Superman and The Hulk

By WBHunk

Thanks to Omelissokomos's magnificent inspiration, we have another story in our loose trilogy of Supermans being transformed. As always, all the characters mentioned herein are the property of DC or Marvel Comics and are included for the purposes of parody. Artwork is available in the Muscle Growth Photos and Images folders.

A slight sonic boom rumbled along the concrete canyons of Metropolis’s teeming downtown, the manikins in the store windows vibrating, the occasional musical counterpoint of a car alarm going off, as a familiar red-and-blue figure streaked through the sky.

Superman fought back the urge to go supersonic, trying to ignore his heart hammering in his chest as he dodged between buildings, heading towards the outskirts of the city. It wasn’t often that he was worried, answering the call of duty, he thought to himself….but this sounded suspiciously like something he’d care not to remember. A frantic call…..a muscular, inhuman-looking being had appeared in a flash of energy at the S.T.A.R. energy-research facility on the edge of the city…and was wreaking havoc.

Not unlike Doomsday.

Superman’s jaw clenched reflexively…..dying is not something a man wants to remember or repeat, even the Man of Steel. However….this time…..his hand reached down to the small device he was carrying attached to his belt that he had picked up at the S.T.A.R. “specialty” lab hidden in one of the downtown skyscrapers. Let’s hope it works as well as they thought it would, he thought grimly.

The near horizon bubbled with a cloud of dirt, wind swirling it in crazy patterns. Superman’s sensitive nose picked up the immediate acrid stench of burning tires and oxidizing metals, his unearthly eyes picking up an infrared signature, and….he frowned….an unusual radiation signature….nothing quite like he’d seen before….but, whatever was in the middle of that was man-sized, and it was obviously powerful. Time to act.

Superman accelerated through the sound barrier, diving down towards the being, hand quickly entering the arming code on the device. The creature looked up as he approached, raising its arms to roar in defiance……the sound changing to a strangled cry of defiant pain as Superman halted in midair, the shock wave of his flight slamming into the creatures’ chest. As it reeled, stunned, Superman hurled the tiny box at it, an electric whining rising rapidly in intensity and pitch…….then a sudden dazzling explosion of energy knocking him backwards, just righting himself. He stared down as the dust cleared, a gasp of surprise as the creature laying unconscious became visible.

It wasn’t Doomsday….but….Superman’s eyes widened at the sight. A man, nearly his size, but twice as muscular….thick, powerful arms, gigantic chest, tight abs….massive feet hanging below enormous calves, legs corded and wrapped with huge pulsing fibers of muscle, the remains of tattered purple pants barely sufficient to hide the man’s nakedness….but ….that wasn’t the effect of the containment field….he’s GREEN!

The creature stirred, moaning…..a sudden surge of radiation coming off its skin. Superman stared…..”Great Krypton,” he breathed, as the skin suddenly faded in color…muscles diminishing but still prominent, pouring away like water…..chest hair sprouting from the smooth skin, a stubbled beard …..within seconds, the monster transforming into a reasonably handsome, defined, hairy man.

“This definitely complicates matters.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------- “I apologize for having to keep you confined like this, Dr. Banner.”

“I understand, Superman….it’s not the first time I’ve woken up restrained,” Bruce Banner said, sitting on the hard ground, the strange shimmer of the energy field around him. “What exactly is this, anyway? Some kind of dampening field?”

“Actually, it’s a variant of a Phantom Zone projector – oops, sorry for the reference. The Phantom Zone is an area of dimensional space where criminals from my home planet were imprisoned. This device creates a field that shunts any type of energy release – including kinetic energy – into the Phantom Zone. You can move within the area of it, but it will block using energy to get out of it.”

“Extradimensional energy. Not exactly what I was planning on experiencing with this latest experiment,” Banner sighed. “Every time I try to fix my ‘little problem’, I create other ones, it seems. This one takes the cake, though – overloading my gamma-ray projector and displacing myself into another dimension.”

“Well, you may have come to the right place, whether you meant to or not,” Superman said kindly. “From what I’ve seen and you’ve told me of your condition, it seems very similar to my colleague Rampage’s. Perhaps S.T.A.R. can help you as well.”

“I’m not too certain about that, Superman,” Banner groaned, standing up and stretching. He looked over at Superman, his eyes widening slightly as he took in Superman’s muscular build, tight spandex shimmering over powerful muscles. He flexed slightly, almost unaware. “From what you’ve told me about Rampage, she doesn’t WANT to be a monster. I can’t truthfully say that about me and the Hulk.”

