Mystery Muscle Friend, A

By musclejock855

When I was about eight years old, a very strange thing happened to me that changed the rest of my life!

One day I was playing outside all by myself when a High School boy came up to me. He said, "You're gonna come with me!" The boy was very tall with a muscular built. He lifted me up off the ground with one arm. For a man of his power, I must have only felt to weigh a pound or two. I started to scream for help, but all he did was put his massive arm around my mouth. His bicep grew in my mouth. I tried to bite as hard as I could but, he didn't feel a thing. I felt as if I was trying to chew into a brick. I gave up! I guess I had no choice but to go with him.

When we arrived to his house, we went down to his basement where his home gym was. He locked the door behind us so I couldn't get away. His sat me down on one of his workout benches. Then he took off his jacket. He didn't have a shirt on under it. I think he was trying to show off his built body to me. His chest and pecs were like two steel plates. His abs were a perfect six-pack. This boy had to be some kind of muscle jock or something because he was perfect. He even had vains running through his arms and biceps. He didn't even have any more hair on the rest of his body except for his head. Then he reached for my shirt and pulled it off. He also then pulled my underwear off too. Was this boy gay? This was wrong! He laughed when he say my body. What did he expect to see from an eight year old? I didn't have any muscles. He then said to me, "You will want to thank me someday for this. All the girls will be after you when you get older!" I didn't know what he was talking about. But then all of a sudden, he pulled out this long needle from his pocket. It looked like some kind of shot. Like one of those the doctor gives you in the doctor's office. He then took the needle and injected it into my private area. That killed! It hurt so bad I started to cry and scream but the boy kept going on with the process. Next I noticed something very strange. My man muscle of my private area began to grow a little bigger and longer. What was going on? The boy then took out the needle and put my underwear and shirt back on. Its was all over. But what did this boy do to me? He then picked me back up and took me back to my house. He never said what his name was or anything. When we arrived back home my parents never even knew I was gone. And I never even told them about the stranger. It was my own little secret and I wanted to find out for myself what that kid did to me. The last thing the boy said to me before he left was, "Have fun with your new self!" And I didn't understand what he ment untill the next day when I got up out of bed.

(Please View Pic 2 & 3) I felt a little strange. I then looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I was older and taller. I was now about 13 years old. I had hair on me in certain places I didn't have it before, and the best thing was that I now had muscle! My biceps have grown to be about ten inches with faint vains running through them, my chest and pecs were starting to form, and I now had the beginning of my own six-pack abs. This was sweet! I began to fall in love with myself and my own muscle. Which was another weird thing. I noticed myself now looking at other men and their muscle and comparing it to mine. I wanted to be stronger! I even started to like girls more. I even met one in school and I told her about my change. She came over my house one night to see the change. I took off my shirt and jeans and she fell in love with me. She ran her hands all over my chest, down every ridge in my abs, and over my biceps. She then looked down at my underwear and said let me see whats down there! I said, "Are you crazy?" "Save that untill you are older girl." I even wasn't ready for that. We quit seeing each other for a while. "You are supposed to love one another for who they are not for their sex.", I thought.

After a few nights I noticed my privite area was feeling a little tight in my pants. It was growing a little more. That next morning I got up out of bed and noticed that my shirt that I had on for bed had become skin tight and was creaping up my abs because of how short it was. My boxers that I had on now look like underwear because they were too small. I again looked in the mirror. Now I looked like I was about 16 years old. How was I changing so fast. My chest, abs, and biceps even grew larger and more defined. My biceps had to be about 12 inches now! I was so hot! And now that I was 16, my sex drive was a little stronger now. But I still wanted to be good and wait untill I was older and married.

The next day I saw the same girl that I was going out with before and told her it was me. My voice was deeper now but she still knew it was me. We got back together and that night she came over my house. She un-buttoned my shirt and pants again. I think she still wanted to see if I still had my muscle. And she was supprised to see that I was more muscular than ever. She felt my whole body. I said, "How do you like these guns?" I flexed my biceps for her. "You're sexy!" She said. She then felt my abs and then slid her hands down into my pants. "What are you doing?", I said. "Just checking out your muscle.", she said. I told her that I love her for who she is but we are not doing anything untill we are married. She agreed and said, "I will be waiting for you!" And then she left. I Buttoned my pants and shirt back on and went downstairs.

I then went to the mall to buy some new clothes since I couldn't fit into my old ones anymore. I bought myself some athletic clothes so that I could start to workout and increase my muscle, because I still wanted to be stronger. Then I bought some of those tight mesh shirts to show off my body. And lastly I went and bought a tight speedo swimwear so that when I go swimming I could show off my muscle and get a good tan.

When I left the mall, in the parking lot I was approached by another man. He was older than I was and alot stronger. He said, "How is it going? Are you enjoying your new self? Are all the girls after you? How does it feel being a muscle jock?" Just then he punched me in the face. He told me to give him all I got and test my strength. So I did. I let him have it! When the fight was over he told me that I wasn't bad and that I have improved alot. What did he mean? Have I met this guy before? Just then he flexed his huge bicep. Vains ran all through it. Then it hit me! This was the guy that game me all of this. All of my looks, my strength, and my muscle. I said, "Who are you?" He didn't answer and started to run away. But I pulled him buy his arm. I was stronger now and was able to hold him back. He then said, "I can't tell you. The only other thing I can say is that the last change will happen tomorrow, then you are on your own!" I let him go and he ran away. I yelled back at him, "Thank You!"

I went to bed that night thinking about what I was going to look like tomorrow. My final change!

(Please View Pic 4) The next morning I got up and ran to the mirror. I was about 25 years old and all muscle. I now had the perfect six-pack going on eight, massive chest and pecs, and huge biceps with vains running all through them. When I flexed them, they had to be at least 18 inches maybe more. I was ripped. I was now a total muscle jock.

5 years later--------------------------------

I am 30 years old and haven't grew anymore except for the muscle I put on myself. Now I am also married to that one girl that I loved. And one night we had it, and now, well, we have a little boy. And I hope someday when he grows up, he will be as strong and as good looking as I am. And I wouldn't be where I am or look as good as I do today if it wasn't for the help of that one mystery High School muscle jock. And to this day I still never found out who he was and as a matter of fact I never saw him again. Maybe he is still out there and maybe you can have that same chance to become a hot and sex muscle jock just like I did. Also to this day I never told my parents how this all happened. They think I just had a growth spurt and gained the muscle myself with the help of some supplements. Hey! Thats a good enough excuse for me! The only people that know about my change is my wife, I , and maybe someday, just maybe, I will share it with my son. (Please View Pic 5) •

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