Power of Love, The


By Lover_Boy

First of all, to those of you who read/enjoyed my first installment, I appologize. Like our other beloved author, Xyggurat, i had to take a break. Time constraints with work (since I have no social life to blame) kept me from it partly. That, and i was simply burnt out. I had been writing a story for a long while at another site. However, with no further ado, I give you the second chapter of my fantasy....

I awoke the next morning groggy. I felt as if I'd put forth a great effort of some kind. With that notion, the memories of last night's events flooded my mind and my eyes snapped open. It was barely after dawn, and a gray light trickled into the room between Michael's blinds. It was Saturday morning, and he didn't have school. No wonder he was still in bed.

I looked over at my young Adonis. To my eyes, he had seemed perfect before his transformation. However, as I looked at his new body, I realized that he was even more perfect. He lay on his back, his head turned toward me, an arm at his side, and the other across his stomach. Comically the phrase "breakfast in bed" flitted through my mind with new meaning. His physique was immacualte. He'd gained the size of a teen football player, the deinition of a gymnast, and the symmetry of a body builder. All this while maintaining the long, lithe lims and tiny waist he'd previously had.

As I admired, I couldn't help but touch him. I ran the back of my hand down the side of his neck to his shoulder, and down the length of his arm. As if smoothing a swatch of fabric, I ran my hand over his chest and abdomen. I bypassed the "tempting" area, and continued down over his thighs and calves. His skin, as always, was smooth, flawless, and warm to the touch. The goosebumps it gave me were only heightened by the feel of the amassed muscle beneath. Suddenly, I realized too late what I was doing.

I quickly removed my hand, and felt the strange withdrawing sensation again. I knew what was about to happen. I sat up partially, and watched with a mix of anticipation, and dread. He moaned in his sleep, and his body began to swell. His neck thickened, the cords of muscle becoming more pronounced as his traps mounded up. His delts followed suit as the growth spread to his chest, biceps, and triceps. His arms broadened from front to back as his relaxed bis elongated further down toward the inner side of the elbow joints. I couldn't see his tris but for a little, and my eyes wandered to his torso. His pecs, which had been squarish, now puffed up and rounded out like inflating balloons. As the overlap became heavier and more prominent, his nipples migrated outward from each other.

As I watched, I was again reminded of rising dough as each set of abdominals swelled, row-by-row. To my utter amazement, the waistband of his snug shorts stretched a bit further and I saw the faintest hint of the equally large eighth set appear below. His quads began to bulge, growing rapidly, and extending down toward his knee joints. The sudden increase in mass forced the legs of his shorts to ride up toward his hips and give it the look of a bathing suit. His calves ballooned, and I thought he was done.

My eyes were drawn again to a stirring in the shorts, and my jaw dropped. His cock was signifigantly larger than before after the first transformation, and the tightness of the gym shorts had kept it in a tightly packed bulge the size of a fist. Now, it was clearly elongating further as the head became visibly prominent through the flimsy fabric, and its positioning caused it to push strait out from his groin. It stopped, and hadn't gotten longer, so much as thicker and rounder.

I looked over my handywork. How was I going to explain this when he woke up? My thoughts were interrupted as he began to moan and shift uncomfortably. I looked to the source of his discomfort, and saw growth start anew in his shorts. Oh no! His morning wood was making an appearance in it's grand new look. It was growing, slowly, pushing out from his crotch, and stretching the fabric noticeably. Not even half erect, and already bigger than average, the restraint of the shorts caused it to bow out. As if having a will of its own, it mased up suddenly, and straitened with a surprising force. My mouth began to water as I heard the miniscule sounds of popping threads and the fabric tented obscenenly. It grew in spurts now, elongating and thickening with each burst.

Mike was moaning loudly now, as the discomfort increased and with a bursting "RRRRIIIIP!!!!", it freed itself from its confines. I was startled suddenly, as Mike abruptly awoke , and sat bolt upright in bed. He shook his head, rubbing his eyes, and finally looked around. Immediately, he looked down at his monstrous erection.

"What the FUCK....?!?!?!?!" Unable to believe his eyes, he rubbed them again, and looked directly at me.

With a sheepish grin, I spoke to the love of my life, "Uhhhh........good morning....???" •

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