Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

'Saint, Saint, Saint'....

'Hello, Tony....' In the blink of an eye, there stood Deez. His voice rang through my head with the bright and sunny greeting. He looked goooooood. He was wearing skin tight black leather pants, and vest, looking for the all the world like a male stripper. Not tht he didn't have the looks or bod for it. 'So, what can we do for you today?'

"Well, I had something in mind, but I wanna make sure it's not going to be a breech of contract. Just another question, really." 'Okay, shoot.' "I wann shrink someone...." 'Yes, that would be a breech of contract.' "Well, I don't mean like make them the size of an ant or anything. I wanna take his ego down a notch or two." 'Why?' I looked away for a second as I mumbled the words. "He intentionally hurt someone I care about because they stuck up for me." 'Ah, so it's justice. You want to show him the price of such actions and what it means to mess with you, yes....?' "Yes." 'Well, I'll tell you this; If you hurt him physically, or destroy something of his, you will lose your gift. Obey those guidelines, and all will be fine. Does this help you at all?' "Perfectly." I looked to the sound of a car backfiring across the street as I heard his last words echo in my mind, 'Happy hunting...!'. When I looked back, he was gone. I leaned against the telephone poll, and lit a cigarette. The bell would be ringing in a minute.

I exhaled a puff of smoke as I watched the kids pour through the doors into the parking lot. As a sonior, I got to leave school an hour early. I waited next to the poll across the street from the school knowing Shane Hart would walk this way on his route home. Here he came.

Shane heart was a typical superiority complex. He liked feeling greater than everyone. Taller, bigger built, more athletic, etc. . Therefor, he surrounded himself with "friends" he felt were inferior to him in one way or another. He walked my way, and I allowed a great puff of smoke to escape my lips as he neared and walked right into it. Gagging, he looked at me. "Hey faggot, don'tcha know smoking's bad for your health?" I stood almost nose-to-nose with him, staring coldly into his dim eyes. "If I cared, I wouldn't do it." "Well, maybe I should hand you your lungs so you can see it first hand." Casually, I took a drag, and flicked ashes on his shoes. "You're welcome to try." I stood back, and flicked the butt away, spreading my arms wide. "Take your best shot...." Shane dropped his bag, and came at me with a punch. He was actually pretty fast....but my mind was faster. 'Now....!' Shane, somehow, tripped over his own feet and landed on his stomach. Her hit the ground winded with a loud "OOF!'. I could barely hide my amusement, he had no chance, really. Shane staggered to his feet, and brushed himself off, trying to hide his embarrassment. "You done now, Shame....err, Shane?" I grinned, and he was furious. He came at me with an almost feral roar and I merely thought. 'NOW!' Suddenly, Shane's momentum was too great, and he summersaulted losing his balance. He flipped foreward as I moved from his path, and landed squarely on his back. This time, he was winded but good. I picked up my backpack, and lit another smoke. I bent down as he looked up into a face he'd remember for a long time after today. "We'll continue our little game later....when I say!" I blew smoke in his face, and walked away as he coughed.... __________________________________________________ __________

I looked at my watch as I strolled along the sidewalk. I knew he'd be here any time now. This was the last stretch of Shane's walk home where he walked alone. All the other kids he walked with lived on different streets, and I didn't need any witnesses to what I was about to do to him. And there he was.

His clothes were still dirty from our tussle outside the school, and it looked like he was talking to himself. Probably trying to figure out what he could have done differently to effect a better outcome. in all truth, there was nothing he could do. Just like there was nothing he could do now.

The area was along a path that ran parallel to a creek. No houses, no other pedestrians. Just me and Shane. I simply stood inexorable in his path and waited for him to notice me. Looking at the ground as he walked, like most cavemen, he almost ran into me before seeing me. He looked up slowly from my feet, and fear flickered momentarily in his eyes. He covered it well, though. "What the fuck do you want, queer-boy?" "Hmmm, good question. What do I want...? Certainly not you. You're too dense, I like'em smart as a whip." "Keep talkin', fairy, you're about ten seconds from gettin' your ass kicked!" "Oh, you mean like you did back at the school? Excellent job by the way, you really showed me. Now, allow me to show you...."

I set my mind in motion and he was helpless from the first second, 'Now....!' Suddenly, Shane couldn't move. He was riveted to the spot as I circled him. "What the fuck, man??? I can't move....!" "Wow, you're smarter than I gave ya credit for, heh heh, you'll move when I say you can ." I reached up and tore his shirt from his torso. He was nicely built. Bulky muscles filled out a young body in the throws of puberty. "You're very well built, Shane. I've always liked a muscular young guy." "I don't know how you're doin' this, man, but when I get free I'm gonna....!" "You're gonna what? Fall on your ass? I grasped his waistband, and yanked his pants down to his ankles. His legs were just as meaty, but not nearly as defined. The front of his boxer-briefs were stuffed with an impressive package. Not nearly as impressive as what I'd given Hossler, but big. "Very nice, Shane. I bet you're proud of your body, huh?" "Yeah, faggot! That what this is about? You wanna suck my dick too? Cripes, I dunno why Hossler puts up with you checkin'im out all the time." "I stopped in front of him, and looked him calmly in the eye. "Suck your dick? No, not in a hundred years. I wouldn't touch a skeeze like you with a ten foot pole if I were two feet away." I tapped my lips with the tip of an index finger. "Your cock isn't good enough for these lips." He roaored at me with the futility of his situation, "What the fuck you want then?" "To punish you." "Whaddya me--?" he barely got the words out when my thoughts became reality. 'NOW! NOW! NOW!' Rapidly, his pecs began to receed into his body. As I watched, his abs began to lose their firmness, and definition. The impressive v-shape of his torso diminished quickly as his lats seemed to be sucked back in toward his body. Shane was panicking as he felt and saw these changes take place. He was screaming at me, begging, even crying for me to make the changes stop, but I didn't hear. All I kept seeing in my mind was my little Hossler laying on the gym floor. I watched thoroughly amused as the tightness of his boxer-briefs slackened around his formerly bulky quads. He was sobbing uncontrolably now, for I was taking away the one thing he had that impressed anybody. I had reduced his musculature to a mere third of what it had been. He looked pitiful now. If he and Brian were the same height, I'm pretty sure Hossler would now outweight Shane by at least fifty pounds. I knew Shane would put it all back on eventually, but he needed one last lesson. An irreversible one. I envisioned what I wanted to see, and spoke the word mentally. As i watched, the bulge in the front of Shane's boxer-briefs rapidly shrank. Smaller, and smaller, and smaller it got; his scrotum shrinking as well. His underwear looked rediculous on him now, and hung gauntly from his hips. Shane was whimpering, and I rleased my mental hold on him. He fell to the ground, and looked up at me. Hw asked me through the whimpers, "Why....?" "Why, Shane? Because, you do not deserve to have such gifts of nature. True, you will be able to build your body back up. But nothing short of a miracle will give you back my last subtraction." "Wha...what did I ever do to you....?' "Me? Nothing. I've dealt with people like you my entire life. But I think you should remeber today the next time you wanna hurt someone you know I care about." With that, I gathered his clothes and tosses them on top of him. "Get dressed and go home. It's too cold out for a skinny punk like you to be standin' around half naked." Laughing, I walked away. Hossler would be calling tobight to make plans to hang out this Friday. I couldn't wait. •

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