Work Shift

By mutador

It was 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Norman was working at his desk, about to leave the office when Patrick appeared.

"Hey Norman! Boss gave me these papers for you to fill up, she needs them tomorrow morning!!"

"Jeez", Norman thought, Patrick always did the same, he knew this was actually Patrick's work.

"Patrick, that's your work, I'm not gonna do your stuff!"

"Oh, I see, and who's going to do it? Not me... I have an appointment"

"What!? The boss is going to know about this!"

"Of course she's going to know about this cause I have a date with her"

Norman's face turned red, "what a mutherfucker", he thought...

"Ok, well, now bye Normy!! And Brenda told me the job must be ready on time, you know, the company needs it"

Norman headed for Brenda's office, in a few minutes they were out, she was dressed in a night gown and was holding to Patrick's arm.

Brenda was really a good looking woman, not only a very intelligent boss, she was thin, tall, pretty dark-haired, almost any man who knew her wanted to fuck her, it was hard for Norman to admit it but he was in love with his boss, she was so hot to him, but always thought she was too much for him, maybe too much for any employee, until now, he couldn't believe Patrick had seduced her.

"What does this guy have that I haven't" Norman thought... they were about the same height of 1.80m (5'11"), both had dark short hair, "well, maybe his haircut is a little better than mine... and also he dresses much better...but I have a better body, I seem to fill my shirts much more than he does", Norman thought. But that was not all, the main difference between Patrick and Norman was the attitude, Patrick was much more agressive and did everything to get what he wanted, he was more open to other people and more charming, maybe his blue eyes and white bright smile helped a lot, actually he was quite a handsome man, with a five o'clock shadow in his face he looked very seductive. But hazel-eyed Norman was pretty good looking too, he knew some people turned around in the street to check him out.

Norman had to stay up all night working on his papers, on Patrick's papers, to be more accurate, actually he fell asleep while working. In his dreams he thought about Patrick, wishing he was awful, a wimp, wishing he looked tiny and had such an awful tiny voice he was ashamed to speak, and thought about him being more attractive, turned into a muscle stud and seducing Brenda. "Patrick, I wish you were the least attractive men in the world, I wish you to suck", Norman babbled in his sleep.

The next morning he woke up at his desk, served some coffe and finished up with the papers.

Suddenly Patrick and Brenda appeared together, they both looked refreshed and Patrick was whistling, Brenda entered her office.

"Hope you got the job done, Norman, Brenda needs it so much", Patrick said while smiling broadly.

Norman was really pissed off, he was thinking about throwing the papers to Patrick's face but he refrained 'cause he didn’t want to be fired, God knows how much effort it took him to get that job. He handed the papers to Patrick, he went to Brenda's office and told her something like "honey, I got the job done", "Nice sweetheart!" Norman heard in reply.

Norman was so upset he hit the desk with his fist.

"What a fucker, a real SOB, don't you think", Norman heard somebody speaking to him and turned around. It was Martin, his former working partner, he had worked in the same section of the company before, so he knew both Brenda and Patrick, but he had been promoted so he was chief of another section. That time he was just passing by.

"Martin, nice to see you", Norman said, he was not very convinced, Martin had been friendly before but he didn't trust that much on him.

"Same to you Norman, by the way, you really have a situation here, this is not going right, if this goes on you will have to do all the hard work and Patrick's is going to get all the benefits. You should try to seduce her, I don't know why, but that's the main point. Did you ever go to a gym?"

"Mmm, well, I worked out when I was in high school, just a little, but I never cared about building a good body..."

"Well, you should try, I think you'd look great with muscles, it will make you score many points with that boss of yours!".

"Not a bad idea...", Norman replied.

"Well, see you later", Martin greeted.


Martin was actually dying to see the good looking Norman with a muscled body, nobody in the company knew he was gay and lest they knew he digged Norman pretty much.

The words "You'd look great with muscles" repeated in Norman's head... "Well", he thought, "I'm going to put a stop to all this, if he seduces the boss, I'm gonna give him some competence!"

In the evening when he was out of the job he passed by a gym called

"Body dreams gym", he thought it was a nice name and entered, asked if they had heavy training equipment, told them he wanted to build a nice body, in a few minutes he was into a training program.

Every night when he finished with his job (everytime Patrick didn't give him an extra task to complete) Norman went to the gym, he worked out like he's never done before, then he went home, where he lived alone, and had all kinds of bodybuilder food and supplements, the gym trainer told him he'd grow really fast with all that stuff, and also told him he had a good body complexion for bodybuilding.

A month had gone through with the same routine of hard training and good eating, but something was wrong. Norman weighed, his weight hadn't increased a gram. He thought maybe it was because the weight of the fat he'd lost equalled the weight of the muscle he'd gained. He checked in the mirror if he looked any different, NOTHING had changed, he was looking just the same. Well, maybe mmm, if I measure my muscles, he took a tape and flexed his biceps, measured, they were the same size as before. He was puzzled... damn it! In the gym the trainer had told him he was worried because his strength hadn't increased in the last month, "Even the least genetically suit people, and that's not your case, earns a lot of strength in the first month of training, you're stuck to the same weights you used when you started". The trainer was beginning to doubt if Norman did his diet and all the stuff. He was puzzled too, even if he didn't do the diet he had to show some gains.

That morning in the job was the worst, Norman was really into a depressed mood, he was tired by all the training and he didn't get any results. But that was not the case with Patrick, he entered the place so happy, looking so refreshed

"God damn it! I never felt so much energy in my whole life!!".

Norman could swear Patrick's clothes suit him different, he was looking a little bigger maybe.

Patrick approached him, "Damn!, you're looking awful this morning Norman, what have you been doing all night"...

