By Also_KnownAs

It was night when five huge, half-naked men walked out of Tommy's apartment. Jeff managed to squeeze his legs into a pair of navy blue running shorts Tommy had, Chuck, Frazz and Adam had abandoned their odd assortment of found rags in favor of various pairs of Tommy's shorts (or pants that were now shorts, including Tommy's favorite pair of Wranglers) that had been torn along the outer seams to fit over their muscled thighs, and Tommy himself wore a pair of black lycra biking shorts. Their torsos were naked and none of them wore shoes.

They looked, frankly, ridiculous. Like some new wave Village People or the world's smallest Gay Pride parade or something. But it was better than being arrested, or that was what Tommy thought, anyway.

"I'm still not sure this is such a crankin' idea," said Jeff.

"Such the little worrier, aren't you, kid?"

"I wish you'd stop calling me that, Frazz. You're the same age as me."

"Looks," he said with a grin, "can be deceiving."

Chuck had his heavy arm laying across Tommy's new wider shoulders. "How far is this place?"

"Not far. A few blocks."

"Will there be many guys there on a Tuesday night?"

Jeff laughed. "When the hands meet at midnight, it doesn't matter what night it is. The place is packed."


Tommy shrugged. "It's the only place to dance downtown."

As they walked, they drew eyes to them like bees to honey. Even in the darkened streets, their size and shape couldn't be ignored. The streets seemed to shake as they strode the sidewalks, and the deep rumble of their voices shook the trees like thunder. Frazz kept laughing at Chuck's overtly sexual come-ons to both the new recruits, but it was pretty clear that their interest lay mostly in each other and exploring the new bodies they'd been given. Being so huge and powerful made them brash and brave and they kissed and fondled each other openly, joyous in their masculinity and power.

Chuck could feel the club before they saw it. Indeed, all of downtown seemed to roll up the sidewalks except for the deep pulsing bass escaping the darkened building. There was, in fact, a long line out front of various young and not-so-young men. There was every type of man in line, big and small, tall and short, muscled and wiry. Some were smoking, others preened, every one of them trying to look cool and draw attention.

The five of them didn't even have to try.

Tommy and Jeff wandered toward the back of the line as usual until Chuck grabbed them and strode purposely to the door. "We're getting inside," he announced. "Anyone have a problem with that?"

No one said anything, but the dumbstruck silence was broken when one smartass said, "Not if you don't get inside me, first."

"Who said that?" Chuck demanded. A blond kid near the back of the line took a step out and waved his cigarette around in a little circle. "Get your ass up here!" He looked at his gaggle of friends, shrugged, stubbed the butt out under his foot and walked with determination toward the five huge men, and the dark bearded one in front. "What's your name?"

"Barry," he answered.

"Bend over, Barry."


"Bend yourself over and show me your ass, Barry." He was unbuttoning his shorts -- that pair of Wranglers Tommy loved so much now ripped and torn almost beyond recognition.

"I was only joking."

"I'm not." Chuck unzipped and dug into his crotch.

"Shit," Barry said softly, his eyes going very wide and Chuck extracted his 10-inch snake and started stroking himself to stiffness. "Shit, dude, I was only..."

"You made an offer, Barry." Chuck's monster swelled to a foot long and was growing thicker by the stroke. "I just want to make sure you're satisfied." He moved closer to the kid, who was probably 17 or 18. He was well over a foot taller and looked several dozen pounds heavier than Barry. His dick reached forward in his hand and shoved against Barry's belly, leaving a slick trail of slime on his rayon shirt. "You want to take me on, Barry?"

He licked his lips. "Right here?"

Chuck nodded. "Right now."

But the large man -- looking larger even than Frazz, amazingly -- standing guard at the door said, "Cool it, boys. Save the fun for the playground inside." Chuck felt another hand on his cock and met the bouncer's eyes with his own.

"No problem," he answered. "Come on, Barry. You're with us." He tucked himself away, not bothering to zip himself inside, and the six of them went inside.

