Chance of a Lifetime


By Lemur1

“You!” Murphy shouted at the dark figure outside the car. “Is this how you get your kicks? …Watching me you freak!” Murphy was angry, his heart pounding in his chest, and his head still sore from the abrupt impact with the ceiling of Seth’s Honda Element. “Are you following me?” he asked rubbing his hand on his head making his bicep bounce and flex with the subtle movements of his arm.

“I told you we’d be seeing each other again – My name is Nathaniel.” He drew closer the car. “So, who’s your friend? He’s cute.” Murphy opened the top half of the tailgate on the Mini-SUV. “None of your fucking business – fuck off, creep!” Murphy spat out, his hands gripping the gate causing his forearm muscles to twitch and his pecs to involuntarily bounce and flex. Nathaniel responded, “Is that any way to talk to your benefactor? Look at yourself Murphy! Have you ever felt so good? Looked so good? Have you ever in your life felt such a pump? I gave this too you. So, I think the least you can do is be a little more grateful.”

Murphy paused, the guy was right – he did feel good. His muscles felt so hard and tight. He was filled with a sense of euphoria. “Why are you here? He asked. “I just thought I’d stop by and see if you're enjoying my gift, and from the look of things I see you are.” Nathaniel said. “Looks like you friend is enjoying it too.”

Murphy looked back at Seth. He was still lying there seemingly oblivious to anything other than his continuing orgasm. His cock was still jerking, but the flow of cum was slowing down. “Did you do this to him? Murphy asked. “Oh, I’m afraid I can’t take credit for that. His state is your doing, and partly his own fault. What was it he said before you used the coin ‘I wish this could go on forever.’” Nathaniel teased. “How did you know that,” Murphy asked. Nathaniel leaned on the tailgate and spoke; “Well, It is going to go on forever or at least until he dies – which by the look of things his heart might hold out till morning; heart attack, hunger, dehydration, what-ever. He’ll just keep on having the ride of his life until he wears out.”

“Well, can you make it stop? He’s just a kid for cripes sake. His whole life is ahead of him.” Murphy said growing more irritated. “Murphy, you disappoint me. I thought you more a loner type – is this guy your boyfriend or something?” Nathaniel asked. “He’s just a good ride – that’s all. He doesn’t deserve to die though. How did you do this to me – to him” Murphy asked.

“I’m afraid you’re not ready for that answer yet, but if you really want to save him there is a way- just use the coins Murphy, just use the coins.” Nathaniel answered almost sounding disappointed. For the first time in his life Murphy truly felt out of control of the situation. “What did you say again – about what would happen to me if I use two?” Murphy asked. “It’s really quite simple – so simple even you should be able to get it. Use one coin, and gain extended longevity and virility. Use two and become twice the man you are with double the lifetime. Use all three and triple the effect. Get it? Really Murphy you make me wonder if I wasted this on you.” Nathaniel quipped.

Murphy rubbed his hands across his pecs wondering at the idea of becoming double the man he is. Double the muscle? Double the cock? What would that be like – how would he explain it to the guys at work? His family? His Friends?

As if reading Murphy’s mind Nathaniel spoke; “Murphy throw away your old life – it’s done. You gave it up the minute you used the first coin. I mean sure you could go on for quite a few years before anyone started to wonder. But, don’t you think they’d get a little suspicious if at 60 or seventy years old you still looked as hot as you do right now? Don’t you think all your friends would be a little at odds as they grew old and fat and you stayed young and virile?” Nathaniel paused. “Just do it Murphy – become the man you were destined to be.”

Murphy looked back at Seth – lying there covered in sweat and cum almost looking feverish. Nothing but small moans left his lips as his hard cock continued to jerk and spasm with nothing coming out. There next to him were the two remaining coins. He picked one of them up and clutched it in his palm. “Now before you go any further,” Nathaniel spoke from behind him. “You’ll need to assume the position again if you know what I mean. And un-wish his wish as you accept your own.”

Murphy picked up Seth’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders once more. He pushed his cock that was already rock hard again, back into Seth’s waiting hole. “I want Seth to be okay,” he said woefully. “I wish this to be true.”

Murphy roared as simultaneously his hand burned with a pain so intense tears filled his eyes and an orgasm unlike any other exploded within him. He felt his balls swelling – filling the space between him and Seth, pushing his legs a part. Energy radiated from them in waves as if he was cuming into himself. He looked down and saw Seth’s eyes open and stare back at him. He smiled down as he watched his pecs swell slowly blocking his view of Seth. He watched in awe, as the shelf of his pecs loomed bigger and bigger. He felt his arms being pushed up as his lats swelled and his arms ballooned. Every muscle in his body was competing with its neighbor for space. He could feel his cock growing, pushing deeper into Seth. Seth’s legs were being pushed apart as Murphy’s shoulders turned into cannon balls and his already prodigious cock went from being as big around to as beer can to more like a coffee can.

“Oh, fuck,” Murphy, groaned, as he moved his hands from holding Seth’s legs in the air to touching his swelling chest. As he felt his size increasing – he could almost sense the car sinking down succumbing to his increasing bulk.

“Holy, shit Murphy – what’s happening to you?” Seth gasped as his eyes now open wide watched Murphy expand in front of him. He stared in amazement as the man fucking his brains out was growing into an ever-thicker mass of muscle on muscle, all of them twitching and flexing of their own accord.

Murphy was looking more and more like the Incredible Hulk, but instead of being green he was perfectly tan. Murphy’s thick carpet of blonde fur matted down as sweat poured off of him. Seth’s mind reeled as he tried to fathom how big Murphy was becoming and his SUV quickly becoming to small to contain the mass of muscle that was growing and flexing in front of him.

How huge was Murphy Seth wondered, 300, 350, 400 pounds? Seth’s orgasm that had finally stopped erupted again at that thought of those amazing numbers. •

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