By Also_KnownAs

Frankly, the nudity didn't bother him in the least. No one at IGE, as far as he could tell, ever wore clothing. And so much obvious and overt male beauty on display all the time sent his libido into overdrive. And luckily, the serum seemed happy to help him keep going like the Energizer bunny, taking part in what was essentially a non-stop orgy aided by his cock's sudden capability to produce an abundance of a slick pre-cum that he came to realize was another by- product of Transform, since every guy he "met" seemed to have the same thing happening. Sometimes all he did was look at a guy, and before they'd exchanged names he found himself hard and pumping a fresh supply that coated his ever- hungry cock in a clear honey that his new-found friend was more than happy to lick off.

It was sure easy to tell those who'd had the full treatment as opposed to those like him who were on the waiting list. He was much larger already than any of the other guys waiting their turn, but he knew he wasn't nearly as big as he could become. He wasn't sure where the list was, or when his number would be coming up, but they were certainly keeping him occupied in the mean time.

The guys who, like him, were in stage one all looked like your average, every day Playgirl male model stud muffin. Tight bodies, rippling abs, bulging pecs. He just seemed to have taken an extra dose or something, since he was noticeably bigger. They might not be bodybuilders, but their forms swelled with muscle that they all agreed, just like Blake, hadn't been there days before. They were beautiful, he was beautiful, none of them had a lot to complain about if they stayed just the way they were. Still, his jealousy of the men who'd been fully enhanced kept growing with each passing day.

Besides The Team of nine, there seemed to be another twenty-five or so men around, but sometimes it was confusing. He might be grabbed by Chuck, the horniest guy Blake had ever encountered, and they'd go at it and someone else might join in. Chuck liked it every which way, sometimes topping, sometimes taking it with eager hunger. Chuck was huge and beautiful, if a little dumb, not that it mattered. But sometimes Blake would be into the action hot and heavy, then he'd feel himself so suddenly aroused and dazed by lust that he'd forget who was doing who. Then he'd find that he was with another man entirely, one who was as big and horny and dumb as Chuck, but who was obviously someone else entirely. And how had the guy taken Chuck's place so easily? Chuck would be plowing Blake's ass, Blake would start cumming, he'd feel that heavy sedation of passionate bliss and then another guy was pumping him, a guy as huge and beautiful as Chuck was, but this guy was clean-shaven and had red hair and his skin was almost porcelain white instead of dark-skinned, dark-haired Chuck.

And Chuck could fuck and fuck and fuck - but he never seemed to cum.

It only happened a few times, but it began to worry him. Was the serum doing something to his brain, too? He could appreciate the fact that his orgasms were more powerful, and that his body seemed to be able to give and take pleasure constantly, but hallucinating was not something he particularly cared for.

But, in those spare moments when someone was available for conversation, they usually just looked at him funny and laughed. "The sun must be getting to you, junior," Chuck said. But he did smile a lot bigger for some reason. The friend of his who'd turned him onto IGE, Leo, was always around. Leo had undergone the full process and was something to see. Blake remembered Leo from the Fulton Street fair a year ago, where the guy had taken a 17-year-old Blake against a wall behind a pool hall. Leo was a cocky leather stud, wandering the street party in chaps with his dick and balls in plain site. And why not, they were a really impressive set.

But they were nothing compared with what Leo owned now. The guy had swelled to almost nine feet in height and his shoulders looked almost that wide. He still sported a huge mustache and a clean-shaven head, but almost everything else about him had changed. He'd had some body hair before, but now he was a walking forest. His broad chest was a dark map of fur, broken only by two huge, dangling nipples. His treasure trail had blossomed into a full-blown highway of curls across the rippled expanse of his belly. His ass was hairy, his legs were hairy, and his crotch was so thickly furred that it looked like the guy's newly grown prick was emerging from a dark cave. Still, his low-hanging balls managed to make their presence known behind that new tool he so proudly shared.

Leo shouting his name, "Blake!" in a deep baritone was almost the first thing he'd heard after leaving the dock. And Leo's swollen prick, inflating in record time as he bent his huge frame to lip-lock Blake, was the first one that spread his ass since arriving.

He'd lost count since how many other cocks had been sucked and fucked since, all beautiful and huge and owned by men capable of sensual pleasures he'd ever thought physically possible before arriving here.

But now here he was, and he had questions.

