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Josh and Mark were both ok students, they got normal grades and were fairly popular. Though most of that popularity came from the fact that they were both twins, and they weren't just twins they were identical twins. To see both hunks walking down the halls you had to take a double look... The girls all fawned over them, but the boys remained single. What the school didn't know was that in actuality, Josh and Mark were gay, and while at home alone they would make out and have sex together.

Josh was 6'2" with a nice smooth chest perfect pecs and abs and a thick 8" dick, and the same went for Mark. They would kiss and fall asleep together, sometimes Josh would fuck and blow his load into Mark and they would wake up in the morning like that, or vice-versa. Josh and Mark wanted to keep their str8 image though..., they didn't want to loose their popularity.

For the school science fair they wanted to do something special and win the 1st prize, a 2,000 dollar shopping spree at the mall. Josh and Mark thought hard and long about what they could do... the fair was a month away and they had to do something. Time went on and they were stumped. Then finally a week b4 the fair Josh told Mark that they should grow a large tomato, or something... like to end world hunger. They would be sure to win then.

They worked on it the whole week, the tomato barely grew at all. It was the day b4 the fair and Josh and Mark both stayed after science class to finish their project.

"I brought the stuff!" Mark came in with supplies.

"Good, lets get started..." Josh said.

They took some chemicals from the teacher's lab and poured them in.

"This ought to do something"

The plant sort of steamed out smoke, and then Josh poured the miracle-gro on. He mixed it slighty, then it started foaming.

"I think it's gonna blow!"

They didn't have time to duck, the tomato exploded and chemicals went everywhere. They got up and saw the floor was a mess, and so were they.

"We have to clean this up..."

They both cleaned as best they could and wiped themselves down. They drove home very upset.

"Damnit! What are we gonna do now!?" Josh moaned.

"I don't know Josh..., fail I guess..."

They got home and the house was empty, perfect. They both stripped down and jumped in the shower. The warm water ran over their naked bodies and it gave them a tingling sensation. They soaped each other down and rinsed off. As they stepped out they noticed things were a bit different... They looked around and the bathroom seemed a bit smaller then usual.

"Shit man, look we got bigger!" Josh shouted.

"But how!" "I don't know!"

"Maybe it was the water..., cuz we felt weird in the shower..."

The towels barely fit around their waists, they had to get bigger ones. Once in Josh's room, they tried some clothes on..., they were really tight. Josh couldn't fit into his size 14 sneakers anymore.

"God this is so hot...!"

"I know... Josh, I want to fuck you!"

They embraced and kissed passionately on the bed that almost was too small now. Mark took his now 10" cock and slowly rammed it up Josh's ass. He couldn't hold it in any longer, it was too much. He exploded his load into Josh, and he could feel the force of Mark's cum. He blew and blew, over and over, almost 8 long squirts. Then he relaxed and fell onto Josh, they then went to sleep.

They woke up the next morning, Mark was holding Josh in his arms all warm and toasty.

"It's time for the fair dear brother..." Mark whispered.

"I've got an idea..." said Josh.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The fair was packed with kids from school, and they were all anxious to see the projects. Josh and Mark walked in almost 8 feet tall and wearing tight white shirts and tight black trunks. The kids all watched them set up their display. Bob was there and started to mock the twins.

"You guys are going to fail... your such losers!"

The teachers walked the different displays finally reaching Josh and Mark's. They all seemed confused.

"What does this have to do with science Josh and Mark...?" asked Mr. Brown.

"Just watch... " said Mark tossing a baseball at Mr. Brown.

"Toss it Mr. B" yelled Josh.

It seemed ridiculous, but the crowd was cheering him on, they all wanted to see the twins fall in the tanks and make asses of themselves, especially Bob. So he chucked the ball as hard as he could striking the carnival like target and sending both teens into their own seperate water tanks. Once in they both were rushed with tingling all over their bodies. All the kids and teachers laughed, but one kid actually watched in the tanks as the twins got bigger inside. He noticed they were filling the tanks quickly and getting larger by the second.

"They're growing!!!!!" shouted the terrified 14yr old.

That caught everyone's attention, their eyes trained on the twins growing in the tanks. Mark and Josh stood up out of the tanks dripping with water, their trunks and white t- shirts ripping at the seams. The twins got so big they had to step out of the tank partly, still leaving one leg in the water. The two kept growing, everyone was in awe at what they were seeing. Finally the shirts ripped on both teens revealing their tight muscles, and sculpted pecs. The trunks were next to go, exploding, letting their giant manhoods fling out. Both Josh and Mark were enjoying this, a little too much. Their dicks swelled with blood and they grew high and erect, the twins started stroking. They kept expanding taller and taller, finally their giant feet busted out of the tanks and their growth halted. They were up to the gym ceiling and everyone went into a panic.

Josh saw Bob running for the door.


Josh grabbed Bob and lifted him up, Bob got dizzy as he was lifted high up. He then saw both of Josh's blazing eyes huge and angry.

"Don't squish me please...." Bob said cowering.


Bob knew they wouldn't have mercy on him, they were giant now. They were gonna squish him anyway, so why not go down with courage he thought.

"Yes your losers, you may be bigger but you're still both losers!"


"Yeah well you'll kill me anyway!"


Josh brought his other hand down in a motion to flatten Bob, but hesitated.

"I'M GONNA LET YOU LIVE BOB..." Josh said.

"You are..."


With that he chucked Bob into his mouth and swallowed him. He felt good going down his throat. Josh and Mark surveyed the gym with all the people in a panic, they were gonna have so much fun.

"SO, DO WE WIN MR. BROWN?!" Josh shouted.

He threw the shopping spree at the large twins.


Josh took what looked like a ball and dunked it in the hoop, the glass shattered and the whole thing crashed to the floor.


Mark started stomping on the other projects,


Josh took his fist and slammed it into the concrete wall making a huge boom and sending debris everywhere. The wall rippled and crumpled sending blocks down.



Josh went into a ramming position and plowed right throw the outside wall, and crushing some cars once he stepped out.




Josh and Mark both walked away from the school leaving the gym in ruins. They both headed towards the public pool, that would be a good place to increase their size a bit more...

The kids playing in the pool suddenly saw the trees surrounding the pool sway and then snap from their roots as two giant teenager boys stomped towards them. Everyone went into a panic and rushed out of the pool. Josh and Mark enjoyed watching the children and parents running like bugs.

At 50 feet tall they walked over to the pool.

"LET ME TRY IT FIRST..." said Josh


Josh stepped his giant foot into the large pool, his whole body felt a rush of pleasure. He soaked in the energy it was giving him, it pulsed through his veins. Mark watched as his twin brother grew before him, taller and taller. His muscles grew tighter and bigger, his pecs got fuller and his nipples grew larger. His shoulders widened and expanded, his flat stomach got defined. His 2 pack changed into a 4 , then a 6. Josh's legs grew thicker and wider almost the size of redwoods. His foot soon was the width of the pool.


Josh snapped out of his daze and realized he was almost 200 feet tall!

"SHIT MAN!!!! I'M HUGE!!!"

Josh stepped out and surveyed the land, while Mark put his foot in the somewhat drained pool. Mark then also began to grow larger, his body getting tighter and more defined. His feet grew larger in the pool sucking up the water. Mark's dick grew longer and thicker, his dickhead expanding to gigantic size. He enjoyed the entire moment, until he was slapped in the face by Josh. Mark opened his eyes to his brother, who looked even sexier! The pool was practically drained out, Mark stopped at the same height as Josh.

"LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!" said Josh.



Josh and Mark stepped towards the city and set their eyes on the tempting targets. •

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