Tale of a Muscle Worshipper and His God, A


By cjbigjerk

Once I recovered from the orgasm, my mind began to think logically. I had actually produced what seemed like half a gallon of cum. It was unbelievable. I felt a sudden change in me. A tingling sensation spread across my body. My limp penis immediately came back to life in a rock hard erection. My hands quivered excitedly. Then, almost as soon as the phenomanon had started, it stopped. My body was calm once more, and my heart was beating steadily.

But something was different. A feeling of power coursed through my body. I felt as if I were in perfect condition, though my body looked the same. It was unexplainable, so why argue with it. No harm had come to me. On the other hand, I felt better. So, acting as if nothing had happened, I began to clean up the great mess I had made. Immediately afterward, I took a shower. Then, I went to sleep.

During that night, I had a very strange dream. A gigantic man, bigger than any man I had ever seen, stood in a bright room. He was a black man, completely naked. Sweat covered his enormous physique, glistening in the brightness. He stared menacingly at my under this eyebrows, his face a murderous frown. Ron Coleman would have run from this guy. His pecs resembled mountains of meat on his cheat, a deep valley of ripped muscle running betweem them. His nippled stood out hard on the pecs like peaks, both pierced with golden rings. Two tree-trunk arms hung limply at his sides, sprouted with twisting veins and straitions. A well defined ten-pack stood out from his torso. His chest itself was probably bigger around than I was. My eyes moved farther downwards, widening at the sight of the massive supernatural cock that shot erect from between his enormous legs, which were covered in veins and beautiful crevicies of deep, rich muscle. His balls hung limply under his thick cock, the two of them resembling large melons full of sweet cum. The overall figure was breathtaking. I mean, this guy was fucking ripped, shredded beyond all reality!! He stood very still, making no movement, only his enormous chest rose up and down as he breathed deeply and heavily. The only sound that was audible was the thumping of a heart beat...my heart beat. He took a step forward, the ground seeming to shake under his huge weight. He spoke in a deep, rich voice, full of unknown rage: "You are the chosen one! You worship me, and me only! Do you understand? I am your GOD!!! Come, WORSHIP ME!!! DO MY BIDDING, or DIE!!!" The dream came to a close then, his deep, frightful laughter booming in my ears. Then, it faded away...

I woke up in a panic, sweat streaming heavily down my face and arms. The blanket that I had just put on the bed was now soaked in sweat. But I didn't care. The only thing I could think of was the enormous man in the dream. What did it mean, "the chosen one". What the hell! I thought to myself. Even weirder was that, even though he was like a raging monster of fury, I felt a bond to him. I was attracted to him. It was obvious. Part of me wanted the dream to him, but the other part wanted it to continue, to get to the sex and the worshipping. The more I think about him, the more that I am attracted to him. It is strange. A cold spot on my blanket caught my attention. Lifting the covers, I realized that I had ejaculated in my sleep, but just a small amount. That settled it. I was in love with this dream man. Now, I was kinda upset that the dream had ended. •

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