Like, what was this transform stuff, anyway? How did it do what it did? And what, exactly, was it doing? And what about that money he was expecting to pay? They said it would cost $25,000 to get here, but so far no one had asked for so much as a credit card. And if this stuff was so effective - and it obviously was, Leo was proof of that - why was it such a secret?

He hoped that once the final transformation took place, he'd get his answers.

Finally, right in the middle of a sweaty fuckfest under the shade of a grove, the incredible sample of male beauty known as Carlos summoned him and asked him to follow that incredible ass to one of the largest buildings on the campus.

"I see you've been enjoying yourself," said the dark-skinned man, his voice dripping with sensual eroticism even if his words were anything but. "I must apologize for the delay in getting you fully into the fold, so to speak, but you'll see in a moment that there was a very good reason."

"I was sort of wondering about that," Blake answered. "I noticed that a couple of guys who got here after me managed to pass me in line."

"Yes, and again our apologies." He turned slightly. The man had golden eyes that glowed like embers. "But if you'll hold your questions for just a few more minutes, we'll be able to provide... oh, hello, Todd."

"Hi, Carlos." Blake felt his knees weaken as the blonde God approached. His form seemed to glow, his burnished bronzed skin moving across his impressive expanse of cabled muscular power like liquid metal. He was the very model of perfection, looking almost like some comic book superhero made flesh - assuming he was a gay, stark naked, well-hung superhero with a golden mane of hair that wafted in the cool breeze like a pennant. "Hello, Blake."

"Huh... hello, Todd."

The other man smiled and Blake felt a tingle shock his system all the way to his toes. God, such beauty should be illegal. Of course in several states, it already was. "Looks like it's finally time for you to get the full treatment, as we like to call it."


They walked through a set of doors into a brightly lit room. One entire wall was a giant mirror, wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling. In the center of the room stood the only man (besides possibly the two accompanying him) that could make him cum just looking at him. Michael stood calmly with his hands clasped behind his back. Blake seemed to feel the man's strength and utter masculine power all the way from across the room. It was like heat on his skin, like the caress of a calloused hand, a warm wet tongue in your ear, a mouth sucking on your hard, thick cock. Michael's presence had a palpable sense to it, like smoke in the room or the sun on your flesh.

Blake tried to prepare himself to hear the man's voice again. He'd experienced it twice, now. Once on the videotape that announced his invitation to this very exclusive club, then again that time he'd been officially welcomed. The first time, he was already jerking off and the deep passionate tones of Michael's voice seemed to embrace him, lick him, fuck him hard and deep. The second time, hearing him unfiltered by any media, his could feel himself get hard, then harder still. He could feel his breathing grow shallow, his skin prickle with need, his balls tingle and churn to be emptied. He would never have believed it was true no matter who had told him that such a man existed, a man so tall and broad and thickly muscled that he seemed the deepest, truest incarnation of masculine power and beauty. A man whose voice could cause such a deep physical reaction that you thought you were already getting fucked. A man who's merest touch would make you think your whole body was a prick, and he was bringing you to sudden orgasm with a single gentle stroke.

"Welcome, Blake."

The sound shot through him like quicksilver, entering his body and boiling his blood. "Thank you." He swallowed hard. His voice broke like teenager entering puberty, which he was barely beyond at the ripe old age of 19.

Michael smiled a knowing smile. "It may come as something of a comfort - or perhaps a disappointment to know that you will not experience quite so dramatic a reaction to me once you've been fully transformed." Blake vaguely heard the words. His senses were overcome by the sounds. His whole body shook with passionate ecstasy. "Carlos, perhaps you should continue."

"Blake... Blake?" He felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked over, then up at the golden-eyed man. "Blake, part of this process will be that you learn what's happened to you, how that's happened, and what will happen next." Blake nodded. He was still reverberating from Michael's voice, he could still feel the man's presence soaking through him, Michael's heat coating his exposed flesh. "You, specifically, will also learn why we had to wait before completing this process on you."` Blake turned, catching a glimpse of the high, round, beautiful asses of Todd and Carlos in the mirror, and the amazing V of each man's torso. It was very hard to concentrate in this room. "Can you tell me that last part first?"

Carlos's eyes narrowed slightly. "I'm afraid that it would make less sense unless we preface it with what's come before."

Todd laughed slightly, laying his hand on the Latin beauty's broad, round shoulder. "And I'm here as an illustration and also to try to mediate Carlos's sometimes scientific way with words." He approached Blake and ran his hand down his torso, his touch like warm silk. "Although I saw by your bio that you're plenty smart enough that my duties will probably be limited to the demo portion." He winked at Carlos, "unlike some names we could mention."


