Mario's Gift

Sean's Secret


By musclejock855

Hey everyone! Now for the moment you have been waiting for. This is the final story of the "Mario Trilogy" and I hope you enjoy it! You should read "Mario's Gift" and "Mario's Thanks" before this one because then you will be able to understand the storyline a little more. But this story can also stand alone! Also, soon to come from Musclejock855, a new Image Story called "Hidden Treasure"! So be sure to check it out soon!

Sean was another one of those guys that all the girls liked but, he was differant. He wasn't a jock and he wasn't muscular. He just had an average built. But what made all the girls like him was his personality, his coolness, and his looks. Put it this way, he had that perfect model look without the muscle. He had spiked hair and always had cool clothes on and always acted cool and all the girls liked that. But there was one thing that Sean never told anyone, one secret that he had that made him really differant from everyone else, even the other muscle jocks. Really I guess you could say that Sean was a hidden jock. A jock with the body of a normal teen. Mario and I didn't find out about Sean's secret until last week. As Mario and I were playing football outside Sean came over. He was still in shock of how built we were and how we got this way from when we told him a few weeks ago. He said, "Hey guys, I need your help." We asked him what it was. He got real quiet for a moment and then said, "You see, I was at the doctors office today and they told me that they want me to find two gay guys and bring them to the doctors for blood testing the next time I go. And that's when I thought of you two." I asked Sean how he knew we were gay? Because I told Sean yes Mario is bisexual and I am not really gay I still like the girls more. Sean said that that was ok and that we still might be able to help him. Mario and I were curious on why we needed to get our blood tested by Sean's doctor. Sean said, "If you guys both match my blood type then I need a little of your blood injected into me to help cure my problem. I don't really know why, it's really complicated but my doctor thinks it's the cure." "What is your problem?", Mario asked. Sean said, "Come on with me and I will show you." We went up to my bedroom and locked the door. Sean told us to watch closely. Sean took off his pants and then his boxers. Sean said, "You guys are gay so you shouldn't mind this. You guys will probably like this!" Mario and I laughed at each other. Sean then took out a picture of his girlfriend and really looked at it. Sean wasn't gay. The more he looked at the picture he started to have an erection. But then the weirdest thing started to happen. As Sean's erection got larger, he too got larger. His stomach formed into tight abs. First a 2-pack, then a 4, 6, and then finally a solid 8-pack. His flat chest turned into two large steel plates with hard pecs. Then his biceps started to grow from 5 inches to 6,7,8,9,10,.....16inches! Mario and I were shocked! In just a matter of seconds Sean transformed from a normal looking teen into a total muscle jock. Sean was not only hot he was sexy. Mario and I started to have hard-on's. Anyway this was Sean's problem. It didn't look like a problem to me. I asked Sean, "You don't like being a jock or what? What's the problem? You are so sexy!" Sean replied, "The problem is that I don't mind being a jock I just want to stay this way. You see this only hapens when I have an erection. That's why my doctor said that if I can find someone who is a jock with my same blood type, I might be able to stay this way." Sean put the picture of his girlfriend away. And so did his erection. As it went away so did his muscles. They all vanished and Sean was back to normal. Mario told Sean, "Could you imagine all the girls that would like you more if you were a jock like us?" Mario and I decided to help Sean and we all went to Sean's doctor the next day.

When we got there Mario and I were shocked to see that Sean's doctor was a hot young femal doctor. I wasted no time pulling off my shirt to show my hot and sexy self to her. Mario and I joked around with Sean and said, "I bet you enjoyed showing her your problem. I bet you love going to the doctors." Sean turned red and was embarrised. Mario and I flexed our large biceps for the doctor when she went to take our blood. "Do you want to touch them, they are 100% real!", I told the doctor. She said, "Quit trying to show off to me guys, I am already married." To bad, I thought to myself. All three of us waited an hour for the blood test to be finished. The doctor finally came back and told us....., "Sean, you were very lucky that your friends matched!" We all were happy. She then injected a needle into Sean that had the blood of Mario and I in it. Then she injected the blood from Sean into us.

As we left the doctors Sean asked us, "I hope you guys know what you just did?" I said, "Yea, Mario and I just helped you to become a jock and stay one." Sean then said, "Yea, but now that we traded blood I now have your jockness, and you guys get my normalness!" Mario said, "What? Are you telling us that we are not going to be jocks anymore?" Sean said, "Yes, and I thank you for that. I thought you guys were smart enough to figure that out!" Just as Sean said that, Mario and I started shaking and transforming. Mario started shrinking and loosing his muscle. I started to shrink and loose my muscle little by little. My abs went from a perfect 8-pack to a 6, than a 4, and than a faint 2-pack. My two massive steel plates and hard pecks turned back into two flat soft plates with soft pecks. And then at last my huge 16in. biceps turned back into an almost nothing 8inches. I was back to normal and so was Mario. But Mario did look a little bit stronger then me and thats because that was the way that it was before we both transformed. We both told Sean that we hated him now for what he did. But as soon as we said that. He started to transform back into that ripped muscle jock that he showed us before. Except this time he stayed that way. He then grabed Mario and I both by our necks and picked us up off the ground with just the power of his massive bicep and said to us, "Well that's just to bad for you guys now. I am the new jock in town no matter if you two like it or not!" And then he dropped us back down to the ground, and walked away. Mario and I had an idea. To go to the book store and see if they had anymore of those books on how to become a teen muscle jock in a week. So we did. But when we got to the book store, the person that worked there told us that that book was discontinued and that they didn't have anymore. So Mario and I left and said that we could just start to workout together and gain the muscle on our own without some stupid book. So we did. That next day back at school I passed Mario in the halls and he said hello to me and I said hello back. Then I saw the new Sean in the halls with girls all over him. I tried to say hello to him but all he did was turn his head the other way as the other girls fallowed him. It was like he was too good for me or something. OK, so maybe he was too good. He was just your average teen muscle jock. Just then I had an idea. I would try to invite him to my 17th birthday party! I wounder if he would come?............Who knows. •

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