Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I knocked on the door. The porchlight wasn't on, but there were lights on inside and I thought I heard music. Brian's parent were visiting relatives for the weekend, so I knew Brian was alone. I knocked again. I heard a voice come from within,"Coming...." The door opened, and Hossler stood before me. "Sorry, I was in the shower. C'mon in."

I looked him over appreciatively. His hair was wet and uncombed but still looked neat somehow. He was barefoot in tight jeans that fully displayed every bulging curve of his lower body and a long sleeve shirt with a v-neck that was a little loose. Although, the curve of his chest was still visible and it showed a hint of his pectoral cleevage. The tighness of his jeans caused the rear to hug his perfectly rounded glutes and I was mesmerized watching them as I followed him into the Kitchen.

"Dinner'll be done in a few minutes. Ya want somethin' to drink? We have Coke, Pepsi, o.j., milk, water, and Creme Soda." "Creme Soda." As he poured a glass for me, I thought it odd that he actually had any. Although a popular flavor, not many people atually bought any as a habit. "Thanks, but ya don't have to feed me." He looked at me suddenly, "Don't tell me ya ate already...." I shook my head, "No. I just don't expect ya to go to any trouble for me." "Oh, it's no problem. I hope ya like lasagna." "Cool, I love lasagna." Jeeze, was there anything thid kid couldn't do? So, what are we gonna study?" He waved a hand dismissively. "Eh, forget about studying. I just used that as an excuse to get ya to come over. Thought ya might wanna hang out. I know you don't get out very often." I wasn't sure if I should take that as an insult or a compliment. The oven's timer went off with a , and he got the baked pasta out with hot mitts. The smell reached my nose as he produced garlic bread and two bowls of Antipasto Salad. I felt like I was in Heaven, and Brian was an angel. __________________________________________________ ____________

"Want any more....?" "No, no, I'm full" In fact, it was some of the best lasagna I'd ever eaten. The salad had also been exquisite, and I'd really been shocked to taste that the garlic bread had been baked from scratch. Brian was apparently a man of many hidden talents. "It was all really good!" Brian beamed "My mom's Italian. She taught me how to cook. Now, whaddya wanna do....?" He looked at me with that cute face and warm smile and i had trouble thinking for a moment. "Well...what did ya have planned?" "I rented some movies. Do you like comedies?" "Yeah." "Good."

We spent the next few hours watching the antics of people lik Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Chris Rock. At the end of the last movie, he switched off the tv and I looked at him. "Well, I guess I'd better go." "Oh, don't leave so soon. We can talk for a while, can't we?" I eyed him suspiciously. "Uhhhh, okay, if ya really want me to stay." "I'm not sure how to say this, so I'll come right out and ask...." Oh boy, here it comes.... "...Do you have a crush on me?" "Well...." "Don't lie. I want an honest answer." He looked hard into my eyes, and I couldn't have lied to him if I'd wanted to. I looked at the floor, and answered softly, "Yes, Brian, I do." "Why? What makes me so special to you?" I looked up at him, sensing no anger in his voice. Just curiosity. "I don't know, Hoss. You're just....a really great guy." "In what way?" I was beginning to get uncomfortable. "Well, you're really smart, and you're funny. And you're always nice to me." "Annnnnd....?" He could sense what I wasn't saying. I couldn't hold it in any more as I blurted out the answer in a torrent of words. "And you're really hot! I mean, even...."before". You're so cute, and you had the finest little body I'd ever seen. I mean, you'r hair, your eyes, your smile, your voice, everything. Even your ears. I just think you're incredibly sexy!" At this last feature, he laughd for a few moments. "That's a first. I've been told some of the other things. But I've never been told my ears were 'sexy'!" I flushed, embarrassed. "I didn't mean that like it sounded. I////" "I know what you meant. And so,......that's why you chose to do this....?" He motiond toward himself, indicating his grown physique. "Did you know that I haven't lifted since the day you made me bigger in Gym Class? And it's all still here." I know", I said flatly. "I imagined it as something permanent. You could get bigger on your own. But as far as losing it, and getting smaller? It'll never happen. Unless i undo it."

He looked at me seriously, "Good. I want more !" I looked at him for a second, "More?" "Yeah, just for tonight. I want you to play, go wild. Make me as big as ya want. Ya said you can undo it, right?" "Yeah." "Well then, I want you to go nuts. Turn me into Supermn. Or the Hulk." I smiled, imagining the possibilities. "Okay. Is there anything you wanna wear.....or not wear?" "Nope, what I'm wearin' is fine. I chose thid for tonight, in fact." "Well then, gimme a minute."

