By jjjjohnson

“Hey, Dave, is it all right if we close up now? No one’s been in here the entire day.”

I put down the magazine I was reading and looked my identical twin brother in the eye. He had been bugging me for the past hour about leaving the gym early.

“Nick, we got ten more minutes. You can wait.”

“Awww, c’mon, what’s ten more minutes?”

“Andre isn’t paying us to leave ten minutes early.”

“Goddamnit, Dave!” he whined at me, “you can be a real bastard sometimes, you know that?”

“We’re not leaving early, and that’s that.” I went back to my magazine and ignored the subsequent groan that came from him. I love my brother, but my God, he can be annoying some times. And when you have to be around someone for what seems like twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, working together, even the people you love the most can become incredibly grating.

Andre Zimmerman, owner of our town’s only gym, went on vacation to Europe this summer, and, since he was best friend to our dad, let Nick and myself watch the place. We weren’t trainers or anything (one of them was in charge during the day), we just came to the gym around 3ish, watched it until 10PM, when we closed it, stayed the night in Andre’s apartment above the gym, and then opened up at 6AM. Getting up that early was a bitch, but as summer jobs went, this one paid pretty nice. Nick and I both just finished our second year of college, and, seeing how boring the hometown can get in the summer, we jumped at the chance.

However, I was the one who took the job seriously, and Nick was the one who goofed off. Typical. Even though we were identical twins, no one had any trouble telling us apart. He was the laid back, fun loving guy; I was mostly uptight and anal. He kept his blonde hair shaggy and unkempt, mine was in a crew cut. He was overweight, I kept in good shape. He skates. I swim.

He is straight. I am gay.

I will give my brother this though. He’s the only one who knows about it, and he’s been completely cool with it. When he found out, he kept his head and told me he still loved me. Which was great, seeing as our parents are both ultra conservatives and would probably disown me were they ever to find out. But that’s neither here nor there.

I looked up from my magazine. Five minutes to go. Ah Christ, I thought. “Hey Nick!” I yelled, “Make sure all the equipment’s clean. I’ll go lock the doors.” Nick gave a woo-hoo from the back of the gym.

I did a once over of the gym, and after determining that there were no patrons left, I locked up the doors, and went to get Nick. I found him at the smoothie bar. At the table was a big jar of a thick yellow liquid.

“Where the hell did you find that?” I asked.

“In the fridge,” he replied, “I think it’s one of Andre’s experiments.”

“He must have forgotten to put it away,” I muttered.

“I think it might be some of that muscle growth hormone stuff he was working on. With the little mice.”

In addition to owning a gym, Andre was also a scientist. He was developing, on his own time, a muscle growth ‘juice’, and, before he left for Europe, showed Nick and me what the effects were on mice. After the mouse ingested a tiny drop, several minutes later it doubled in size. I looked at the jar.

“Yeah, it looks like the stuff.”

“Dare me to drink it?”

“Are you crazy? It may be laced with cyanide.”

“Ah, you always think too much. I think I should try it.”


“To see what it does to humans.”

That’s my brother for you. Never thinks of the consequences of his actions, anything smart like that. He raised the jar up. There was a piece of paper attached to the backside of the jar. Curious as to what it was, I ripped it off the side, and read it aloud to Nick.

“’Dave and Nick: If you have the chance, try a little of my newest smoothie. No more than one tablespoon each, though! –Andre’.” We stared at each other. “Well that’s a bit cryptic,” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, live a little,” he exclaimed, and the picked up the jar. “Mmmm, smells good. I could stand to lose some weight, you know.”

“Yeah, you could,” I said, putting him down. He looked at me, shocked and a little hurt. I never really tried to get in fights with him, but whenever I wanted to put him down, I’d make fun of his weight. For as laid back as he was, he was surprisingly self-conscious about his weight. He’s not that much overweight, but compared to a guy like me, who is lean and muscular, I made him feel insecure. Terrible as it sounds, I kind of got off on it.

“Put it down, Nick.”

“If you say so.” And with that, he put the bottle to his lips and chugged.

“Oh, God, if you die or get food poisoning, you can drive yourself to the doctor.” Nick put the bottle down after it was about halfway done. He looked fine, a gave a little burp. “It said a tablespoon,” I said.

“I doubt it would really matter,” he replied, looking himself over. “See? Nothing doing.” I just gave him a look. He could be so stupid sometimes. But that’s the Nick I know and love. He picked up his bag from under the counter and walked to the door. Apparently, he had a hot date after his shift. I would be covering for him in the morning. “See ya, bro,” he said.

He got halfway to the door before he fell and started moaning.

