By Also_KnownAs

"That's not funny."

"It's a compliment, Blake." Todd's embrace wrapped him in the man's scent as well, an overpowering masculine musk that seeped into his pores. Todd smelled of sex and power and lustful abandon. Blake could feel the man's twin monsters leaking a slick trail of precum down his legs. He could swear that the pricks were working his lags apart, opening his ass for entry. He could feel his own wealth of lube wanting release, growing anxious and thick in his balls. His prick was pulsing with each heartbeat, swelling to hugeness. "We think you may have what it takes." "What do you mean?"

Michael approached him, towering above Blake. His scent mingled with Todd's, making Blake feel as if he was in some sauna, sweating sex. "You have some unique genetic properties." Michael was so near. Blake could reach out to touch his perfected body, to feel that electric shock of erotic power fill him up.

"Wait a second."

"We want you to become a member of the Team." It was Todd speaking again, his soft voice next to Blake's ear, his strong arms enveloping the teen.

Carlos spoke next, "I think we need to back off for a moment and allow this young man to catch his breath. He looks a little worse for wear."

Todd gazed down to where Blake's prick was hard, red and hungry. "He looks fine to me."

"The smell of you," he said, "I can smell you."

Michael looked at Todd and then at Blake. "But we aren't pumping anything out. We're clean, Blake." "No, I can smell you. I can smell it."

Carlos arched a thin brow. "Side effect."

Todd's arms opened and he stepped away, saying, "Sorry, Bud, I thought you were enjoying it."

"I... I was... but I wasn't... it wasn't."

"Steady, Blake," added Michael, who was now a few steps from the young man. "You could feel it? What could you feel?"

"You, Michael. Your heat, your power. Since I came in, as strong as the first time. And Todd. It was like a fog of sex. A strong, spicy scent. Filling my lungs, my head..."

"Sensitized to us."

"Because of..?"

"I would assume so," answered Carlos.

"I don't understand." Blake was sweating. His cock was still hard.

"What do you know about genetics, Blake?"

"Like cloning and that shit?"

"Not exactly. Just the basics. Chromosomes and so forth."

"Um, well, there's the egg and the sperm. And women always provide an X, but men could provide an X or a Y."

"And XX means feminine, XY means masculine."


"Well, you're one step ahead of us on that scale." "I'm what?"

Carlos gestured to himself and the others. "We are all XY. The masculine properties have been enhanced, so you could say we are all XY+Y, although that isn't scientifically true."

"But in your case," finished Todd, "it is."

"What's that mean?"

"You, my lucky young friend, are gifted with extra chromosomes."

"Extra... how's that possible?"

Todd shrugged. Carlos said, "It may be that you did not possess them until taking Transform. Perhaps they were there and lying dormant. But your physique has had a heightened and rather impressive reaction. Much greater than anyone we've seen changed so far."

"The sample you sent?"

"We don't send a full dosage, or even a 100th part of a dose in that intro pack, Blake. We've chemically altered the initial sample so that men we invite would certainly see immediate gains in strength, weight, height..."

"But nothing that accounts for your changes," interrupted Todd, folding his arms across his gargantuan chest.

"How much do you estimate you've grown?" "I was about six foot even before, weighed about 190."

"And with the dosage prepared for you, we would expect you would now be about 6-4 and around 220, 225 -- max."

"But look at you," smiled Todd, standing aside so that Blake could see his reflection. "You're pretty fucking awesome by anyone's standards."

"Some of the guys were wondering if you'd already received the full treatment," said Michael softly, his words enveloping Blake in a sensual embrace.

"And now...?" Blake's heart was beating fast and hard.

"Now it's time to see how big Blake can be."

Blake started grinning. "Cool."

"I need to tell you that none of us know exactly what will happen."

"With the other men," said Michael, slowly coming toward where the young man stood, "we could estimate how they'd grow, how big they'd get. We knew we were the upper limits of the transformation."

"But you're a whole new ballgame."

Blake lifted his hand to scratch his chiseled jaw and noticed his augmented bicep bulge. He paused, looking at the muscle, the tight round ball of raw brawn on his arm. He tensed it, feeling the surging strength contained there, watching the fibers twist and bulge, the head of the thing split and develop to a perfect mountain on his upper arm. He ran his fingers across its hard, smooth surface, feeling the silk of his skin covering the iron-hard muscle like a warm soft whisper. He caressed the huge globes of his chest, digging his fingertips into the wealth of dark curls deep in the crevasse between his muscular globes.

His middle finger brushed the cap of his perfect, round nipple and a shock of sensual bliss erupted through him at that touch, his heightened sensuality swallowing that merest of sensations like a drug. He breathed in the sex scent of these gods around him, feeling himself energized, sensualized, eroticized. So hard and powerful and beautiful. He turned to look at Todd, then Carlos, and finally at the ultimate perfection that was Michael, a man so powerful and beautiful that his presence in a room was enough to edge him close to coming.

"When do we get started?"

"Before we go anywhere, we need to let you in on a few more side effects of this change. This is the standard stuff we tell everyone, and some of it won't be very surprising, but full disclosure avoids any disappointments later."


