Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I looked at the man sitting across from me behind the desk. He was wearing a black leather suit coat over what appeared to be a red shirt of some elastic material. Though I couldn't see clearly, I could easily tell he was built. He called himself "The Mage" rather than his real name, Lucifer Saint ( a moniker I found more to my liking). It was the kind of name I relished, only ever heard in movies and books.

"Well, Mr. Canton? Or, do you prefer 'Anthony'?

I ignored the fact that he knew my real name. After all, it was his business to know. "Tony', actually. I prefer 'Tony'."

Very well then, Tony. What is it The Mage can do for you?"

Oy, third person, how dramatic. I spoke the first thing that came to mind, "I want to be able to realize my imaginings."

He chuckled at this; a dry, almost sinister sound. "Well, that is certainly a broad generalization. Are you sure that is what you meant?"

"Uhhhh, is that wrong?"

"Well, no. The wish is yours, but you might want to concider the semantics of it. For example, one may imagine that Godzilla is wrecking their city. The power to realize it, however, would do no one any good."

"Ah, I see your point."

"Good. You're a bright boy. Now then, I ask again: What is it that I can do for you?"

I thought for a moment, and answered certain of the words. "I want the ability to realize my fantasies."

Saint smiled widely. He was deifinitely an attractive man. Deep-toned skin, blonde hair so light it was nearly white, and eyes so dark a brown that they seemed black. Were it not for those eyes, I could easily imagine his face on a billboard. "That is much better. You are amongst the smarter of my clients." He stood from his seat as I wondered what types of people he had for "clients". I shall ready our contract. Wiat here, and feel free to ask my aide for anything."

As he stood, I got a better look at him. DEFINITELY could be a model. Had to be at least 6'4", broad shouldered, with the long limbs and build of an avid weightlifter, and narrow waisted. As a young gay man, he was most appealing to me. A giant of a man stepped in through a side door, and walked over to me as I stood. "This is Deez. He'll be here with you while you wait. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just policy."

I put my hand out for a shake as I marvelled at this mountain of a man. "Hi, I'm Tony". He simply nodded silently.

"Deez is mute. He was once a client of mine. Feel free to ask anything of him." And with that, he slipped almost shadowlike through that same doorway.

I looked Deez over. He was HUGE! An easy 7' tall, and muscled to the point where words couln't describe. He had short black hair, and wore nothing more than black jeans and a black tank top that displayed his physique with blinding emphasis. He stood near the doorway, leaning against the wall as I looked around the luxuriously appointed office. The room smelled of money as well as taste; all leathers, plush carpet, fine wood, rare artwork in various hughes of warm colors. My eyes returned to Deez, and I thought of asking him to come over and flex for me. Thinking better of it, I put the thought away. Suddenly, he looked at me and smiled a big perfect grin like that of his boss. I froze as he walked toward me, and knelt down next to my chair.

Wordlessly, he flexed his biceps, and my eyes widened as as they turned into cantelope-sized balls of hardness. I felt them, letting out a low whistle. "Nice...!" His grin widened, and he flexed his pecs. They bulged out, and swelled to the point where the shoulder straps snapped, and his shirt fell away. I caressed them tenderly, and he closed his eyes sighing contentedly at my touch. "Okay, that's enough, big guy." He stood again, and I couldn't avoid noticing the gigantic lump that filled the front of his jeans to the point of bursting. I wondered if it was hard, and he shook his head. "Wow!" was all I could manage, and he blushed as he walked back to his post.

This all took but a few minutes, and the door opened again as Saint reentered. He looked at me, then Deez, and smiled. "I see my telepathic friend here has been keeping you well-entertained. He enjoys showing off. But he only does it for people he really likes." He turned to Deez, "Reminds you of you, doesn't he, Deez...?" Deez nodded brightly in affirmation.

Well, Tony, shall we finalize our agreement?"

"Absolutely." I looked at the contract he offered, and wondered what the future might hold for me at the hands of this interesting pair.... •

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