Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I certainly had a lot to think about these days. First of all, does Brian know or doesn't he? Was he comin' on to me? Was he teasing...? I've jerked off at least three times now imagining that show he gave me. And what about Saint? What exactly has he "chosen" me for? I'm seriously starting to wonder. And what is the price? He said it wasn't my soul, so what then....? Right now, though, I have to think about Shane. He sounded so pathetic in the instant nessage. And I have to swallow my pride and give back what I took. Hmph, some lesson! I looked around the gym. It was dark, and late. No lights on. Does he plan on ambushing me with a bunch of jock friends? Meeting him here was a bad idea. I better go before I get caught by the night janitor.

As I turned toward the exit, I saw the door open and a shadow slip in. I heard footfalls across the gym floor. Okay, just one person. "Tony....?" The voice had to be Shane, though he sounded weaker, somehow, less confident and cocky. "I'm here, Shane." Barely audible, he breathed a sigh of relief. "I was scared you wouldn't come." "I had no choice."

He came to stand before me and I could see him a bit in what little ambient light there was. He was wearing a hoody, and jeans. The hoody was unzipped partly, and I could see a wife-beater underneath. Even in the dim light, I could see that the outfit hung from his frame. Before his punishment, it probably would have fit him snugly. He nodded his head to the left, "lets go where there's more light." I followed him acroos the gym to another door. I knew where this was, it was the physical therapy room. As we entered, he flipped a switch and soft light came from the security lights overhead.

I got my first good look at him as he pushed the hood down. He looked terrible. His normally baby face was pale. He had circles under his eyes, and the look of someone malnourished. He probably hadn't eaten or slept since our last encounter. Actually, he'd always been kinda cute, but his personality had made him grotesque to me. Looking at him now, I felt a great swell of pity. "Before we go any further, I want you to appologize." His response was quick. "I'm sorry." "Do you know what you're sorry for?" He opened his mouth, but stopped realizing he didn't. "I....don't know." "I wanted you to learn a lesson. You hurt Hossler intentionally. And why? Because he stood up for me. How can you call someone as wonderful as Brian a 'friend' when you do things like that?" "I know, man. I feel bad enough." "I'm not sure you do. I'd kill to be able to just hang with a guy like him like you're able to do." "I thought you were." "No, we're not. I know what being in my company will do to his reputation. So I let him decide where, and when, and if we hang out." "Oh...." "You see, unlike you, I treat people with respect. And I genuinely care about him as a friend." He just nodded like a young child. "Now, appologize." "I....I'm sorry, Tony." "For....?" "For being a jerk. I'm sorry for all the times I picked on you and your friends. I'm sorry for humiliating you." I looked him in the eye. I'd always been good at knowing if I was bein' bullshitted. Now, I didn't see fear in his eyes, or malice, or contempt. I saw real regret. It hangs in a person's eyes like dew on a spider's web. "Okay, Shane. I forgive you. Not for hurting me. I can take anything you can dish out. I forgive you for hurting your friend. Now, get ready."

Shane's expression brightened instantly, and he shed the hoody in a flash. He looked almost laughable in his wife-beater. It hung around his shoulders and chest like loose skin. "I'm going to give back what I took. And since you're sincere, I'm even going to give you a bit more." I stood back and looked him over from head to toe. My eyes didn't miss an inch, and I closed them, envisioning an identical image in my head. I imagined him at his former build and spoke the word in my head....'Now'

I sat on a bench, and watched as the transformation took place. Immediately, his face filled out, returning to its youthful boyishness as his jaw firmed, and his lips filled into their former fullness. His neck filled in as his exposed adam's apple receeded amidst thick cords of muscle. The height of his shoulders raised as his traps filled in and bunched up on either side of his neck. Shane's delts followed suit, rounding out to restore the breadth of his broad shoulders. The swelling spread to his arms as his bis and tris took on their old thickness and bulk. Rapidly, the wife-beater snugged around his torso as his lats flared outward into a meaty mass of muscle and his chest pumpped up like inflating baloons. His solid one-pack returned, and the growth spread downward. His jeans once again were snug as his thighs and calves filled them with the poerful young legs of an athlete. Finally, the front of his jeans popped out slightly as his cock returned to its former glory.

Shane stood for a moment, marvelling at his body. "Dude, it's one thing to feel the growth gradually over time. But to feel it happen all at once....?!?!? What a fuckin' RUSH!" I watched him absent mindedly poke at his chest, imagining another defined 50 pounds on him. 'Now' "Dude, that was awesome! How...?" He trailed off as the growth began in earnest now. Immediately, deep cuts of definition spread through his body from the neck down. He moaned as the feeling took him, and stumbled slightly at the intense feeling of pleasure. Veins sprouted prominently along the sinews of his body, and his muscles took on a blocky look. His shoulders rose higher still, pressing against the muscles in his neck giving him the bull necked look of a body builder. His biceps inflated now, swelling to the size of softballs. His triceps took on a distinct horse shoe shape, and his deltoids expanded outward, the three individual muscles becoming visible on both shoulders. His pecs became striated, rapidly filling the top of his shirt and causing it to become untucked from his jeans they expanded toward his clavical.

His one-pack quickly separated into a six-pack, each muscle taking on the look of a small brick. His lats expanded outward almost alarmingly causing the wif'e-beater to strain now against the force of his impending physique. His jeans pulled taught against his thighs as his quads now became individually visible through the denim. His glutes pushed out and firmed as his hamstrings thickened, the whole increase causing tiny wrinkles to appear along the seams. Though the denim around his calves was still loose-fitting, you could see that they were taking on a distinct diamond shape. with a final burst of mass, the lump in the front of his jeans and crotch swelled obscenely as his dick doubled in thickness and length while his balls squeezed their way in size to take up a noticeable portion of room between his thighs.

Shane stood, looking at his body, examining every inch he was able to immediately touch. He looked up at me with an expression of pure joy and gratitude. "Dude! Holy fuck, man! THANKS!" Unexpectedly, he rushed me and gripped me in a bear hug, and i was momentarily winded by the strength of the embrace. "You're....welcome..." I grunted. He set me down, and clapped me on the back. Putting his arm around my shoulders, we snuck quietly out of the gym to his car in a back parking lot."Get in. We're goin' out for some fun!" I got in the car, and he hit the gas. An errant thought struck me, 'THanks, Saint. I owe ya one." __________________________________________________ ____________

Saint sat in his chair while Deez watched over his shoulder. He peered into the little window on his desktop that was able to show him anything he wanted to see. He'd never thought up a clever name for it, so he simply referred to it as "The Looking Glass". He watched as the two boys sped out of the parking lot of the highschool for a late night on the town. "You're quite welcome, Mr. Canton. You are quite welcome." He waved his hand over the image, and it dissipated like steam. Turning around, he looked at Deez who stood silent. "Well, Deez, I think he may be the one. What do you think?" "........" "Yes, I agree. You're quite fond of him as well, yes?" "......" "Well, soon enough, you'll be able to have him, Deez." Deez's ever present smile widened just a bit more at this thought as he bowed deeply, and exitied the room. Saint spoke to himself now, "Yes, Deez, some day very soon........" •

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