Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

Here we are, in Health Class. How boring. I looked down at the picture I was doodling. It was a comic book-like picture of Hossler. In the picture, he stood there, enormously over muscled. His shirt and jeans were torn and shredded as if they'd burst from strain. It was one of my better works. They always were when I had such great source material. I looked around the room. Now there was a good candidate.

There, on the other side of the room sat Andy. Andy was, in a word, adorable. Andy was a year younger than me, but he was a real heart breaker. He had light blonde hair, done in a spiky 'do, and soft blue eyes. His features were chiseled, and his lips were full and dark. He had slight laugh lines, as he was always cheerful and prone to smiling. When he did, he brightened a room with a set of perfect white teeth. All told, he had the type of boyish good looks that could get him far in life. I had talked to him on occasion, as I knew he was in the closet, but never gotten up the nerve to ask him out. He was so beautiful that I felt he was entirely out of my league.

I had discovered that he wanted to be a model. He certainly had the looks. But, with his high metabolism, he'd never been able to put on much weight and was constantly rejected. Not that he was skinny. He worked out, but had never been able to bulk up much. I planned on changing that. The beel rang, and we all exited the class. I caught up with Andy, and tugged the sleeve of his expensive designer shirt. He paused, looking around at me, and I was instantly mesmerized by his seductive eyes. He smiled, "Oh, hi Tony." Oh, that smile. "Hi, Andy. Got a second?" "Sure, whatcha need?" I fumbled over my words as I tried to pry myself from his gaze. "Ummmm, I was wondering if I could sit with ya at lunch." He mock punched me in the shoulder. "Sure, I told ya before that you're always welcome to sit with me instead of by yourself." I'd always wanted to accept the invite, but I felt out of place. Andy's parents had a lot of money. And so did the rest of his friends' parents. As a result, I felt oddly out of my element in my cheap Wal-Mart clothes while the rest of them wore expensive labels. "Okay, it's a deal."

I looked around, and found the table. Andy wasn't there yet. Shit! Lamenting my missed opportunity, I debated sitting down before Andy arrived or sitting at my usual table. In mid-thought, Andy appeared at my side, and bumped his shoulder to mine playfully. "You weren't thinking of renigging, and sittin' by yourself, now were ya?" I blushed at his reading my thoughts, "Why, no. I was just, uhhh, lookin' for you." "Good." He looked at his a-la-cart tray. "I'd hate to think I'd have to eat these two extra burgers myself."

We arrived at the table, and I looked over the assembled group of his friends. "Guys, you remeber Tony. He decided to forego his self-imposed solitary and eat with us today." I sat next to Andy, greeting everyone as they said hello. They weren't stuck up. They all seemed to like me. Andy put down his tray, and placed two tempting burgers from it in front of me along with a big cup of punch and a bag of ranch chips. "There ya go. No need to brown bag it today." Trying not to act starved, I ate the meal slowly. "So, Andy, what are your plans after school?" "Well, we have an AV metting after classes, but afterward, nada. Why, what's up?" "Well, I was wondering if I could come over." "Not a problem. Mom asked when you were coming over again. She hasn't stopped talking about what a 'good kid' you were. Besides, I can show you my new cards. Got some good ones." "Cards" was referring to one of our many common interest. We both play Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I was the only person he knew that could consistently beat him. Blake, another kid in the group, spoke up. "Yeah, he hasn't been able to stop bragging about how he's goinna wipe the floor with ya next time you two duel." I looked at him with mock solemnity, "Really? Sounds like a challenge. I accept." He gave me a sheepish smirk. "Great! Now you can't back out like you did last time you said you'd come over." "I'm as good as there." Perfect. Now all I need is to get through the rest of the day. __________________________________________________ _____________

I could never quite get used to walking into Andy's house. It was a big house in a gated community on the outskirts of town. His parents were in the real estate business, and had originally bought it to sell. However, they'd fallen in love with it, and decided to make it their home. Coming here was always a treat because they treated guests like royalty. Especially Andy's friends as he rarely brought anyone home. "Hi, Andy." Andy's mother was a former model herself, and despite being in here 40s, was strikingly beautiful. She glided over to him, giving us both a hug and him a kiss on the cheek. "I see you've brought Tony over. How ever did you pry him away from his computer?" "How else? With the promise of competition." "Oh, yes, your 'You-me-oh'. " "Yu-Gi-Oh, Mom, not 'you-me-oh." "Oh, right. Well, will he be staying for dinner?" "Yes." "Good." She looked at me, "You must be special to Andy, Tony. He rarely brings the same friend over more than once a year." "Mo-oooom...." "Yes, I know. 'Stop embarrassing you in front of friends,' Now, be a good little host and entertain Tony until dinner's ready." "Thanks, Mom." We headed upstairs as she went off to prepare dinner. "Does she always hug your friends?" "No, just the ones she really likes."