I pictured him in my mind as he sat there, relaxed. I imagined everything on him growing HUGE! I imagined it happening at a medium pace so we could both enjoy it. I factored in height accomodation, and frame changes so I didn't hurt him. When I was done, I looked at him with the image fixed in my head. "Ready....?" "Oh yeah!" 'Now.'

It began slowly at first, barely noticeable, but every muscle began to grow simultaneously. His already thick neck began to curve outward from the bace of his skull and jaw. His traps and delts grew bigger, the former beginning to peek up through his collar as it stretched. His pecs ballooned, inflating and forcing the point of the v-neck to extend downward, revealing more of his deepening cleavage. His biceps and triceps began to fill the sleeves of the shirt as his forearms became thicker and showed more through the cotton cloth. His quads and hamstrings began to put real strain on the denim of his jeans as they expanded in opposite directions while his calves began to make the loose cuffs of the jeand constrict. The width of his torso increased as his lats pushed outward from his sides making the shirt stretch more around his upper body. I looked down, and saw that his beefy package was beginning to swell as his flaggid cock and balls pumped up like water balloons.

He looked down at his growing form, and smiled at me with approval. In a matter of minutes, he'd gained approx twenty pounds of mass, and continued to grow. "Oh yeah, this is cool." The transformation sped up a bit as his neck and shoulders bulged. The veins in his neck were sticking out prominently and his traps were completely outside of his distended collar. His delts reached the size of cantelopes and I could now clearly see them pushing against his traps and triceps. His sleeves had completely filled out now and his biceps were becoming ever wider and elongating toward his inner elbow. His pecs had tripled in size, and his nipples showed plainly through the shirt. They ballooned bigger still, and sudden'y, the bottom of his shirt came untucked and rode up to his second set of abs. His abs were each the size of baseballs, and his obliques were only a fraction smaller. His width increased as his lats flared immensely larger. His legs were bulging out as his quads began to bunch up and push against eachother. I watched hypnotized as his balls became so enlarged that they popped out into the legs of his jeans and the bulge created by his cock (still soft) took up the etire front of his jeans.

He grunted as I heard the sound of bones popping, and i watched as his legs and arms lengthened while his shoulders broadened, and his torso elongated. For a few moments, he lost some of the bulk, but quickly regained it. His shirt looked rediculous now on his body as his abs and obliques were entirely uncovered. I heard the sound of breaking threads, and a slow rip as the sleeves of the shirt split to reveal his massive arms, striated, and corded with pulsing veins. The sleeves fell away, and the point of the v-neck split, and tore the fulllength of the shirt. Unconfined, his upper body burst forth. He had to be at least three-hundred pounds, and still growing.

The bulge in the front of his jeans was pulsating, and his balls were now starting to crowd up into the area as well. The seams of his jeans tore and split violently open as his quads spilled out. Like an errupting volcano, his zipper gave out, and the red fabbric of his boxer-briefs forced its way through. With a final weak bit of resistance, his jeans nearly exploded from his body and fell to the floor. His boxer-briefs maintained a few more moments of restraint until they too gve out and his cock's head fell, slapping just below the knees. I heard the sound of bones popping again as he reached in impossible size of what had to be over four-hundred pounds.

He grew in spurts now, each spurt adding more mass and definition. He was aprroximately 8' tall, and i watched as he looked down at me with a smile. He flexed every group of muscles individually, causing them to double in size. Arms, chest, abs, lats, thighs, and finally calves. His cock was nearly to the floor, and his balls were too big to describe. Finally, the growth slowed and stopped. He looked down over his body, and ran a hand over each group of muscle. Catching me off gaurd, he reached down and picked me up. He lay down on the floor, and put me on top of him, using his chest as my pillow. I could hear his heartbeat like a drum inside his chest. I spoke, uncertain as he wrapped his arms around ne, causing his muscles to bunch up around my torso and head. "Brian, i don't understand, I thought you were straight...." "I am" His voice still had its softness, but now with a deep masculine resonance. I just want to do this for you." He switched on the television, and we lay there watching as I cuddled into his body. I pictured an image in my mind, and closed my eyes. 'Now.' He moaned softly, and I flet his body underneath me begin to grow again as I smiled comfortable in his tightening embrace........ •

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