My Brother's Friend Nico


By kenstaff

I had been working out for the past couple of years when I began to turn on to younger muscle guys. I managed to get myself in pretty good shape with a muscular physique and got myself a job in a local gym. My interest in muscle made me take notice if any muscular guy should find his way into my peripheral vision, and I often found myself sizing up other muscle guys to see if I was bigger than they were. I was only 19 but could pit myself against most competitive bodybuilders. I loved being big and turning heads, especially turning the heads of teenage guys, it made me feel superior, like I had something they wanted.

My younger brother Pete, was now in the 10th grade and managed to get himself on the high school football team. I had been coaching him in weightlifting to get him ready for the team and it had paid off. He had become popular with both the guys and the girls and sometimes Pete would bring his friends over after school to practice and play football in the backyard. One day Pete brought home one friend in particular, Nico, that I hadn't seen since they were in grade school together. My muscle radar was sounding alerts in my head, when I caught a glimpse of Nico playing catch football in the backyard. At first I didn't recognize him, he had changed so much that all I noticed was the big muscle boy throwing the football to my brother in a tight shirt and pants I wanted to rip off, like the wrapper off a candy bar. After realizing who the stud was, I quickly made my way outside into the backyard to get a better look.

Nico was Italian, now 16 years old and extremely good looking with dark thick curly hair and deep brown eyes. As I approached Pete and Nico, I was beginning to see just how much Nico had changed. The thick dark sideburns and shadow on his chin revealed that he had already started shaving and the fact that he had begun developing so early, led my imagination off in all sorts of naughty directions. It was apparent that he had begun lifting weights a few years ago, as his young arms and chest bulged through his tight t-shirt and his butt, thighs and calves tested the seams of what were supposed to be baggy jeans. Nico's big hard nipples showed right through his shirt, no doubt from the crisp February evening air, and I could tell he had worked on his chest earlier in the day, as his pecs were still swollen - a result of his young hormones racing through his body.

I greeted Nico with a friendly handshake and felt his thick heavy hands squeeze mine like he was trying to show off his strength. I automatically responded with an equally strong one and in his eyes I caught a brief flash of excitement. My crotch began to feel the pressure of my growing cock thinking of how the grip of our big masculine hands had secretly gotten the stud worked up. His face couldn't help but betray his arousal as his eyes quickly glanced over my physique, causing a slight shade of red to flush over his handsome young face. I enjoyed watching his awkward body language as he threw the football back to my brother, my presence obviously seemed to rattle his self-confidence. I thought it best to keep Nico from embarrassment, so I kept my visit short. After telling Nico how good it was to see him and how great he looked, I nodded at my brother at the end of the yard and made my way back in the house. At the top of the stairs I looked back to see that Nico was also stealing a glimpse at my muscular ass. Unfortunately his skills at being discreet weren't quite as honed as mine, as his interest in me had delayed his reaction in catching the football, causing it to hit him in the head. Pete was laughing at his friend as he rubbed his head while picking up the football, he threw it hard back down the yard making Pete run after it. When Nico looked back in my direction, still rubbing his head, I just chucked and winked at him and went in the house.

After that day, I found myself working out furiously at the gym, trying to get bigger and bigger, in an attempt to further frustrate Nico as I was noticing that he would catch a glimpse at my body whenever he got a chance. I didn't want Pete to ever catch me gawking at his friend, so I tried to stay in the house whenever they played football in the yard. Whatever I tried to do to keep myself occupied, I wasn't able to stop thinking of Nico's young muscular body straining and flexing in the backyard. I always found myself upstairs, watching Nico discreetly from my bedroom window. After the first few incredible viewings of Nico in the backyard, I got myself a digital camera with the highest zoom possible to record the Italian jock in action.

My interest in Nico was becoming more intense, causing me to do all sorts of things I never thought I would ever do. My digital tape collection of Nico in the backyard had grown as the school year went on and I had video clips of the stud in all sorts of hot jock gear, from regular school clothes to post game uniform gear. His sweaty muscled body filling out his gear made me drool and play with myself as I recorded him with my digital cam, narrating how horny the mere sight of such a beautiful young Italian hunk made me feel. I soon grew bored of the angle from my bedroom window and began to think up new scenarios to view my brothers friend. My workouts had intensified along with my desire and fetish for the teenage hunk but I managed to keep to my room whenever Nico paid a visit, so he was kept unaware of how big I had grown.