"Well, I don't feel well"...

"You should do some exercise, that helps...", Patrick adviced.

When Patrick entered Brenda's office Norman could hear she saying "Wow my honey, you're looking amazing today, seems you have been working out!", Patrick closed the door, Norman couldn't hear any more.

"DAMN!" Norman thought, "this fucker is working out too! he wants to beat me, I really need to grow".

This time Norman doubled his efforts, he trained twice as hard, trying to increase his muscle size, he drank twice the protein shakes, ate twice the amount.

He was at his home at night, two months of heavy training passed by and he was exhausted. He took off all his clothes in front of the mirror. This was a decision time, when he finally stripped, "HOLY SHIT! I haven't changed at all!", he yelled. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!", he weighed but he hadn't changed there neither. "This is not fair, holy shit!", he jumped in bed and almost began to cry and fell asleep.

The next morning he went to his work as usual, he haven't seen Patrick in a while, apparently Brenda had given him some "time off", she did this anytime he asked her, of course he had his full salary at the end of the month. And of course, this meant Norman had to work double. This time Patrick came into the place, he was visibly cheering, looked so invigorated he seemed to glow with vitality, Norman got surprised when he checked him out well, "Damn!! what happened to him!", he thought. Patrick was looking incredible, he was wearing an L sized light-blue silk shirt which was tight to his body and completely filled up, looked as if it was going to burst and he could see the bulges of his pecs, his shoulders were broad, he had a thick neck and what looked like delts were pressing the fabric, he also could see his legs were thicker when he walked through the office, and also the way he walked had changed, his arms hanged as if he had big lats.

Norman was shocked, Patrick’s work out was really paying off, that made him really mad.

Patrick walked towards Norman desk, "Hey! it's been some time pal!", with this Patrick patted Norman in the shoulder.

"Damn!", Norman thought, "that felt strong". Actually Norman felt sore and massaged his shoulder with his hand for relief, Patrick had gave him a very strong greeting.

"Hey, somebody told me you were working out, looks like you need to work harder, I don't see you changed much", Patrick said.

"I see for you it's quite the opposite case", Norman said.

"Ha ha!! did you notice?", with this Patrick bent his right arm and flexed, the bulge of his biceps was really big, maybe 50 cms (20") around, and it was clearly visible through the fabric, Norman extended his hand and touched it, it was hard and heavy like real muscle feels, "and I didn't even have to enter a gym, I can't believe this", Patrick cheered and left for Brenda's office. Brenda screamed when she saw him, "Oh my darling you look great!!", Norman could see him enveloping her with his big arms and she would caress his pecs saying "You look so hot", Patrick then closed the door behind him.

Norman couldn't speak, "how comes this happens, how comes I have such bad luck" ... he was so upset. Then Martin came,

"Norman, what's up"...

"Hi Martin... Well,..."

"Looks like you didn't take my advice, huh? Seems Patrick did, he's looking so awesome".

"Well, that's not true, that fucker says he didn't even have to work out to get that body, I, on the contrary, work out harder and harder every day, for nothing!!"

"Oh.. I see,... well, that happens, it's genetics you know, you don't know when you can have a growth spurt, or the other way, you don't know when your body refuses to grow"

"Are you sure? could such a thing happen"

"Yes, of course... Anyway, there's a way you can beat genetics"


"Wake up man! this is the 21st century, the age of chemicals"


"Yes, I know a guy who deals them, here's his adress", Martin noted the address down in a paper and handed it to Norman.

Norman was at home sitting on the table with a package of roids in front of him, "damn", he was going to take all those steroids... he was worried, what if they had awful side effects, he had heard about guys having acne or such... he didn't want that to happen.

"Damn, this is for you, Brenda! Otherwise that fucker will beat me", he took a heavy dosage.

That same behavior repeated night after night, and after an intake he would train as hard as he could, but he would see no changes, besides, at job, Patrick took another "vacation". As days passed by and he saw no results Norman began to increase the dosage of the steroids, he would then try other drugs, and combine them.

It had been three months of that when he cheked out in the mirror.... again there was no change in his weight; but some other changes began to happen, when he looked in the mirror he could see there were some bitch tits appearing, "Damn it!! I got the side effects but no benefits, what the fuck!!!", then he heard his voice more carefully, he didn't sound the same, his voice was thinner, as if he was a teenager or something, maybe a pre-teen... "Damn!!" he said, and that confirmed what he thought, he was also beginning to lose some body hair, and when he came closer to the mirror he could see some acne beginning to appear.

The next morning he went to his job as usual, and saw Martin, he called his attention.

"Hey Martin, those drugs you recommended me, they're bullshit", Norman said, he sounded very pissed off, but also his voice was childish.

"Haha, what happened to your voice?", Martin couldn't help but laugh a little when he heard Norman.

"It's all those steroids you made me buy!! They don't work", Norman said.

Suddenly Martin looked shocked at the entrace of the office, "Damn! Looks like somebody has been taking them too, and they really worked!!", Martin said in awe.

Norman turned around to see the guy that was coming. Was that Patrick?! Definitely it was him, but that wasn't his body. He was wearing a t-shirt this time, that must have been an XL tee, but it looked like an S because it was extra tight to his body. His shape was impressive, his shoulders were broader than last time, his back looked like 90cm (3') wide, and he had a thicker bigger more masculine neck than before that made him look incredibly and totally handsome and more manly than ever, his hair cut was best ever and his skin looked better, the beard shadow suit him great today, making him look like a stud. He was a stud actually. He had such big shoulders, Norman couldn't help but behold his amazing lats and extra pumped up pectorals that protruded at about 15 cm (6") appart from his noticeable chiseled abs. He had arms to match, his upper arms must have been at least 70cm (27") around with forearms as big as 45cm (18"), you wouldn't like to get a strong grip from those big hands.