I sat on the bed, marvelling at his vast and expensive collection of cards. He had nearly every rare card that had ever been released. He stood in front of his full length mirror, shirtless in a pair of boxer-briefs. He wasn't shy about his sexuality around me. I had to admit, his physique wasn't all that bad, and I wasn't averse to the view of his tight little butt. However, he didn't seem to share my opinion. "No wonder I can't find myself a boyfriend. I'm so skinny." I looked up as he did a few poses in the mirror. "Oh, Andy, you're totally hot." He looked over his shoulder at me with a coy grin. "Ya really think so?" I did a fake British accent, "Oh, absolutely! You look simply fabulous!" Walking over, and flopping on the bed next to me, he spoke. "Well, I haven't been making a lot of progress with the weights. And I can eat like a pig, but it doesn't do anything." "Don't worry, you'll have a growth spurt and beef up soon enough." "I hope you're right. Otherwise, I'll never be able to model." "Well, I think you look awesome." He rolled over on his stomach, and laid his head on my leg. It was all I could do to keep from popping a boner in his face. "Thanks, Tony. I don't think I have any friends that make me feel so good. I always feel like I can talk to you about anything." "You can." "Yeah, if only you'd spend more time with me." Immediately, he pounced and began tickling me. We ended up wrestling, and I allowed him to pin me. God, he was so incredible. I couldn't wait till after dinner. His mother's voice came from downstairs, "Boys, dinner's ready." Excellent. Andy dressed, and we went down for a meal of steak and all the trimmings.

Dinner passed by quickly. At least it felt like it did. Amidst the conversation, all I'd been able to think about is what Andy would look like when I was done with him. We excused ourselves, and went upstairs. He changed back into the boxer-briefs and a t-shirt, and sat in front of his computer. I wanna show you a program I've been working on." I sat on the bed behind him as he brought it up. "Okay, what's it do?" "Well, it's a photo manipulation program. You scan a picture in, and you can do just about anything to it. I use it as a morpher." I recalled some of the pics from the many websites I had visited, and instantly knew what he was going to show me. A pic of himself in a pair of spandex shorts and muscle shirt popped up. "Okay, that's you." "Right, now watch." He clicked on a menu tab, and the pic instantly changed into a much bigger version of itself. The lean, streamlined curves of his athletic body had been replaced with the rounded bulky curves of a beefy model. "Whatcha think...?" "Cool! It definitely becomes you!" Now, watch this...." He clicked on another menu tab and the picture became a CGI versin of his current body in the same clothes. Suddenly, it began to show the change as it happened. I watched, mouth watering, as the spandex filled out and stretched to contain the swelling muscles. Finally, with a massive heave, the clothes on the CGI model ripped and it stood there in its muscular glory. "Dude, that is fuckin' awesome!" "Thanks. The only thing is that I wish I could do that in real life." "You have that outfit?" "Uhhhh, yeah, why?" "Mind modelling it for me?" "Why?" "Just humor me. I wanna see what ya look like in it in rel time." "Oh....okay." Quickly, he changed into the stretchy fabric outfit, and stood in front of me. A nice sight for sure. But I knew I could give him what he wanted. "Now, don't move." "But...." I raised a finger as I closed my eyes getting the image in my head."Shhhh..." This was going to be easy. It got easier with every transformation I did. Once I had the image, I spoke the mental command, 'Now.'

Andy went to say something, but stopped as if something had taken hold of him. I opened my eyes, and looked. His entire body was beginning to change. His long neck swelled, filling out smoothly as the cords of muscle thickened. His traps were raising like dough beneath the elastic material. His deltoids swelled outward rapidly, visibly broadening his shoulders as his biceps and triceps inflated and filled in. the bump of his elbow joint on the inner side disappeared as his forearms thickened, and became more sinewy. His pecs, looking like balloons, were inflating rapidly outward from his body and causing the shirt to ride up to his navel. Row by row, his abs popped out continuing down to the fourth set below the waistbnd of the shorts. His lats flared outward like wings giving his torso an almost elegant 'V' shape as my eyes followed the curve down to his slender waist. The spandex of his shorts as well were working overtime as they stretched and contorted to contain his thighs. His quads grew, pushing against each other and forcing his legs apart. The front, especially, was straining because his cock had become significantly larger as had his balls. Andy flexed involutarily, causing his muscles to swell even bigger as I heard the sound of threads breaking. With a small tearing sound, the side seams of the shirt split as the thickness of his torso became too much to contain. The shoulder seams gave out as well, and the top half of the garment fell allowing his unleashed chest to spill out. His abs, which now were bricklike in structure, finished the job and the shirt fell away. Finally, losing the batle against his thighs, the seams on both sides of the shorts burst at the center and tore their full length, allowing his quads room to grow unrestrained. The front seam gave out as his cock, still flaccid, exploded from beneath the cloth. With great surges of power and size, his entire body bulged out in spurts; each increase adding more muscle mass. Bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGER! Finally, the growth slowed and stopped. He stood naked before me, speeachless. He looked down over his body, now immense beyond his wildest dreams. He was just short of the size of a pro bodybuilder and so overly developed that he was unable to completely lower his arms or force his legs together. After a few experimental flexes, he looked at me with his broad grin.

"Wow! Some 'growth spurt'........!" •

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