Tale of a Muscle Worshipper and His God, A



By cjbigjerk

I stood in the bathroom of my apartment, staring at my nude body in the mirror. It was late, around 10 o' clock. I was sweaty and tired from a hard day's work at the gym. I was upset with the progress I had made, but I knew that I would get bigger, with time. Sometimes I wonder why I even work out. I would be just as happy worshipping muscle as I would be creating it. I have always been gay. I just am.

I stared at my reflection, my eyes scanning my body, from my crisp, brown hair that stuck up lightly from my head, to my deep, passionate blue eyes, my hard nipples, down to my seven inch cock, with grew firmer and longer at each glance I took of myself. My heart beat accelerated and I grew dizzy. The scene was so erotic and pleasing, but it wasn't enough. I needed to ease myself. So, I ran from the room.

I threw myself onto the bed and turned on a video. The screen displayed two bodybuilders, their own huge mass taking up the television. A series of moans and groans emitted from the speakers as the largest of the two bodybuilders power-fucked the other with his huge cock, cum being sprayed around wildly.

My dick grew harder, throbbing with each accelerated heart beat. My eyes went wide. The images of the two huge men raced through my mind. Muscle, muscle, muscle, MUSCLE!!! Before I knew it, my hand was on my dick, my index finger tracing the groves and veins of the meat. I gripped it tightly, moaning loudly. With this, I began stroking with all my strength, my hands a blur. My deep voice emitted curses and groans, the scene becoming more erotic by the second. Orgasm point was coming on.


With a huge groan, I hit an orgasm that made the ground shake. An oozing river of creamy cum shot from my dick like a cannon, covering the bed and part of the wall. I lay there, my hand still gripping my dick. Instinctively, I threw myself into the cum and began licking it up like a crazy animal. The candy liquid covered my mouth, dripping down my chin.

It was delicious.

The only thought in my mind:

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