His waist was really proportioned not being bigger than 90cm (35") around, and he was wearing a pair of jeans that would be baggy on most people but on him they were tight all over exposing his apparently 85cm (34") quads and 67cm (26") calves. A big bulge could also be seen containing what must have been a 17cm (7") dick soft with enormous balls to match.

When Patrick saw Martin and Norman he walked towards them. It was shocking to see the way he walked, just like a professional bodybuilder does, well, he was definitely big as one of them or more, this guy must be weighing around 150Kg (340 lbs). When Patrick was closer both men could see his face looked more attractive, he had a slightly more puffy face you tend to get from steroid use, but it was not excesive, actually it was the right amount of puffiness that made him look more handsome.

"Hey guys, how you been doing!", Patrick said. Norman and Martin's jaws dropped when they heard Patrick's voice. It sounded like him but an octave lower, he had a louder, deeper and more masculine voice. He looked as if he was using heavy amounts of male hormone but with no side effects, that also could explain the increase in dick size.

"Wow, you look incredible", Martin said.

Patrick turned around so they had a good look, both men gasped...

"It's great what steroids and training can do", Martin added.

"Steroids!?", Patrick went mad, approached Martin and expanded his chest, his massive body was really threatening, he grabbed Martin's shirt "You suggest I use drugs"...

"Well...", Martin tried to reply with trembling voice, "I wouldn't dare suggest it, maybe good training plus good genetics...", he tried to settle Patrick down, and it worked (luckily for him).

"Well, I didn't even have to work out, all these just appeared, dunno why, such things happen I guess", he said this while flexing and showing off.

"I don't think that happens", Norman said in an upset tone.

"Hahaah man!! What happened to your voice? You sound like my mother!!", Patrick laughed mercelessly.

"I had a voice change too, this feels like a second puverty!", after this he tried some tenor singing "La donna e movile", but he sounded more like a bass than a tenor.

"Haha, you must be careful with the drugs you take, I don't use any shit, actually these fuckers are all a gift from mother nature!", Patrick said while flexing his enormous arms and legs, then patted Norman in the shoulder with his heavy hand. This time it was really strong, the very instant he was touched Norman was thrown away about 3m (9') over Martin who did the best he could to catch him. His shoulder was really in pain. Norman was out of balance, Martin was trying to help him up.

"Oops!! Sorry, let me help you", Patrick said, and he crouched to were Norman was, took him from the shirt collar with one hand and lifted him up until Norman's feet didn't touch the floor. With the sole strength of his arm Patrick held Norman up almost 30cm (1') over the floor.

"Hey, looks as if you didn't gain much weight from all that training, did you? You're still very light", Patrick put Norman up and down as if he was curling him.

When Brenda came into the place, Patrick let Norman down not very gently, Martin tried to catch him again.

Patrick greeted Brenda and opened his arms wide for her, she literally jumped over him, he lifted her with ease and hugged her and they kissed. Brenda looked so tiny when she was near the new big Patrick.

"You see honey, I have a problem with these archive drawer", Brenda said in a pretended sorrowful tone, she went to were the drawer was, "This drawer got stuck and I need some big strong man to help me open it, there are very important files inside"

"Mmm, some big strong man, where would you find one?", Patrick kidded.

"MMm, guess it's me!", with this he made a double biceps pose, Jesus! He was in good shape.

"Watch this", he said when he grabbed the drawer with a hand and then held the rest of the files with the other, then easily, without any strain, pulled the drawer out, it went out completely, he was holding it in his hand.

Brenda could now see it "Damn, it wasn't stuck, it was locked!", she said.

"Hahaha, you see, I'm strong", Patrick replied.

He took her with a hand and lifted her, carrying her to the chief’s office bearing the drawer in his other hand, closing the door behind him with the tip of his foot.

"I can't believe this", Norman said to Martin.

"Well, this is really weird", Martin agreed, "a guy growing that huge without taking roids, and -without working out- is really impossible... but he looks so hot, damn it! They must be having wild sex right now at the office, I don't think anyone would refrain with a man like that".

"And what about me? I've been working out so hard and risking my health with all those drugs!!", Norman said.

"Mmm that's so suspicious", Martin said, "You said he began to grow when you began to work out, and when you began to take roids he grew much more... and you got all the side effects without any benefit and he looks like being on roids with no side effects... I don't think this is possible... but... what if you both are connected in a way every effort you make he gets the benefits and you get all the hard work and bad side effects"

"I was going to suggest the same thing, besides, that's pretty much what happens in everyday work"... Norman replied.

"Well, this sounds like witchcraft to me", Martin said.

"Do you believe in such things?"

"Well, It's happening, isn't it? there's something wicked going on!"

"And... is there a way to reverse this!?"

"I don't know, I'm not a witch or anything! But I know someone who may know, she's called Mrs. Pratrovia"

Martin and Norman were waiting at what looked like an astrologists's office, there were all kinds of colored fabric hanging from the ceiling and a dark ambience, just candles and such, people there were really weird, a man in front of them was also waiting, he had a patch in the eye like a pirate, an old woman was sitting at his side, she looked as if even her bones would have wrinkles, she was all white but her hands were black.

A girl came out of the place were Mrs. Pratrovia received people all covered with courtains.

"Mr. Draftbone, you can come in, Mrs. Pratrovia is waiting"

Martin and Norman entered the place behind the courtains, there was an old fat woman sitting in front of a round table which of course had a crystal ball over.

"Well men, sit down, how can I help you?", she asked with some kind of eastern europe accent.