“Jesus, Nick, what’s wrong?” I almost yelled, catching up to him.

“My skin, it’s on fire!”

“Your skin? Where?”

“All of it!!” he screamed in pain.

I was about to run for the phone when I noticed his body. It was….changing. Somehow. He was around 215 pounds normally, which, at 6’2, was an okay weight. His skin was rippling. The fat seemed to be melting away from his body.

“Call an ambulance”, my brother screamed at me. I was too transfixed by the sight in front of me.

“Lift up your shirt,” I asked of him, wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.


“Just do it!” Through his pain, he lifted up his shirt for me, and to my complete and total shock, I saw his somewhat flabby stomach get chiseled into a rock hard six pack.

“Holy shit,” he said. The flab around his arms dissolved, revealing two cut, veiny arms, biceps popping out like baseballs. His legs became slabs of meat, and his ass an almost perfect circle. Nick stopped his screaming. Either he didn’t hurt anymore or he didn’t care. His pudgy double chin gave way to a square, beautiful looking jaw. The shuddering stopped. Slowly, he stood up and precariously looked at himself in the mirror. He was gorgeous. Probably 180 pounds with not an ounce of fat on him. He looked like a lithe Adonis, slender but very muscular. And very hot. It was like staring into a mirror and seeing the physically perfect specimen of yourself. I mean, I was no slouch myself, but he was beautiful. He flexed, his perfectly serrated abs gleaming, his supple pecs bouncing softly as beads of sweat dropped from the nipples . It was muscular perfection. The muscles rippled all throughout his body. And he grinned cockily, brushing his hair out of his face. I immediately regretted making fun of him.

“Guess I’m the fit and muscular one now,” he said in a surprisingly vindictive tone. My brother was usually forgiving of my putdowns, but his voice had a sinister tone to which I was not used. He full well knew that even though I was in pretty damn good shape, I could not compete against him. He began to walk toward me as another sort of spasm hit. This one was more ferocious. His skin seemed to be shifting around and bubbling all over, as if it were boiling water. Nick collapsed to the floor, crippled by the immense spasms taking over his body. He started to moan, but he was not in pain. He was sensing the power course through his body. A new being, it seemed, had been born inside my brother’s body. And it wanted out. The Adonis hit the floor with his fists. Twice. Three times. A huge spasm hit him, and he stood up, grunting and sweating like a savage beast. An inhuman moan came from the back of his throat, and in a deep, masculine voice he yelled, “YES!!!”

It all happened so fast after that.

Immediately, Nick started to bulge out all over, as his already toned and sculpted muscles seemed to be adding onto themselves. The arms began to inflate, his biceps ballooning from the size of baseballs to the size of melons in a matter of seconds, while his forearms became thick and meaty, with veins sprouting out all over. Then, his back shuddered as it widened in size almost two fold, as muscles popped up all over in his broad, massively detailed back. His shoulders exploded out like cannonballs. Veins popped up all through his neck as it expanded, and soon enough, his clothes could barely hold his new huge body. The shirt he worn to work that day was baggy, but now it was stretched to the limit, unable to accommodate the newly formed muscles. Through his shirt I could see the pecs bulging through, two enormous creatures begging to be let out in the open. Beneath those mountains, his already perfect six-pack elongated into an eight pack, and the stomach muscles became even more defined. Distantly aware of the shirt that impeded his hulking muscles, Nick performed a simple little flex, and the shirt exploded, revealing an upper body that was so freakishly complete, so inordinately huge, it would put the best bodybuilders in the world to complete shame. The increasingly massive animal that used to be my twin brother roared in delight, a deep, guttural sound that literally shook the gym to its foundations. As he continued his impossible growth spurt, he rubbed his hands over his sweaty, bulging body and moaned in delight. This hulk approved of his changes.

Meanwhile, his jeans were starting to give way, too, to a pair of redwoods. As they began to split, my twin sent one log-sized arm down there, and a massive paw ripped them off with his new found strength. His legs were literally as big as two tree trunks, with amazing musculature detail: The thighs bulged out like two pieces of raw meat, the calves were sleek and powerful. His underwear had stretched to the absolute limit as well, as it could no longer hold his increasingly massive package. Two softball sized testicles had pushed their way through the underpants, and after a second or two more of growth, the underpants were disintegrated as his new horse sized cock busted out of the underpants, in full erection. He looked over his massive chest to see his superior appendage, laughed again in delight, his deep bass rumbling through the empty building.

