Chance of a Lifetime


By Lemur1

Murphy stood there dumbfounded so lost in bewilderment that he didn’t even feel the hand on his arm until Seth spoke. “Now that’s a look I’ve never seen on you before – don’t tell me somebody turned you down?”

“Not fucking likely…” Murphy paused almost making and effort to think of the guys name. “It’s Seth, Murphy. Not that I expect you to remember it. Of course there’s always hope.” Seth interjected breaking the awkward moment. “So, what are you up to tonight Murph; cruising as usual?” Murphy slowly started to remember Seth, or at least part of him. Murphy turned his head to the side looking around Seth. Yep still the biggest bubble butt he’d ever seen.

Seth was a cutie though by any standard. He had medium length, curly, brown hair, piercing blue eyes, dimples that went on for days and the nicest ass Murphy had ever seen. It was easy to tell Seth was a real gym bunny in very sense of the word. While his upper body was muscular - it was on the slim side. He had a nice set of abs of course but the real show was his legs. Murphy had seen his share of bar bodies. You know the type big arms and chest with legs like tooth picks. Seth on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was all legs - small ankles with huge calves topped by meaty thighs and the fullest, prettiest ass Murphy had ever fucked.

Unlike Murphy Seth was very out. So, out he practically had “Bottom” tattooed on his forehead. He stood in front of Murphy bouncing on his heels in his Puma slip on sneakers and Capri pants - the epitome of a 20-something, trendy, gay man. He could tell Seth had a bit of a crush on him, but he was always up front. He doesn’t date guys. All he wanted was fuck buddies - no strings attached. “So, Murph if you don’t have any plans for the evening,” Seth paused, “think you might consider sharing some of that big, fat cock of your with me?” he asked lowering his eyes and doing his best sad puppy imitation.

“Now, Seth you no I don’t do seconds with guys like you – it might give you the wrong impression,” Murphy said with a slight chuckle. “Oh, now Murphy – you know I know better than that. Anyhow I’ve already cruised the place and unless you plan on waiting for the bar staff go on break the pickings are slim so far tonight. Anyway it’s been ages and I want to see if my memory of our one encounter was as good as I thought it was.”

“Oh, I can assure you it was that good” Murphy said with his usual cockiness. He looked around and decided that Seth had a point. And, after the creepy encounter with the Latino weirdo he could do with a little diversion. “Aw, what the hell - are your wheels close by?”

“Just around the corner as a matter of fact – shall I lead the way?” Seth answered. “Lead on,” Murphy replied. Seth tugged at Murphy’s arm like an anxious puppy that desperately needs to be walked. Murphy enjoyed his hind view as Seth pulled him along his hips working like crazy back and forth. They exited the club and walked out into Lincoln Mall Road past the trendy late night café dwellers, down around the corner and making a beeline to the rear parking garage.

Seth was so excited that he actually got Murphy to leave with him. He well remembered their one encounter and couldn’t wait to have a repeat performance.

Eventually the garage elevator arrived and took them to the top floor. Very few cars were parked on the top, which is why Seth liked to park there. He pulled out his keys and unlocked his Honda Element as the approached. “So, do you live close by?” Murphy asked. “Not really I’m afraid but no problem I have everything we need right here. With the speed of a man possessed Seth arranged the seats of the Element all down forming a sort of bed in the cab of the vehicle. “Once I saw the salesmen do this – I knew this was the car for me,” Seth said with the utmost perkiness.

“Not a bad feature – I can see why you’d like it.” Murphy teased. Seth hopped in and gestured to Murphy to join him. “Aren’t you concerned about folks watching us?” he asked. “I can only hope so,” Seth replied. Like a pro Seth had his pants and jock strap off in record time without even taking off his shoes. Murphy on the other hand took his time. He was in no rush, and he loved it when other men watched him undress. Seth stared at Murphy watching his thick muscles play against each other as he lifted his shirt over his head revealing his thick waist and cobblestone abs covered in silky blonde fur.

Murphy slowly undid his button fly and had some challenges tugging them down over his thick thighs without the benefit of being able to stand up. He was kneeling and almost lost his balance as he worked them past his knees. Seth simply enjoyed the show as he reached his one hand up to the glove boxes and grabbed some condoms and lube. “I guess being a Boy Scout as a kid paid off,” Seth said” Always be prepared you know.” As Murphy finally got his jeans down to his ankles he heard the sound of coins falling. He looked down and saw the three gold octagonal coins. “Hmmph,” he grunted”

“Something wrong?” Seth Asked. “Its nothing – just some coins that weirdo gave me before you walked up,” He growled as he picked up Seth’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders. “You ready to ride?” “Oh, yes,” Seth answered as the positioned himself to pull the condom over Murphy’s quickly engorging cock. “Wow, it’s bigger than I remember. You been working this out to?” Seth asked.

“All the time baby, all the time” he answered.

It wasn’t long before they got into a rhythm. Seth eagerly took in Murphy’s big cock with the benefit of a little lube. Murphy hung onto Seth’s ankles pulling himself in deeper with every thrust. Seth could feel the heat coming off Murphy’s cock, as it pressed hard into his prostate sending waves of pleasure through him. “Oh – Jesus – Murphy - you - are -good,” Seth said in-between grunts. Murphy could feel himself getting close when he briefly looked down at the coins again. He was drawn to them in a curious way.

He picked one up and he squeezed in his palm as Seth called out – “Oh, fuck Murphy I wish this could go on forever.” “Do you now?” he answered. Murphy thought about what the stranger told him “What was is he said? Oh yeah, ‘I wish this to be true!’”

Murphy felt himself explode as the words left his lips. It was the biggest orgasm of his life - as if his whole body where being blown out of his cock like the ropy steams of cum that where now pouring out of him as the condom popped in Seth’s ass. Seth was climaxing too. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his cock jetting over and over again. As Murphy slowly stopped cumming he felt the heat in his hand. He opened it to see the coin was gone and nothing but ashes in its stead. He then felt it – the pump spreading through his body. His muscles where becoming tight like an intense pump after a workout. He felt so powerful.- every inch of him vibrating with energy. “Fuck, yeah!” he roared as he looked down at Seth who still seemed to be lost in his orgasm.


Murphy jumped and hit his head on the roof of the car – “Fuck,” he spit out as he quickly spun around to the source of the noise. There, outside the Element, was the Latino from the bar – smiling and looking right into Murphy’s soul. •

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