"Well, actually it's my friend here, he has a big trouble", Martin said.

"Ok, ok, don't speak more, I will see", interrupted the woman.

"Come closer boy", she said, and she put her hands in Norman's head and closed her eyes, a few moments from then she exclaimed

"Oh my god!!! Cursed man! you have a bondage!"

"What's that?", Norman asked.

"You're linked in a weird manner to another man, let me see... mmm, he's quite big isn't he, Oh holy Jesus those are big muscles, he's gargantuan mmm, looks like what I call an -effort bondage-"

"A What?", Norman asked again.

"Everything you do, everything you achieve with hard work you lose it and he receives it as a gift. If you work out, he gets bigger; If you earn a lot of money you lose it and he -casually- finds a lot of money lying in the street, if you build or buy a house with hard work suddenly that house is lost by debts or by a tornado, and he gets a house"

"And how did that happen?"

"Well, that usually happens when you really hate somebody and you wish him the worst"

Martin gave an accusing look at Norman.

"Well, I do hate him, how could you blame me?!", Norman explained.

"I understand", Pratrovia said, "it seems you worked out very well because this man is a stallion"

"What if I give up working out", Norman asked.

"You could", she replied, "but he won't lose the muscles nor the strength, he won't lose anything he already earned until you break the bondage and all the results of your hard work will go back to you, while he loses everything".

"Holy fuck!, and how do I break it?"

"Well, it's not easy, we must do a ceremony for which I need some special ingredients"

"Such as..."

"First I need a lock of his hair..."

"Damn, how would I get that?"

"Wait, I haven't finished... I mean his -pubic- hair"


"I didn't say it'd be easy; I will also need some underwear he'd been using no more than one hour before you bring it to me, a drop of his blood, a drop of his sweat and a drop of his semen".

"How am I supposed to get all these?!", Norman was out of his wits.

"Well, It won't work otherwise, the bondage will be for life... And, just another thing, I need a picture of him", she concluded.

"A picture? that's not hard", Martin said.

"Yes, I don't really need it for the witchcraft but he looks so hot and I like to collect pictures of hot guys", Pratrovia said.

Norman looked sad.

"Oh, cheer up!! You'll do a good job getting all the stuff, I'm sure!", she said, "And... by the way, It's $50"

Norman and Martin payed and left the place...

The next day in the office Martin and Norman were talking,

"What if she's just a hoax?", Norman asked.

"She knew your problem right away, how would she guess it?", Martin replied

"Maybe you told her when you made the appointment."

"No way, I just told her you had some troubles, that's it, besides, how could I have explained her how sexy and handsome a stud Patrick had become?!"

"Mmm... let me ask you a question, you're not gay, are you?"

"Why yes! In good time you notice, fool! Of course I am."

"Ah ok, well, I just wondered. So how am I going to get those ingredients?"

"Don't know, but I'll take the photo!", Martin replied.

"Don't kid on me, this is a tough thing, I'm really going through a bad time"...

"Ok, ok, almost all the ingredients involve reaching for the crotch area don't they?!", Martin asked.

"Well, yes, guess you can get blood from there too", Norman replied.

"Well, I wouldn't mind getting laid with him".

"He's not gay."

"Well, I can try, maybe he will accept, he must have a lot of semen in his balls, he wouldn't mind giving me just a drop, would he?", Martin laughed.

Patrick came out of Brenda's office, you could almost hear the sound of the floor crackling at his feet while walking.

"My girlfriend here says quit the chit-chatting and go to work!!!", Patrick said with his commanding deep and loud voice. They resumed their tasks inmediatly, they didn't want to upset big Patrick.

It was friday, after work, Norman followed Patrick discreetely. He found out in his free time Patrick went to a restaurant and got huge loads of food,

"Oh my, this guy is eating like a pork", Norman said to himself.

After paying with Brenda's credit card he went to Brenda's home and gave her a big fuck, the sounds of her screaming were heard by all the neighbours. Then he would go to his house and sleep after the "hard day" he had...

After the spy adventure Norman went back to his home, he felt weird, heavier, he went to the bathroom and weighed, "Oh shit!!, I've gained all the fat from the food he ate at the restaurant!!" He was at least 2kg (5 pounds) heavier and in the mirror he looked fatter, now he was beginning to understand, perfect Patrick could eat anything he wanted and Norman was the one getting all the fat!!

The next day it was saturday so nobody worked at the office, he went to Patrick's house to continue spying him, it was early in the morning when Brenda appeared in his house, he received her at the main door, half naked, she entered, half an hour after that they both went out of the house to Brenda's big fancy car. Judging for their outfit they were going to the beach, "Nice!", Norman thought, "now he's going to enjoy -my- body at the beach with her"....

Norman followed them with his car. They stopped in the middle of a beach, it wasn't crowded, there were just a couple kids playing around and some people sunbathing. Brenda parked her car and got out, she took off the t-shirt she was wearing, Norman shivered, he really digged her a lot. Then the mammoth Patrick stood off the car, he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, he inmediately took his t-shirt off revealing his bulging muscled torso that would have made the incredible hulk look small.

Norman was looking at them from a safe, far distance. Patrick’s body looked amazing in shorts that were so tight they were like printed in the skin. He did some sort of superman pose, putting his hands in his hips and laughed, Brenda was looking at him and caressing his torso, he turned around, he seemed to be asking her if he looked right, she pointed at his pants, he looked at them, she didn't seem to like them; she put her hands inside the car and took out a pair of big briefs, just the size for him. He made an "ok" nod, and looked around wondering were could he change, she signaled the car, he entered the automovile and stripped, changing his shorts by the pair of briefs. He went out of the car, she was right, he looked sexier with briefs, besides he had the perfect bodybuilder body for a pair of briefs. They both began to walk towards the beach but he grabbed her and took her in his arms, carried her, and laid her gently over the sand. A couple of girls passed by and screamed when they saw him, asked him if they could touch him and he made a few bodybuilder poses while they touched him.