The deep thumping bass hit the in the chest, and it felt good, reminding them how big they were, allowing them to feel their bodies inside and out. The club was hot and wet inside, packed with bodies, and that felt good, too. The sea of skin seemed to part for them as they moved into the dark space, and it wasn't long before every eye was looking in their direction.

"How's it going, Barry?"

"Tom.. Tommy? What the fuck?"

Tommy raised his right arm and bulged his bicep to rounded beauty. "New supplements," he half-lied. "They seem to be working."

"No shit." Barry looked at his face, realizing he had to look up to see it, then he looked down to see he wasn't even wearing shoes but he was inches taller. "Supplements, huh? You look like you must've been working out non-stop all week."

Tommy nodded, not paying close attention. One hand was moving across his own rippled contours, his huge chest and cobbled belly. "Yeah," he said absently, "you could say I've been working out." His other hand was rubbing his crotch slowly, his fingers reaching deeply under. One set of fingers found a nipple and circled it slowly, while the others moved up and under his waistband, disappearing into his bike shorts.

"Uh huh. You feeling all right?"

Tommy looked over, and Barry felt a shock of something hot and wet when their eyes met. "Perfect," he purred. Tommy's eyes moved up and down Barry's bod. "Aren't you hot?" His hands left his own body and Barry found himself being stripped of his shirt. He had a well- trained if thin body, but each muscle could be seen under his thin skin. He was hairless, smooth as a baby, with tiny nipples very dark against his skin. "There," rumbled Tommy, "much better." Then he kissed him.

Barry felt it to his toes. This was no greeting kiss, or even some playful teasing. Tommy was going for it, shoving his tongue into Barry's mouth and kissing him hard and deep.

Frazz nudged Chuck and motioned to the two lip-locked boys with his chin. Chuck clicked his tongue and said, "Don't worry about it, he can't do anything."

"Looks like he's doing something to me."

"I'm talking about..." He made himself swell slightly, his body expanding outward effortlessly about an inch everywhere.

"Cool it, bro."

"You're joking, right? These dudes are so ex'd up they wouldn't notice if I took out both dicks and swallowed `em whole."

"Don't tease," smiled the dark-skinned man.

Chuck pinched Frazz's nipple and tugged him further into the club, moving through the sweating bodies toward the back wall. The booths were all filled, so Chuck pulled Jeff aside (Tommy still looked like he and Barry were getting reacquainted) and asked if he knew anyone they could join.

"You're joking, right? This town is so small, everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows who's fucking who and who's been fucked over."


"Where're you from?"

Chuck smiled. "L.A."

Jeff nodded. "Cool. West Hollywood?" Chuck looked at Frazz. Frazz nodded. Chuck nodded, too. "Cool," repeated Jeff. He started looking around and recognized some faces, wondering why they weren't recognizing him. Until he caught sight of his own reflection in a mirror and remembered that he didn't look like he did a few hours ago. "Um, so, how do I explain this?"


"The, uh, bigness." He flexed and all his muscles bulged.

Chuck looked at Tommy and his friend. "Barry seems okay with it."

"Barry'd be okay with anything if it kissed him like that."

"I see your point." He folded his arms across his chest. "To tell you the truth, I've never noticed any guy being bothered by it for very long."

"On the other hand," added Frazz, "You end up fucking them before they have a chance, Chuck."

"You have a point, too."

Adam was looking around the room, paying particular attention to the dance floor. "What are they doing?" he asked.

Jeff's eyes widened as he said, "Dancing."

The huge, beautiful boy looked at Jeff. "Why?"

Chuck just laughed and pushed Adam toward the floor. "Go find out," he advised. Adam smiled and walked to the undulating bodies. "Adam! No, uh," Chuck glanced at Jeff and back at Adam. "No, you know..."

"Bigness!" finished Jeff, grinning.

Adam looked a little disappointed, but only for a moment, before he turned and continued toward the dancers.

"It's a good thing he's so beautiful," Jeff observed, "or I'd think he was really weird."

