Chance of a Lifetime


By Lemur1

Murphy stood in line outside the club; a gaggle of boys in front of him laughing and teasing each other as they each waited their turn to pay the cover charge to the hunky, tall brunette. They all tried to impress the keeper of the gates as their turn in line came, but it was Murphy’s hand that received the extra long touch as he got his change back along with a knowing wink.

Murphy was standing inside Score by 11:00pm throwing off his aura of masculinity to every corner. Small guys would quickly walk past him and cast a swift glance his way. The memory of which they would use in jack-off sessions for weeks to come. Murphy liked to stand over by the stairs with his usual wide stance and cross his arms over his chest showing off his thick forearms that where covered in short, silky blonde hairs. The house music was pounding away as Murphy cast his discerning eye around the room - looking for a worthy candidate. A hot, tall, Latino number smiled at him as he slowly sauntered over to Murphy. He came right up to Murphy’s chest, almost to close; he leaned seductively into Murphy, “Looking hot as usual I see Murphy.”

“Do I know you?” Murphy asked back. “Not really,” the stranger replied. “But I’ve been watching you just the same. You’re quite the institution around here you know. Some guys come here night after night hoping to see you, and maybe someday offered the opportunity to have a piece of that big, fat cock of yours.” Murphy, chuckled with pride – "who the fuck is this guy?" he thought to himself.

He did think the guy was hot, but Murphy preferred to be in control and this guy almost bordered on pushy. “I have a very special offer for you. A once in a lifetime opportunity you might say,” the stunning Latino cooed in his ear. “That’s not to say there won’t be sacrifices involved but anything worth having involves sacrifice.”

“You see Murphy, institutions are important for any community, and whether you know it or not around here you’ve become one. You’ve managed to keep yourself a mystery to the men you’ve pleasured over the years. The perfect fantasy of rough, anonymous sex with a hot, muscular jock – no strings attached, no second rides. I’d like to see that continue. So I have a gift for you.” The stranger walked around to Murphy’s backside and slid his left hand into Murphy’s left front jean pocket. Murphy felt what seemed like coins slide down.

“Three chances Murphy. Three opportunities any man would kill for. Use one and remain the hot piece of prime aged beef that you are for decades to come – always ready, always pumped, always hot as fuck. Use two and become twice the man you are today in every since of the word for over a generation. Use all three and become the ultimate in masculinity for several lifetimes. Of course you only have tonight to use them and only you can spend them. Once the sun rises tomorrow they will become worthless.”

As he listened Murphy wondered what kind of crack this guy was on. “Listen buddy, I’ve had some interesting propositions in my time but this takes the fucking cake. You’d be pretty hot if you’d learn to keep your fucking mouth shut. So, move along and quit wasting my time.”

The young stud eased around Murphy stopping in front of him. He pulled himself in close by reaching around to Murphy’s backside and gave his butt a hard squeeze. “It’s okay Murphy you don’t have to believe me now. The coins are yours to use or not use. But, do understand what is done cannot be undone. No take backs - no returns. This is a very special gift for a very special man, and it will change your life.”

“If you do decide to take my gift all you need do is hold one or all the coins in your hand and say – ‘I wish this to be true.’ You can use them one at a time or all at the same time it’s up to you.” And with that he pulled away “Have a nice night Murphy. If you need me we’ll see each other again.” As quick as that he disappeared into the crowd.

Murphy stood speechless his arms slowing dropping to his sides – “What the hell was that all about.” he thought. •

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