"Enjoying my body you motherfucker!!!", Norman thought.

Then Norman waited until Brenda and Patrick were laying in the sand, getting tanned, and he got out of his car and hurried to Brenda's vehicle, he had to get those shorts, and if he was lucky there'd be some pubic hair sticked to them, and even some semen. He went over and the car was locked, "damn", but it was a life or death situation, so he took a rock and broke the glass with it, an alarm began to sound, it was really loud, he tried to reach for the shorts inside but he couldn't, too late, Brenda and Patrick were standing up and Patrick was shouting at "the guy in the car", Norman began to run, luckily they wouldn't recognize him.

Patrick reached with his hand for a big rock that was laying in the sand, must have a weight of 30kg (70 pounds) and threw it to him, Norman managed to get in the car and close the door, the heavy stone hit the door of his car leaving a huge dent, he left out without the underwear.

The next morning Norman was working at the office as usual, when he heard something falling real bad. It was Martin, Patrick was coming in shouting "What do you take me for, you faggot!!" and then entered Brenda's office.

Martin was laying on the floor after hitting one of the walls, Patrick had picked him up and put him to fly.

Norman went closer to help him, "Well, guess Plan B failed", Martin said.

"Dammit Martin, it's getting really hard to get those ingredients, this is not going to work..."

"Tell -me-!!!"

"But I have a better idea!! I will make that motherfucker blow in size, he'll be so freakish everybody will dismiss him, even Brenda, I will give him muscles that his 5'11" frame will fail to contain, I will make him swell so much his tendons will break, you'll see"

"And how are you going to do that?!"

"I've been moderate taking those steroids, maybe your dealer friend can give me a monthly subscription".

That same day he got everything, growth hormone, insulin, all kinds of male hormones, he didn't have any more money so he got a loan in order to pay for them, he didn't care about interests or anything, he just wanted that motherfucker finished.

At home he had a book on steroids he studied carefully, dying the first day was not the point. That day after work he took a huge dose of pretty much everything and went to the gym where he worked out real hard; "Hahaha, he'll see now", he replied to himself.

One week later he could see the results in Patrick, his muscles had swelled at least 2 inches all over, he passed from XL T-shirt to XXL and bigger pants also. He was beginning to look like a freak, not yet, actually he looked even hunkier and more handsome, but it was just a matter of time.

News came Patrick and Brenda were going on a month long vacation to Brenda's ranch. "Great", Norman thought, "I'll spoil their vacation, he won't even be able to get on a plane".

Martin was worried, "Are you sure, Norman, is this going to work? Don't forget he only gets benefits".

"Of course it will, I'll beat the rules of this witchcraft!!!"

That month Norman did all as he expected, took a huge load of anabolics everyday and did a lot of hard training at the gym, the trainer thought he was really mad and was surprised that he didn't grow with all the effort, Norman didn't care this time. "Haha", Norman thought again, "he'll be a freak, you'll see".

When the month passed by, Norman couldn't wait to see the results in the office,

"If my calculations are correct, he must be a freakish 250 kg (550lbs) by now", Norman said to Martin.

"250Kg (550lbs) at 1.80m (5'11"), that is freaky!! though it turns me on anyway", Martin said.

"Well, but undubtedly that's not pleasant aesthetics", Norman added.

"Here he comes", Martin said.

Well, now they could really feel the floor trembling with each step he took, it was like an earthquake, when Norman saw Patrick he turned red, he was amazed at what he had done, but not in the way he wanted it. Patrick looked big, bulged, and more handsome than ever! And the worst for Norman: he hadn't turned into a freak at all, he had gained around 100Kg (220 lbs) or more, but his height had grown in the exact proportion for him to stay good looking and even a little more buffed up than before making him look even better. He was wearing a tight grey XXXL T-shirt or something specially taylored and some blue jeans to match. He went to Norman and Martin

"How are you tiny men!", his voice was even more deep.

"Seems you had another growth spurt", Martin said.

"Hahaha, can you see it!?" He turned around, and made a double biceps pose then turned around again and flexed his chest, both men were petrified.

"When I saw I was getting bigger I began to get a little scared, my weight was rosing up so much for the height I had, but then it all fixed by itself and now my 150 Kg (340 lbs) of added mass accomodated in my 15 cm (6") of added height, you know I'm 1.95m (6'5") now, that's what I needed to feel extra-huge, now I'm a 300kg (660 lbs) 1.95m (6'5") stallion, and I'm stronger than a bull, checked out on vacation, could handle a bull no problem, just like this!!", and he flexed his arms as when he did to the bull... "that poor bull can't tell the story now..., rest in peace"... Patrick explained.

"These have been the best vacations ever, we had a great time watching and feeling me grow all the time!!!", he added.

Norman felt really bad, he just fainted. Patrick was quick enough to grab him with one big hand before he hit the floor and took him over his desk's armchair. Martin threw some air to him.

"Seems he couldn't stand my big muscles, that happens all the time, I have that effect on people", Patrick said, and he left for Brenda's office while Martin watched the way his shape filled the whole doorway while entering the office.

Norman came alive again, "Damn, we must do something, now, we must get the ingredients, even if it's costing our lives...", Norman's voice was really tiny-winny now, Martin refrained himself from laughing.