Chuck laughed as a young man, very large and very round, approached them and said, finally, "Jeff? I thought that was you."

"Hey, Moose." He smiled and they hugged. "Before you say anything, um, I've been taking supplements. Or something."

Moose laughed as he nodded. "Yeah. Whatever. Where can I get some of those `supplements'?"

Jeff looked at Chuck, who said, "Go to the source, probably."

Moose offered his hand and Chuck took it. He gave him a small shot of Transform as their skin touched, a whisper of power that would continue to manifest through his body over the next minutes. "I'm Chuck," he said. He wondered how Transform would effect this guy. It grew muscle on top of muscle, inventing the fuel it needed and remaking a man. This guy had a huge surplus of energy stored as fat, literally mounds of it. How big would he get, and how fast? Chuck began to feel a rush of erotic desire to see the young man before him transform, and to feel him do it, but he restrained himself.

For the moment.

Moose's face hardened slightly as they gripped hands, and he tilted his head. "They call me Moose."

"Because you're horny?"

"How original," the fat kid said, but he was smiling. "Come on over, guys. I could use the extra attention -- not to mention the castoffs." Frazz's hand was on Chuck's shoulder, holding him back as the others moved away. "Have you been watching our little boy?"

"No," he admitted, looking toward the dance floor, "why?" He immediately saw what Frazz was talking about. "Oh, shit."

To say that Adam had taken to dancing would be like saying a fish had taken to water. Even Chuck, who prided himself on always being the sexiest guy around, found his mouth going dry and his cock going hard watching what the young man who'd never even heard of dancing before walking in the room was doing with his fantastically capable body. Worshipers -- and there was no other word to describe the men around him -- stood in a circle like a chorus. They were moving with the music, swaying their hips and waving their hands, but their eyes were glued on the young man in the midst of them, and they awaited his beckoning gesture into the circle.

Adam was nothing short of an erotic whirlwind. He had extreme and profound control of his body, and it showed. The music seemed to become part of him, and he was moving so intimately with the flow of the melody and bump and grind of the beat that he looked like he was made of it, like the song flowed in his blood and through his muscles.

His face looked like he had entered some religious ecstasy. His perfect features glowed and the lines of his body shone like metal under the light, slick with sweat and smooth as glass. He was stark naked, and his huge, powerful form moved like sin.

He'd call a man from the circle to him and they would dance with a pornographic purity that looked both extremely dirty and extremely beautiful. Chuck remembered watching Frazz dance, how he'd move in sinuous twists and dip low and move like a snake, but Adam's carnal and utterly sexual movements made him think that the muscular boy was fucking the entire crowd.

And he was clearly enjoying it.

Unfettered by clothing and sinking into the freedom of form that the music gave him, Adam was realizing a purer form of seduction, using his body fully, his hands and arms and legs, his trunk and chest and back, his shoulders and face all together to display his innate and perfect physical beauty to its utmost.

His hands moved along the lines of his muscles, he gripped himself and bent forward and backwards. His arms stretched wide, his muscles bulging along every inch. He shook and shimmied, he twisted and jumped and spun, he moved slowly when he wanted to, his eyes catching every man in the room, and then spun like a top and seemed almost to float.

Then a man was on his knees in front of Adam, his torso pumping, and Adam came to him and slid his dick down the man's throat. He face- fucked him in perfect time to the deep bass beats, hold his head in his hand and cumming a heavy load that spilled down the man's chest. He pulled the man to his feet and kissed his mouth, licking his lips clean of cum and then beckoned another man forward, offering his muscled and perfect ass and welcomed the man inside, no doubt gifting him with the tightest, most wonderful assfuck he'd ever experienced.

And on and on, again and again, sucking and being sucked, fucking and being fucked, stroking himself, caressing himself, locked in embrace, kissing and sucking and dancing like the devil.

"I have to say," growled Frazz, "the boy has talent."

"If you were being truthful," Chuck replied, "you'd say he has several."

