Mario's Gift

Mario's Thanks


By musclejock855

I felt so hot and sexy as I was walking down the street with my tight black Underarmour t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses on. My chest muscles and my pecs were so built that you could see the outline of them through the shirt, as if they were poking through and the shirt could not hold them back. My biceps were also so built that tight veins were showing through them as my huge arms were stretching the width of the shirt sleeve. I was a total jock!

I finally arrived at Mario's house. I wanted him to see the new me, the new jock in town. I even had my hair all spiked up with gel to be extra cool. I also just finished working out at the gym so that I could be all pumped up to show off to Mario. I knocked on his door. He answered. He know had to look up at me because I was now about a foot taller than him. "Who are you?", he asked. I said, "It's me, MJ!" He replied, "MJ? But how?" I told him that it was all from the book that he gave me for my birthday on how to become a teen muscle jock in a week. He didn't think it would actually work. But as he could see, it did! I told Mario that I was very happy with his gift and in return I wanted to thank him in a very special way. I told him that as my way of saying thank you I was going to let him see what a real muscle jock was like. I was going to let he feel and worship one. Mario had such an odd look on his face, but as soon as I took off my t-shirt and he saw how built I was, that look changed. He started to reach for my huge pecs but I stopped him. I said, "Mario! I didn't know you were gay!" He said, "I'm not, I am bisexual." I continued to let him rub his hands all over my body. I was still sweating from my workout at the gym, so the sweat made my body shine and that made me look even more sexy. He ran his hands through every ridge in my 8-pack abs and over every vein in my biceps. I told him that I promised not to tell anyone about this or his secret about being bisexual. But I had nothing to wory about because I didn't mind having Mario worship me but I wasn't really gay, I still liked the girls. And I had nothing to worry about because I had plenty that liked me.

Next I told mario that I wanted to show him something that I knew that he would like but I told him not to get too excited because I wasn't gay and I also made him promiss that he would never tell anyone about this. He said that he promised. So next I took off my pants. I didn't have a hard-on any more but that wasn't hard to get back. All I had to do was think of a hot girl that I liked and then rub my hand over my sexy body. Mario watched as my underwear became tighter and tighter untill they finally ripped off! I stood there with my hard-on that was about 15in. long. Mario was amaized! Mario was so shocked that he couldn't move. I then walked over to him because I wanted to show him how I was stong all over. I kneeled down behind him and moved forwared. I then stood up. Mario was now sitting on my fully erected penis. I then told him to hold on. I then lifted him off the ground with only the power of my dick. I then lowered him back to the floor and he got off. I stopped thinking of hot and sexy things for a while and started to think of gross things like me being fat or me being with a fat girl. My erection started to go away and I was able to put my pants back on. They were still a little tight. I told Mario that I was going to go unless he had any other ideas. He said that he did.

He told me to go lay down on his bed. So I did. He came over and started to lick me. My abs, chest, and even my biceps. He started to pull off my pants again and then I stopped him and said, "Hey! Now just cut that out! I told you that I wasn't gay and this is starting to get gross and out of controll. I am going to leave." Just then he reached out and pulled my arm and started to squeese it really hard. "Hey, stop that! This isn't funny, let me go!", I said. Just then he started shaking and then he fell to the floor. But then I could not believe what I was seeing. Mario was starting to grow and so were his muscles. He was turning into a jock like me. I was worried that he would be taller and stronger then me because he was before I changed. But, he didn't. He stopped growing at the same size as I was. When it was all over he got up and was shocked to see that he was now as tall as I was and had a massive chest, 8-pack abs, and huge arms! I started to get my hard-on again. I kept thinking to myself that I wasn't gay. I joked around with him and said, "It's compitition now! I am going to be stronger then you are!" He told me that I was wrong and that he was going to be stronger. We both laughed. I told him that it must have been my sweat when he was licking me that made him change.

I told him to put on some cool clothes to show of his new body and we could go pick up some hot girls. He liked that idea. The t-shirt that he put on was tight and did not fit him anymore, it looked like a cut-off t-shirt. The hem at the bottom of the shirt creeped up his abs. I told him that he looked fine. He also put on a pair of A&F shorts to go with the shirt. He looked hot. I told him that he looked like he could have been one of the models for A&F. I put my Underarmour t-shirt back on. He told me that I look like I could be one of the models for Underarmour. After he was dressed we both left together and took off in his red Mustang car and went off to party and to look for some hot girls. Mario said, "I guess this is the thanks I get for giving you that book and for going to your birthday party." I told him, "Yes Mario, it sure is!" And on that day Mario and I became best friends. •

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