"Ok, did you try checking his garbage?! maybe he's thrown some old underwear, guess his old underwears won't fit, and besides maybe he'd thrown a condom full of a big load of cum from those balls, though I don't know what that condom would be to fit his now 25cm (10") soft thick dick, I saw that bulge"

"25 cm!?? that had grown too!? holy fuck!", Norman was in awe.

"Yes, that must be over a foot when hard and thick as my forearm...", Martin was in ecstasy.

"Let's do this, next morning, when he goes off for job, you and I go and check out his garbage, what do you think?"

"It's risky but, that's ok".. Martin replied.

Next morning Martin and Norman went to Patrick's house, they parked the car somewhere they thought nobody would see them, Norman's car still had the dent from the big rock. They waited a few moments and Patrick came out of the house, his big shape covered by a white shirt with blue stripes,

"Wonder were he gets his shirts taylored, nobody sells shirts that big", Norman asked.

"It's big and it's also very tight to his body, guess the taylor didn't have enough fabric!", Martin whispered, they both were very careful not to be heard.

"It's been a long time since we don't see him in office suit", Norman remarked. Actually the black-grey flannel trousers he was wearing were also very fancy and looked tight all over. He went out of his house, he was carrying a black trash bag.

"Cool, fresh trash!", Norman whispered.

Patrick locked the door, walked down a small stair he had and threw the bag inside a trash can, he left walking.

"He's not using his car!", Norman noted.

"Guess he doesn't fit in it anymore, don't you think?", Martin replied with a whisper.

"What does he do, he walks?!"

"Well, it's not that far, and a man with those muscles is fit for the exercise", Martin replied.

They waited a few moments until Patrick was out of sight, they opened the trash can and took out the bag, opened it and examined.

"Useless, useless, useless", Norman perused all the stuff in desperation, throwing away things he didn't need.

"Calm down man, watch this!!", Eureka!, Martin had found a condom full of cum, luckily it was carefully knotted at the top so no cum dripped out.

"Gross, look at this, this is the load of a bull!", Martin said, the ball of cum was so big he couldn't envelope it completely with his hand.

"Great, put that appart, we're going to need it!", Norman ordered.

"Oh my god, watch this!!!!!", Martin cheered, he had found a pair of teared briefs.

"I know this is fresh, it still has the heat of his body", Martin concluded.

"Great!", Norman was happy for once in a long time, "aren't those pubic hair locks?!"

"Yes I suppose, he's got thick hair down there, huh!"

Both guys were really excited, they still needed sweat an blood from him, and they didn't have much time, just one hour until the briefs were useless.

They left the rubbish all around the floor and hurried to Norman's car. They entered and Norman started the engine, he pushed the accelerator but something was wrong, the car wasn't moving, he accelerated more but it didn't move. Suddenly the back of the car began to lift up,

"Holy fuck! what's this!?", Norman shouted.

They looked back, it was Patrick that was lifting up the back of the car with one of his mighty hands preventing it from moving, and looking quite furious.

Norman stopped the engine and Patrick let go the car with a loud rumble; He walked and took the front of the car with his hands, while looking at the men with angry face he lifted up the front of the car, pressed his hands together and crushed the front like it was an accordeon, destroying the engine inside and bending all the metal in the outside, then he let go the remnants of it to the floor. He approached the drivers' seat and grabbed Norman's door, with ease he ripped it off. Grabbed Norman with his right hand and put him up; then grabbed Martin in a similar fashion with his other hand and heft him up at Norman's side, he stood there lifting both guys.

"I think you owe me an explanation! what were you doing checking out my waste down there!?", Patrick said in his authoritative deep masculine voice.

“We... mmm...”, Norman tried to speak but was overcome by fear.

“Mmm, we are working for a trash recycling programme!?”, Martin tried.

“Stop bullshitting, this is serious stuff!”, Norman shouted at him.

“Well, at least I said something, I don’t float there mumbling nothing...”

Patrick shook the guys, “Ok, ok, stop arguing between each other!”, they petrified.

“I know what you were looking for here, you don’t have to say it!”, Patrick said.

Martin and Norman looked at each other puzzled.

“I know you dig me, ever since I showed you my muscled body I could see the lust in your eyes, you both want me to fuck your little asses”.

“Mm, yes! You got it!!”, Martin replied.

“Hey, wait a sec!!”, Norman tried to stop them...

“NORMAN...”, Martin said with a look of concern.

“... well, ok, we want you to fuck us real hard!!”, Norman had to agree.

“Ha Ha ha!! I see you were such a pair of tiny sissy bitches!!”, Patrick asserted.

“Well, maybe I’m tiny and sissy but I’ve never been a bitch”, Martin said.

Patrick laughed, “Well I think I’ll grant your wish you little suckers I’ll give you the fuck of your lives, you know this big tool needs relief, Brenda wouldn’t mind if I get to work a little late, once I fuck her she forgives everything to me!”, Patrick explained.

He threw a guy on each of his shoulders and took them to his living room, sitting them on a big sofa. “You just sit there I’ll take something to drink, I don’t want any dry mouths sucking my cock”... with this Patrick went to the kitchen.

“What are we gonna do now!?”, Norman asked in despair.

“I’m not gonna do anything Norman...”, Martin replied in a calm tone.

“You just gonna let this guy rape you!?”

“Who says it is a rape? I waited my whole life for a guy like this to fuck me, it’s more like a dream come true for me than a rape, and I suggest you do the same, anyway, there’s no way you can get out of here without him grabbing you in again”.

Patrick entered the living room, he was carrying the whole fridge in his hands, “Well, I didn’t know what you guys wanted so here it is the whole thing you can chose from”, he said, and put the fridge down.

“You’re not that bad a person after all”, Martin said.