"We haven't had a chance to discuss the plan, here."

Chuck was grinning, his arms folded across his chest, watching Adam seducing the whole room. "What makes you think I have a plan?"

"I mean, are we taking a few home? Are we picking out a favorite? Are you going to stand out there in your birthday suit and start spraying the room with your magic hoses and change everyone into giant muscle fuckers all at once?"

Chuck glanced over. "The thought had occurred to me." Fraz noticed Chuck's shoulder muscles flexing and looked down to see that he had his monster tool out, again, and was stroking himself leisurely.

"You're joking."

"Only mostly." He turned and kissed the dark man's mouth. "But it would be something to see, wouldn't it?"

"Indeed, lover." He kissed him back.

When they rejoined Tommy and Jeff at Moose's table, there were half a dozen other guys standing around with bald looks of hunger and desire on their faces. They were too far back to see what Adam was doing, but they had sure as hell noticed Jeff and Tommy, and now that Chuck and Frazz were joining the tableau, looking like two more beautiful teenaged bodybuilders -- not to mention that face that Chuck's huge prick was in his hand and looking very ready for action -- the attention intensified greatly. "Gentlemen," greeted Chuck with his throaty growl.

"Hey," said one, nodding. But his eyes were focused downward. "You need any help with that?"

"Does it look like I need help?"

He looked up, finally. "Not at all."

Chuck looked at him. He was shirtless and well muscled. He had a dark beauty mark on his arm, above his bicep, and a triangle of hair on his chest. It was dark back there, but his eyes looked like black holes. Soft whiskers coated his chin and cheeks, but his neck was smooth shaven. "What's your name?"

"His name's Dick," volunteered Moose. "And he's well-named."

"That a fact? Dick?"

The young man nodded. "I'm usually the biggest guy in the room." He flickered his glance down again. "Usually."

"What's your last name?"

He smiled. "Long."

"You're fucking me."

"I'd love to."

"Take a seat." The next approached. He was handsome, and older than the kids they'd met. Hell, he looked like he was 40 if he was a day. He carried himself like a guy who'd been there and done that, and he spoke with his lips, leaning forward and kissing Chuck's mouth soft and wet before pushing his tongue in and really showing him his talents. He had salt and pepper hair and a small mouth with full lips topped by a thick brush of a mustache. His eyes looked gray and his skin was deeply tanned. His hands were on Chuck's ass like magic, one slipping around to grip Chuck's firm cock and start stroking him with smooth, firm jerks.

Chuck liked him immediately. He heard Moose's voice again. "Say hello to John." Chuck parted mouths and met the man's penetrating gaze. "Hello, John," he growled.

"Shut up and kiss me," he replied. They pressed bodies together and Chuck felt the man's trained form. He was slightly soft around the middle, and spent too much time on his arms and not enough on his back, but he had definite possibilities.

Meanwhile, Frazz was being entertained by two more applicants. One was sucking the black-skinned mans prodigious dick and the other was tonguing his ass. Needless to say, Frazz was butt naked and his face showed that he was certainly enjoying himself. "Certainly... a... friendly... place," he managed to say between gasps.

Moose laughed. "Oh, yeah, we do our best to make everyone feel welcome." There was a sudden roar from the direction of the dance floor, and Tommy, Jeff, Moose and Dick climbed on top of their chairs to see what was going on. "Fuck me!" Chuck didn't like the sound of that, so he disengaged from John and expanded himself slightly taller (without thinking of what he was doing) to see over the crowd.

And there was Adam, muscled and naked and perfect, looking somewhat larger himself, and literally cumming on the assembled crowd. He had his massive dick in his hand, his hips were bucking to the music, his head pivoted back and forth on his neck, his face lit with a dick- hardening smile and he was emptying his never-empty balls across the exposed chests and into the open mouths of the men around him. A thick, white stream was fountaining from him and it was clear that this wasn't just cream he was spurting, because as Chuck watched he could already see some of those guys starting to get bigger.

A lot bigger. •

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