And still he grew. Muscle added onto more muscle, as Nick became impossibly gargantuan. It was like someone mashed four people together. His bicep was bigger than my head. His neck was as wide as a normal person’s back. His cock was 5 inches thick, veiny, and a good foot and a half long, jutting up proudly from his hips. His ass cheeks were perfectly globular, a massive and circular bubble butt. Veins encompassed his body. Sweat pored from his newly tan body. His wavy blonde hair touched down to his shoulders now. His large jaw was a perfect square, his eyes a piercing, deep blue. No longer human, he was, quite simply, a god. My twin brother was now a muscle god. He had an aura of power that was all encompassing, and he knew it. He rubbed his hands over his new body, liking the perfection he felt. He looked me in the eye. We were still the same height, but he was now three times as wide and thick as me. He slowly walked up to my trembling body, enjoying the newfound superiority he had over me. He pressed his hard, huge naked body up against me, his horse dick pressed up against my stomach. He was trying to intimidate me. He was trying to make me feel incredibly inferior.

It was working. 20 years of pent up anger at his overweight body were gone now. He was going to have his comeuppance on me.

I should have never made fun of him.

Still right up against me, he flexed, and the rumblings that his huge, rock hard muscles made as they bulged out impossibly sent a shiver through me. A moment passed between us as I drank this muscular hulk in, his dick nestled between my pecs. Just feeling his power coarse through me gave me the biggest, hardest erection I’d ever had in my life, though it was still roughly a third of the size as my brother’s. He took a step back from me, allowing his package freedom to bob up and down as it pleased. “Jesus, Dave,” he rumbled, “You’re so puny.” He flexed his enormous bicep and rubbed it, gloating at me. “I bet this turns you on, doesn’t it?” he said, indicating the cock head sticking out of the top of my pants. He flexed his pecs, and they bulged out. “Doesn’t it?” He yelled, and with a swift sudden movement, picked me up at the side with one giant hand and raised me over his body effortlessly. It dawned on me then just how strong and powerful he was. He was easily the strongest man on the planet. After a minute or two of him holding me up in the air, he brought me down, and placed me right on top of his horse dick. I moaned. His penis was so massive, it could hold my 190 pound frame on it easily. My ass cheeks were cradled right on top of it, and he held me up easily, grinning. His beautiful, perfect face was an inch from mine, and our respective chests were touching each other’s, though his was so much wider than mine. He moved his mouth right next to my ear. “Feel my perfection, you tiny little boy,” he commanded. And I did.

I ran my hands over his eight pack, and he moaned in delight. The muscles were serrated perfectly from each other, and I enjoyed fingering the lines between his muscles. I then cusped both of his dense broad pecs, both of which could not even come close to fitting in my tiny hands, and suckled on his erect and dime sized nipples. He enjoyed me sucking on his man bosom, as I fingered the valley between his mountainous pecs. I brushed his wavy hair out of the way and started licking his lush, meaty neck. The hulk moaned in delight, and started a slight dry-humping motion, getting the cock shaft moving between my two legs. “You’re so big,” I managed to say, hypnotized by the masculine beauty, the first words I’d said since his transformation. “I’m a god,” he corrected, thumping his thick chest in support. I slid off his gargantuan prick and walked over to his broad, expansive back, which was roughly five feet wide, and started to rub his many muscles. His shoulders were so large, my hands didn’t even reach over them. I noticed his large, muscular bubble butt, jutting out from his backside. I ran my hands over it in delight, caressing and massaging his sexy ass. It was begging for a cock in it. Caught up in the moment, I gave into a sudden impulse, slapping it. It was like hitting a brick wall. This changed the mood completely. Nick turned around suddenly, his huge cock head brushing up against my stomach momentarily, then bobbing side to side precariously. “What did you just do,” He asked confrontationally. “Did you just slap me?” His nostrils flared. “Did I give you permission to slap me?” His breathing intensified and his muscles tensed. “You think you’re better than me?” he demanded. “No, sir,” I replied in a shaky voice. “NO, you are NOT better than me anymore!” He screamed.

He rumbled over to the desk and picked up a wooden baseball bat Andre kept under their for safe keeping. He tossed it to me. “I become this massive muscle god, and you still think you’re better than me? Bullshit, you little fucker. Hit me with that, and I’ll prove to you just how fucking strong I am.” “What?” I said, bewildered. “Do it!” He yelled. He flexed up, his already inhuman muscles becoming more engorged. The formula he drank must have affected his testosterone levels, because I knew this overly masculine, dominant creature I was talking to was not my brother. I was still reluctant. “Do it or I will crush you with my hand.” He said, snarling menacingly. “Hit me as hard as you can. Get a running start.” I choked up on the bat. “What are you waiting for, you puny little bitch? Go!” Against my better judgment, I started running at him, pulling the bat as I accelerated. Nick grit his teeth and only flexed harder. As I reached him, I brought the bat back, planted my feet, and swung as hard as I could at his stomach. Nick screamed in delight as the bat exploded on contact with his colossal eight pack, splinters flying everywhere. The only piece of the bat still in tact was the handle, resting in my hand. I was amazed. Nick screamed in erotic ecstasy. His boner seemed to swell another 2 inches.

