New House, The

By Bazorba

“C'mon in guys!”

“Yo, dude, this is SWEET!” “I must say, I'm impressed”

It was encouraging to hear that my friends both approve of the house that I purchased. I had just recently signed a contract to start a new job in the computer industry and it included a very hefty signing bonus. I wasn't in the mood to continue to live in a basement apartment, very cramped, and a roommate that I never really spoke to. The only drawback to this was that I would have to leave college, but this did not bother me too much, as I knew I could take courses at night school at the university.

I was very surprised to find this house. It had everything that I wanted...a modern look and feel to it, a gourmet kitchen, a deck with a hot tub, and even more amazingly, a professional gym that looked spotless. I had taken ownership of the house a few days before I was going to actually be moving into the place, so I could walk around and decided what I wanted to do with the place without having a whole mess of boxes around me. I knew I was going to like it here.

My two friends, Mark and Tim, were in for a big surprise. One of the reasons why I purchased such a big house was that I was going to invite the two of them to live with me as housemates. Having been to their department before and how outdated it was, I figured it would be nice for them to actually live in a home and to do what they wanted to do, instead of having to compromise to deal with the restrictions that come with living in an apartment. I worked with both of them at the college IT department, but Tim was not rehired after the summer was over. Both of them were attractive in their own unique way. Tim was tall, thin and had a pretty boy look He had been working out a bit, but since I never saw him very much since he was let go from work, I couldn't see the changes. Mark on the other hand was pure potential...he looked like he could really go far in bodybuilding if he even gave it half a chance, but he didn't want to. “I'm just content in knowing I can bench 80 lbs” he said to me one time, which made my heart sink.

“Dayum” Tim exclaimed when we passed by the gym. “I have to give that a try, please?!?!”. I told him it was fine and to knock himself out. “Uh, how do I get in?”...totally forgetting that you needed a swipe card to open the door. I swiped him in and told him to phone me when he was done. Mark and I continued on our way with the tour. Mark asked me if I thought Tim would be ok, and I reassured him that he would be perfectly fine.

Upon reaching the master bedroom, which had a huge king size bed in it already that was included with the house, Mark was flabbergasted. Direct access to the hot tub, full size personal bath, a set of stairs that led down to the gym/sauna. With his mouth gaping open, I turned around and embraced him, thanking him for being such a good friend and for everything. He said that it was his pleasure. I looked at his handsome face and gave him a kiss, on the lips, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, he reciprocated and returned the kiss, even giving a bit of tongue. This felt like heaven.

The kissing led to full on making out, and I started to take Mark's shirt off. My hands ran over his body. He didn't really work out, but his body was still hard, with some fat on him, which made him all the more sexy. Our making out continued, and while I was running my hands all over his naked torso, I was wishing that he had...oh I don't know...50 lbs more muscle. Mark shivered like a chill ran down his spine so I held him closer to me to keep him warm. I started to feel something moving underneath my hands, like some bumps were developing, his grip around me was getting tighter and my arms were moving farther apart than normal. I released my grip on him and took a step back from him. What I saw was amazing

Mark's pecs were jutting out what looked like a good 2 inches from his chest, his abs were showing in bold relief, lats starting to come out like wings, shoulders broader than they were before, and legs that were starting to look like tree trunks. I just stood there with my mouth wide open, and Mark looked at me strangely. “What's going on?” he asked. “Just go to the mirror, and you'll see.” “Holeeee shit!” Mark exclaimed, and proceeded to try to flex his muscles. I came up behind him and felt the power contained in his body now, the hardness of the muscles, and the heat that now arose from them. “I don't know what happened, but I like it!” “I do too!”. Mark picked me up and brought me over to the bed. We started to kiss, but we were interrupted by the phone ringing, it was Tim, saying that we should come down now, something strange is going on.

Mark and I went down through the private entrance, only stopping for me to swipe the card through the card reader. We went through the sauna area into the weight room, and when we got there, we stood there in disbelief. Tim was definitely bigger, not huge, but not small by any means. He looked like a light-heavyweight bodybuilder a month away from a contest, when not all of the water from his body has been dieted away. “I was just here pumping weights and my muscles just started to grow larger and larger.” He was right, he looked magnificent. I gave him a hug and told him everything would be alright. Tim grabbed his shirt and put it on, which was promptly shredded by his large chest, back, and arm muscles. Shrugging, he went with Mark and I up the stairs to the bedroom.

When we were finally up the stairs, I finally popped the question. “Would you guys be interested in living here as my housemates?” They both looked at each other and exclaimed that they would. “Ok, we have a couple of days to get everything packed up before the movers move everything from my place into here. I'm sure they wouldn't mind taking your stuff as well since I don't have a large load”. We left the house, and I couldn't help wondering what happened here, but if the future holds what I think it does, it's going to be a fun ride. •

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