each other with growing intensity and passion. The others in the room could feel a heat coming off the pair, a growing fire swelling in power. Their hands roamed each other's bodies. They kissed, they nuzzled, they embraced. As they did, it became apparent that Michael was growing. From behind, they could see his shoulders swell and widen. His legs were also growing thicker. His whole back was a topographical map of muscle, bulging in powerful masses everywhere.

"So Blake is giving Michael what he has?"

"Sharing it rather than giving it, if you want to be precise." Carlos's brow wrinkled as his began to process the scene going on in front of him. "The touch, for lack of a better name, is an extension of the natural sensual reaction of the caress of skin on skin, which humans find comforting..."

"And erotic if it's done right," added Chuck, needlessly.

"And in Michael that sense was heightened to an extent that there was, I suppose you could call it, feedback. The more sensitive the skin, for example at the erogenous zones, the more intense the feedback. It is as if his skin is proactively sensual, aggressively physical, almost reaching outside itself to give and receive pleasure."

"Sounds good to me."

"Evidently, we've passed on all our enhanced capabilities to Blake in whatever form and at the maximum strength that any one of us, alone, enjoys - and, as suspected, his unique genetic make-up has welcomed those enhancements and combined them, enhanced the enhancements, taken them to another level."

"And so," concluded Todd, "rather than passing on his enhancements by fluid means, the touch sense has combined the transference capability and he's capable of improving another man's genetic structure..."

"Merely by touching him."

Chuck laughed. "I don't know that you'd call what's going on between those two horn dogs 'merely touching,' Carlos."

Carlos smiled. "Well, clearly the transference is a pleasurable experience." He quirked his head slightly as he watched Michael and Blake. "I wonder if such dramatic coupling is actually necessary, though."

"Is that jealousy I hear, Doctor?"

Carlos looked taken aback. "Not at all. I know Michael loves me." He smiled to himself. "I was merely wondering at the possibilities inherent in this turn of events."


"Meaning that assuming that this capability is the same as the others, Blake - and whomever he chooses to share it with - should be able to control the extent of the transference. He might be able to shake someone's hand and pass it along, transmitting the full brunt of his power through that gesture. He could kiss a man and make him swell with muscle in a matter of moments."

"Would it also mean that he could maybe do this without touching someone?"

"I don't follow, Todd."

He turned to look at the doctor, pulling his gaze from where Michael was quickly approaching Blake's dimensions and power. "The male scent. I mean, if the DNA changes could be manifested through his skin, couldn't they also find their way into whatever the scent release is?"

"That would be... radical." Chuck's eyes went wide.

"So, conceivably, Blake here could be walking along the street and look at a guy who turns him on, or for that matter any guy whether he turned him on or not, and launch a little scent missile his way, encapsulating his transforming faculty in it and then stand back and watch the guy start splitting his seams, swelling larger and larger, becoming a wet dream walking right then and there."

"Conceivably. But we aren't sure that it will work for us. Remember that Michael already possessed the Touch. Perhaps it is necessary for both men to be..."

"Or," said Chuck excitedly, "he could saunter into a bar, sit quietly in the corner, start pumping out the sex stink and sit back while the guys started exploding out of their clothes, growing twin monster, sweating their own sex stink until the whole place was one, big, sweaty orgy of muscle-packed beauties all growing bigger and more powerful as they fucked and sucked each other to ultimate ecstasy."

"Conceivably," repeated Carlos. "Although that sound more like something you would enjoy."

"You bet your fine, perfect ass."

"But first," said a voice swollen with sexual power, "it's your turn." Blake lifted his finger and beckoned Chuck to him. Michael was already walking toward Carlos. Todd looked a little disappointed until Chuck grabbed him and they both got wrapped up in Blake's huge embrace. •

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