Todd laughed aloud. "You are a smart man, aren't you?"

It was Blake's turn to smile. "What he lacks upstairs, he more than makes up for in other areas."

"No argument there."

"If I may continue?" Carlos managed to look slightly impatient, and Todd merely waved a hand. Blake watched his bicep jump and bulge as he performed the seemingly unconscious gesture. "Blake, Todd was the first man to undergo this treatment, and I was the scientist who invented it."

A chill passed through Blake when Michael added, "I added a little something, don't forget."

Carlos smiled, and Blake saw in it that something existed between them more than friendship. "Yes. At any rate, the original formula was simply a collection of enzymes, proteins and connecting agents, designed to augment the masculine properties and enable the subject to achieve increased physical capabilities."

"The subject in question being me," added Brad.

"As I said." "I was merely personifying your tale."

"You always do this."

Todd shrugged. "And you love me for it."

Carlos grinned. "Blake, the effects were quite staggering. What you see now in Todd, as well as myself and Michael, Jeremy and Jeff and Chuck, and..."

"The Team," interrupted Blake, anxious to get on with this.

"Yes, as we are now called. What you see in us now has been further augmented as each man took part in the process. The original formula has mutated several times over, and we no longer rely on it alone to achieve these results."

"Then, there's a new formula?"

"In a sense. The formula changes a man's essential genetic make-up. His DNA. It fused so entirely with Todd's physical self that he began producing a version of the serum from his own body." He let that sink in before he continued. "One of the... strangest side-effects of the formula is that it changes a man's semen."

"It does what?"

Todd spoke up. "I was actually the only man ever to take the original formula. Every man since then has been transformed by super spunk."


Todd scratched his head and shoved his wealth of gold behind his shoulder. "Yeah, I know this sounds insane, but the fact is that Chuck was the second guy transformed, and he received his transforming formula in the form of me stroking my meat to orgasm and coating him in my cum."


"This never gets any easier," Todd laughed. "But we've yet to figure out a way to break it to someone in a way that sounds conceivable."

"You cum on someone, and they..."

"We've since changed the method, but Transform is, essentially, augmented human sperm." Carlos still maintained his scientific air.

"If it's any consolation, you could also suck my dick and swallow my cum and it would have the same effect."

"However," added Carlos, "the observable effects are not the only benefits of Transform." "You mean the ability to fuck and cum almost continually and the weird lube junk and that pheromonal effect that some of you seem to have in addition to the muscles and the height and the awesome physical beauty?"

"Someone's been paying attention," said Todd.

"Those effects, yes, which are more strongly manifested as you transform fully."

"It gets better?"

"Whoa ho ho ho, yeah, does it ever."


"Sorry, Doc."

"There are additional benefits, yes, but before I get into them, I should explain why you haven't seen them yet."

"I was sort of wondering."

"After each of the first nine men were transformed, each successive man brought some new benefit. Sometimes it was merely greater size and strength."

"Merely. Yeah." Todd bent his arm to display the merely greater size of his muscles, his bicep swelling huge and round with cabled brawn. "And the hope was that if we kept adding men to the formula, we'd all continue realizing added benefits."

"But after my inclusion, something happened." Blake turned toward Michael, trying to restrain his burgeoning lust.

"Michael had already been altered genetically. His father planned on augmenting his masculinity before he was ever born, and he continued to experiment and improve some of his unique properties until he chanced on our experiment."

"And what did Michael bring to the mix?" Blake thought he already knew the answer, but he'd soon find out how wrong he was.

"Actually, my effect on people, and men in particular, was already in place before the formula. And what Carlos created had a very strong pheromone part to it that was pretty intense on its own. It enhanced what I already had - which is now nearly irresistibly strong even to other members of The Team if I turned on the juice."

"But, luckily for us, he can turn it all the way off like the rest of us can."

"Everyone has that? That sex scent?"

"To a degree. But as Michael pointed out, since his transformation the advances have stopped, and some men don't realize all the benefits."

"And those would be?"

"This, for one." Michael's downward glance drew Blake's attention to his huge and perfect cock, hanging straight and thick and capped with a huge bud wrapped in a tight foreskin. But as Blake watched, Michael grew a second prick, an exact twin of his original, that blossomed to an equal length and fullness in seconds.

Blake's mouth hung open. "A retractable cock?"

