Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

Tony sat on the bench in the store. He looked at the two pairs of shoes on the floor in front of him. Andy was off in the store somewhere trying on clothes since he'd outgrown most of his old ones. It was odd. Sometimes, Andy behaved like the stereotype everyone straight imagined. All about boys, shopping, and a total club kid. At other times, his gay pride showed through like a beacon. All about empowerment, equal rights, and he was an active member of the lobby for gay marriages. And still at other times, he could easily pass for a straight man. Albeit a perfectly groomed, well dressed one with an unearing sense of taste and style. Tony turned his attention back to the shoes. Which ones, he wondered.

His mom had given him enough to get the cheaper pair, and some clothes. However, he'd longed to buy a pair of the more expensive and stylish ones. The problem was, if he ignored what his mother wanted, he wouldn't have enough to buy any clothes. Suddenly, it struck him. What if he used his power to make more money? Would that be wrong? He suddenly realized that he could do anything he wanted. As long as it wasn't destructive or harmful. He pulled the small roll of bills from his pocket, and looked at them. He imagined them in his head, imagined the amount becoming quite a bit more. Yeah, that was it. He heard a sound.

Just about to give the command, his eyes snapped open. He looked in the direction of the sound, and saw a little boy standing not too far away. The walls of the store were mirrored, probably a security thing of some sort, and the boy was looking at his reflection. The boy was a real cutie-pie. His face beamed of innocence with messy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles. Wearing an oversized t-shirt and gotton shorts, he stood before the mirror flexing his muscles. His arms were thin, and showed very little size. He was completely clueless that he was being watched, totally absorbed in his display. He looked at his thin arms, and frowned. His head drooped, and disappointment weighed heavily on his face.

A large man appeared, and spoke to the boy. To say the man was large was like saying that the Grand Canyon was wide. His arms were massive, and they tightened and flexed as he lifted the small boy in the air. "What're you doing over here, Bobby? Not gettin' into mischief, are ya?" "No, daddy. I'm just playin'." The boys eyes were wide as he examined his father's flexed bicep, poking it with an index finger. "OKay, Bobby. Mommy and I are almost done, so stay here where we can see you and be good." He hugged the little boy as he squirmed and giggled while he blew rasberries on Bobby's cheek. He put the tike down, tossling his hair before walking away to find Mom.

So, that was it. Bobby wanted to grow up to look like Dad. Tony watched as the kid flexed harder in the mirror this time, looking at his arms as if trying to will them to get bigger. Tony closed his eyes, his imagination working quickly.


LIttle Bobby made a sound like a hickup and straightened, looking at his actual arm now, rather than its reflection. He pushed his shirt sleeve up, and extended his arm. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he did. His tiny bicep popped out of his arm noticeably. The contour of his upper arm changed from a straight line to an outward curve as his elongated bicep rose like a loaf of bread in an oven. His forearm thickened as the elbow joint became less pronounced. His other arm quickly followed suit, and the kid watched mezmerised. The shoulders of his t-shirt pushed up a bit as his traps and delts swelled a bit bigger, and showed a little through the fabric of his baggy shirt. Tony couldn't help but grin at little Bobby's bewilderment as he looked down at himself, his eyes growing impossibly wider. The upper half of his shirt pushed out ever so slightly as his chest filled in and bulked up, and its sides stretched faintly outward as his lats and back muscles enlarged a bit. He adjusted his stance a bit wider suddenly as Tony realized that his thighs had now increased, and his bared calves broadened a bit. Bobby's hand suddenly flew to the front of his shorts as he gasped, and quickly jerked his hand away as he felt a sudden change in the area. The loose front of his shorts suddenly poked outward as the crotch pushed downward, and the rear suddenly became tighly rounded.

LIttle Bobby, looked at his new self, turning away from the mirror. His hand brushed down the front of the shirt, flattening it against his torso. His stomach had become rigid with a very faint six-pack, and he smiled. The little boy pulled out the waistband of his shorts, and peeered inside curiously. His mouth dropped open in astonishment, then curved back up again into a wide grin. Just wait'll his friends saw him at the pool next time. Tony stepped completely out of sight as the boy suddenly looked around to see if anyone had seen what just happened. The big man appeared again. "Lets go, Bobby. We're going to Mc Donald's for lunch." Bobby launched himself toward Dad, and the large man caught him with an "Umph!" "Goodness, Bobby, I'd swear you were getting bigger by the minute sometimes. Lets go find Mommy. Maybe we can talk'er into getting ice cream too." "Yaaaay", Bobby cheered as he wrapped his arms around Dad's neck. Dad shifted his head uncomfortably in the sudden squeeze. "Boy, you're gettin' so big and strong.....soon you'll be as big as me." Bobby grinned, then cast a last suspicious glange in Tony's direction as he stepped into view while Dad walked away.

Tony looked down at the shoes again, then at the money in his hand. Hefting a sigh of resignation, he bent and put the expensive pair of shoes back on the shelf. They fit his feet perfectly. But not the budget. He grabbed the generic shoes, and made his way to the checkout counters. Depressed, he didn't feel like shopping for clothes today. As he stood near the exit, he turned as he heard a familiar voice. "Hey, Tony, over here." Andy stumbled amidst a mass of shopping bags toward tony. "Man, Tony, you're harder to find in a store than I am."

Looking at his meager one bag, he wrapped it around the shoe box inside, and relieved some of Andy's burden. "Went all out, didn't ya?" He asked rhetorically, unable to completely erase the jealousy of Andy's cash flow from his tone. "Absolutely!" Andy hefted half the bags onto Tony. "Here, these ones are yours!" His grin was enough to blind Tony as he peered into the multitude of plastic bags. He couldn't believe his eyes. One....two....three.....four pairs of designer shoes in different types and styles! He rummaged further, counting an nearly rediculous number of shirts, jeans, pants, socks, underwear, and various accessories all with expensive labels and matching price tags! He looked at Andy whose grin had gotten impossibly wider. "How can you afford all this....?!?!?!?!?" In answer, Andy held up a credit card. It was his parents' platinum card. "What? You think the only thing they make from plastic are soda bottles, and shopping bags? I told'em about your mom not havin' a lot of money, and they insisted." "But....." Andy put out a hand, immediately silencing Tony's intended protest. "Now, none of that! I'll take it as a personal insult if you refuse." Tony was speechless. Promptly dropping the bags, he hugged Andy who gladly returned the affection; neither one caring who might see the public display. Andy let go. "If you really wanna thank me, you can do it by accompanying me on a date tonight for dinner and a movie. I already have reservations at Russell's." Tony, too stunned for words, could only nod. "Good, you can wear some of your new clothes." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "And maybe later, I can find creative ways of removing them", he added with a whisper in his ear. Tony blushed. "Now, lets go have lunch. i still have an allowance to spend."

They picked up their bags, and Tony couldn't help but smile as he looked at Andy. He was so awesome. He didn't know anyone who enjoyed giving so much. The depression that had settled on Tony rapidly evaporated as he suddenly had an incredible day to look foreward to...... •

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