Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I sat in front of my computer browsing the stories on the site. It was may favorite by far. The Evolution Forum had some of the best stories I'd ever read. Oh, there he is again. My eyes flitted to the avatar of a user called "ottomun6". It was morphed, of course, but I'd seen a pic of his body beforehand and it was spectacular. That's what I wanted to make Hossler look like someday.

My mind wandered back to the locker room yesterday and I subconsciously rubbed the spot on my butt cheek where Brian had smacked me. I felt the beginning of an erection at the mere thought of the show he'd given me. As I tried to fathom his motive, I felt a strange energy take hold of me. Before I knew what was happening, a whirling vortex of white fire errupted from the floor around my desk chair. It cycloned around me for a moment as I had the strange sensation of being transported somewhere. The flame suddenly faded, and I stood in a familiar room.

Before me stood Lucifer Saint. I had forgotten what a striking sight he was to behold. He stood tall, and lithe. He was wearing a flattering pair of black dress slacks, and a form-fitting red lycra shirt. My eyes wandered over his torso, admiring the way the fabric accentuated his broad shoulders, tiny waist, and gymnast-like definition. His hair now hung at the nape of his neck in a ponytail. "Well, Tony, it seems you've been a busy boy since last we spoke. Making good use of my gift, yes?" I knew better than to lie to this man. "Yes. I've used it to accomplish the goal I had in mind when I came to you." He smiled his perfect smile, and his black eyes twinkled. "Good. Have a seat."

He strolled behind his desk, and I tilted my head, taking the opportunity to check out his ass as he turned his back to me. It was narrow, but quite shapely. Well rounded, and firm-looking, I wondered what it would feel like. He sat, crossing his legs and leaning back in his chair. He tented his fingers and smiled at me over his hands as i sat in the seat across from him. "You like...?" I stumbled, wondering what he meant, "Huh...?" "My ass, Tony. Did you enjoy the view?" I flushed, instantly knowing how he'd known I peeked as I spotted Deez lurking in the shadows with a smile. "Ye...yes. It's very nice..." He chuckled, "Thankyou. Now to business. I've brought you here with some concerns in mind." "Which are?" "Well, actually, one concern. The other matter being a mere curiosity. We shall begin with the curiosity." "Okay, shoot." "I am curious, Tony, as to why you chose to use your power on other people." "Uhhh, is that wrong?" "No, it is your gift to do with as you please. As I say, I'm simply curious." "Well, I've had fantasies about Hossler..." "You mean young Brian, correct?" I wasn't surprised he knew who Brian was. "Yes, Brian. I've had fantasies about him for awhile, now. And it was frustrating to not be able to do anything about them." "I see. I found it remarkable that you haven't chosen to use it on yourself. Your thoughts have been for gifting others. Commendable." I nodded, unsure of where this was going. "Thankyou." "Now, to my concerns. What of this Shane Hart? Was it really necessary to inflict a punishment of such severity on him?" I answered without a second's hesitation, "Yes!" "Why?" My answer seethed with dislike for Shane as if I had a bad taste in my mouth just saying his name. "Because, Shane Hart is a cruel, and petulent child! He mistreats those he feels are inferior to himself. And he went too far by intentionally hurting someone." "Ahhhh, by that you mean someone you hold in high regard, yes?" "Yes." "And who are you to judge?" "I'm not. I can take anything he can throw at me. I'm stronger than him. But Hossler has shown me nothing but friendship. Even though he's straight and knows I like him." "I see. So, for you, it was simply punishing a 'bad person', so to speak." "Exactly." "Very well, Tony. But I must inform you. You've broken the rules of your contract with me by your action against Shane." "How...?" "By 'lessening his manhood', shall we say? That being a permanent change constitues a 'destruction of property'." He flexed the index and middle finger on both hands to emphasize this statement as a quote of the contract. I felt my stomach twist into a knot at this. " I going to lose my power?" "No, Tony. I believe you deserve a reprieve in this case. It's easy to think of a man's endowment as a non-materialistic possession. What you do need to do, however, is return things to normal, as it were. I wouldn't want to see you lose your gift so soon after getting it." The knot in my stomach disappeared as I nodded whole-heartedly. "I can do that." "Good boy, Tony. I knew you wouldn't let me down. You're quite a decent young lad. It's why I chose you." That phrase hit me like a ruler to the knuckles. "Chose me....?" Interrupting before I could speak further, he straightened in his chair. "It's settled then. You know how to contact Deez if you need anything. Enjoy your gift."

Saint snapped his fingers, and before I could move, the room flashed out of existence around me. I was once again sitting in my desk chair, and there wasn't a single sign of my absence present. I looked at my computer's creen, and there was an instant messenger box blinking to signify that someone had IMed me. The user's nick was "shane_on_u98". I knew who it was as i read the message: "Tony, r u there?" I typed back "Yes, I'm here."

shane_on_u98 - "Can we talk?" As I began to type, I could've sworn I heard Lucifer Saint's voice whisper in my ear........

"Remember, Mr Canton, A Deal's A Deal........" •

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