Michael laughed. "Not exactly. Todd, you wanna demonstrate?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Then Blake's world turned upside-down, but he also got a few of the answers he was searching for as Todd, too, developed a second meaty shaft, a proud prick that crawled down Todd's leg to meet up with its brother, then they both seemed to start swelling, growing thickly veined and fat with sexual energy. Then Todd added to the amazing display by physically altering his appearance before the disbelieving young man's eyes.

Todd's incredible form began to swell with even more muscle. His chest expanded out and down, thickening with hard cables of brawn. The twin globes of raw power grew thick, heavy, round and full. They were inflating with might, thick snakes of muscle crawled under the skin as the man simply stood there, getting bigger.

His waist seemed to narrow, or maybe it only looked like it was because his lats were unfolding like wings. Thick, meaty wedges that spread wider by the second, forcing Todd's arms away from his body - because those were growing as well, the biceps and triceps pumping themselves up.

His legs joined in, growing thicker, broader, and impossibly huge. Finger-thick veins branched along the quickly developing contours. His smooth, golden skin began to darken, and a soft shadow of fur erupted between the heavy hemispheres of his still growing chest muscles. The auburn curls above his cocks darkened to jet black, thickening and spreading across his loins. Another shadow appeared on his high cheeks and square jaw. His bright mane darkened to a familiar blue-black, and suddenly where Todd had been, there stood a man of equal height who looked almost exactly like... "Chuck!"

"No, Todd."

"But... how...?" The now dark and hairy beauty stroked a cock with each hand. "Added benefit," he said simply.

"You can change appearance? At will?"

Todd nodded. "But that's not all!" Blake watched the huge mountain of hard muscle lift one leg into the air, then he lifted the other and seemed to be standing two feet above the floor.

"But that's..."

"Impossible," finished Todd before his lifted his arms and rose higher and higher into the room, floating above the amazed young man below.

"Impossible," whispered Blake.

"Evidence would indicate otherwise, I think you have to agree."

Blake looked over and saw that the other two men were also floating or flying or doing something clearly beyond the laws of nature. "Holy shit!"

"But, like the addition between the legs, this little trick doesn't seem to be entirely transferable."

"I think I would have noticed if it was," agreed Blake.

"Yeah, the sky would be filled with beautiful muscle men fucking each other's brains out."

"You've done it?" Blake's head was spinning.

"Oh, hell yes. It was like the first thing we tried."

"And is it great?"

"Hello? Duh. Come on, Blake, you're not stupid. Floating above the ground, free of gravity's pull, gifted with twin cocks and a body that'll do pretty much whatever you want it to? Yeah, it's pretty great."

Blake felt really dumb, suddenly. And really, really horny. "But why didn't anyone say anything?"

"Simple. Not everyone knows." "You don't put on this demonstration for...?"

"As I said, when we came here to start IGE, the plan was that every man we added would add something back. We thought that, literally, the sky wasn't the limit."

"But it didn't turn out that way."

"I doubt that any man here would say he was disappointed with the results achieved, but the advancements have stopped. Some men experience a certain heightening of the pheromone, but no control over it as we possess. Some men have an amount of the body control, although I don't believe they realize it. It simply wouldn't occur to them to try."

"Well, not if you aren't putting on this little show. Jesus, why would it occur to anyone to try to fly?"

"Because," Todd explained, "it isn't just the capabilities that manifest. We are aware of them. We know what we can do. We are tied together body and mind too entirely not to be aware of our own capabilities. If the power is in you - you simply know. You think it," he added, lifting himself from the floor again, changing his form back to the golden God Blake had grown familiar with, "and it's so."

Carlos spoke. "So Michael and I have been trying to discover why, by trying to discover what was setting them off in the first place."

"And what's the verdict?"

Michael settled back to Earth again. "We're still not sure."

"But we had to delay your transformation for a reason."

Blake felt a chill run through him. "And what's that?" Todd came up behind Blake and wrapped his body up in his arms. His arms felt iron hard, warm and comforting. Blake could feel the huge man's soft fur on his back, and something was rubbing itself wantingly between the round hemispheres of his ass. Todd reached one hand down and down the younger man's smoothly muscled form, digging his shining, sharp fingernails into Blake's soft pubic curls, scratching his loins before sliding his grip along his suddenly firm cock, pulsing proudly to hardness. He could feel Todd's hot, wet breath against his ears when he spoke. "Because, my friend," he answered, licking Blake's lobe. "You are a remarkable freak of nature." •

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