This seemed to hurl Nick into a chaotic frenzy. “I am the strongest man in the world!” the beast bellowed, and I was not about to argue with him. He rushed over to the bench press and started loading either side up with forty fives, until each side was full, with 12 each. Holy shit, I though, that was over 1100 lbs. He slid under the bench, but was stopped when his frame prevented him from fitting under the bar. He was about a foot too wide, and his tits were raised about 7 inches over the bar. “Fuck it” he grunted, and he got back up, lifted the bar up with little effort, and started doing bicep curls. The veins in his arms almost burst, and his already impossibly huge biceps seemed to gain a couple inches in size every time he curled. After he did 20 reps, he lifted the bar over his head, every muscle in his body working, straining, and bulging out to even more impossible proportions. He let out another inhuman roar, and threw the 1100 lb bar across the entire room. It obliterated the wall into the men’s locker room and crashed through the floor with a deafening clang. Nick screamed again in animalistic ecstasy, flexing nonstop and admiring himself in the mirrors. “I’m so fucking huge! I’m the strongest man in the history of the world. Twenty men couldn’t beat me. I am fucking INVINCIBLE.” He went over to the scale, and tried to weigh himself. It held up to 350 lbs. He crushed it easily. He was at least 500 lbs, 550 maximum. All of it sheer gigantic muscle. He was no longer himself anymore. The vindictive muscle beast inside him had taken over. He started stroking his horse cock furiously, moaning and grunting inhuman sounds. “I want more. I need to get bigger! I NEED TO GET BIGGER!” he screamed desperately, suddenly unaware of the titanic muscles surrounding him.

And then he noticed the jar. There was still half the mixture left in it. Oh, fuck me, I thought, we both completely forgot about the jar!! We were an equal distance away from it, but with his superior muscles, I stood no chance. He bolted there, brushing away heavy weight lifting equipment like nothing, quickly getting there 10 times faster than I could have. In the blink of an eye he ran to the jar, picked it up and moaned in anticipation. I tried to stop him.

“Nick, look at you! You’re like 500 fucking pounds! You already are stronger than everyone else on the planet. What the hell are you doing? No one would even recognize you as it is now! How the hell are you ever going to get around in public again? You’re too big to fit in a car or anything! You gotta stop this shit! Give me the jar.”

“So you can get as big as me?” He scoffed. “Fuck you, you puny boy, your days of being the best our over” he rumbled, and drank the rest of the contents of the jar. He smiled, knowing the changes about to encompass him again. I couldn’t even comprehend how big he was going to get. The ceiling in the gym was around 20 feet high, if I had to guess, and it certainly was a big and roomy enough area, but how could he fit through a door? Hell, he couldn’t fir through a door now. I groaned at the thought of having to calling the police to remove the walls to remove a naked 20-year-old muscle giant. Nick flexed in anticipation, ready for his next growth spurt. After what seemed like eternity, his humongous muscles started swelling again, and away he went, bulging out into sickening lengths. Every muscle swelled. He added 100 more pounds of muscle in 10 seconds. “YES! MORE!” He bellowed, as everything was dangerously close to growing out of proportion. His chest was now so huge, he could no longer see over it.

Then without warning, He grew a foot in another 5 or so seconds, his muscles growing exponentially with him. I could no longer look him in the eyes. I was staring at his neck. Then, I was staring at his nipples. Then his eight pack. Then his beach ball sized testicles. And lastly, right above his kneecaps. I looked up at the giant. He had bulged his way to just a shade under 18 feet, judging from the relationship from his head to the ceiling. I looked up at him, and one look at the gorgeous titanic muscle god of a man made me ejaculate right then and there.

He bent down, and picked me up in his hands, and laid me on his dick. I fit perfectly. His penis was larger than my entire body. He could barely fit in the room. “Hey, kid,” He rumbled to me condescendingly, his voice booming so deep it shattered all the buildings glass, let’s go have some fun.” He effortlessly burst through the walls of the gym, revealing his freshly muscled, huge naked body to the world. I had no view of the world around me, but I heard cars screech to a halt as they saw my 18-foot tall, 10,000 lb. Of sheer muscle twin brother. He roared, letting the world know it had a new master.

It was going to be a long night…… •

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