“Surely you aren’t serious. You can’t possibly want – “

“That’s the nature of gamma energy, Superman. Those who mutate from it are transformed according to their subconscious desires.” Banner flexed again, growling slightly as he watched his biceps pop up, running his other hand through his chest hair. His hand snaked down towards his ruined pants, Superman’s keen eyes noticing to his disgust that the man’s….appendage….was starting to swell.

“Dr. Banner, if you don’t mind….you really ought not to be doing that in public….”

Banner’s head snapped up. “Oh dear god, you’re right.” He stared at his body as if he was seeing it for the first time. “No…this….this isn’t right…..something…..” he groaned.

“Doctor, what is it?” Superman asked, concerned…..the radiation off the man visibly increasing….his body temperature rising….. “Are you all right?”

“N-no, I’m not, Superman,” Banner gasped. “This….this change….the extradimensional travel must have done something….I….” his eyes widening in fear. “My body…I don’t look like this when I change back….this hair….these muscles…..they….they’re GREAT,” he boomed, his voice suddenly deepening. A look of terror crossed his face….”No….NOO….it’s happening…it……” He flexed…”Oh yeah….look at me. LOOK at me, Superman!”

Superman’s breath caught in his throat…..he could see Banner’s muscles pumping….the hair quivering on his body, sprouting, spreading through the field wavering – WAVERING? “Great Scott, the containment field!”

“Oh no…” Banner gasped. “The extradimensional interface….it must be harmonically interacting with….where my mass comes from….when I….me GROW!” he roared. His teeth clenched. “Superman….you must….get out of here….I….me…me WANT you……” he pulsed his exploding chest, the thick manfur on it already shifting to a shade of emerald. “Must….must….CAN’T….resist…..MUSCLE”……his pecs exploding, thick nipples pointing almost downward….”POWER”……legs rippling, each pulse a surge of growth…..a sudden tearing explosion….Superman looks on horrified…”COCK!”

With a screaming sound, the containment field collapsed, exploding like a million electric fireflies. Superman grimaced, trying to stare down the creature in front of him posing, flexing, and….Superman almost gagged in revulsion……massaging its huge green man-tool. “Doctor – Doctor Banner?”

“Me not puny Banner, Super-man,” the creature smiled, huge muscles rippling under the thick carpet of chest hair, forearms pulsing and uncoiling as he clenched his fists. “Me Hulk now…..and Hulk want YOU.”

“Not likely, Hulk,” Superman said, circling, looking for a position. “I hate to do this to Doctor Banner…..but you have to be subdued….” and quicker than lightning, Superman dove in, powerful arms wrapping barely around the Hulk’s chest, pinning his arms together. “Now, you can come along quietly, or—“

“Me cum, not QUIETLY,” the Hulk roared. Superman’s eyes widened as he felt massive muscles flex underneath him….his arms being forced apart……and an enormous foot back-kicking him in the quad, sending him spinning. Before he could upright himself, the Hulk spun around….hands clapping together….and Superman was flung backwards, slamming into the side of the building, as the THOOM echoed off the surrounding walls, windows shattering.

The Hulk growled in pleasure. “Hulk like feeling Super-muscles….make Hulk horny….” He flexed, his muscles pulsing, pumping even larger….”and the HORNIER Hulk get, the STRONGER Hulk get!” His cock jumped, a thin dribble of strangely-glowing precum dropping from its head.

Superman launched himself at the Hulk, hands out in front like a missile….”Not if I can help it!” He slammed into the Hulk’s chest……like hitting a steel wall…..and with a gasp of surprise, he felt himself stop…..then a strong hand grabbing his….and burying it in the furry cleft between the Hulk’s pecs…..Superman screamed as the Hulk hit a most muscular, compressing his steel fist between the massive slabs of hairy muscle. His legs buckled, another gigantic paw slamming down on his shoulder, forcing him to the ground.

The Hulk leered down, his pecs throbbing as Superman struggled vainly to remove his hand from the Hulk’s pec crack. “Super-man no match for horny Hulk – too puny, too weak.” His other hand moved down to his thick cock, squeezing it, moving it toward Superman’s protesting mouth. “Hulk fix – give Super-punyman gamma cum!”

“No….NOOO…..” Superman screamed, as the Hulk’s enormous hand grabbed the back of his head, steering him closer and closer…..his cries cutting off as the Hulk rammed the enormous thick green cock into his face. The Hulk leered….”Yes….YES….” as he began to buck his hips slowly….then faster….faster…..

