Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I shuffled into school, half asleep still. It had been a really late night with Shane. Apparently, his parents didn't care how late he was out at night, as long as he came home. The one consolation I had in it all was looking foreward to seeing my little.....scratch that, BIG Brian. Weather Shane knew it or not, I had actually been quite careful to keep his size a bit smaller than what i had given Hossler. Can't have anyone outgrowing my boy, now, could I? And I only planned on making Hossler bigger.

As I walked, in my daze, I suddenly ran into something solid. Richocheting off it, i hit the floor and looked up. It was one of the heavier weight wrestlers. He was big. Actually, he was pretty short, but bulky, and ripped. his name was Travis. He'd been a thorn in my side before, and he glared down at me now as I appologized profusely whilst gathering my books. "Watch where you're goin', fairy!" "Sorry, Trav, I...." I didn't even get to finish when he hoisted me up by my collar, and slammed me against the lockers with a resounding "Don't fuckin' call me that, assmuncher! Only my friends can call me that. You call me 'Sir'!" I was scared. "Sorry, Travis..." He punched me in the stomach so hard I doubled over. "No! 'Sorry Travis Sir'!" I slid to the floor in pain, coughing and gagging. I was greatful I had skipped breakfast, for I surely would have vomitted it up.

Travis stalked toward me, and I could only watch in fear of the royal ass-kicking I was about to get for daring to come to school today. However, I saw a brief flash of movement behind him, and he was suddenly lifted off his feet. My vision was blurred with tears, but I could clearly see two large figures standing in front of and behind Travis as the crowd gathered to spectate. I heard a familiar voice, "Well, Hossler, what have we here...?" Then I heard Brian's voice"I don't know, Shane. Looks like a little bitchboy that likes pickin' on people weaker than him." I wiped the tears from my eyes to see Shane holding Travis a foot off the floor by his jacket lapels. Behind Travis stood Hossler, arms folded across his chest with a sadistic smile in appreciation of Travis' predicament. Travis, for his part, looked as though he were about to soil himself. Witheffort, Shane hoisted the wrestler toward Hossler, who moved like lightning to grab him as he toppled to the floor. "Here, Brian, make him appologize." Hossler was only 5' 5", but an inch taller than Travis. And my own modifications to his physique made him quite a bit beefier. He bent Tavis' arms behind his back, and turned him toward me. Forcing him to bend low at the waist, he spoke in an almost playful tone. "Say you're sorry, Travvy...." Travis spat on the fllor in front of me. "Fuck off, jock-head!" "Hear that, Shane? He told me to fuck off. How rude." "Well, show'im who's boss here..." Hossler stood him up forcefully, and Travis gave an almost girlish squeak at the pain as Brian wrenched his grip tighter. He put his face near Travis', and growled, "Bad move, loser!" With that, he bent Travis back over and kneed him in the gut three times. The gasps from the onlookers were more pronounced with each strike and Travis jolted into the air as if he'd been hit with a cinderblock each time. He let go of Travis who fell to his knees vomitting.

Shane moved in now, picking the hapless Travis up again. Travis, who had miraculously kept his wits, lashed out and his fist connected solidly with Shane's ample package. I guess the one bad thing about being obscenely hung was your package made an easy target in a fight. Shane doubled over now with a groan as Travis leapt on his back. The force, rather than the weight, caused him to go down, and Trais began pummeling futily at Shane's bulging body. He hadn't made much progress when Hossler grabbed him by the shoulders, and threw him down the hall a few feet. In my shock at all this, I couldn't help but notice how Travis had taken on the appearance of a demented yo-yo. Travis got to his feet, and shed his jacketm throwing it to the floor. he was brave, but way out of his league. Hossler stood inexorable as Travis rushed him with a bestial growl. At the very last second, perfectly timed, His swung a haymaker punch and connected with Travis' jaw.

The sound was blood curdiling as everyone heard the loud pop of Travis' jaw breaking. Having taken such a hit, the fight was over as he landed in a heap at my feet where I was half-laying on the floor still. Half conscious, yet, Travis looked up at my as a bruise rapidly swelled into view on the side of his face. For some reason, I was scared as Brian grabbed him by the neck, and twisted his swollen face toward me. "Say you're sorry...." Travis gurgled the words out, barely intelligible around the blood oozing from his mouth and broken mandible. Shane got to his feet with Brian's help, and they came over to me. With great ease, they each put one of my arms over a shoulder and picked me up. What in the Blue Hell was going on....? __________________________________________________ _____________

The three of us sat in Mrs. Kross' exam room silently. I sat huddled in the corner of the bed against the wall looking at them. In turn, they both watched me with what looked like concern in their eyes. The whole situation was made even mor surreal as we heard other students bring Travis' battered body in. What was going to happen, I wondered. Finally, Hossler spoke first. "Are you alright, buddy?" "Buddy"? He'd never called me that before. I spoke quietly. "Yeah, Brian, I'm okay." He beamed, looking relieved. Shane spoke next. "Good. We can't have people go around just kickin' the shit out of ya, now can we?" My thoughts were racing trying to find an explination to their behavior. "Why'd you guys do that?" They looked at each other, puzzled, as if the answer were apparent. Brian looked at me as if we'd been friends since childhood. "Well, we don't know how, but you've given us both something we've always wanted. The least we can do is protect you." "So, you know...?" Shane chuckled a bit. "Well...we don't know how, exactly. We're just greatful." Hossler just nodded in agreement. Mrs. Kross came in with a look of concern. "Goodness, goodness, goodness. What's public school coming to these days with kids being randomly assaulted in the halls?" She looked me over surrepticiously, clicking her tongue in her cheek. "You'll be fine, young man. A lot more than I can say for that poor boy that just came in. And worse, no one seems to be willing to tell me what exactly happened to him." With that, the three of us exchanged looks, trying to hide smiles. For the first time since I came out, I felt completely safe about my sexuality. I looked to Mrs. Kross as she spoke again. "Well, Mr. Canton, do you feel you can make it the rest of the day?" The name struck me as I realized this was the first time she'd ever adressed me by my name, first or otherwise. "Yes, Mrs. Kross." "Good, now the three of you need to get back to classes." I walked out of the nurse's office flanked by Brian and Shane. I could almost feel the presence of their young massive fugures behind me as we walked toward the gym. It was almost as if I'd gained two bodyguards.

We talked and joked like the best of friends on the way there, not even paying attention to the looks we got from the other guys in our gym class. besides, we had Volleyball today, and something told me that it was going to be a great game. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew I liked it..... •

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