Mario's Gift


By musclejock855

This story starts out about a guy in High School who's name is Mario. Mario had it all! Personality, strength, and cool looks! Now Mario was one of those guys that all the girls liked because of his coolness and he was one of those guys that played almost any sport you could think of. So I guess you could call him your average teen muscle jock. Because not only was he cool he was built. His biceps looked to be about 12 or 13in.'s. But because he didn't have much fat on him, they looked to be larger. The same with his abs. He had a perfect 6-pack going on 8. Now Mario was a nice guy but didn't always say hi to you if you passed him in the halls or somewhere. He only would say hi to the other cool guys like him or if you told him hi first. It was like he was too good or something. OK, so maybe he was too good. But I didn't care I decided to invite him to my 16th birthday party. I didn't think he would really come. But, he did! I think he decided to come so he could be cool and show off around my other friends that I invited. We were not all as cool as he was especially me. He probably also came so that when the party was over he could go back to his other cool friends and tell them about some stupid party he went to. But anyway, the point was that he came and I just wanted to see if he would bring me a gift and how he would act at my party. Surprisingly he brought me a gift and he acted as if he was my best friend. Even to my other friends. This couldn't be happening! There is no way some teen muscle jock from my school really came to my birthday party! Well, it is true! Now the time had come to open the gifts! Some of my friends just gave me money in a card, others actually brought gifts. I was so excited to see what it was that Mario gave me. It was a special edition football! Go figure, a muscle jock sport. Then I opened his card but what was inside was not a card it was a book called, "How To Become A Teen Muscle Jock In A Week". This was the coolest but weirdest present that I got. I thanked Mario for his gift and for showing up at my party. He said that I was welcome and then he kind of laughed as he left my party. Was his gift some king of a joke? I didn't know but I took all my gifts with me and went home. Before I went to bed that night, I read Mario's book. It was a short book, only 10 pages long. The whole book just told what a muscle jock was and what they do and how to become one. It also said that how this book would help me to become one in a week. I couldn't believe it but, it wouldn't hurt to try. The last part of the book said,"CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!". What could posably happen I thought. Taped to the back of the book were two pills and a long injection needle. Here were the simple instructions that it told me to do..... Monday- Take red pill with plenty of water before bed. Wednesday- Use the injection needle to inject the clear liquid into bicep. Friday- Take final blue pill in the morning. So I did what it said and each night I felt strange. But I also felt like I was growing. Especially after Wed. I felt my biceps and abs begin to tighten up. They felt so tight and they hurt so bad I had to walk around hunched over all day. Thursday night I went to bed past midnight I was starting to break out in a sweat and I felt all warm inside. I was growing 2 or 3 in. taller but still no muscle was showing. So since it was past midnight I decided to take the final pill. It was morning right? And also since I was so hot I went to bed with no clothes on that night. When I woak up I wasn't paying much attention to myself or thinking about the muscle jock book. And as I put on my underwear I noticed that my cock was poking out throught my underwear next to my thigh. It must have grown at least 5 in. over night. But then I remembered the muscle jock book. I then looked at my abs to find that I now had a perfect 8-pack. Also my biceps have grown to about 14 or 15 in. too with veins running through them. I was so hot and sexy. My penis was starting to become as hard as a rock the more I looked at myself. It became so hard and long that it tore my underwear right off of me. Even My chest and leg muscles became more defined. I was now a hot and sexy teen muscle jock. I thought to myself of all the girls that would now want me at school. I was now the cool one. I put on another pair of underwear and a pair of pants and I got out and put on the tight black underarmour t-shirt that I also got for my birthday that was too big. It looked more like a regular t-shirt. But now, it was tighter than ever and I also looked as cool as ever.

I put on my sunglasses and walked outside and thought to myself that there was one person that I wanted to go see and thank once again for my gift and to show them the new me, the new jock in town. And that was......MARIO!!! •

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