My freakish muscle proportions were sure to make the Italian teens jaw drop and eyes bulge at the sight of me. I didn't want there to be anyone around when I revealed my new physique to the high school football jock, so he would be free to come at me and grope and suck on my bulging pecs and massive quads. Nico would freak when he finds out how big I've gotten, at 265lbs of solid muscle, I looked as big as any competitive bodybuilder. Nico wasn't far behind however, I could tell he was as determined as i was with his workouts as each time I saw him from my hidden spot, he seemed bigger and more muscular than the last time.

The surge of testosterone from my workouts had caused me to get more bold in my desire to find out any information about Nico's next visit to the house. I would listen in on the line whenever Pete and Nico talked on the phone so that I knew when Nico would be coming over. I would adjust my work schedule to ensure that I'd be home when Nico was there. I would prepare myself for the best view of the backyard, or where they would study or watch movies. Over the school year that Nico had been coming to our house, I had managed to cut discreet peep holes throughout the house, that would allow me to see Nico wherever he would go. I had a view in my brother's room to where Nico would sit and study, the bathroom where he would go to take a piss break, the kitchen where they would grab snacks and the rec room where they would work out and watch movies on Friday nights.

As spring headed towards summer and the weather got warmer, I was finding it harder to keep quiet from my hidden locations as I watched the size of hulking Italian jock grow and his clothes reveal more and more of his body. Shirts and sweaters became t-shirts and wife beaters, baggy jeans and sweatpants became tear away track pants and shorts. The sight of the young football jock's legs made me dump loads of jizz instantly into my jockstrap whenever I managed to catch him in the tight shorts he wore. Nico's legs made me shake with lust and my cock would get so big I would always be afraid it would bust through the wall my huge muscle frame huddled behind. Not only were Nico's legs muscled beyond belief, they were covered in thick dark hair that I just wanted to caress and lick so bad that my heavy breathing almost gave me away on more than one occasion. There were a few times when Nico was either taking a piss in the bathroom or sitting on the john that my peeking at him would get me so worked up, I would let out quiet grunts and squeaks that caused him to look around and once my grunt caused him to look directly at me, even though I was hidden behind the wall. I often wondered after that if Nico knew I was watching him. If he did know, he wasn't letting on as everything seemed normal after that but I didn't know then how mistaken I was and what Nico himself had been up to all along.

It was a Friday night and the beginning of a long weekend when Nico put his plans into motion, knowing that I was completely unaware. My parents had gone away for the long weekend and Pete mentioned to me that he was planning on having a small group of guys from the football team over to watch a couple movies. After hearing this, I told him I was planning on driving down the coast after work, for a exercise equipment convention the next day. Knowing if Pete thought the house was all his that weekend, he would most likely get hold of either alcohol or pot, and the thought of Nico drunk or high on pot - got me so excited that my mind began to race, thinking up all kinds of ways to get a drunk Nico alone to excite him with my huge muscles.

I had strategically placed small discreet cameras throughout the house and hooked them up to my computer in my room. My shades were drawn and my door was locked so that Pete wouldn't know I was home. My surveillance of the house ensured that I could see everything that was going on and if the party should find Nico alone somewhere, I could sneak downstairs and make my move. To my surprise Pete came home with only 2 guys, Nico and one other jock from the football team I hadn't seen before. He was blond and equally as hot and muscular as Nico. As they took off their coats, I zoomed in on Nico's tight T-shirt and almost gasped when Pete went into the kitchen... Nico grabbed his blond friend and they groped each other's big bulging pecs and began to kiss each other. I could see that Pete was grabbing a couple of beers and saw Nico and the blond stud separate as Pete entered living room. I had my cock out and was playing with a surge of pre-cum as I watched them in the living room watching TV, with Pete unaware of the two muscled football jocks making gestures to each other. I stopped jacking my giant throbbing dick to zoom in on the boys in an attempt to see what they were saying. Nico got up and headed towards the bathroom as I continued to watch the blond stud, curious as to what was going on. The blond jock began talking to Pete so I switched the camera to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of Nico. I was stunned to find Nico wasn't there. I flicked to the kitchen, then back to the living room - no Nico. I switched to the hallway, then to the rec-room and my heart started racing and my mouth became dry as I kept flicking to every view of the house. I couldn't find Nico... where the heck was he? what was he up to?? When I switched back to the living-room view I couldn't believe my eyes... •

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