Superman choked and gurgled as volumes of dripping precum fell down his throat, trying not to swallow, but unable to stop himself. His mind reeled….must….stop….but…..he felt a surge of warmth passing over his body…..his skin tingling. “No….NOO….please….I….I can’t…..” he moaned as the world spun around him, his thoughts slamming down….focusing….muscles…..cock….HULK. His suit groaned, the fibers stretching, spreading, as his back muscles began to swell. “NO….something….happening….”

“YES, something happening,” the Hulk rumbled in pleasure, watching Superman writhe on his cock. “You GROW now….change….gamma cum make you like ME.”

“NOO….me….I can’t,” Superman cried out, his arms involuntarily flexing….feeling his costume split, then peel up his forearms…..his cock jerking, growing in his tightening red briefs as he saw the massive hairy corded forearms revealed…..his peaking biceps and horseshoe tris tearing through the screaming fabric. He watched in horror as he saw his thick black locks falling from his head, feeling the wind blow over its bare surface, his cheeks prickling as a thick goatee grew. “Me….I….me no want….”

“Soon you want, Super-punyman,” the Hulk laughed. “Soon you want hairy muscle….cock….you be gay Hulk….like ME! Gamma cum release REAL you…” he stroked the top of Superman’s bald head, laughing as Superman’s cock spasmed in his briefs…”real HORNY you!”

“NGGGGHHH,” Superman moaned in pain…”no….no….NOOO,” as his stretched boots gave way with an explosive snap, thick hairy musclefeet shredding the tight red leather. With a snapping set of firecracker pops, his tights split open up the sides, revealing his massive hairy legs, calves swelling into muscle bulls, quads filling with explosive power and strength, thick veins and cables of gamma-powered protein throbbing in the sun. Half gasping, half growling, he felt his tunic rip, exposing his abs as they exploded into a hairy roid gut, crying out in ecstatic pleasure as his bullet nips tore through the protesting fabric. His “S” stretched, tore, but remained visible over his gigantic swollen pecs, thick hair spilling out from beneath it.

He opened his eyes….seeing the thick green pole of the Hulk’s cock before him…..without thinking, he pulled it close, rubbing his new goatee up and down its shaft, his hand fumbling to pull out his thick green cock, not even able to reach around it. The Hulk grinned as Superhulk licked up and down his cock enthusiastically, years of repressed lust and passion spilling out of Superman’s psyche, his transformation releasing his deepest, darkest, gay emotions. “Superhulk like?”

“Yes….me like….me….LOVE,” Superhulk growled. He reached up to the Hulk’s neck, pulling him down, easing them back onto the ground….his lips meeting the Hulk’s in a passionate kiss, beards rubbing together, bodies grinding and humping, his legs involuntarily spreading. He felt an enormous green hand lower what was left of his tight stretching briefs…..moaning in ecstasy as the hand lightly spanked his green boulder buttocks….then howling in pure pleasure as he felt a hot, throbbing cockhead slide through his outer ring, pushing into him deeper, deeper.

The Hulk growled. “Yes….YES….Hulk and Superhulk mate now…be Hulks forever.” With a leering grin, he shoved in even farther….”First of many Hulks….Hulk’s new world be new Hulk world….”

“YES, MORE, MORE Hulks,” Superhulk growled, his hips and glutes moving in time with the massive thrusts, his balls quivering, audibly rumbling. “Feed gamma cum….soon Batman be Bat-Hulk…” His cock jumped, slamming against his thick muscular gut, thoughts of grabbing Batman, forcing down his tights, fucking him….watching him explode with muscle….then the other members of the Justice League….. “Aqua-Hulk…Flash-Hulk…..everyone HULKS!”

The roars cracked the nearby brick, stones shaking on the ground, as the Hulk shot a thick load into Superhulk, Superhulk’s own green power-cock pulsing wildly, globs of thick green gamma cum splattering against walls, stones, flying everywhere. Muscles heaving, the two goliaths sank back, arms entwining each other, lips finding each other again for repeated passionate kisses, breathing slowing, thick hairy cocks and bodies pushing, stroking, stimulating each other………

As night fell, the two Hulks leaped into the air, one flying along, the other matching with repeating leaps, kissing with each aerial meeting….towards the lights of Gotham City and the dawning of the new era…..the era of the Hulks. •

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