New House, The


By Bazorba

Mark and Tim arrived at the apartment that they shared together, both in a state of shock at what just happened. Not only had they become more muscular, they decided that they would move into a gorgeous house that seemed too good to be true. Since they were both young, they thought nothing of it other than good fortune.

They thought that they needed a drink, something strong, when they got in the door to help relax their minds and bodies. Tim poured each of them a shot of Bacardi 151 rum, and they sat down on the couches to reflect on their afternoon.

“Dude, what just happened to us?” Mark asked Tim. “I dunno man, your guess is as good as mine, one minute I'm pumping iron, the next minute, I'm pumping up”. Tim flexes his arm, marvelling at its size and shape. “It is cool and all though, I love the feeling of being this jacked and powerful, don't want it to end if you know what I mean. What about you, you don't look like you got overlooked either, those man-titties were not that big before we left the apartment this morning!”. Tim walks over and pulls Mark up from the couch and starts feeling his chest and arms. “What are you doing dude?” Mark quizzically asks Tim. The feeling of Tim's strong hands on his chest generated a feeling of warmth in his muscles, a feeling of power, a sensation that he didn't want to end. Grabbing Tim's arms, he pulled him into a strong embrace, feeling every muscle touching, rubbing, pulsating against each other.

Standing there, pec to pec, Tim and Mark looked into each other's eyes and saw something there that neither of them had seen before, it was love, desire, want. Bringing their mouths closer together, they tentatively started to kiss each other, then they got more comfortable with this and started making out, full tongue action. Oblivious to the sparks that flew around them, they felt their body heat rising and their muscles start to grow again. Their pecs grew, forcing them farther apart...their arms grew, their legs grew, forcing them to change their stance to stand upright. A loud ripping sound was heard as Mark's shirt started to tear because of the rapid growth of the muscle, this made their passion even more intense.

Heading over to Tim's bedroom, they lay down on the bed and continue their impassioned making out. Mark gets bold and asks Tim if he wants to be fucked, and Tim screams that he does. Mark shoves his dick up Tim's ass and starts riding him for all he's worth, but in the state that they are both in, it doesn't take long before both of them reach climax at the same time, and they shoot their loads, Mark in Tim and Tim on Mark. The young men feel the power inside themselves explode like an atomic bomb, muscles growing to new heights, strength soaring, becoming like few have before. They collapse on each other, out of breath, but smiles on their faces. They give each other one last kiss before they drift off into slumberland.

The next morning, Tim awakes feeling groggy. He goes to the mirror and sees that he's smaller than he was after his workout yesterday, but still bigger than he was when he started. “Hmmm...must have been one hell of a pump”. He also remembers what happened last night, and feels a bit weird for having done it. He goes out to the kitchen and sees Mark there, sitting with a cup of coffee in front of the computer. Mark turns around and looks at Tim, with a bit of a forlorn look on his face. “Mark, I'm sorry for what happened last night, I don't know what came over me.” “That's ok, I didn't stop you” “Mark, will you forgive me?” “Of course I do”. Tim was relieved to hear this because his concience was bothering him about it.

Both of them made some breakfast and started to decide how they should go about getting everything packed for the move. They had a lot to deal with, and not a whole lot of time to do it in. One thing that remained in the back of their minds during the whole process was what was with that house and why is it doing these strange things? •

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