"First, and most importantly, if you're thinking about kids, after this, forget it. Your sperm is altered into something that can't make babies. It makes, well, men. But no babies."

Blake shrugged. "Next?"

"This, I assume, isn't an issue, but you're gonna be pretty much gay afterwards."

"Pretty much gay before."

Todd nodded. "I assumed as much. Your technique is pretty, uh, advanced for someone unaccustomed to butt fucking."

"And blowing cock, sure."

"Which, according to Chuck, would be your specialty."

"We all do best what we enjoy most."

"Okay, and next up is that we don't know what, if anything, will happen given time."


Carlos spoke up. "To be perfectly honest, we aren't exactly experts about this change. I may have invented to original serum, but it has evolved very rapidly beyond anything I ever planned or even imagined. What happened to Todd and Chuck and I and the rest all happened in the space of a single day. Each step of development followed the other usually within hours, sometimes within minutes of each other. The gains became more and more pronounced, culminating, apparently, with Michael's transformation, some of which is unique to him."

Blake looked at the quiet giant with the penetrating blue eyes. "I just assumed you had what everyone else had, just more of it."

Michael smiled. Blake's cock tingled with desire. "To an extent, that's true. But I have a couple of rather unique assets that haven't been passed on."

"Yet," added Blake. "You mean the touch?"

The man nodded. A sleek lock of his dark hair slid forward across his face. He brushed it back with a gentle gesture that reminded Blake of sex. Everything about Michael reminded Blake of sex. "And a more personal sort of change."

Blake's eyebrow rose. "Better than the touch?"

Michael let out a soft laugh that reached into Blake's ear and licked his libido. "A sort of mirror effect. You've experienced the sensation I transfer when we meet. Carlos likens it to feeling as if his whole body is a prick and I'm caressing him to sudden waves of pleasure."

"Though I am not so poetic," Carlos added.

"That's pretty much how I'd put it, but I'd probably say something like feeling you on my skin is like having my whole body fucking and getting fucked and sucking and getting sucked. You make me hard just thinking about you, and I want to cum buckets when you walk in the room."

"Now who's the poet," asked Todd. He took Blake's hand and shook it. "Thank god there're still a few of us left."


Todd gripped Blake's shoulder in his huge grasp. "Gutter-minded vulgarians. The world needs more of them - especially this place."

Blake's mouth quirked into a smirk. "You obviously haven't been spending enough time with Chuck, lately."

"You could be right, but don't tell him I said that."

"Too late, asshole," answered a loud voice, and the dark giant himself strode into the room. As he approached, he allows his second prick loose, and Blake had to marvel all over again at the site of the muscular giant's two huge cocks swinging and twisting around each other as he walked. By the time he was standing next to Michael, both veined beasts were hanging thick and juicy between his legs. He reached over and grabbed some of Michael's perfect ass, and his cocks suddenly inflated to attention as a shock of sexual energy shot through his arm from the not-so-gentle caress. "Good fuck, but it feels good to let the twin out for some air. He gets all mean and nasty when I keep him cooped up too long."

A question regarding the how of that statement occurred to Blake, and where did that other dick go when it wasn't hanging free and loose anyway? But Chuck continued dominating the conversation before he had a chance to ask it.

"Hey Mike, how they hangin'? Carlos, you're looking puckered as usual. And Todd, my man, Blake here is right. We need to get together more often." He approached Blake, wrapped his arms around him, bent his lips down to the teen's opening mouth and plunged his tongue inside. This was Chuck's usual greeting and Blake was ready for it. He reached down to Chuck's twin monsters, already lubed with an ample supply of pre-cum, and gave each a good, firm stroke as he wrestled Chuck's tongue with his own. Then his slick hands moved up the other man's torso until they found his erect nipples, and he pinched and twisted them harder than usual.

Chuck's hand reached into Blake's curls and grabbed a fist-full, pulling the young man's head back with a firm tug. "You are one talented little fucker," he said, kissing him roughly once more before moving away. "So," he announced, clapping his giant hands together, "is my man Blake finally joining the club? We letting him in on all our secrets?" He suddenly lifted off the floor, his great muscled arms pulling him toward the ceiling. "Can't wait to get you up here, Blake. Wait'll you feel what weightless fucking is like. Mmmmm, man, there is nothing else like it." He started stroking himself as if anticipating the event. Both pricks answered his touch by inflating to impossible dimensions.

"He has a lot of fun, doesn't he?"

"Chuck is an orgy unto himself," answered Todd.

Carlos looked like his patience was being tested. "We were just going through the rules.' He looked at Blake. "I believe you were asking about Michael?"

Turning as if drawn to some power, Michael was suddenly right next to him. "What do you want to know?" he whispered, his lips brushing Blake's ear, the sound of his voice pouring through his veins like molten lava. Then Michael layed his arm across the teen's shoulders, sending a cascade of sexual bliss through his body like a waterfall. Blake was overcome with desire, his cock inflating to hard, urgent readiness as Michael's mouth found his and Blake succumbed to sexual ecstasy. •

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