Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I took the contract from Saint. Prepared for a lengthy over-worded legal document, I was surprised. I read it over:

I, Anthony (Tony) Canton, hereby verify that the following terms are written with my approval.

- The client, Anthony (Tony) Canton, shall be imbued with the ability to manifest his fantasies into physical form / being.

- The extent of this ability will be limited in that he shall not be able to intentionally inflict physical harm / damage on any person place or property.

- This contract will become null and void should the client refuse to produce payment when called upon to do so.

By signing this contract, the client hereby indicates that he agrees with these terms and is bound legally to them.

____________________________ (Signature of Client) ____________________________ (Signature of Benefactor) ____________________________ (Signature of Witness Present)

I looked up at Saint, "Payment...?"

"In a case such as yours, Tony, I shall forego payment for now. All you need do is sign."

Suddenly uncomfortable, I posed the first question that came to mind. "Are you the Devil?"

Saint looked at me seriously for a moment, then burst out laughing; this time a hearty, calming sound. "You are quite a brave young man. Goodness, no. The name, I'll admit, would raise suspicion. It is, indeed, why I chose another name to be called. But no, I am nothing of the sort. I am merely a man who has had good fortune in his life and wishes to share it with others."

I breathed a sigh of relief, and signed the contract. Saint put his down, and Deez added his as Witness. With that, I shook Saint's hand. "I was worried there for a minute. I thought this was gonna cost me my soul, or something."

"No, no. And now, I wish you well with your new abilities. One last thing, should you require any help in exploring them, just say my name three times in your head and Deez will be there to help you."

I was ushered out, and into the street where a cab was waiting. I looked back at Deez who smiled at me, and I got into the cab. __________________________________________________ ___________ "En Espanol, por favor." I looked at Miss Delgado, our young Spanish teacher. All i wanted to do was sharpen my pencil, but she insisted we ask in Spanish.

"Puedo sacarle punta a lapiz?"I asked. "Si, Bromista." 'Bromista' being the Spanish name I chose for class. I did so, and returned to my seat. A familair voice spoke up from the seat next to me, "Next time, you can ask for me." I smiled, and looked over at Juan. His real name was Brian Hossler. He was younger than me by two years, and played on the football team. He wasn't like most of the jocks in personality. He was nice, smart, and fun to talk to. He was an object of frequent admiration to me. And, though I wasn't "out", he seemed to know that I liked him. Probably because he'd caught me checking his package out in class one day. It didn't phase him. He wasn't built big, though he was built nicely. And he was always nice to me on the odd occasion when we talked.

He had fluffy brown hair, warm brown eyes, a shapely mouth, and nose with ears that were big but not too big. An almost elven face, cute, but not gorgeous. My tastes in men are ecclectic, but his personality was what made him attractive to me. That, and the body I knew he tried to hide under baggy clothes. He wasn't huge by any means. He simply had the rippled physique of a young athlete that lifted weights. I looked over at him.

"Not a problem", I said, "but she might not agree." He smiled, and went back to his work. Little Hossler was going to be my first subject. I had often fantasized about him, imagining him growing bigger like I knew he wanted to. I decided to experiment a little. I looked down at my book, and slid my eyes discreetly over to look at his package. Nice! Rounded, and bulky with his obviously large proportions. I set my imagination to work, envisioning it clearly in my mind.

I imagined it swelling slightly. I looked over to see my handywork, and saw no change. What was I doing wrong? I tried again. Still nothing. I asked to go to the bathroom, and exited the room. Upon entering the bathroom, I made sure I was alone and locked the door. I thought the name three times, 'Saint, Saint, Saint', and Deez was suddenly standing before me. "How do I actually make it happen, Deez?"

Deez only smiled and put the tip of his index finger on my forehead. Suddely, I saw him in my mind, and he spoke to me. His voice was deep, and seductive with a lyrical quality. "It's a mental command. You have to imagine it, then simply command it to happen. Don't say it outloud, or it won't work. You decide what the command word is. That should be all you need."

I blinked, and when my eyes opened, Deez was gone. I left the bathroom, and ran possible command words through my head on the way back. I settled on one, and sat down. Hossler looked at me curiously, and I could only smile at the thought of what I was about to do. I lokked over briefly at Brian's bulge, and envisioned it in my head again. I imagined seeing it swell a bit bigger and spoke the word in my head, 'Now'. With that, a sudden look of confusion came over Brian's face, and he looked down at his crothch. I looked over discreetly to see that his package was beginning to expand. His jeans tightened as it swelled out, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he tried to fathom what was happening. It stopped, and he mouthed the words, "What the fuck....?!?!"

I looked back to my text book just as he looked at me, and then looked up at him as if i had no clue what had happened. I whispered to him across the aisle behind my book, "What's wrong?" He shook his head distractedly. "Nothin'. Never mind." As he chalkd it up to a daydream, I laughed inwardly. Oh, the things I was going to do for my little stud. Again I envisioned his now larger package, and this time I imagined it growing twice as big. 'Now...'

He looked down at his groin, and his eyes went wide. His bulge began to plump nicely now as his cock and balls swelled unabated inside his jeans. His package filled out to twice its size, and stopped. Making sure no one was watching, he slipped his hand down to his groin. His eyes widened again with a look of disbelief as he felt what was there. He raised his hand, and spoke to the teacher. "Puedo ir al servicio?" I smiled at my handy work as he was excused to the bathroom, and walked out of the room with an odd gate to his stride. Oh yes, this was going to be FUN FUN FUN........!!!!!!!! •

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