“Well, I like to attend my admirers!! But don’t get too used to it, I’m also bad!”, Patrick asserted. “Go ahead, take what you want”...

Martin and Norman took what pleased them from the fridge. Patrick just sat in a couch in front of them and stared.

Both men sipped some beer from their bottles.

“So well, who’s gonna be the first, or you want to serve me like a fucking team?”, Patrick said.

Patrick began to take off his clothes, starting from his shirt.

“No no, please keep them on!!”, Norman said. Both Martin and Patrick looked at him a little weird.

“We like the way it suits you, so tight, makes you look more manly to us!”, Norman explained.

Marting gave a weirdo look at him, “I have a plan you fool”, Norman whispered at Martin.

“But if I keep it on I’ll be all sweaty”, Patrick said.

“Oh, thing is we’d love to lick your sweat, mmmm”, Martin added, he finally understood Norman’s intentions.

“Ok, well, that sounds great to me...”, Patrick said.

It was Martin who first jumped over Patrick, he began to caress his big chest and his broad shoulders, and grab a hold of his neck, which was his favorite. He run his hands under the shirt’s neck getting it deep into Patrick’s pecs crevice, and way down to his stomach which looked chiseled in marble.

He kissed all around his neck and Patrick’s face. Patrick grabbed him with his thick bulging arms almost crushing him while giving him a kiss.

“Mmmm let me worship those muscles”, Martin said. Patrick flexed his right arm and caressed and sucked his biceps through the fabric, it was hot for him anyway.

It was hot for Patrick too because he was beginning to sweat and his enormous dick was going visibly hard, bulging inside his flannel trousers.

Patrick looked at Norman, “hey boy, come help with this”, and pointed at his dick.

Norman had no choice but to go down, he untied and unzipped Patrick’s huge pants, he tried to pull them down but they were so tight at the legs, he could just free that enormous dick from the trousers and then from the briefs that pressed it hard down. Once freed Patrick’s shaft rose to full glory.

In the meantime Martin was caressing all over the huge man’s upper body, he was in his game.

“So, what are you waiting for”, Patrick asked at Norman.

Norman began to massage Patrick’s huge dick.

“Lick it!”, Patrick commanded.

And he did so, he began to work that huge dick with his tonge, Patrick used one of his big hands to push Norman’s mouth to his dick-head, Patrick was moaning, it was more a bass heavy grunt than a moan, he took ahold of Martin, pressing him very strong with his right arm while pressing Norman with his left, that excited Martin even more. He had sweated a good deal now.

Norman had no choice but to swallow all the dick and give this superman the pleasure he deserved, he began to suck and didn’t stop. It all lasted for a good while, maybe thirty minutes, and Patrick was really sweated, and he still wanted to ass fuck them. Then he came, loads of cum began to appear at the tip of his dick, Norman wanted to withdraw his head, of course Patrick’s strong hand didn’t let him. Then he began to choke, Patrick let go. Once the huge loads of cum were all outside of his body, Patrick put the men appart and took off his shirt that was all soaked in sweat and his pants.

“Why don’t you take off your briefs too?”, Norman suggested.

“Good idea”, Patrick said, and he took off his briefs.

When he was undressed, with his beautiful body in full glory, Martin began to massage him harder this time, “Nono boy, I don’t want any more massages...”, Patrick said and put Martin away easily with his huge arm. While he was distracted, Norman quickly reached for a bottle from the fridge, threw away all the contents and wrung Patrick’s shirt over it filling it with his sweat.

When he went back to Patrick, he was over Martin, assfucking him, “mmm, you’ve got a nice little anus”. Patrick was a fuck machine, he really had much practice with Brenda apparently, and also his dick was so hard there was no ass he couldn’t penetrate.

He finished with Martin quickly, “Now it’s your turn little Normy!!”, he said.

Norman didn’t seem to like the idea, but he had to do it so he approached, Patrick just sat on the couch and grabbed him, “you like this position??”, he said, Norman didn’t answer... “I don’t care anyway”, Patrick said, he knew Norman didn’t have much choice. He put Norman’s ass over his dick on the couch, and began to move Norman outward and inward, fucking him, using him as a device for jacking off, it was not very pleasing for Norman, being fucked by such a big dick, but though it was hard at first he began to feel some pleasure as he was being fucked more and more.

In a few minutes Patrick cummed again, it seemed his cum was neverending, at least that’s one ingredient that won’t be hard for them to get!

When they finished, Patrick let him and the other men have a little rest, breath some air.

Norman saw Patrick was distracted and whispered at Martin:

“We have almost everything, we only need the blood now!”, Norman said.

“Everything of what?! Oh, now I remember”, Marting wasn’t think about that precisely, he was passing the best time in his life.

“We must convince him to let me assfuck him, he’s not gay, I can get some blood from that ass for sure!”, Martin suggested.

“Are you sure!?”, Norman was in doubt.


“Well, I don’t really care!!”

Martin approached with fear to the big man, “Mm, we have been talking and we have something to ask you...”

“-YOU- have a demmand!? Hah, that’s news, the tinny guys have a demmand for huge Patrick!?”, while saying this he made an impressive double biceps posse.

“Well, it’s just a petition, if you please”


“Please let me assfuck you...”

“What are you thinking? I’m not gay!”

“Well, you have just had sex with two men”, Norman said.

“Yes but that’s different, I fucked you”

“Don’t you want to try? Maybe my tinny dick can’t even pentrate your huge hard and strong glutes, how would you feel that?”, Martin tried to seduce him.

“Hehe, well, I like feeling big and powerful... that’s so pleasing..., that tiny winy is just too little for my ass, what could you do to me? Haha, of course I’ll let you try to fuck me if you can!”, Patrick replied with confidence.

