Superman Caves In

By WBHunk

The night air blew gently through the maw of the open cave, a cool rush over my sweating back. As I looked down into the valley, the streetlights began to flick on, one by one, illuminating the growing darkness below. Nearby, an owl hooted as the trees rustled, its mournful sound a counterpoint to the clanging melody I was making with wrench and transistor. There. Done. And he still hasn’t arrived, thank goodness.

A strange shadow stirred restlessly at the back of the cave….a guttural grunt bouncing lightly off the walls. “Not yet….stay back there,” I hissed. “It’s not time to— “

“Dr. Lahtred.”

The voice echoed through the opening of the cave…thick, strong, masculine….a tall dark shadow outlined at the portal, hands on hips…..the ground crunching under red boots as it moved forward, a cape billowing softly in the breeze.

I set my jaw… or never, I thought to myself. “Hello, Superman. So good of you to join me this evening.” Come on…closer….just a bit closer.

“Let’s dispense with the pleasantries right now, Doctor.” He stood over me, looking down on my five-ten frame, thick broad shoulders, blue fabric stretched over powerful pecs, each muscle outlined. God, he was impressive. “Your assistant, Jeremy, was reported missing two days ago. Do you have any idea of his whereabouts? Given your record, you’re immediately under suspicion.”

I shrugged. “My, my. Do a little genetic enhancement and you’re a marked man for the rest of your life.”

“If by ‘genetic enhancement’ you mean changing unwilling participants in your experiments into monsters, yes, you are a marked man. I would have thought that you had learned something in prison.”

I smiled. Oh yes, I had learned something in prison – the very inspiration for what I had done and was about to do again. “You need not worry, Superman. Jeremy is in fine shape.” I feel the sudden spark of electricity against my skin…..the signal, the target is in position….. “In fact, would you like to see him?”

He looks at me suspiciously…. “Of course. Where is he?”

“Right in here,” I gesture, pointing to the darkness….. “You can come out now!’

The shadows moved at the back of the cave….heavy footfalls sounding… it came out into the light, Superman’s eyes widened, staring at the figure……and I casually released the safety trigger on the device I was carrying in my pocket.

With a snap-CRACK, a bright red beam lanced through the darkness. Superman turned just in time to take its force full across the chest, a gasp escaping his lips….briefly outlining him in a reddish aura….then fading. He dropped to his knees…. “I….I FELT that….what…” as Jeremy grunted. He looked up at me with a horrified stare…. “You….you FIEND…..what….what have you done….to him???”

“What, you don’t like it, Superman?” I laughed, running my hands over the former lab assistant and college jock’s body. “I should think you would appreciate big, powerful muscles. I know Jeremy does.”

Superman’s mouth moved, his face grimacing… ‘M-muscles? You….you’ve….” he spluttered as he looked over Jeremy’s now massive, manfur-covered frame, his loglike arms with thick forearms and hands almost dragging the floor, massive tree-trunk legs and musclefeet bent in a crouch, the wide spread of his apelike back leaning over, grunts escaping from his flattened nose as his beetle brow and thick eyebrows knotted, trying to fathom the situation. “You’ve turned him into a…a CAVEMAN!”

“Neanderthal, more precisely, Superman….although, since the atavistic gene series for Homo neanderthalus isn’t completely present in Homo sapiens, I have had to make a few improvements….” I chuckled, patting Jeremy’s broad shoulder. “You like it though, don’t you, Jeremy?”

“Yes….me like….so strong….so powerful….so….” Jeremy’s hair-covered hand moved down to his thickening, quivering member……. “so HORNY now….want cave-cock…must”

I chortled. “Yes, my boy, it’s been a long dry spell. You’ll have a playmate here in a bit, though.”

Superman’s lip curled…a sudden look of terror crossing his face…. “That ray….the—“

“The most convenient way to, in one easy step, transform a normal man into a horny, hairy, muscular caveman. Pretty slick, don’t you think?”

“No – no, you can’t –“

“Of course I can, Superman. Granted, for you it took the addition of a bit of red Kryptonite radiation, but nothing I didn’t have already lying around the shop.” I smiled. “In fact, it seems to be working already – unless you forgot to shave this morning.”

Superman’s hands flew up to his face, feeling frantically over the spreading stubble….his hair starting to dishevel….growing thicker……drops of sweat appearing on his cheeks…. “No….no, this can’t….”

“Oh, but it CAN, Superman,” I chuckled, watching as the Kryptonian fabric of his costume started to stretch, distend, seeing thousands of tiny hairs begin to poke through it. “Jeremy wasn’t sure it would work either, but fortunately, I have faith in my designs.”

He groaned, the sound like a deep roar of thunder…. “no…… must stop this…”

“I can’t do that to you, Superman,” I teased, pointing at his crotch. “Look how much you’re enjoying it already!”

Superman blinked, staring in horror at the enormous bulge in the front of his briefs, thickening, swelling like a demented python….. “AGGGGHH….nooo….pplease”

“Please what, Superman?” I cackled. “You mean go over, squeeze your cave-cock, milk those cave-balls and release the mutated hormones they’re producing? Jeremy, you heard the man – go to it, son,” I laughed as Jeremy shuffled over to Superman, placing his thick hand on Superman’s swollen briefs, squeezing it…..

Superman screamed as the hormones flooded through him…. “No…I…me can’t….must….must get away….no change….” as his muscles exploded, arms and legs lengthening, then thickening, powerful fibers sprouting under a luscious coat of hair, thick hair sticking out his cuffs. His cape rippled, spread across his shoulders as they expanded, his swelling ass pushing it farther and farther outward.

I licked my lips. “My goodness, Superman……I was expecting some changes, but I didn’t think they’d be this nice. Keep slurping, Jeremy,” I said, as I watched the transformed cave-jock running his lips and tongue over the expanding super-cavecock.

“Unnnggghhh….noooo….me changing…..” Superman groaned, starting to hunch over as his back rippled, spread apart, crying out in pain as his face flattened, brow beetling, growing thick. He stared at his gnarling hands, hair sprouting on his knuckles, his fingers……an unearthly scream as his feet burst from his red boots, stones crunching under their swelling apelike toes, the fur crackling and spreading up his massive calves. Jeremy hooted in anticipation……Superman, a dazed look on his primitive face….began to hoot back, bucking his throbbing bulge in Jeremy’s face.

“Well, well, well….. not only do you make a fine Super-Caveman, you seem to like it,” I laughed, watching as Super-Caveman levitated slightly, to better shove his throbbing bulge into Jeremy’s face, his gnarled hands fumbling , pulling down his briefs, cave-cock springing out into open air, only to disappear into Jeremy’s eager mouth. “And you even seem to retain your powers. That should make it easier to carry out my plans.”

“Me….me CAVEMAN…..Super-Caveman now….so….so HORNY,” Superman moaned, as he continued to thrust, floating in midair, holding on to Jeremy’s broad shoulders.

“Yes, indeed you are, Super-Caveman….but don’t worry,” I growled evilly. “Soon you will bring me even more….friends of yours….to change into horny cavemen like you….and you can play and fuck with them all day long. Think of it…Bat-Caveman….Aqua-Caveman…..all there, eager for that hot super cave-cock…..just for you….”

“YES….YES….Me go get them….” Superman gasped, Jeremy bringing him closer and closer to climax…..oh yes, I should be able to do wonders with that super-cavecum. I smiled. Things are definitely looking up this week. •

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