Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I turned as the whistle blew. Coach Coz jogged across the gym in a matter of seconds to my side. I looked up dazed from my spot on the floor. He was hunky, and a really nice guy. He seemed to view his gym students almost as adoptive children.

"You okay, Tony?"

I sat up tentatively, and shook my head to clear the stars from my vision. "Yeah, Coach. I'll be fine." I took his hand, allowing him to stand me up. I looked to my left where Shane Hart stood. He and I were the same height, but being a football player, he had a definite muscle advantage to my mostly doughy body. He delighted in being a ball hog. Egotistical to the enth degree, I wondered how a guy like Hossler could be friends with him.

Shane did a crab flex, and growled at me, "Grrrrrraaaaahhhh!" I glared at him, and he smirked. I was used to this sort of behavior.

I heard the voice from behind me, it was Hossler. "Knock it off Shane. You know that spike was his." Shane just looked at him and shrugged.

I loved Volleyball, it was my best sport besides swimming. And this year was extra special because I was in a mixed age group gym class with Hossler. I always enjoyed watching Brian do anything, but he was especially inspiring to see during Volleyball. Shane and I had went up for the same spike at the net, but he'd intentionally collided with me and sent me to the floor. Hossler had been picked team captain, and he invariably chose me first because I was the best server. I had the highest number of "Ace" serves in the school. This meant that my serves were the ones that most often hit the floor on the other side of the net without ever being touched by the opposing team's members. I was also the only one that could do an over-handed serve left handed.

Coz called out, "Rotate!", and we all shifted position,putting me in the server's spot. The ball was tossed to me, and I tossed it in the air. I slapped it through the air, sending it over the net. The volley began well enough, it came back over the net quickly from he other team's side. I bumped it to a teammate, he bumped it to Hossler, then a bump to Shane and back over the net. This time, they didn't return it so fast. Bump, bump, bump, volley. It came over the net at me, and I bumped it up to Hossler. He vollied it over the net, ignoring Shane, and they immediately returned it. It hung in the air on our side of the net and I watched as this time Brian was the one going for the spike with Shane. Shane semi-crouched and launched into the air. Hossler, graceful as ever, was already off the floor and Shane collided directly with him and spiked the ball to win the volley. I wasn't even watching the winning move.

In horror, I saw Brian fall to the floor, and his head clunked the hard wood with a sickening sound. Shane came down, and did the same crab flex at Hossler, roaring obscenely, "Yeah! THAT's what you get for takin' sides with that loser!" Brian didn't move.

How DARE he?!?!?!?!?! How dare he act that way toard my little Hossler, my incredible little jock boy? And he had the nerve to call Brian "friend"???

Coz walked to Hossler's side as he stirred. I realized suddenly that I'd been holding my breath, and I exhaled. 'Please, let'im be okay! Please let'im be okay!' "You okay Hossler?" Hossler's eyes opened, and I wanted to run to him and hold him. "Can you sit up...?" "I think so", he managed. He struggled to sit up, and Coz put a hand on his back to steady him. He always knew what to do. He looked at me, "Tony, help him to the nurse's office." He turned a cold eye to Shane and he met the coach's gaze with a smirk that quickly faded to fear. "Shane, I want you in my office pronto! The rest of you, hit the showers."

As everyone walked toward the locker room, I helped Brian to his feet as he draped an arm over my shoulders. "Thanks, dude." "No problem, Hoss. The least I could do after you stuck up for me." "What'd ya expect? You're my best server." We reached the doors, and I shouldered them open. Hossler was shorter than me, so he wasn't much of a burden. However, the feel of his body was overwhelmingly intoxicating. His t-shirt was drenched with sweat, and his new "gifts" seemed to have a life of their own swinging freely and ntoiceably in the front of his gym shorts. We reached the nurse's office, an I helped him to sit on the waiting bench. __________________________________________________ _________

"Well, what happened here?" Mrs. Kross was a kindly old woman that preferred to mask her caring nature beneath a vaneer of faux crabiness. "Volleyball accident", I spoke up. "I had a run-in with a neanderthall.", Brian spoke with a wry chuckle. "Well, we'd better take a look at you, Mr. Hossler." As school nurse, she knew the names of all the school's athletes. Especially the football players. "Help me take his shirt off, young man." I looked at her dumbfounded. "Me....?" "Yes, you." Reluctantly, I took my place behind Brian and grasped the bottom of his shirt and lifted it toward his head. He was still a bit dazed, but he managed to raise his arms. I felt his flawless skin as i slid my hands up his sides, and goosbumps sprang to life on my arms. So maginificent. Shane was going to pay! Somehow, he'd pay for hurting my lovely Brian. Mrs. Kross went through her routine checks. No broken bones, no concussions, no sprains, strains or permanent damage. She looked at me trying to mask her reliefe with bruskness, "Your friend will be fine..." "Oh, we're not friends. Just classmates." Hossler looked a bit hurt at this through his daze. Why did I say that? She continued, "Yes, well, either way, he'll be fine. He has a nasty bump on the head, but otherwise he is alright. I want him to stay here and rest through next period, though, just to be certain. Can you stay with him?" I felt guilty at my last remark. "Uhhhh, I don't think I can. I need to get to my next class...." "I will write you an excuse of absence. Will that do?" With no outs left, I conceeded, "Yeah, I guess that'll be okay." With that, she nodded and left as Hossler lay down on the cushioned bed. I took a seat next to the bed to hold my vigil and pulled out a book to read. As Brian rested piecefully, I tried to keep from admiring his fine young physique. No luck. My eyes wandered over him. He was truely magnificent to behold, a paragon of athletic youth. My eyes wandered to his shorts, and saw that the head of his cock was peeking out of the leg. Wow! "Tony..." I averted my eyes quickly at the sound of his voice hoping he hadn't seen me drooling over him. "Huh?" "Thanks again...for helping me." "Hoss, it was nothing. Just rest." "Tony...?" Yes?" "Why did you tell Mrs. Kross we weren't friends?" Fuck! How to explain this.... "Well, we're not, really. I mean, we know each other from classes. But that's about it. I mean, it's not like we hang out or anything." "Oh....well, I just want ya to know I think of you as a friend." My heart swelled with pride. To think, a jock stud like Brian thought of a loser like me as a friend. "Okay, Hossler. I think you hit your head a little too hard." He opened his eyes, looking at me. "Nah, you're pretty cool to me. Know how you said we don't hang out...?" "Yeah..." "I think we should some time." "Okay, Brian." He smiled and closed his eyes.

Wow, Brian Hossler, apple of my eye, wanted to be friends with loser me. I was happy, and my thoughts returned to Shane Hart. Asshole! Whatever punishment Coach Coz had dished out to him, it was nothing copared to what I had planned for him. No one got away with hurting my little stud. And now that I knew I could do something about it, the wheels in my head began to turn........Oh yes, punishment indeed........ •

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