“Don’t worry Norman, this tiny winy has dealt with men much tougher than this”, Martin whispered.

“What should I do?”, Patrick asked.

“Just lay your chest on the couch, I’ll take care of the rest”, Martin said.

“You could not possible fuck me, my ass is too hard”.

“You don’t know what a horny man can do”, Martin assured.

Martin jumped over the huge giant with his dick bare, it was really hard and red all over, it was not very big, just average but very decent. At first he tried to put it on his ass, it was too tight, no entrance permitted.

“Hey man, you have to relax down there, otherwise you won’t feel anything”.

Patrick’s ass relaxed enough so Martin could penetrate with his dick a while.

“What if I flex like this”, Patrick said and flexed his glutes.

“Oh my god! You’re crushing it”, Martin was more in pleasure than in pain.

“Want more??”, Patrick flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed, alternatively. Norman was looking at Patrick’s ass baptism.

“Ohh.... so gooooood”, Martin was ecstatic... “ok now, get prepared”.

Though it was hard for him, Martin tried the hardest he could and finally penetrated Patrick’s ass, it was a tiny ass and he did some damage, he began to fuck him, moving his groin in and out, each time faster.

“Oh God, I never felt this before!”, Patrick moaned in pleasure.

“You like it, huh?”, Martin said. He was fucking quite hard and some blood began to pour from Patrick’s ass, Norman was happy.

Martin put a hand over Patrick’s head and directed it towards the couch so he couldn’t see what Norman began to do, “it’s more pleasureful if you don’t look”. Patrick was so into it he didn’t care.

When he wasn’t being seen, Norman took a bottle and put it under the couch were some blood was beginning to drip, they filled plenty of the bottle.

Finally Martin cum and Patrick was lying in the couch, he seemed quite comfortable cause he began to feel dizzy, and finally he got asleep.

“Great”, Norman thought. He grabbed the bottle with blood, sweat and took some semen that was lying over the couch. “Maybe fresh is better”, he thought. He took the pair of briefs Patrick was using some minutes before, with some little sissors he cut a lock of pubic hair from him.

Both the men dressed and hurried out of the place running.

They hurried to Pratrovia’s and brought her all the ingredients.

“Fine, men,... well I won’t ask you how you got all these, but I think It seems more than I asked for... a bottle of sweat?! Oh my... ok, don’t worry”, Mrs. Pratrovia said.

She took a little cauldron heated with a candle under it, it had some blueish liquid inside. She put there a drop of sweat, a drop of blood, a drop of semen, and finally threw the pubic hair lock into it.

“And what about the underwear?!”, Norman asked madly.

“This one is for my collection”, with this Pratrovia smelled it with pleasure and handed it to her assistant, who put it in a shelf with a lot of other underwear of various types (and of various types of men).

“Mmm, a fine piece you brought me”, she pointed at the underwear, it still has a strong scent.

Both men were puzzled. “Ok, break the witchcraft would you?!”, Norman tried to hurry her up.

“Fine”, she said and put her hands over the cauldron which began to glow more and more and more, so much it glow it turned into a flash of light that bathed all the room, and suddenly it went away.

“Is that it?”, Norman asked.

“That’s it, the effort bondage is broken!”, Mrs. Pratrovia replied.

“I don’t feel anything”, Norman said.

“It will begin to heal in a matter of days... ... What are you waiting for?, I have other people waiting, it’s not the only ugly witchcraft I have to break”, Pratrovia said.

“Ok, well, bye”, they said to her and left the place.

The next day at work Norman didn’t feel any special... he was just the regular Norman, he touched his chest, “hey, maybe these bitch tits are disappearing now I’m clean”, he thought. Patrick appeared, he was as big and strong as ever or maybe looked even better, he saw Norman and greeted as usual “What’s up little wimp!”, then went into Brenda’s office.

In a few minutes Norman could hear Brenda and Patrick were having “fun” again, they didn’t seam to care much about the company, Patrick was still as huge as ever and she was caressing his big muscles.

That’s when Martin came. “This thing didn’t seem to work”, Norman said to Martin. “Are you sure?”

Suddenly a scream could be heard from the office, it was Brenda.

“Hey honey, it’s not that terrible, I’ll lift some weights, I’ll fix this”, they heard Patrick say. After this he went out of the office, he looked as if he had lost 50kg (110 lbs) in a matter of moments, his shirt and pants were loose and he also seemed to be a couple cms shorter.

“Jeez!, what is happening to me?”, Patrick asked Norman and Martin, while he was saying this he ignored he was shrunking more and more every moment.

“Well Patrick, easy come, easy go”, Norman dared say.

The following day Patrick appeared at work, Norman and Martin were expecting to see him. When he came he looked terrible, he looked very sad and depressed, and he was as skinny as before. Brenda didn’t want to receive him, instead she ordered him to finish his papers by noon, he had a huge pile over his desk!

Through intercom he tried to talk to Brenda “But honey!! How can you do this to me!”, he said. “I’m not your honey anymore, you’re a wimp with a small dick!!”, she said so cruel.

Then Norman said to Martin, “Do you know something... I don’t think I like her anymore, she acts like a bitch sometimes”...

“Hey!! Your voice is normal again!!”

“Haha, feels good doesn’t it?”, Norman laughed for the first time in a while.

“All I think it’s such a shame Patrick is skinny again, I liked having a big guy laying around...”

“Don’t forget Pratrovia said all the results of my workout would revert to me”, Norman noted.

“Yes, but, it didn’t work...”, Martin said in resignation.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be that sure”, with this Norman grinned, looked down at his chest and a button in his tight shirt popped off... •

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