Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

"Alchemy. The art of tranformation, to put it in lay's terms. Some scholars believe that this was what "wizards" of the Medieval Age used. It was believed that one could transform lead into gold, wood into diamonds, and even return the dead to life."

Ah yes Mr. Kreed, My Chemistry teacher. He'd always had a fascination with Alchemy. Wild rumors circulated through the student body about his actually having tried his hand at it when he was younger and been scarred leaving what he called a "birth mark" on the left side of his face that vaguely resembled an 'A'. To be honest, as one who enjoys "transforming" things, I'm a bit interested in this subject. The only problem was that Kreed made it sound as interesting as a bowl of mini-wheats. I was thinking about last night's encounter with Andy.

He'd been shocked when I began to cry after those three magical hours of being his willing love slave. Thinking he'd hurt me, he was surprised to find that he'd taken my virginity. I'd "done things" with other guys. But I'd never actually been involved in the naughty act. And he'd been overjoyed when I informed him that I'd never felt such an overwhelming bliss in my life. Probably explained the swagger he'd had all day. I didn't understand what a hottie like Andy saw in an overweight "bear" like me, but he obviously returned my feelings of affection. Tonight was something to concider as well. Brian had asked me to come over and help him study. You see, Hossler was a High-Honors student, so I could only guess at what he really had in mind. I had some reservations, though. I imagined hearing the principal's secretary over the P.A. and gave the command, 'Now.'

"Mr. Kreed, is Tony Canton in your class right now?" "Yes, Ms. Reegan." "Could you please send him to Mr. Parker's office?" "Can it wait? I'm in the middle of an important lecture." My mind scrambled, not having seen that coming. 'NOW!' "No, Mr, Kreed. Please have him report immediately." Kreed looked at me, "Tony, you're excused. Stop by before you leave today, and I'll have notes for you to take home on the rest of the lecture." I gathered my backpack, and exited. Once I was sure no one else was in the corridor outside, I ducked into the bathroom down the hall. 'Saint, Saint, Saint....'

There stood Deez. As usual, he was a stunning vision of manliness. He was wearing a faded pair of blue jeans, and a form-fitting, ribbed cotton shirt of dark green; both of which nicely flattered his physique with a subdued emphasis. My eyes, as usual, were briefly drawn to that inhumanly huge bulge in his jeans. A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have even thought having a cock tht big was physically possible. He smiled, noting my momentary shift in attention. He pointed to his face, and I heard his lyrical voice in my mind. 'Hey, I'm up here. Long time, no see, Tony.' "Hi, Deez." 'What can I do for you today?' "Well, I was wondering about the human subconscious." His expression shifted to bewilderment. 'Huh....?' It occured to me that despite being telepathic and mute, I could probably hold a conversation with Deez based soully on his facial expressiveness alone. "I mean my power." 'I'm not following.' "Is it possible, however unlikely, that my power can make subconscious thoughts happen?" 'Oh. You mean, when you speak the command that the background thoughts are also realized?' "Exactly." 'Why? Has something bad happened?' "Well, I'm not sure. I just wondered because the changes I've affected seem to be accompanied by slight changes in behavior toward me." 'For example...?' "Well, I changed another friend of mine last night. I've had feelings for him since I met'im. And after I changed him, he suddenly seemed like he was madly in love with me." 'Is that bad?' "No. It was what I had wanted for awhile. But I don't understand what he could possibly see in someone who looks like me." A soft chuckle echoed through my head. 'Oh, Tony, I'm suprised at you! I'd think that being a gay teenager had taught you the lesson of "What's Inside That Counts".' "oh...." 'Would this person be Andy Seadar?' "Yeah...." 'No, Tony. Your power will only work on the thought you're concentrating on at the time. Thinking "Make him grow big muscles", and "God, I wish he liked me" as a subconscious thought, won't cause corrupt mnipulations. Andy just probably has sincere feelings for you. And the intensity of the moment brought them to the forefront.' "What a relief. Thanks, Deez." 'Not a problem. Stay outta trouble, buddy." "I'll try." And with that, he vanished. So, Hossler really did like me as a friend, and Andy had true feelings for me. Suddenly, as I looked foreward to tonight, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. __________________________________________________ ___________

The elevator doors opened, and Deez stepped into Saint's office. Saint was sitting with his back to Deez at his desk filling out paper work. "Well, Deez, I trust things went well since you were with him even longer this time." "...." "Don't get too fond of him too soon. He hasn't hit the right notes yet, so to speak." "...." "I'm as optimistic as you are, Deez." Saint turned around in his chair to look at his aide. "But you know the old saying, 'Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." "...." "Really, that's interesting. He was really that concerned....?" "...." "Well then, things are looking up." Deez only smiled in rersponse. •

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